Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The long winding route to a waiting ambulance >50 yards away when it could be as near as 5 yards.

Why choose the long and winding route to an ambulance > 50 yards away when a direct (green arrow) path to a waiting ambulance could be less than 5 yards in <1/2 minute? That must be the question to ask.

In a real emergency situation, there would be no opportunity for the cameramen to catch a glimpse of the STAR ICONIC VICTIM with the severed blown legs, especially if the severed legs were covered with blankets on a stretcher.

What! All that trouble and no photo-shots to display the severed legs to billions of people around the world. NO WAY, Jose'. We need those "shocking shots" to scare the hell out of the freaking Americans before we take their GOD-given rights away.

Who gives a damn if it does not make medical sense. If the sheeple fell for the studio-produced grainy Moon Landing series, they'll fall for any B$ we dish out to 'em useless eaters. They fell for 9/11 and BPGOD, didn't they?

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