Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hollywood style over-dramatisation of leg blown off fake victim- Boston Marathon Bombing

Irrefutable proofs of dramatised leg blown off victim using ex-vet amputees, crisis actors and hollywood production crew. Use of 2 different wheel chairs over 50 yards. Just incredible. Wake up people! Share, share & share. Remember their words "Don't let a good crisis go to waste". They are using this as an excuse to forward their agenda.

Something odd here? The only one with both legs blown off and in critical condition was wheeled >50 yards to a waiting ambulance, more than 1 hour after the explosion. Every injured person was put in the ambulance or wheeled off well before 15:17pm (26 minutes after the explosion). So why was Nick Vogt given such a special treatment? 

Because he WAS the star crisis actor. That was why his falsified, disgusting prosthetic was paraded and beamed to the world in an open wheel chair and not covered with blanket. Action speaks louder than words. This is a staged inside job and they want to blame others for this bombing incident.

Their sinister agenda is already apparent. Only trolls and shills will argue this photoshopped composite is real. They are paid to do their blowjobs. 


  1. the tibia (long bone proximal to another long bone below the knee) First in one photo the bone is shorter than in another photo and the tibia is not visable In the second photo the two bones appear to be longer than normal DOCTORS chime in

  2. I hope your right.
    I hope he was an actor.
    I hope it was all fake.

  3. Staged for sure. Blogspot is the wrong place to collect reasoned awake responses.

  4. Do you honestly believe there was any need to falsify the results of a bomb blast in a crowded public setting?

    What you're seeing photographs of is known as reality.

  5. Are you people fucking stupid that man in the picture was jeff bauman if you would take your time to look in to this mans story then you would know he was there to watch his girlfriend Erin you would have seen pictures of him with both of his real legs if you think that they could fake something like this you are all fucking stupid why dont you go ahead and tell the mother of the 8 year old boy who died that both of the bombs did not go off then when your done give her her baby boy back. And to the person who wrote this you are a disgrace to boston in fact your a disgrace to America.