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MH370 shot down in South China Sea - gains traction

First book on MH370 mystery blames US war games


One theory: Flight MH370 posits that there was a cover-up.

Seventy-one days after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, the first book about the disaster will go on sale on Monday with a theory about what might have happened.

And as the international search continues for the aircraft Irene Burrows, the Queensland mother who lost her son and daughter-in-law on the flight, said it was too soon for a book.

Flight MH370 The Mystery, which is made available by NewSouth Books in Sydney, doesn't claim to have any answers but to some extent supports the theory that the aircraft may have been accidentally shot down during a joint Thai-US military exercise in the South China Sea. Searchers were then possibly led in the wrong direction to cover up the mistake, it suggests.

''In an age where a stolen smart phone can be pinpointed to any location on earth, the vanishing of this aircraft and 227 passengers is the greatest mystery since the Mary Celeste,'' the publicity for the book reads.

The Sun-Herald is the first media outlet in Australia to see the work, written by author and journalist Nigel Cawthorne. It records the events, emotions and theories unfolding on a backdrop of fruitless searches.

Cawthorne says in the introduction that ''almost certainly'' relatives will never be sure what happened to their loved ones.

''Did they die painlessly, unaware of their fate? Or did they die in terror in a flaming wreck, crashing from the sky in the hands of a madman?''

He says this raises the significance that around the time the plane's transponder went off at 01.21, New Zealander Mike McKay, working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand, saw a burning plane. He links that to the joint Thai-US military exercise going on in the South China Sea with personnel from China, Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

''The drill was to involve mock warfare on land, in water and in the air, and would include live-fire exercises,'' he writes.

''Say a participant accidentally shot down Flight MH370. Such things do happen. No one wants another Lockerbie [Pan Am flight 103 by terrorists in 1988 allegedly in retaliation for a US Navy strike on an Iranian commercial jet six months earlier], so those involved would have every reason to keep quiet about it.''

He suggests through anonymous and contradictory sources, they might release misinformation, leading people to search in the wrong place in an environment so hostile that it would be unlikely anything would ever be found.

''After all, no wreckage has been found in the south Indian Ocean, which in itself is suspicious,'' Cawthorne writes.

''Now I'm not saying that's what happened but if a black box is found, who is to say that it is from Flight MH370? Another black box could have been dropped in the sea 1000 miles from Perth while the search was going on in the South China Sea. In these circumstances, with the amount of disinformation abroad, it is best to be sceptical.''

Ms Burrows, the mother of Brisbane man Rod Burrows who was travelling with his wife, Mary, said on Friday the book was premature.

''Nobody knows what happened so why would anyone want to put out a book at this stage?'' she said.

''There's absolutely no answers. It's devastating for the families. It's 10 weeks tomorrow and there's nothing,'' she said.

''There are so many theories that I only want to believe one, that they were all unconscious and didn't know what was going on.

''That's my only theory. That keeps me sane. All I want is for somebody to find a bit of plane. My husband wants a black box and I want a bit of plane to let me know just where they are.''

Penguin will soon release a book on the mystery to be written by aviation author Christine Negroni. She wrote Deadly Departure on TWA Flight 800, about a plane that crashed in the Atlantic near New York in 1996, killing 230.

Writing on her blog she says she has discussed the flight with French air accident investigator Olivier Ferrante.

He told her: ''So far it is a crash with no airplane, no bodies, no crash site, no physical evidence. It is a virtual crash until a piece of wreckage is found.''

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All the bullshit still doesn't add up 3 days after the MH370 crash.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ashley Kenneth A.C.T_B42Late
Airline Crashes Truth Movement
- Gary Lambert
Safety Is Not An Option Movement.
Joint Statement 001 on 11 March 2014

Irresponsible MAS & Inept Malaysian government emergency response. Alternatively, even without knowing the crash location, absence of emergency tracking or radio contact, MAS need not wait and hope that by some miracles, the “lost plane” could somehow land safely at Beijing. That would be totally na├»ve wishful thinking. The entire MAS management should be sacked and charged for criminal misconduct. What were they thinking? Six hours of no communication and radar detection. Still denying the plane had crashed at a presser more than 9 hours later. Were MAS trying to rescue survivors or denying their paying customers the right to survive?

Why are some elements of the mainstream media, Transport, Defence and Security Ministries, irresponsibly promoting unfounded ridiculous theories and widening the SAR area, instead of focusing on the most probable? Obvious, the big elephant in the room was totally ignored.

The one and only one probable cause of an “instant total” breakdown of all communication and electronic devices and no immediate explosion in the vicinity of LCL, is an EMP attack. An EMP attack specifically targeted on MH370 and not any other jetliners in the busy air route. The EMP attack could be delivered by a laser weapon on a stealth vehicle (stealth drone, plane, vessel or submarine). Although the destruction of the jetliner may not be immediate like a missile hit, it would jam all electronic devices from communicating to the air-control system or giving any kind of distress signals. The crew would have no control at all. That would explain why MH370 could travel another 507 km for more than 30 minutes, without giving any distress calls. It would also explain the mysterious “turn-back” detected by the Defense Radar system. It wasn't MH370 turning back but the “interference” of the laser beams.

If MH370 was the target of an EMP attack, there must be huge global-local issues and motives. Obviously, there are plenty. They will be detailed out in future joint statements by A.C.T. B42Late and S.I.N.A.O.M.
Innocent civilians should not be used as Human Shields or Human Sacrifices for any commercial, political, religious or racial motives. We demand an end to all drone strikes, fracking, EMP space weapons, climate change geo-engineering and any induced natural calamities (earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, abnormal blizzards, floods etc) or mega-accidents. Our prayers and condolences to all the relatives, friends and loved ones of the MH370 victims on this 3rd Anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster.
Date: 11 March, 2014.

breaking: MH370 vaporised by DEW, latest laser weapon technolgy.

Although DEW or any kind of laser weapons can vaporise a plane, it is not possible to vaporise all of a big plane like the Boeing 777 when it is at cruising speed (0.8 Mach) and altitude. Perhaps more than 90% were vaporised. Still 10% is a lot of debris.

But most difficult to vaporise is the jet fuel. Carrying 7 hours of jet fuel, about 20,000 gallons would spill off as soon as cracks appear in the disintegration process. You just can't vaporise liquid jet fuel spewing out of the fuel tanks at 35,000ft.

Was the Search & Rescue (SAR) operation deliberately delayed for the waiting naval vessels to mop up the larger debris? But without the visible booms to contain the spreading oil, it was left to the M'sian authorities to summarily deny the oil slicks were from the MH370 jet liner. Did they test on the real crash scene samples or just any oil found near the beaches?

But coincidence is such an abused word nowadays. What are the chances of 2 major oil slicks occurring on the 8th of March independently of the plane crash? Even if there were pipelines (and there were none) leaking oil, it would still be highly suspicious. Let's not talk about vessels illegally discharging waste oily water. The oil slick patterns are vastly different.

Why wasn't the source of the massive oil spill investigated deeper? 20,000 gallons is no chicken feed. The tourists and fishermen at the beaches of Koh Samui and Rayong in Thailand can attest to seeing substantial amount of oil pollution at their favourite fishing and swimming spots at about the right time of arrival from the real crash scene in South China Sea where the US-Malaysian navies were conveniently conducting exercises.

If these oil slicks were not from MH370, weren't the authorities interested in finding who leaked the oil at the same time as the MH370 crash?

MH370 'accidentally shot down'

SYDNEY - The first book about missing flight MH370 suggests it may have been shot down during a military exercise and the accident is being covered up, it was reported on Sunday.

Flight MH370 - the Mystery, written by Anglo-American author Nigel Cawthorne, cites anonymous sources to suggest that misinformation was released so the search would concentrate on the wrong area, The Sun-Heraldnewspaper reported.

The book published by Sydney group New South cites a claim by New Zealander Mike McKay that he saw a burning plane from the oil rig he was working on in the Gulf of Thailand on March 8, the day the plane went missing.

Cawthorne links the supposed sighting to joint Unietd States military exercises in the region at the time.

Cawthorne writes if MH370 was accidentally shot down during live fire exercises "those involved would have every reason to keep quiet about it."

He even suggests that if a flight black box is found it could be a fake planted by those involved in the coverup. But, he added, "I'm not saying that's what happened." The book goes on sale Monday.

Meanwhile, the Australian navy ship Ocean Shield is waiting for repairs to be done to the submersible sonar Bluefin 21 before it can resume the search in the southern Indian Ocean.

The Joint Agency Coordination Centre running the Indian Ocean search had no comment about the new book. Plane MH370 Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral: Was Passenger Jet Shot Down By American Military Forces?
The Huffington Post UK  |  Posted:   |  Updated: 24/04/2014 12:59 BST

Since flight MH370 went missing more than a month ago, a plethora of bizarre theories about what happened to the plane have flooded Internet – from it being hijacked and sent to Afghanistan, to alien abduction.

But as far as conspiracy theories go, this one is quite extreme. A former oil company executive turned author has suggested America could have shot down the missing Malaysia Airlines plane - and is now trying to cover it up.

John Chuckman believes that the US must have gunned down the jetliner accidentally, or intentionally, and is now trying to cover up its activities. There has, so far, been no such evidence that America was involved in the disappearance of the plane.

Chuckman wrote on OpEdNews, "Could it be that the US shot down flight MH370, either accidentally or deliberately, and now wants to keep it secret?

"The possibility of recovery of the full wreckage, even if its location were found from 4 miles under the sea among underwater mountains is extremely remote at best, so the US can remain confident that physical evidence will never emerge."

Chuckman noted, "There would be nothing unprecedented in such an act: on at least three occasions, regrettably, America's military has shot down civilian airliners."

"I have no idea what event (a rogue pilot, a hijacker?) led to Flight MH370 turning off its communications, changing course, and flying low, but I do know that the event could not have gone unnoticed by America's military-intelligence eyes and ears."

God's Dilemma: The reason God can't save the 21st century world.

- by Joyce B

Two thousand years ago, it might still be possible for God to appear in 3D form to save the world. Today it would be nigh impossible for God to do the same. So, if you have been praying for God to appear, pray no more. You have only yourself to blame. God can't help us until we, collectively as humans, do so.

To illustrate:

If God were to appear before us today, which form would he take?

If God were to appear as a giant image in the sky, we would immediately shout HAARP or Chemtrails. A thunderous roar could be mistaken for a sonic boom of a supersonic stealth plane. A mushroom cloud could easily spark a MAD (mutually assured destructive) thermonuclear war between the nuclear powers.

Lightning bolts are so common, even Pope Benedict had it to commemorate his resignation announcement, a week before the Chelyabinsk meteor strike on 15 Feb 2013. A grand entrance is definitely out of the question. No one, especially God would want to be blamed on sparking WWIII.

Decades of Hollywood's depiction of fictional super heroes or fantasized godly figures and prophets, have also numbed and confused the people. No one has any idea how God looks like. Sure, we have over-commercialized images of God. But that is Hollywood's or Vatican's impression. And we know they are part of the god-dammed Zionist cabal gang. It is our dilemma as well as God's.

How I wish it would be as simple as producing an ID card? How could we verify if the ID card is genuine? Ask Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Fox news? By lunch time next day, millions of duplicates and variations would be flooding the internet forums, social media and what not. Godliness has to be proven, not certified by any earthly bribe-able organization or institution.

So, what if God were to appear as a super-hero like Superman? Could he be taken seriously for wearing his underwear on the outside? Why would the evil Hollywood cabal want to ridicule a comic hero? You never know. Even a comic hero character can turn out to be a revolutionary icon. The “outside underwear” was a cleverly disguised psyops “suicide pill” just in case, the superhero character needs to self-destruct.

After the Colorado Batman Shooting incident in 2012, dressing up as Batman is definitely out of the question, too. God could easily strike back at the police SQUAT (sic!) teams firing blindly at God. But God is a Creator not a Destroyer. God can't act like Arnold Schwarzenegger as in Terminator.

If God does not strike back, would the trigger-happy shoot-to-kill mercenary SQUAT teams listen to reason or accept appeals to “surrender” peacefully? The Tsarnaev brothers, suspected of Boston False Flag bombing, could not surrender peacefully. Christopher Dorner, too, was burnt alive in a fight-out out in the countryside, away from any possible harm to the urban public. They were denied not only justice but any chance to surrender peacefully. Today's police force is both the “judge and executioner” with a “take no prisoner” policy. How could anyone even God, get pass through these robotic (shoot first, no question asked) brute police force, on the first 911 call?

What if God appears as Charleston Heston like in his classic movies (Ten commandments, Planet of the Apes,Ben Hur)?

As a strongman Ben Hur, God would first be tested for, then jailed for steroid abuse. Would God end up like the alien survivor in Area 51 (Roswell); imprisoned against his will and subjected to never-ending series of Monsanto lab tests? Would God be subjected to water-boarding to reveal the secret of the Universe? Monsanto mad scientists would want to know the secret of God's strength and to decipher his DNA sequence to create more super-GMO beings. Because God does not have an inch of cruelty to hurt a fly (even Monsanto's mad scientists), God would rather suffer like Jesus on the cross than to retaliate against these greedy monsters. No point having Ben Hur's strength or mighty appearance. It would only invoke curiosity, challenges and envy.

Perhaps God could appear like an intelligent ape. On second thoughts, may be not. He would be captured immediately, for the highest bidding circus. So the only option is to appear like Moses and be as normal (inconspicuous) as possible.

But as soon as God starts to preach on the streets, he would be arrested and hauled away to a FEMA camp for being a homeless and stateless vagabond. Since God can't lie shamelessly like some Presidents do, he cannot just produce his birth certificate from thin air.

God Almighty could appear suddenly in our 3D world in any form he wishes but with no true child-to-college-employment documentation for the customary background check, he would be in the same dilemma as our parachute president, Barack Obama alias Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussein Soebarkah. Would you trust God who fakes his own birth certificate and give glimpses of fake college appearance with no living souls to attest they had studied in the same schools as God?  You see, Truth is like a genuine antique. You can fake the family photos to perfection but not the long historical process that comes with each genuine antique. Similarly God comes with the label "the whole truth nothing but the truth". God doesn't have the benefit of leaving out a whole chunk of the Truth like some President could. Despite having more than 7 billion souls on this planet, no two individual souls can have the identical whole truth. And there can only be one God, the Almighty Creator. Similarly, there can only be One Bushshit President who launched the NWO (New World Order) project and only One Bushshit President's son to launch the inside job 911, on the 11th anniversary of that launch date Sept 11, 1990. You can lie but you can't hide.    

In order, to earn the right to preach and be a leader of men, God would have to grow up normally and truthfully like Jesus did, from birth. Anything less would be deceitful and nothing is more truthful than God.

So assuming God grew up 25 years amongst us, earned his college degree and accumulated a mountain of debt; how could he prove he is God and not just any ordinary man?

Unlike the Egyptian Pharaohs, 21st century dumbed-down-sheeple cannot think outside the box. We are not easily impressed by the biblical “parting of the sea”, tsunami, quakes, droughts, spontaneous combustion, sinking landmass, raining 'frogs” or the creation of new land or species. We all have seen too many disaster movies, exposed to the false Darwinian theories and fictional National Geographic documentaries. Nothing surprises us anymore. David Copperfield had shown us, he could walk through the Great Wall of China and left no impact marks. Singapore's landmass has grown by more than 30% in the last 3 decades. Naturally (or artificially) neighboring countries has shrunk or mountains flattened. Whole mountains or islands had appeared or disappeared in the last 5 decades due to manmade activities. Repeating these feats could subject God to lawsuits, if not for anything but plagiarism. What luck to be born into the 21st century. No quick miraculous feats (aka magic tricks).

Poor God. He has to compete with millions of us, to spread his godly teachings. Yes, even God would need the services of a PR company and a registered address (without which he can't have any bank or PayPal accounts) if he is to get his message beyond his voice range. Without a police permit, God can't even start preaching in the open. Even to preach to a closed community, he would need money to purchase a piece of land to build and house his followers. Even though the whole planet was his creation, not a single square inch now belongs to God. He could make dollar notes out of thin air but that would be illegal. Only the FED can do that. And God can't be illegal. Even if God can get pass the initial “money laundering” charge, the IRS would want to know if God had evaded taxes on God's created wealth.

If God were to grow food within his community land for his followers, it won't be long before he is accused of organic farming without permit. If God were to command rain to irrigate his land, it would be against the law too. Remember Jamestown, Waco and more recently, Bundy Ranch. It won't be long before BLM, EPA, FDA or some other government agencies, descend on his community to disrupt and destroy his work.

For all his Godly power, God seems powerless among his own creation and children. It would be like Robinson Crusoe returning home after being lost at sea for decades. He would be out of touch and out of recognition. Enough of digression.

Now, getting back to market competition and penetrating the global influence........

To have any success, God would need the media power of an established PR firm. Any PR worth their salt would want to be lucratively compensated with money, not organically grown peanuts. God can't sell the San Francisco bridge to the Saudis but a Zionist PR firm can. God can't turn beaches soiled by BP oil spill into pristine holiday spots but PR firms hired by BP could, as soon as payments were made to the right bank accounts. Without PR, God can't even sell his godly message to his neighbor. That is how things are on planet earth 21st Century.

God's PR advisers would no doubt recommend God preach and demonstrate his oratory and healing skills in expensive rented hotel seminars instead of open fields or parks (free of charge). But without a legal practicing licence (medical), God could be arrested for fraudulent malpractices. If God went through medical school, it would be sheer torture to dissect all these poor animals, administer poisonous vaccines and still remain as holy as God in the cabal controlled medic-Hell industry.

If God can heal by mere touch and demonstrate his miraculous healing powers without the expensive MRI scans and chemotherapy, millions would flock to him. That would definitely put the giant mafia-pharmaceuticals out of the drug business. But would the Zionist Khazar-Jews stand aside and watch their evilly crafted 2-century master plan go belly up? They would definitely not allow God any legitimacy or credibility. God would be prosecuted for heresy or practicing medicine outside the cabal controlled government regulations. God would not be spared ridicule in cyberspace, too. His words of wisdom and truth would be drowned by hundreds of paid shills. The internet is after all, owned by the cabal.

Finally, even if God were to over-come all the challenges and obstacles put in his way, the ruling elites will have to crucify God to stop the wider acceptance of his Godly preaching. What the Romans did to Jesus more than 2,000 years ago will be repeated. Period.

Can God protect himself?

Yes but that would play into the Khazar Jews' hand. Their whores of mass deception (WMD) would spin on their cabal controlled network (CNN) that only Satan (anti God) display miraculous (magic) power to entice followers. God do not smite soldiers under orders to arrest God, no matter how wrong they were. Only evil Satan smite down God's creation. God has to sacrifice his life publicly as Jesus did, to prove that God has no fear of death, death is only 3D in form and God is beyond death.

Lastly, God needs to die before our eyes, to absolve Man of all sins and to prove he is as merciful as Christ was. Well, everybody knows the story of Jesus so there is no point repeating it here. We know why Jesus has to die on the cross for us. So if God were to appear on Earth in the 21st Century, he too would need to follow the same crucifixion path. The Khazar-Jews are more cruel and merciless than the real Semitic Jews of Jerusalem in Roman times.

For all we know, God might have appeared several times already, in the last few hundred years. Just because the bought MSM had not reported it, doesn't mean God did not exist or had come and gone incognito.

We are in 3D existence. Our limited “antenna” have been tuned into Satan's MSM channels rather than divine spiritual guidance. It is a fact we abused our farmed animals, poultry, pigs, sheep and cattle before we slaughter them for our daily meat. Through generations, human beings of every race had been indoctrinated through traditions to ignore even the most fundamental tenets of God's teachings:

  1. No killing except for survival and in defense. When humans emerged from the last ice age, they had to kill in order to survive. Killing and eating meat becomes an unnecessary glorified indulgence when the choice of a vegetarian / vegan diet becomes available. Always be compassionate and abstain from any form of cruelties. Definitely, no water-boarding here.
  2. No infidelity or perverse sex of any kind.
  3. No intoxicants.
  4. No corruption, stealing & cheating 
  5. No lying (to cover up a crime). 
As you can see, no nation on earth fully adhere to even the 5 basic tenets of godliness. Yet most professed to rule in God's name. The worst offenders are the EU (former European kingdoms), Vatican (Rome) , Israel & London-HQ English-speaking Colonies (UK, US, Aust, NZ, Canada); abbreviated as EVIL countries. The zionist Khazar-Jews banksters under the Rothchilds (red shield) had been busily infiltrating and influencing the ruling elite circle through a combination of marriages, financial dealings, corruption and blackmails. This shows how far the EVIL nations had steered the population within their empires, from God.

All wildlife including the much publicized seals, whales, dolphins, big cats, gorillas, elephants and rhinoceroses massacres, suffered immense forms of cruelties. Many had been hunted out of existence, not for food but for fur, fun, sports and trophies. We eat too much meat, killed too many of God's creations and abused our God-given freewill to choose between good and evil. Many of us are simply too weak spiritually and yield to the Devil's temptations too easily.

Our present world is closer to the Devil than God, more hell than paradise. Surely God did not intend this to be. Yet every US President and much of the Western world, all pledged to be God-fearing, God-loving Human Beings; to rule and to conquer in God's name. I can only say, MY FOOT!

These EVIL ruling elites all spoke with evil-forked tongues. They all pledge allegiance to God but in reality followed Satan's will and evil deeds. No wonder they all lived to dirty old ages with multiple transplants and constant rejuvenation with satanic sacrifices of young children. They are afraid of dying and meeting God for the final judgement. Would these EVIL world leaders welcome God into our 3D world? Definitely not.

So knowing God's dilemma in coming to our evil-tainted 3D world, we should all be praying for these EVIL ruling elites to die young (not old beyond their useful shelf-lives), to meet God as soon as possible. Remember too, the evil Khazar-Jews masters had been planning more than a century ago, to exterminate the world population to 500 million. These remaining survivors are meant to serve them as slaves.

But their greatest killing machine (WWII) failed to kill more than 20% of the 2 billion population (before the war). Now you know, why they are so desperate to reduce the world's population from 7 to 0.5 billion. For every survivor, 13 others have to die. And they will do so through Weaponised Natural Calamities (earthquakes, tsunamis, super-typhoons like Sandy & HaiYan, abnormally cold blizzards, droughts, fire, floods, tornadoes etc), cancer causing GMO food supplies, viral epidemics (MEIR, SARS, EBOLA, HIV etc), vaccines, stunted and abnormal child births through toxic environment using chemtrails, oil spills and fracking. When they are done, the 500 million survivors will be begging to be slaves in exchange for non-toxic food.

Summary : The Zionist Global Imperial Journey
Your survival and that of your family and generations to come, may depend on the truth that has been hidden from you. What you are about to read are not “conspiracy hoaxes brought to you by conspiracy theorists” as the cabal-funded MSM, their “whores of mass deception” (WMDs) and debunkers, would have you believe. Many unsung heroes had sacrificed their lives in order that you may know the truth and be prepared for what is to come. They can lie, cheat and spun the truth in isolation but when the long string of factual timeline, facts and events are pieced together, the truth cannot be clearer. The shoes fit so well. No denying how incredibly naked the emperor is.
Ask yourself why it took 73 years for the Titanic wreck to be discovered? With modern sea floor scanners, the false location of the collision could have been proven much earlier. Another case of “hidden in plain sight”. It was a premeditated accident and mass murder; just like the 2013 Costa Concordia and 1989 Exxon Valdez. Period.
Although they have the power to corrupt and to control, one thing they can never have, is the power of the awakened masses. That is their greatest fear. Their stolen economic power, wealth, political control and house of cards, can all crumble down in an instance (figuratively speaking). The only way to perpetuate their ill-gotten gains is by establishing a Global Imperial Dynasty, referred to as ZOOWE (Zionist-controlled One Oiled World Empire). The Roman and British Empires were two of the more successful global empires of their time. Empires achieved through swift brutal conquests (eg. the Hun and Mongol empires) tend to be short-lived. Their empires started to disintegrate and decline soon after the death of their founding conquerors (Attila the Hun and Genghiz Khan respectively). The Khazar descendants do not aim to make the same mistakes with their golden opportunity. Slow “divide & conquer” conquests and control by deception as the British did, will make their imperial regime more lasting.
Our present world is too widely and evilly contaminated with KZB's satanic lies and cultural traditions. Why do we need to make blood sacrifice to appease God? Why must passenger-transporting jetliners or ocean-liners all perish at certain satanic sacrifice dates? God or any of God's messengers cannot survive in our 3D world until the world is transformed back to God's way.

For a start, go VEGAN. If you cannot, then don't bother searching for the path back home to God. We are meant to be Vegan. In the last cycle of civilization more than 15,000 years ago, our advanced human civilization were reduced back to stone-age existence because we mutually destroyed each other in the bid for global domination and authoritarian control, just like the KZB intended to, with their global imperialistic dreams. We can still deny them, their devilish ambition when we are still 7 billion strong. By the next few years, it would be too late to reverse the trend. That is why they are accelerating the global financial collapse, global anarchy and global destruction.

So please pray every night not for God to come to you but for the EVIL KZB ruling elites to meet God asap! Amen.