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Recurring 911s cos we are addicted to being fooled & don't care to wake up

- (revised and edited 2015-11-9), a collection from various authors, too many to mention but you know who you are. All of your efforts greatly appreciated.

First they sank the Titanic and murdered more than 1,500 poor souls, we didn't care.
Cos' setting up the private Rothschild banking system aka FED and printing money was not our business.

Then they engineered the world into WWII; killing more than 20 millions in war atrocities. We noticed but still didn't care enough.
Cos' bitter history is best forgotten, lest they interfere with holiday plans and comfortable lifestyles.

Then they duped us into believing Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, making trillions out of a B-grade movie.
We watched with awe the fake "one giant step for Mankind" that set forth our dreams of space travel and "out of this planet" experience. We didn't care if NASA was ripping off billions from the economy cos' we can afford it by plundering the rest of the world with fake bonds and fake gold.

When 911 came, we were so heavily duped by the Tell-All-Lies-Vision that when a crisis-actor on CNN said the twin towers collapsed due to structural failures caused by plane impacts, we accepted it without question.
We all grieved and vowed revenge on that caveman in Afghanistan, Osama bin Al'Mighty who could stand down NORAD, conduct multiple 911 drills and control all of America's MSM to broadcast live the prerecorded video of the burning and collapsing scaled-down studio models.

We were duped again with;

Sadam's invisible Weapons of Mass Destruction to get us into the Iraqi war,

USS San Francisco fake grounding in Micronesia when it was actually involved in the covert black operation to generate the world's worst Tsunami Genocide on Dec 26, 2004, more than 3,511 miles away,

Hurricane Katrina, BP Oil Spill, Bayou Corne sinkholes and Hurrricane Issac all striking the same Gulf coast region as accidents or natural calamities when the real hidden agenda was to depopulate and drive away Gulf coast residents aka "useless eaters" for that valuable Louisiana sweet crude beneath.

Japan's 911 aka 311 Fukushima came and gone, the real perpetrators not prosecuted.

Christchurch and the Canterbury plains were ravaged by the worst quakes in succession not because they were natural, but as a result of HAARP-induced plate stressed quakes. Natural plate stressed quakes take decades to build to quake prone stress level. Using HAARP to heat & dry up the continental mass of Southern Australia and New South Wales, the KABAL were able to prolong massive drought  during the hot dry months of the year. When one side of the plate is very much lighter (1000s of time lighter) than the interlocking subducting edge, tectonic stresses built up more quickly. No surprise, the WNC centre is also the location of nuclear testing (0 depth quakes).


The Aug 2014 6.1 quake at Napa was similarly induced by systematically drying out the agriculturally productive San Joaquin valley.

Last but not least,  are the latest series of auto-pilot hijack-controlled, DEW-lasered airline crashes including but not limited to MH370, MH17, MH198, AA QZ8501 and several others.

If you are one of the 90% who have not yet woken up or not yet hit by one of these false flags, not to worry. Your turn is coming soon. We hope it is sooner than later. Cos' by the time you wake up, you could well be in a FEMA camp lining up to end your nightmare by the guillotine.

The BRICS nations woke up after 911 but much of the western world remain addicted to the hallucination drug administered by the Cabal controlled governments, MSM and giant corporations like Monsanto, GoldmanSachs, pharmaceutical and oil cabals.

Published on Jan 1, 2015
Presentation by Ken O'Keefe showing overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was a false flag operation with clear evidence as to who did it and why.

In a speech to the Roman Senate, as recorded by Sallust, Cicero said:
“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious.But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.”

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Drake's Collateral Acc Gold - majority comes from King Solomon's mine.

First the gold assets forming the basis of the Global Collateral Account came from China in 1934.

125,000 metric tonnes shipped in 7 warships. When proven it could not be because there was no historical records of any kind, David Wilcock with the collusion of Neil Keenan, twisted the year to 1938 when most of coastal China was already under Japanese occupation.

Again when proven that David Wilcock deceptively twisted historical records, the perpetrators of the Global Collateral Accounts Gold scam switched the source of gold to Soekarno Heritage Treasure.

57,000 tonnes of gold were shipped to UBS, Switzerland after President Soekarno and President JFK allegedly signed the 1963 Green Hilton Agreement on Nov 12-16, 1963 in Switzerland. Historical records also proved that both presidents were never in Switzerland at that time, to sign the fake agreement.

Again when proven that all documents provided by Neil Keenan in his 11-22-2011 lawsuit and subsequent Cease & Desist orders, were forgeries and that the gold could not have come from Indonesia as Soekarno was badly in need of funds or gold to foot his war expenses against Holland in Indonesia's War of Independence, Keenan then switched the source of gold to Chairman Mao Tse Tung in around 1965.

Apparently, the fictional story told of an agreement signed between Suharto & Chairman Mao, to fund the Miao dynasty and communist movement in Indonesia. All told, Chairman Mao sent 17 ships laden with gold.

Now this could not be right as well. Suharto staged the 1965 military coup against Soekarno with the assistance of the US to stop the advance of communism in South East Asia, from spreading into Indonesia. Suharto & communism is like fire and water. The 2 does not mix. Period!

Chairman Mao was nearly toppled in the early 1960's due to the many failures of the communist collective communal farming, industrialization and political policies. China suffered its greatest famine in modern history from 1958-1961.

There was famine everywhere. Chairman Mao was in desperate need of money, just like Soekarno. He started the Cultural Revolution to invigorate the failing Chinese economy. China was never poorer in its entire 3,000 years of history.

Would Chairman Mao, fighting for his own survival sent out 17 ships of gold when millions of Chinese were starving to death. This was also the period when Mainland Chinese sent out appeals to millions of Overseas Chinese for help. Indonesian Chinese were the biggest contributors in the millions of dollars sent back to China to help relatives and fund much needed educational, subsistence farming and health projects.

They can change the fictional Global Collateral Accounts Gold story but not the personal history of these common folks.  

So Drake & Co, have to do the twist again. This time, to a more remote past. One that hopefully cannot be debunked. Now, Drake claims the majority of the gold in the Global Collateral Accounts are  gold from King Solomon's mine.

In this own words, historical records are not available to debunk the new version of the Global Collateral Accounts Gold story. If you still cannot believe that Drake & Co frequently shift the goal posts or gold posts, when debunked or when his lies or predictions passed their shelf lives, then refer back to his June 21st 2012 deadline of "THINGS WOULD START HAPPENING".  

BS blast from the past:

Lady Dragon says Cobra says or she says: “No human knows the exact deadline date, but things are happening.” Wow! No deadline extends Drake’s story for at least another year, eh, laddies?

To start, Drake back peddles and claims he never said things would start happening after June 21st; it was Cobra who did…is there dissent going on between Drake and Lady Dragon’s alter? Yet, Drake was told by yet another connection to the Pentagon that “crazy things” will start happening in two weeks.

Two weeks…he keeps pushing things: 30 days, soon, two weeks, the 21st. How long can he keep this b.s. up and how long will the fooled continue to be fooled?

Maybe it was Drake’s letter to the Pentagon that opened the eyes of all those generals: “Gee, we better do what Drake says, gentlemen, because Drake’s E.T. buddies will kick our butts if we don’t.” After all, according to Lady Dragon, the letter twice landed on the O-Clone’s desk, and millions in every country read it and, like the Cabal, trembled in fear.

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Another short-circuit Cabal connection gone viraly out-of-control.

- GrandeLander (Jan 7, 2015).

This is one good reason why crooks and con-artists like Neil Keenan cannot afford to go on trial in an open court. Anything can happen. Too many loose ends (lies) can really tangle up in a big mess and have unintended consequences.
Freemalaysiatoday: DAP elder statesman Lim Kit Siang asked:It is curious and must be the first case of a Home Minister of any country writing a letter to the FBI to vouch for the integrity of a person detained by the FBI allegedly for being a gambling kingpin.

Zahid: liar-liar pants on fire
Surprisingly, UMNO sister organization, Perkasa has come forward to grill the Home Minister claiming that it has received barrage of questions from the people, who were concerned that the letter may or may not have elements of graft or abuse of power.
Condemning Zahid’s bizarre diplomatic gesture to bring Phua back to Malaysia, they questioned whether Zahid was beholden to the gambling kingpin for past favours. 
"If it is true, then Perkasa believes this is the worst kind of treachery that will ruin the integrity and good name of Malaysia as both corruption and abuse of power is the worst kind of crime. Wow, that is surely a strong worded statement coming from an extremist organization like Perkasa, and one wonders whether they have turned into a new leaf? 
The NGO also questioned whether Zahid consulted the Attorney-General before issuing the letter, or is the A-G even aware of it? Did he forward the letter to the Inspector-General of Police before submitting it to the FBI?

Why would a respectable and honorable Home Minister in Malaysia, butt into the US court affairs in
Las Vegas to defend a known crook? What made the Home Minister think his powerful influence extends all the way to US?

In the simple-minded third world authoritarian mentality "one shady deal deserves another". Traditionally, the Home Ministry in Malaysia, owe many favors to the underworld. Apparently, the FBI & US government owe Malaysia a lot too. It is unprecedented to have the POTUS meeting the Malaysian PM in so many rounds of golf rendezvous. What the hell were they discussing before each major disaster?
MAS SAGA, NO, IT IS NOT OVER YET - November 28, 2012
Malaysia Today, 27 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)
The police and AG Chambers colluded to cover up the fraud in MAS. On 20th May 2009, Shahari Sulaiman, the Managing Director of MASKargo, lodged a report with the MACC alleging, amongst others, that when Tajuddin Ramli took over MAS it had more than RM600 million in cash reserves and when he left seven years later the national airline company had accumulated losses of more than RM8 billion. He also gives details of Tajuddin’s various fraudulent dealings plus he raises allegations of collusion between the Malaysian police (PDRM) and the AG Chambers.
So when the father and son crooked team was caught in Las Vegas, the simple solution was to ask the all-powerful Malaysian Home Minister to issue a letter, to support their prompt release & return to the "Crooks' Haven" in Malaysia. Sounds similar to the Malaysian Diplomat Escape from NZ to safe Malaysia after raping an NZ citizen?

911 could not be successfully covered up without the collusion of the President, State Secretary, Defense Secretary, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA and many other state agencies. Similarly, MH370, MH17, MH198 & lately AA QZ8501 could not be covered up without the cooperation of the Malaysian Home Ministry. So was the US covertly connected to the unprecedented 3 Malaysian airline crashes in a row within a year?

Apparently so. A private and confidential letter to vouch for the integrity of the gambling kingpin, would nicely do the trick. A standard underworld operating procedure that is routinely practiced even in the US and Europe. Notice too, how a con man like Keenan and Drake could carry on their "scamming of the masses" with impunity for years. How Shell, Exxon and BP could silently murder and destroy the environment with impunity too.

So how did this Cabal-connection get short-circuited?

One small leak for humanity, one giant mess to break the Cabal's back.

The masses are finally waking up. All it takes is for one small leak to the press, to break wide open the dark Cabal Connection.

Any surprise why we wrote 2014/08/31 Neil Keenan's dark Cabal connection? What better way to hide than in plain sight?  Look at all disasters occurring on predetermined satanic dates, adjacent to the Zionist Evil Axes of Destruction (ZEAD). The Cabal is desperate. They need to trigger global chaos of epic proportion (WWIII-Armageddon) to reset their global trillions of derivatives and plundering crimes against Humanity before their house of cards come tumbling down.

If Drake's buzz words of global reset, wait-club, do nothing - everything is taken care of, bank holiday and Keenan's Global Collateral Accounts and "trillions of fake black gold", sound familiar, it is. These two WMDz (Zionist Whores of Mass Deception/Distraction) were invented to precisely keep the masses "Calm Before the Cull" while the Cabal fanatically stoke the fires to start Hell-on-Earth.

If the global financial system slowly evolves away from the Cabal-controlled Ponzi Boom&Bust schemes, to an independent Free-&-Fair system, thousands of Cabal-corrupted officials, bankers, WMDz - Disinfo Agents would all go to jail as the Cabal's back slowly breaks. There would be less economic disruptions and faster turn-around to normalcy and global prosperity.

What would Keenan's opening of the Global Collateral Accounts and release of trillions of gold bring? Nothing. Keenan is offering the classic "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" carrot. The Cabal would still remain in control. What difference would it make to have the Dragon Family control the global financial system instead of the Rothschild-controlled FED? None.

One dragon family is as evil as the other mafia family. It is just a change from 1 bloodline to another. If you pay attention to details, Drake and Keenan offered nothing new and nothing better than the existing Rothschild-controlled systems.

Your choice to make and the time is NOW. Spread the message. See how effective it is. One small step for us, one giant Challenge to the Cabal's dominance.   

Look at all the shallow HAARP related quakes and the severe droughts in NSW, Australia in a week.

The HAARP connection with the Pike River mine mysterious disaster, NSW Heat Waves & the killer quakes in NZ South Islands

How they created the droughts at San Joaquin to trigger the M6.1 quake at NAPA

The M6.1 quake at NAPA was in the planning for years. The droughts and intentional drain on the dams at San Joaquin were to lighten the crust and increase the stress to breaking point at San Francisco itself.

The Cabal has been successful in using their HAARP-type technology to make it almost mathematically impossible for rain to fall in California. Thus San Joaquin valley into an extreme drought. This prevents food from being grown, which in turn can create mass starvation and the breakdown of a major city. In this post you can see the nice, straight-lined energetic wall they are creating that completely blocks any storm cells from getting in and raining. This has become very, very painfully obvious and profoundly unnatural. Why would ALL of California be singled out so that it never, ever frickin’ rains?

Additionally, the quake we just had in San Francisco was a deliberate one. Again, the benevolent, very likely intervened and distributed the stress in a way that was not planned. Their tech is far more advanced than the Cabal usually assumes it to be. The Cabal’s hope undoubtedly was that it would have been far bigger and more destructive than the 6.0 that we just saw.

Anwar Ibrahim Blog: 2015/01/01 Accused gambling kingpin assisting Malaysia on National Security?Paul Phua Wei-seng, the former Macau junket operator facing illegal bookmaking charges in Las Vegas, is assisting the Malaysian government in matters of national security and is not a member of Hong Kong’s 14k triad society, a Malaysian cabinet minister has told US authorities.
“Mr Phua is neither a member nor is he associated with the ‘14k Triad’, Malaysia’s Minister of Home Affairs Ahmad Zahid Hamidi wrote in a letter to Mark Giuliano, deputy director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
“Mr Phua has, on numerous occassions [sic], assisted the Government of Malaysia on projects affecting our national security and accordingly we continue to call upon him to assist us from time to time and as such we are eager for him to return to Malaysia,” Hamidi wrote in the letter dated December 18.
The letter, marked “private & confidential”, was submitted to the United States District Court in Las Vegas on Monday by Phua’s defence team. Phua’s lawyers have consistently refuted the allegation that Phua has ties with Hong Kong’s organised crime groups since his arrest in July.
In his letter, the minister did not elaborate on what matters of national security Phua assisted the Southeast Asian nation. His office could not be reached for immediate comment on Tuesday.
Phua, 50, and his son stand accused of running an illegal gambling operation from suites at the Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas during the soccer world cup earlier this year.
An online message found on his computer during a police raid suggested that bets of the alleged operation reached a “grand total” of HK$2.7 billion, according to court documents. US federal prosecutors alleged the group made a profit of US$13 million in June and July on soccer bets.

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1983 survivor's story of skirmish in the Spartly Islands - another nail in the coffin for the Keenan-Count Albert Chiang Scam

-by GrandeLander (Jan 05, 2015)

Extract of Summary:

Do you still believe in Keenan's stories of the Global Collateral Accounts (GCS) and trillions of gold under the control of the Dragon Family who Keenan admits to be working for? Perhaps not. 

But hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million, had read David Wilcock's twisted tales of Financial Tyranny. With only a handful of serious critics and even less published works debunking the fictional parts of his articles, it would be a safe estimate that more than 90% of those who had read David Wilcock's  twisted tales of Financial Tyranny, believed whole hardheartedly his research and narration of history and therefore, Keenan's scam. If not 100%, most would have swallowed 50-75% of Keenan's scam. Most too, would not do their own research to verify David Wilcock's so-called historical facts and gospel truth. For them, David Wilcock's interviews, insiders' information and purported examinations of Keenan's evidence, were good enough.

Standard modus operandi of scams.

But all lies have limited shelf lives. Sooner or later the truth will surface. Initially, some inconsistencies might appear to be insignificant. But one loose thread leads to another and eventually the dressing of the scam (no matter how intricately woven) falls apart, exposing the ugly stark nakedness of the emperor. We are witnessing the closing acts of the All Fake Naked Emperor Keenan show.

The complete hoax including Soekarno's Heritage Treasure which Keenan claimed to have recently seen in the 7-level, 16 acres underground bunker in Indonesia, is in the final stages of compilation. Before the final edition is published in full, we will present some of the evidence and argument, to show that Keenan & gang could not have acted alone. They could not have perpetrated the hoax for so long without being caught and prosecuted, not unless the Cabal-controlled governments of the world, are complicit too. Simple deduction. Actions speak louder than words. The CIA could not be running the largest drug trafficking ring for decades, unless its illegal activities had been sanctioned by the Cabal-controlled authorities.

Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man?

Which part of the hoax, as narrated by David Wilcock in his twisted Financial Tyranny articles, are real events, twisted or invented? When one part of the story is a scam, it brings down the whole house of Scam Cards that Fulford, David Wilcock, Keenan, Drake & Co built.

If Count Albert Chiang, a leading elder of the Dragon Family, is a con man, that would mean Keenan (team leader) & his teammates are all con men too. A man is judged by the company he keeps.

In the latest expose', another of Keenan Team member (Dr. Aidun aka Judge Naidu aka Joginder Singh) also threatened ladies on the internet like Keenan did. Only crooked con men threaten when their scams are about to be exposed. The expose' will be published later.
UPDATE: Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man?
Well hey guess what bramerton mate,,,,,, i’ve found one for you and your best chums fullford and super keen planetary hero keenan and crew…Here 
And they got loads and loads of reserves like oil and gas here..
Colonia Oil & Gas Reserves Confirmed -24th June 2010Actually it’s the island resort kingdom !  to the knights of st john !  and Niels very bestest newest shiny star of a friend Count Albert Chiang S.C works there, not only does he work there he seems to be really high up with lots and lots of influence..I’ve copied and pasted the info of the page here… 
Quote:“Kingdom of Colonia St John Information Services Government The Supreme Council of The Kingdom of Colonia St John: His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John and Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna is advised on all matters by members of the Supreme Council of State. The five permanent Members of the Supreme Council are: Head of State and Head of the Supreme Council of State: His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John and Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna   Minister for World Trade Economy and Investment: HE Count Albert Chiang S.C.   Minister for Foreign Trade and Industry: Prince Milan de Montestella de Praevalitana   Chancellor and Minister of Finance: HE Thomas de Lys   Minister for Foreign Affairs: HE Jean-Edgar de Tretinien Institutions of The Kingdom:   Institutions of the Kingdom are:   Minister for Foreign Affairs – HE Jean-Edgar de Tretinien Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs – HE Mrs Susan M Donnell Special Counsel to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs – HE Professor Virginia A Greiman   Minister for Justice – The King   Minister for Finance – HE Thomas de Lys   Minister for Internal Affairs – The King   Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries – HE Alex Schlesinger   Minister for Foreign Trade and Industry – Prince Milan de Montestella de Praevalitana Minister for Tourism – HE Count Sedat I Palti Postmaster General – HE Peter Jennings   Attorney General – HE Xenios Xenopoulos The Kingdom Secretariat:   The Secretariat comprises of the Chancellor, Sir Thomas de Lys, HE Jean-Edgar de Tretinien and HE Count Albert Chiang. The Secretary General is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Council.   The Chancellor, Sir Thomas de Lys, makes an annual report at the beginning of March to the Supreme Council on the work of the Institutions and of the Kingdom.   The Judiciary:   The Supreme Court is composed of three members:   Chief Justice The King   and two associate Justices:   HE Count Albert Chiang S.C.   HE Thomas de Lys The Bank of Colonia Board of Governers HE Thomas de Lys Count de Montalbano Count Albert Chiang S.C. Dr Maximilian Aglandjia de Lusignan Copyright | Disclaimer | Site Map!
To prove that Count Albert Chiang is a fake act, we just have to prove that the Kingdom of Colonia St John is a fake sovereign state. A minister for the "world trade economy and investment" of a non-existent state, is no minister but a con man.  

Here is a page on the fake historical facts to make it all seem real.
The History of the Kingdom of Colonia St John

Here is the location map of the fictitious Kingdom of Colonia St John. The Amboyna Cay atoll is within the territorial waters claimed by the fake kingdom.  There are overlapping claims by 6 countries with active oil exploration activities. The fictitious Kingdom of Colonia St John has so far not issued any of its own exploration rights, openly disputed exploration rights of other claimant nations or carried out any active exploration on its own. The exploration discoveries stated in its website, were "hijacked reports" of exploration by other countries. This is a fact (from exploration insiders). There was a joint tripartite exploration cooperation led by China with Philippines and Vietnam, from 2007 to 2009. Malaysia was not included but had carried out its own exploration.

Like the fake kingdom of Hawaii under Edmund Silva, the con artists can invent sovereignty, ministerial positions, home security, courts and government administration for the kingdom of Colonia St John, but the proof is in the pudding. A sovereign state should exercise sovereignty over its own territorial waters. It must have a working governing administration and a practicing legal system. Not just in cyberspace but in the 3D physical world. In the final compilation, the kingdom of Colonia St John will be shown to be non-existent by virtue of the fact, none of the characteristics of a functioning sovereign state existed in reality.

We present one real life example below:  
A survivor of the 1983 Pleasure Cruise to Amboyna Cay island that nearly killed all on board.
The date was April 3, 1983.
Those on board the 15m-long catamaran sailing out of Changi Sailing Club expected their pleasure cruise to be anything but notable. But by the end of the week, the world would come to know of the Siddhartha and its six passengers and crew.One of them was Singaporean Jenny Toh Swee Neo, then 35, the co-owner of the yacht.
Now 65, her wrinkled hands hold up a faded brochure with the words "Yacht Siddhartha" while speaking with us. Even though it has been more than 30 years, Miss Toh remembers her days running a private charter service with then-boyfriend, German national Peter Marx like it was yesterday.
The attack on the Siddhartha made headlines then, but this is the first time she is telling her story publicly.  
On April 3, the couple took on a charter for four German ham radio operators - amateur radio enthusiasts who travel to remote locations to broadcast signals to others around the world. They had decided on Amboyna  Cay, an island in the Spratly Islands group. 
Claim over it is heavily disputed by Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines.
"We thought it was uninhabited," says Miss Toh. On April 10, as they circled the island, they discovered they were wrong. They saw men in military uniforms waving flags at them. Two cannons were pointed in their direction.
"We didn't know if they were asking us to go towards them or go away. So we tried sailing away."  Then she heard the frightening sound of artillery fire.


- See more at: A survivor of the 1983 Pleasure Cruise to Amboyna Cay island that nearly killed all on board.

Notice that the Kingdom of Colonia St John was not even mentioned in the newspapers. "Claim over it (Amboyna Cay island) is heavily disputed by Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines."
The Kingdom of Colonia St John never existed in reality in 1983, even though the web site claimed that in 1981:

Prince John de Mariveles created his Dynastic Royal Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem (Ecumenical). In the light of the Order’s chivalric ideals, its dedication to the holy tradition and above all its open ecumenical character which echoed Tomas Cloma’s own passionate championing of freedom, Prince John and the Supreme Council granted the Order sovereignty in the Kingdom under his rule. It was decreed that ‘St John’ be appended to the name of the country.  
All the accredited diplomatic representation of the Kingdom of Colonia St John around the world was henceforth carried on by the Order of St John under its Grand Master Prince John.
If the Kingdom of Colonia St John was a sovereign state, would it have condoned such a barbaric and hostile act on innocent tourists or any seafarers. There was no immigration laws governing the entry of tourists into the state. If the crew of Siddhartha had entered the kingdom's territory illegally, there was no reason to destroy and kill. They should have been arrested and taken into custody.

For purposes of future claims in the world court, all the 5 countries (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines) staking claims, had set up remote military outposts in the bigger and more strategic islands of the Spratly group of islands. Fresh water and food supplies had to be brought in periodically to the uninhabitable islands. These islands are out-of-bounds to the general public or tourists.

As all these countries have their own immigration and customs procedure in entering their country legally at their respective capitals or ports of entry, any legal visits to these islands would have been notified well in advance to these remote military outposts. That was why the Siddhartha was fired upon. Singapore and Germany did not file charges in the international courts to protest the unwarranted shooting of their citizens. The crew of the Siddhartha were in the wrong.

But if the Kingdom of Colonia St John had existed with its own government and tourism industry as stated in the website, there would have been real local populace with real tourism activities. The Siddhartha would not have been the first "illegal encroachment". How many local populace would be installing military cannons at their beaches to fire away at their tourist guests (legal or illegal) at sight without first checking their credentials or permits? The capital of the kingdom is not stated anywhere in the website and its secretariat address is c/o 123 Whitehall Court, London, United Kingdom, SW1A2EP.

The official website (created on 24 Aug, 2010, last updated on 05 Sept 2013) does not state that the kingdom has a ministry of home defense or state police department. The military who fired at the Siddhartha could not have belong to the Kingdom of Colonia St John. If you can believe this Con-Man website with HE Count Albert Chiang in it, then perhaps you might be keen in buying the "Golden Bridge of San Francisco" for a steal at 1 million USD or Keenan's box of 48 kg of gold that weighed less than 5kg for a quarter of the quoted precious metal exchange price.

The kingdom of Colonia St John has Cabal Con Man's buzz words all over the place.

"Order of St John of Jerusalem",  “Knights of Rhodes”,  “Knights of Malta”,
kingdom, dynastic Order of St John, mandate to represent the Kingdom internationally, charitable and philanthropic endeavors, “been  to help the poor and the afflicted - primary aim.”

The other military orders were Crusader Orders, in the Holy Land to fight the Saracens, in Spain to fight the Moors, and in Prussia to fight the Pagans.