Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ret. Army Intel Officer: FBI Lied When Publicizing They Didn't Know ...





A hero or part of the gang? You will lose money if you follow the MSM. Details to follow.


To those who doubt the accuracy of telling time using the sun's azimuth and the shadow angle of a vertical object.......this is one of the calibration / proof. Carlos took a snapshot in front of the clock at 17:26 pm. The surveyors in our group did and checked the computations.

The time recorded by the shadows allow us to verify whether photo has been composed from several shots taken at different times. Accuracy depends on the quality and number of shadows that can be used for the computations.

BP and a number of regulatory agencies had been found to adulterate (doctor) their "supposedly single shot" photos with deceitful intent. Since these still photo-op sessions (stationary posing rather than actual field emergency situation) could not have been organised by the "terrorists"(before and after the actual bombing itself), it stands to reason they could not have acted in isolation; if indeed they were guilty in setting off the bomb. Obviously the puppet-masters would want the "runners on the ground" dead to break the criminal trail leading to them.

More evidence of a staged inside job. Crisis Actors appeared after real victims were cleared from 1st explosive site.

Seconds before or just at the point of explosion

Both pics are composite. They could not afford to have the still photo shoots with the crisis-actors in full public public audience. It is a 2 stage play. Many at the Marathon event would witness the explosion and mayhem but not the crisis-actors in action once the site was cordoned off.

Truth makes sense. Deception leaves you baffled.

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