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Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

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Very hot place in hell reserved for those who in times of great moral test remained neutral.

Predict disaster - it unpleasant and quite hopeless. However, in the objectively existing scenario "rough descent" world leader should be aware of the information from the U.S. analysts, perceiving that a pit dug for them forces that train in North America, "gay life." Either way, 61% of Americans believe that "event X" will happen very soon. And the thought of a large number of people are known to have a habit of coming true. This "bundle of events" might work in the next few months, if not days. And it may not work. Those who want to know the arguments of advocates of a transition to a new world order in the face of climate and tectonic instability can then visit the corresponding website . I briefly list those concerns, arguments and facts for quite a while Western observers operate.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.1. Total card distribution sites spread karst manifestations , including evaporite tires (of salt and gypsum)

I'll start with the alarm sounded for more than two months ago from pc. Louisiana. For quite a long time in the process of oil and gas Americans use the method of hydraulic fracturing (HF, see here and here ). The result of this technology: much of the United States now stands at underground cavities, and uploaded into the earth 30 trillion. gallons of toxic substances in recent years intensively penetrate into the ground water and poison the plants and animals that gave rise to a very strong social protests and movements. In addition, starting in 1998 (with elev. 1:33), there are significant losses of many crop yields, which are caused not only poisons coming from the soil, but also methodical sputtered toxic and mutagenic substances from aircraft (a phenomenon known as himtreylov ). That is, the poisoning of the biosphere produce both from the air and from the ground.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.2. well site aerial. Fig.3. Right: The area of active production of shale gas.

Shifts ground, numerous failures and the associated collapse of trains this summer, regularly appear in the reports of the North American news. [1]Large areas of the northern Gulf of Mexico and some of the southern states are located on the site of the pool of salt deposits. For example, in Louisiana alone know more than hundreds of salt domes. There they are in the zone of the New Madrid fault line.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.4. dips soil map , 2012, USA. Fig.5. Right: a more detailed picture on the ground for the state failures Florida .

It is noteworthy that much of the rest of the southern states in the thick salt deposits. The physical properties of salt formations and their ability to dissolve water and move through the host rocks of undoubted danger to areas and objects that are above them.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.6. Map salt deposits and salt domes in the Gulf of Mexico. Specifies the location of the emergency drill "British Petroleum" (MS-252)
Fig.7. Right: multiple outputs salt domes over asphalt volcanoes on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico near BP's Macondo reservoir.

This summer there was a giant in Louisiana sinkhole (its size is in the hundreds of meters). Yes, there was not anywhere, and just above the salt dome near Napoleonvillya (Napoleonville Dome), which successfully pumped 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane (in the case of the release and the explosion of such a mass of air will effect hundreds Hiroshimas ). Concern about this issue stated, in particular, the local sheriff Ueygyuzpek Mike (Mike Waguespack).

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.8. Model salt dome , which is integrated into the body well and formed an underground cavity. Figure 9. Fountains gas spouting from failures and faults in the Earth's thicker pieces. Louisiana ( June 2012 ).

Here are the most important video on the subject (for 2012):

August 11 (very detailed and comprehensive analysis of the situation and an explanation of the blogger Dutchsinse )
August 5 (apocalyptic in tone from the movie blogger HenningKemner)

Additional videos in chronological order:
April 27 , June 28 , June 29 , July 6 , August 4 , August 5 , August 5 , August 5 ,
August 10 (about 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane, stored in the body of the salt dome)
Aug. 10 (press conference on the continuing increase in the size of failure)
Aug. 11 (explosive hazard butane, whose power will be equivalent to a hundred Hiroshimas)

Aug. 16 (review of publications; collapse of the next frontiers of failure, the failure of the boat was gone, the workers managed to save)
August 17 ​​, August 19
Aug. 21 (fled their homes 90% of the population, but many have nowhere to go, other housing they do not; Dutchsinse mentions that in the taps with drinking water in Louisiana water was salty, which raises the question about what kind of water is supplied to the local people)

Other areas of the United States:
December 13, 2011 (units Oklahoma)
June 21 (Florida)
June 30 (Florida)
July 15 (Florida, trying to attribute it to underground streams and hollows)
July 27 (pcs Washington) (!)
August 1 (piece of New York)
August 6 (units Montano)
August 9 (piece of New York)

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Figure 10. On the geological scheme above shows the region of the exit gas into the water. Deepening - is a failure that has a size of about 145h195 m and a depth of 130 m the right, shows the salt dome and the cavity from the extraction of salt, used for the storage of liquid butane. From the ground to collapse the well - less than 500 m .

Fig.11. Right: The location of these objects in the plan . Happening proliferation failure may lead to the destruction of the storage and release of one million barrels of butane in the environment.

And just about that strange and dangerous neighborhood has some interesting facts.

In mid-August of this year Valigora Stanley (Stanley Waligora), veteran radiologist with a military background, (and now - a consultant on radiation protection) fuss (virtually ignored by the media and environmentalists) about the fact that in 100 km west of N. Orleans (liquid quagmire failure near Bayu Korn) suddenly increased levels radiya-226/-228 . [2] He is now more than 15 times the limits set by the Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (82 pCi / L [3] to 5 pCi / L, respectively).

Valigora also openly accused the Department to monitor the environment of Louisiana (DEQ) in denying the fact of radiation contamination. In this regard, the expert radiologist asked the Department to monitor the environmental conditions for the immediate implementation of necessary observations. Valigora concern was due to his previous experience. In the case of illegal dumping of radioactive waste in the St. Gabriel (St. Gabriel, pcs. Louisiana), took place about 10 years ago, the position of the Department to monitor the state of the environment alsowas to ensure that "nothing serious." It took quite a long time, and two commissions - and only the fact of extensive radioactive contamination was found.

It is known that the falling of radium in the ground water can be a threat to human health and animals. Monitoring also revealed the presence in the air of volatile chemicals (2-butanol and methyl chloride) and propane, isobutane, dimethyl pentane and other compounds associated with butane gas. (Exposure to substances, recorded near the crater on the people enumerated in an article, an expert and president of the " Boston Chemical Data Corp. "Kaltofenom Marco (Marco Kaltofen), repeats the symptoms and diseases, introduces readers to digest" Metastasis Gulf . ")

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Figure 12. Sinkhole in Civil District Asampshen, pieces. Louisiana (as of August 21, 2012 ).

Military expert with 45 years experience, Valigora noted that the radiation hazard is already visible. Need to monitor liquid mass transfer pathways containing radium, as drying the mud turns into radioactive dust, easily airborne. Similar risk and is formed by the decay of radium, radon gas. In any case, need to develop a long-term plan for the elimination of the consequences of radiation exposure, the expert said, and the company, to merge into the cavity of the radioactive waste shall provide for all of these activities adequate financial resources.

August 13, 2012 on the website «The Advocate» an article the journalist David Mitchell (David J. Mitchell) « hide problems salt dome . " It was reported that in May 2010, the Department of Natural Resources USA (DNR) issued a «Texas Brine Co.» Permit the extraction of salt on top of the salt dome Napoleonvill. The work began in September 2010. January 21, 2011 President of the «Texas Brine Co.» DNR notified that testing salt cavity leak fails, and its outer wall could have been destroyed. Then issued a DNR "Texas Brian" permission for disposal of radioactive substances, which had in the cavity. Clarify that the cavity has a volume of about 3 million barrels .

According to BK Lim ( BK Lim ), an expert on geological hazards, the chronology of events and the amazing slowness [4] indicates that the drilling of the ill-fated well may be associated with the events in the other salt dome, a little further south, in the waters of Mexico Gulf - a thirdborehole BP, in which August 1, 2010 was made ​​nuclear explosion . It is interesting to note that, as in the well BP Napoleonvillya area dotted with faults, but creating liquid butane or storage of radioactive materials in the fragile "salt caves" - nothing more than laying time bombs.

The fact that the case of salt-dome laughing, points and dynamics unpleasant phenomena, described by Steve Horton (Steve Horton), an expert on earthquakes at the University units. Memphis. After June 8 began to receive reports of gas being released to the surface water bodies (near Bayu Korn, pieces. Louisiana), local people also started to talk about the concussion ground. By mid-July, seismic monitoring has recorded 10-20 shocks and tremors a day. July 24 their number has grown to hundreds, and this period of activity suddenly ceased on August 2. The next morning the failure was discovered - in the forest of cypress height of 20-30 m, which is now one after another fail to reveal the abyss.

By mid-August of the nearby houses within a mile had evacuated 150 families . The level of risk is increased by the fact that nearby is a high-pressure gas pipeline, which is deformed , and, in the case of the collapse of the roof of the underground storage of pipe rupture and he can play the role of a detonator. Characteristic that - as with the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico - the media and the authorities seek to stifle the very discussion of current events, to help families who are kicked out of their homes or to take prompt action.

Summing up the karst and fracturing effect, we note that:
1. In only one piece. Ohio in 2011, due to fracturing occurred 11 earthquakes . In areas of the work lives fracturing a huge number of Americans.
2. Fracturing, coal and oil to create the earth strata of emptiness. By the collapse of cavities and collapse earthquakes in the land formed gaps and cracks. The greater the volume and intensity of production, the more frequent and severe earthquakes.
3. Strong earthquakes can cause certain types of tsunamis, striking coastal areas. On the coast, is home to about 40% of the population, for the U.S., this figure is even higher. Therefore, plans to reduce the population of the planet of the earthquake and tsunami will play a significant role.

All this is quite a local situation would deserve special attention, if it had not been associated with a series of extremely unpleasant experiences, more than two years occurring off the coast of the southern states. Once everything is "matched" that once near-suffering N.Orleanom shape this series of threats, it went straight to a tropical storm Isaac (August 26, it will not be long a named storm). In this case, in terms of the matrix programming biblical name Isaac is a synonym of the word " victim . "

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.13. Isaac by Rembrandt " The Sacrifice of Abraham "(fragment cloth). Let me remind you of the biblical story victim pardoned (but not Abraham, and the God of the Jews).

According to that same strange matrix "accidents" meteorologist arrogantly denied and "proglyadevshego" super-storm of 1900, (which destroyed Galveston Texas), also named Isaac (Klein )).

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Figure 14. Probably marked shift to the north-west will make Isaac on N.Orleana area . The hurricane is moving at a speed of about 22-25km / h, and its central part is to reach the coast in the evening of August 28. By the time can increase to Isaac II and even III category.

Fig.15. Right: after the appearance here of these "bundles" August 25, 2011 (bottom left) Hurricane Irene changed his path and went out into the Atlantic, only slightly hitting the U.S. East Coast. (Hand weather?)

About the crash of 2005 - Hurricane Katrina - U.S. remembers well. But few people know that this special operation continued the tradition of "mnogohodovok" in the spirit of the September 11 attacks. And after seven years on the site Forbes sounded "collective hint" that "Isaac can compete with Katrina." And just on the eve of the anniversary of the sinking N.Orleana ...

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.16. The estimated trajectory of Isaac (white line) is aimed squarely at N. Orleans. Arrows indicate the position of the salt dome and the city Napoleonvill N.Orleana.

As reported in "Metastasis Gulf" and associated publications, a powerful hurricane could easily pick up oil from the bottom, and even affect the integrity of gas hydrate formations (through the Earth's crust shifts), followed by the release of methane into the waters of the Gulf and the atmosphere. Actually neftekoreksitovye precipitation and dispersed crude oil bitumen (streamed from an underwater volcano under salt dome near wells MC252), carpeted floor Gulf of Mexico, for two years, "waiting" for the right power hurricane. Especially a lot of oil is off the coast of Louisiana and Alabama.

More than two years of "this very cup" sweeps past America. But sooner or later, "luck" ends (or ends). Nefteyadnye bacteria ("blue plague") and various mutated microorganisms are still in the waters of the Gulf and are a definite danger (from a "traditional" doctors do not cure). And it's near N.Orleana and is described above karst failure , located above the salt dome with a huge cavity, which holds 1.5 million barrels of liquefied butane.

It should be added to the oil (chemical and bacteriological) crash even hurricane-radiation - and resort coast becomes a zone of alienation.And no one will understand, why suffer, mutate and killing animals and people in the flooded area from radiation, or what it was before.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.17. Red - the zone of "direct hit" Hurricane Isaac to coast pc. Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Orange - temperate zone, yellow - low risk.

Fig.18. Should also pay attention to the very strong band with heavy rains and tornadoes likely that August 26 had reached the valley (obmelevshey!) Mississippi River and New Madrid. These streams of water in the coming days will be added downpours brought by Hurricane Isaac. Accordingly, the valley r.Missisipi threatening floods. I remember somewhere I met the hypothesis that heavy rainfall can trigger earthquakes ...

Florida - with the approach of a tropical storm - already introduced mode emergencies . It is currently known that involve the National Guard brigades and two transport aircraft (36 transport planes and 38 helicopters) . In recent days, army units stationed in the continental United States (CONUS), are in a state of alert. According to reports, the military already has orders to evacuate the entire population of cities that will be in the disaster area (probably N.Orleana, Mobile, Pensacola, and possibly others).

It is impossible not to notice the powerful disinformation campaign about alleged mass purchase of ammunition by civilians, especially popular among which enjoys an AK-47 . And also the fact that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has placed an order online for delivery of explosives (350 kg of RDX and high-density ammonium nitrate ). As the Office of Transport Security, powerful explosives and nitrate are needed for realistic exercises, which will be carried out for the dogs. Judging by the date the document, these studies will be carried out after August 31, the day before the Republican convention in Tampa, pieces. Florida. How many dogs will participate in the training program is not reported, but the comedians put the number - more than 10 thousand . Anyway, with the weather all activities participants were not lucky. Incidentally, according toinformation DHS and the FBI, the Republicans want to spoil the party, American anarchists.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Figure 19. Feature of the August hurricane Isaac is that it brings anomalous electromagnetic phenomena ( work of HAARP), [5] is expected also a tornado .

Fig.20. Two earthquakes of small amplitude, recorded in such areas as atypical Mobilsky bay units. Alabama. (For mysterious reasons "unusual seismic event" is not in the official reports like this here .)

As mentioned in the articles and talk show host Michael Edward , 13 February 2010, in a White House meeting of the management of BP and President Obama. Perhaps it was then that led the United States and it was stated that the integrity of the Macondo reservoir of highly bituminous oil is broken and lost control of the situation. It was also mentioned that the dome Biloxi (which has been known since the days of World War II), located above the crater of an ancient volcano asphalt, covered with cracks, and bituminous oil already flows through geological faults in the bottom of the Gulf a few miles from the site of drilling. And then there was described "multi-optional" to conceal underwater oil eruption with "decoy" - coordinated disaster on the rig "Dipuote Horizon" (already included the use koreksita, synthetic nefteyadnyh bacteria and mass illness and death of marine animals and humans) .

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.21. One of a number of oil and oil carpets clots still handed down by the surf on the southern beaches (Waveland, pieces. Mississippi, January 2012).How much more of this "good" sleep on the bottom of the Gulf?

According to Michael Edward ( Michael Edward ), Hurricane Isaac can lift the bottom and washed ashore near N.Orleana and in the estuary.Mississippi great masses koreksita and bituminous oil, oil bunches infested synthetic microorganisms and seasoned with arsenic and radioactive waste and gases, buried around N.Orleana, Pensacola, Biloxi and Mobile. After the " birthplace of jazz "is empty, and perhaps forever.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.22. The system of New Madrid (long dashed magenta line) and the direction of movement of tectonic plates (red and yellow arrows) (materials BC Lima)

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.23. chain of tectonic faults in the central part of the United States capable of creating earthquakes. Source: Thomas and Astini Science , 1996 

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.24. Observed earthquakes occur mainly in the marginal parts of the North American Shield (craton).

Fig.25. Right: Geological scheme depicting ancient shield on the right - on the continent observed earthquake (materials Dutchsinse).

From a comparison of the above map shows that the active drilling (using hydraulic fracturing technology) are made ​​in the marginal parts of the North American shield, while in the center of the shield fixed strange noises (hum, howl, roar, and other effects), and tremors.Occasionally smoke dormant volcanoes Midwest. There is a "serialized earthquake" in the south unit. California .

It would seem, well, she did, America? Is it possible to bring down this empire? It turns out you can. Consider a document that brings us to the prospect of a massive earthquake, which has long been "patiently" waiting for (prepare) backstage puppeteers. These are the two presentations made ​​at the meeting to respond to natural hazards. Held it in the walls of the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC June 29, 2007 .Topic: " New Madrid zone tectonic disturbance: geology, engineering and emergency management to reduce the risk of earthquakes . "

Report by Arthur Frankel (Arthur Frankel), Coordinator for the study of the impact of earthquakes from the federal center in Denver (U.S. Geological Survey) was called " What do we know about earthquakes in the New Madrid zone of tectonic disturbances in Central America . " Likelihood of recurrence of earthquakes of 1811-1812 years. (Magnitude 7.5-8 points) for a period of 50 years is estimated at 7-10% Frenkel, earthquakes of magnitude 6 or higher - 25-40%.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.26. Map of dangerous areas to cities located in seismic zones in the paper of Frenkel is not accompanied by precise quantitative estimates

Report Amr Elnashaya (Amr Elnashai), professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Illinois and the director of the Central American Center for the Study of earthquakes, however, is replete with figures. According to the modeling and calculations, discussed in the report 240 (of 745) districts that fall in the risk zone, the number of frame houses completely destroyed is 63 242,
unreinforced concrete and stone houses - 21 673 and
mobile homes (trailers) - 22 667.
Number of partially damaged houses of these three types is estimated at 295,779.

Of the 30,000 bridges in the region most damaged. Destroyed nearly 2,000 road bridges, 85 railway and 138 port facilities, and 64 airport.

Impact of the earthquake will be catastrophic for some 140 000 km of roads. Particularly vulnerable is the transport network of Memphis.Irreparable damage will be done to the network facilities (sewage, communications, power grids, pipelines). The water supply system, which is over 500,000 km will be broken and damaged at 98,000 sites. 200,000 km of gas pipelines will break 83,000 and 300,000 km sewer pipes - 78 thousand. Weight of debris from destroyed buildings will exceed 18 million tons.

The number of homeless families - 118 743, placed in temporary holding facilities - 34,181, the number of victims - 36 350 people. Direct economic losses to buildings, transport and utility networks will exceed 50 trillion. dollars.

Are we on the threshold of events, defined by the plans of the warring factions fighting for the future of world domination? Based on circumstantial evidence (the Knights of Malta, Breivik, information attacks on the Holy See, etc.), yes.

Little focus on the details that are also located in the area of possible catastrophic seismic events? Detailed picture presented a seven-pagespecial collections on the subject (it is worth to look through).

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.27. As noted by Steven Heller ( Steven Geller ), the Democratic leader in the Senate, the state of Florida, "almost everyone in this country gas pipeline crosses the geological fault." In the case of sudden movements of the earth's crust, most of linear facilities will be destroyed. There will be large-scale environmental disasters and fires intakes from the ingress of oil will be poisoned.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.28. Map of main oil (green), gas (red) and product (blue) of North America

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.30. Pipelines, falling in the area likely seismic catastrophe

And 19 large diameter trunk lines only «ProLiance Energy» pumps billions of cubic meters of gas, millions of tons of oil. length tubes filled with hydrocarbons, in the hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Fig.31. plant , located in the U.S.. Dangerously close to the New Madrid fault are 15 nuclear power plants.

If you happen to the catastrophic earthquake, many times repeated fukusimsky script. Will choose to hordes of creatures and monsters, languishing in biological laboratories, densely covering the United States. Numerous military facilities and warehouses will also be unable to resist.

Even bleaker picture paints a blogger Kemner . He remembers the card "future of America", for which the United States are represented in the form of two peninsulas, bordering Canada. He was seen by a tsunami, which can be formed in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of fault activation, expansion of the Mississippi Valley and releases catastrophic amounts of methane gas hydrate formations. Well, flipping through the 'video' This strange 2012 "inevitably begin to think about a very extensible within the capacity of Mother Nature and those who have mastered the previously unknown technology.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

Figure 32 and 33. Some cards the U.S. after the expected disaster in 2012

If the "h X" really is, then the U.S. will follow the state of emergency or martial law, which has been prepared for a solid legislative foundation.There will be large population movements from "dropping out, and disposal" opponents of change. Major employer will state, for which there are multinationals. Slide to the script "from Orwell's" or "from Huxley" will occur at an accelerated pace. The purpose is all this pain will be the alienation of property on a national scale, a radical decrease of the population (both white and colored) to a few tens of millions. Presumably, getting into such a "preference" backstage puppeteers stocked miracle drugs and technologies. Otherwise sit in underground shelters they have 4.5 billion years (half-life of uranium-238 ), or at least 700 million years ... Would love to anything described here has not happened.

Fig.34. Facebook (Big Brother) is watching you ...

But taking the above text for a set of white space should see video interviews of our honest scientist (Igor Ostretsov) about aspects fukusimskoy disaster, that are carefully concealed media, the scientific community and the political elite.

And remember that everything in this world is interconnected. Fukushima and the Gulf of Mexico - are two key elements of the ongoing global program to redraw the terrestrial biosphere, with the result that the world and humanity is completely transformed. But the number of those who happen to witness it, it may be seven times less than the current one. If journalists, scholars, politicians and those who are trying to fool the head, and will continue to be silent and sit idly by and do not even bother thinking about what is happening, then the global Carabas-Barabas really happen full holiday. Here it is, as they say, God helps those who help themselves.

Of turning the U.S. into the victim 'natural disasters'

We will continue to keep silent about the most?

 Compilation, translation and commentary: Sister Mercy