Friday, March 9, 2012

TO Judge Barbier and Magistrate Shushan

Judge Carl Barbier
500 Poydras Street; Room C-256
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
FAX # 504-589-4536

Magistrate Sally Shushan
500 Poydras Street; Room B-345
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
FAX # 504-589-4994

Judges Barbier and Shushan,

As a resident of the Gulf Coast in New Orleans, the messages here included below express clearly my feelings and thoughts on how and where the trial against BP and its co-defendants should proceed. There must be a trial where those who suffer  can air their grievances and have them addressed; mere out-of-court settlements will and don’t offer that. Punitive and compensatory fines need to be applied but the testimony must be heard in court for justice to truly apply and prevail.  Justice may be blind, but she has ears and she must hear all who continue to suffer.

Thank you,

Henri André Fourroux III
1494 Athis st New Orleans, LA 70122

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 20:22:02 +0000
Mr. Herman and the plaintiffs' steering committee members,

Frankly, I am unconvinced that your satisfaction is enough and indeed I find it insufficient. Trust is earned and right now the committee and the judges and all those responsible for standing up for and for representing the Constitution and the laws of the United States have very much to do to not only earn the trust of the majority of people along the Gulf Coast and the US, but also much to do to counter the distrust that has been earned by government representatives that permitted through lax enforcement of laws this one of the worst of environmental disasters to occur in the United States.

A beginning and it is a very necessary beginning and only a first step to earning our trust and to counter the distrust would be for all the committee members to physically meet with victims who still suffer along the Gulf Coast. In particular I suggest you drive down to Venice-Boothville Louisiana and meet with residents there because they alone are the only ones who continue to live through the continued destruction and devastation that has NOT been made right by BP and co-defendants; as Mr. T. Hayward continues to make millions of dollars and has indeed his life back, we the people and in particular the people of the Gulf Coast do not have our lives back, continue to be ill with disease that was unheard of before the BP disaster, to suffer economic hardship and to fear what is becoming of the natural resources that once gave them a good living and good health, but now is slowly killing all living creatures including humans.

You can meet with Kindra Arnesen of Venice and she will help meet with other residents. You must go there in person to witness the realities first hand to truly appreciate what has happened and what is at stake for ALL plaintiffs.

Henri André Fourroux III


Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 18:25:38 +0000
Thank you, Mr. Fourroux.  We appreciate your passion and commitment to these issues.  We are very proud of the community-based and other medical benefits that are covered by the Agreement-in-Principle with BP.  When a final Settlement Agreement is entered, and the details are released, we hope that you will be pleased.  It is important to keep in mind, at the same time, that this potential settlement is just a first step.  There are many claims, including the Government’s Natural Resource Damage claims, which are not included in the proposed settlement, and yet to be resolved.  Thanks, and best wishes, - Steve Herman

From: henri andre fourroux III []
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 12:25 PM
To Plaintiffs' Steering Committee members Brian H. Barr, Jeffrey A. Breit, Elizabeth J. Cabraser, Philip F. Cossich, Jr., Robert T. Cunningham, Alphonso Michael Espy, Calvin C. Fayard, Jr., Robin L. Greenwald, Ervin A. Gonzalez, Stephen J. Herman, Rhon E. Jones, Matthew E. Lundy, Michael C. Palmintier, Joseph D. Rice Esq., James Parkerson Roy, Paul M. Sterbcow, Scott Summy, Mikal C. Watts
and Conrad S. P. "Duke" Williams,

As a resident of New Orleans I am still horrified at the damage to my land, air and water out in and here so close by to the Gulf of Mexico. I hear from friends who live along the Gulf Coast and particularly in the Venice-Boothville towns of Plaquemines parish, LA of horrors that besiege people and life: dolphins and shrimp born without eye-sockets and/or eyes; children bleeding from their noses and scalps where they lose clumps of hair and developing asthma. My cousin who owns her own business in Buras, LA has earned HALF for 2011 of what she earned in 2010! This has caused great anxiety, driven her to take anti-depressant medication where she NEVER needed any before!

I will never eat seafood again; I have no desire to be a sacrifice just so BP and other companies can pretend everything is OK as if nothing happened. That is a lie.

Species collapse in Prince Edward Sound in Alaska did not start happening until the third and fourth years after the catastrophe of dumped oil from the Exxon Valdez. Even today the herring have not returned to Prince Edward Sound some 24 years since that disaster. I can only imagine that the damage to the entire US Gulf Coast will be more expansive and the worst is yet to come. Indeed, many people affirm that oil is still seeping out of the Macondo well at a nearby fissure and the oil seeping does have the BP identifier tag and so many people also affirm that COREXIT is still being sprayed; copies of permits from the EPA to spray COREXIT need to be subpoenaed by the court, but that can only happen in a trial.

I am disgusted that the trial has not begun yet. There are so many laws that BP has broken where our land, water, air and natural resources have been poisoned perhaps beyond healing that the trial must begin so we the people can have our day in court and due process that will give ear to our plight and that will let all see with eyes wide open the damage that worsens day by day. The negligence and greed of BP has forever destroyed our natural resources along the Gulf Coast and BP and all must be held accountable for not only destroying our lives and economy back in 2010 and now, but also for the future destruction of life and limb and economy of the Gulf Coast where we all intended to live healthy, productive lives personally and economically.

Here are some links to articles describing to one degree or another what plagues continue to destroy the lives of people along the Gulf Coast and air, land, water and wildlife that are our natural resources:

Henri André Fourroux III
1494 Athis st New Orleans, LA 70122