According to the Associated Press, the pontiff was speaking to the crowd of about 3,000 Catholic youths on Sunday as part of Holocaust Remembrance Day, an internationally-observed day of memorial for the millions who perished during the Holocaust.
He had just finished saying the Angelus prayer when he released two doves out the window, the New York Daily News notes. However, it wasn't long before one of the doves was pinned against a window by a seagull.
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seagull attacks dove(AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)
Apparently, the pope has had difficulties with the birds throughout the past few years.
In 2012, one of the doves flew back through the window of the papal apartment after being released, causing the Pope to exclaim, "Mamma mia!" the Catholic News Service reported at the time.
The same thing happened the year before and the year before that.
But seeing one of the symbolic birds attacked by a seagull appears to be a new type of complication.
If only the Pope had Randy Johnson on his team.

Are the unsuccessful messages of love and peace symbolised by releasing the doves, an indication of the dark histories of both Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI? ~ JL

What Happened To Hitler's Frozen Sperm?


The Stasi File

According to the Stasi GDR File, the daughter of Hitler is now holding the same office as her father - Chancellor of Germany. She is said to be the most powerful human being on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8.
More concerning is that Hitler's dream of uniting Europe under German/Vatican control is now within his daughter's reach.
In 1954, a child was born, a baby girl, whom the Stasi File identifies as Angela Merkel, today's Chancellor of Germany. Her official birthday is July 17, 1954. However, the Stasi file which is currently in the Soviet KGB archives, records her birth as April 20, 1954. If this secret police citizen’s file in the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (GDR) is correct, then Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel, was born on Adolph Hitler’s birthday - April 20.

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    The central theme of the “agreement” of the Western Allied Powers, the Vatican, and the Soviets was that Hitler's daughter would be elevated to international power...but her ascendancy to power would not come until “the Vatican also brought to power a German Pope”. In the wake of the death of Pope John Paul II, the former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger was nominated. He took the name of Pope Benedict XVI on April 20, 2005, as Vicar of Rome. Is it a coincidence that this date was the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday?

    This seems to check out. Pope Benedict became pope 116 (=8) years later. Angela Merkel became Chancellor on 22 Nov 2005, 216 (=9) days later.

    BPGOD happened 121 (=4) years after Hitler's birthday. Oil started gushing out of the Macondo reservoir on 22 (=4) April 2010. Demob from the OIL MAFIA project (BP's style deep water well blowout - Oil spill in Sumatra) on 19 April 2008 and the nightmare started on 20 April 2008. Alex Jones and Steve Quayle = radio interview talking on Macondo disaster in the Gulf on 20 April 2009.

    Additional guests include: Steve Quayle of the Q-Files
    Steve Quayle, author of Breathe No Evil, also talks with Alex.
    BP's permit to drill Macondo well was submitted to MMS on 10 March 2009
    These videos talking about "something wicked (a depopulation event)" about to happen. Mexico was mentioned many times with reference to the Aztec human sacrifice. They were speculating on a volcanic eruption of some sort. Coincidentally the radio interviews were 20 and 28 of April 2009. So words must have leaked out but details were fuzzy; leaving room for a lot of speculation. Look for the keywords like mass destruction, vaccine, population reduction, mexico etc.
    The Macondo well was destined to blow up in Nov 2009 but Hurricane Ida spoiled the plan. The April 2010 blowout event was a backup plan, a retry.