Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing was a staged inside job

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First of all, we offer our deepest heartfelt condolences and sympathies to all those who had suffered immeasurable pains and sorrow not only from the Boston Marathon Bombing tragedy but also the recent Texas fertiliser plant and pipeline oil spills. We have been warning against such waves of orchestrated false flags inside jobs. 

The Russian meteor strikes on 15 Feb, Apache Gas leaks, the turned-on "oily gas-water geyser" on the Swift Energy abandoned well, Pegasus oil pipeline burst on the anniversary of the Exxon Valdez (another orchestrated accident) were all not accidental or natural. These analyses that came in from insiders in the industry are factual evidence. 

Establishing time using the Sun's position and shadow is a scientific and mathematically proven method. That is only one of the many ways to prove a composite photo from different time snapshots. 

We all have to come together to prevent further escalation not only in the US but all over the world. Everyone including the consumers and the passive readers can play their parts, by not buying into their deception and not partaking in the spreading of disinfo, hate mails and unfair condemnation of those spreading the truth.

Remember they cannot orchestrate a successful false flag covert ops without blind public support and clueless cheer leaders. The WMDs are just as bad as the crisis actors including those in the Admin, govt and public offices who knowingly or unknowingly, went along subserviently with those “lame orders”.

OMAR (oil mafia agenda21 running-dogs / ruffians) have long hijacked the top echelon of every segment of the key industries. Many professionals are awakening to this fact. Exxon Vadez and Piper Alpha were no “stupid accidents” but were disguised inside jobs accidents. As we approached the 3rd anniversary of BPGO$D and as more awakened to this fact, OMAR will be more desperate. Truth is your only credible defense against the deceitful PTB.

Please don't let it be like 9/11 and BPGO$D. There are enough evidence to prosecute the real insider culprits to prevent future disasters. Don't fall for their B$ in blaming others. As the late Bill Cooper said; they will take and keep on taking if you allow them to. You are not alone if you think the recent spate of quakes, oil spills, gas explosions, sinkholes and many other disasters had been orchestrated for sinister agenda. You are their dispensable useless eaters, part of the pop to be culled once they achieved their economic objectives. To OMAR, don't think you are in their club (as the great George Carlin had said) just because you are running their covert false flag ops. You will be killed like chickens with their heads cut off, once you are no longer useful to them.

How could a terrorist attack have so much cooperation from Hollywood, the FBI, police, DHS, govt and virtually the Marathon organisers? The terrorists must have controlled the congress, Potus and the world's oil, Gold and other commodities market and Forex exchange. They all seem to move in complete harmonious unison.

More evidence of a staged inside job. Crisis actors transported to location via police vans / ambulances after the real casualties were cleared from site. 

Both pics are composite. They could not afford to have the still photo shoots with the crisis-actors in full public public audience. It is a 2 stage play. Many at the Marathon event would witness the explosion and mayhem but not the crisis-actors in action once the site was cordoned off. 

Truth makes sense. Deception leaves you baffled.

Seconds before or just at the point of explosion. A sort of calibration of the "sun dail".

The objective of this photo-op is crystal clear. Notice the trolls have no answer to the lighting discrepancies confirming that this photo-enhanced composite. Understandably the vain Hollywood stars needed photo-enhancement to sell their "image". What is there to sell in an inside job like the Boston Bombing, BPGO$D and 9/11? Obviously Fear and the "fast track ticket" to hell & culling for the sheeple. Be my guest, you trolls for swallowing sinker, hook and lines. The tough truth is for those awakened strong souls who can handle the truth.

Why is there a need for composite photo enhancement?

There are 2 direction of shadows in case you have not noticed. The faces of the 4 main characters in the picture have different direction of lighting. 

This is not to say the explosions and casualties are not real ....but are there ulterior motives for this False flag Inside Job? You bet there will be. But there will be shills and trolls who cannot face the truth of the matter.

Now compare all the photoshop composite above with BP's doctored Rov videos and photos. You get the idea the perpetrators of Boston Marathon Bombing and BPGO$D are the same group of people; OMAR (Oil Mafia Agenda21 Running dogs).

BP openly declared they spent 100 million USD more on advertising and PR in the 3 months following BPGOSD. How much more did they spend on dis-info agents, shills, WMDs, trolls, pysops, infiltrators etc ? Probably 2 to 3 times more. This would have been the first and record amount spent on Bull$hit Propaganda ($BP). True accident need no $BP. Only a preplanned MIHOP disaster need $BP and where did the funds come from?....and BP could still make huge amount of profits after all these "additional" expenditure. Go figure!

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