Friday, April 26, 2013

The Boston Bombing Is An Inside Job -- Evidence! [Latest Updates]

The Boston marathon bombing has the signature of the shadow government written all over it!

"Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as 'controlled explosion' drill by Boston bomb squad", Mike Adams reports for Natural News.

"What's not yet being reported by the mainstream media is that a 'controlled explosion' was under way on the same day as the marathon explosion.

As the Boston Globe tweeted today, 'Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.'

Some people believe this explosion might have been part of the demolition of another bomb. It seems unlikely, however, that a bomb at the library, one mile away, could be so quickly located and rigged to be exploded by the bomb squad in less than one hour following the initial explosions at the marathon." -- [1]

This is the EXACT modus operandi of the secret brotherhood ruling the world from the shadows!Do you think it was just a coincidence? Well, think again!

Peter Power: "Our scenario was very similar (...) it was based on bombs going off, to the time, the locations, all this sort of stuff. (...) there was a few seconds when the audience didn't realize whether it was real or not.

"Yesterday we were actually in the City working on an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real. (...) When news bulletins started coming on, people began to say how realistic our exercise was - not realizing there was an attack.

I don't know how many of you know, but almost one hour after the London Underground tube system attacks, a fourth bomb was detonated on the top deck of a double-decker bus. 

But Mr. Power's "simulation" did not included any bus bombing "simulation"...or has it? 

Peter Power: "We simulated a scenario with multiple bomb explosions (...) and 1 bus interchange, to stretch ourselves and test our capabilities." -- [3].

And there is more!

3. During the Sandy Hook massacre, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA conducted an exercise entitled: "Needs for children in disasters" at the same day, 12/14/2012, and in the same State as the Sandy Hook events! -- [4] at 1:16:23 into the documentary.

4. A "simulation" for a 7.9 Richter earthquake was planned on March 20, 2012 in Mexico. In the same day, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake actually occurred. [5].

5. "Colorado University held identical drill, the same day as the Batman massacre." [6] Alex Jones.

6. The Oslo, Norway, bomb attacks -- "In Oslo, a powerful bomb went off in or near the building which houses the office of the Prime Minister. Exactly as we would expect, special anti-terror police had been drilling setting off bombs in a nearby part of the Norwegian capital in advance, specifically during 2010. The public had not been informed in advance, but found out what was happening when they began hearing bombs in the opera house district, less than a kilometer away from the prime minister’s office which was attacked on Friday. Here is a report from the newspaper Aftenposten: 

read more at:

This was not a terrorist event. It just doesn't make sense. Terrorists kill as many people as possible in attempts to prove their points. There was only THREE deaths; in a location where there was PACKED stands across from the explosions. This leads me to believe one of two things. 1-Really bad terrorists were able to bypass a "secure" country since 9/11 to set off small explosives OR 2- Its an inside job, aimed to minimalize casualities but maximalize fear; resulting in more of a police state which the NWO is clearly working towards. I can think of numerous events which happen while drills are "going on."
These events are designed to do two things. One, they are vilifying gun owners by portraying them as crazed serial killers, so in the name of public safety,they want gun control laws that basically make it impossible to own and carry a fire arm,which will in reality make the public easy to take over. Two, they are deliberately egging on the American public by causing horrifying events that defy rational reasoning, and then they display complete stupidity and brazen audacity in providing lame cover ups in an effort to make angry American's who can't stand having their intelligence insulted to revolt. This will enable the government to enforce Marital Law upon the populace. Eventually, thanks to media bombardment,low I.Q.'s, and engineered financial and social pressures, the public will either give up their guns, or they will revolt. You see, either way, they win.
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  1. You are not asking the correct question, bro. The correct question is "how do we know either of them is related to this event"? To this moment there is NO piece of evidence incriminating them. All we have is footage of two guys walking on the sidewalk, carrying backpacks that do NOT match the ones used in the bombing.

    Each human being is INNOCENT until proved guilty in a court of law.

After spending days glued to my laptop following this tragic story and finding it so hard to believe, I can honestly say your blog has assembled parts to this horrific event perfectly,.

Excellent work Alex.
Awesome job Alex, I really appreciate you aggregating all the REAL information about this false flag.

Just something else to consider: He apparently tried to commit suicide, or somehow injured his throat which conveniently now makes him unable to speak. There is a leaked picture of him stepping out of the boat and not being "scooped up because he was so weak" as is the official statement.

The implication is that there is NO blood on him as he is stepping out of the boat, which means his injury must of happened POST being captured and taken into custody. Maybe I'm missing something, but anyone feel free to play devils advocate on this one.
  1. You may be right. I have addressed this in Update 32. Personally, I think he might have been shot during the "target practice", where up to one hundred assault rifle rounds where shot at the boat.

    It is also possible that he was shot while in custody -- after all, there is evidence that his brother was mutilated and KILLED in custody.

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