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Some people just do not know when to give up

  • by BK Lim (14 March 2011)
By now it is very clear Thad Daly is not who he claims to be. He had claimed to be a mechanical engineer, fluid engineer and a drilling engineer at different times. Yet discrepancies in his biodata showed he could not possibly be any one of these professional. Chances are he is an out of work rigger, now working as a planted mole on cyberspace. I don't mean to be rude but this arrogant “pro-of-the-wrong-kind” needs to be shown what a jerk he is for going around hounding and belittling fellow bloggers genuinely concerned with the gulf disaster. Seek the proofs from BP. They have all the unadulterated and unscrambled video, not me or anyone else outside BP. We do not need another BP's schill to muddle the truth.

Some of Thad Daly's ranting:

And I have more respect than you could understand

 Mac, either you can't read or chose to ignore the truth.

 @Masahiro, personal experience? Ever been on a drlg rig or are you just regurgitating what you have heard....

Do not lose sight that the events on DWH WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. It was due to intentional actions by BP. How many times does that need to be said?

Joe Wade, notice that the quote you use DOES NOT contain a recommendation to cut corners. It states the problems and grief that could be encountered IF, repeat IF, corner were cut and stupidity reigned. You have use this quote before trying to say something it doesn't say. Seem you can't make your point without misquoting and to do so knowingly is to lie.

October 8, 2010 at 7:45am 

His agenda is to create confusion; hoping the general public would be gullible enough to think his arguments had some basis. Sorry, Thad Daly, your questions and arguments showed you do not have even first year college science. I will have to make it really really simple for your underdeveloped brain because basically I get tired trashing “FB prostitutes” like you and your agenda to keep me engaged with such pseudo-intelligent arguments. Go play elsewhere.

So for this article I will spare some time to answer your totally off the mark assertions. If you are still not thoroughly embarrassed, please try some other therapy like dipping your head in “bovine output” for a change. The reason I am not engaging you on the facebook directly, is because the last two times I did, my computer “burned up”. You and your accomplices are playing a sneaky game of IP stalking. Sorry Thad Daly and gangs, I know your game and you are not going to trap me so easily. Try something else. For my regular readers, take this article as a 101 course in interpretation.

 Thad Daly says: About the ROV vids, the key word is " interpretation".
Welcome to my world. You just made my day. Interpretation is derived from the verb, interpret. According to Oxford Dictionary:
v. (interpreted, interpreting)
1 explain the meaning of (words, actions, etc.).  translate orally the words of a person speaking a different language.

2 perform (a creative work) in a way that conveys one’s understanding of the creator’s ideas.  understand as having a particular meaning or significance.

– DERIVATIVES interpretability n. interpretable adj. interpretation n. interpretational adj. interpretative adj. interpretatively adv. interpretive adj. interpretively adv.

ORIGIN ME: from OFr. interpreter or L. interpretari ‘explain, translate’, from interpres, interpret- ‘agent, translator, interpreter’.

Thus to interpret the ancient Egyptian artifacts and graphic writings, you need to understand and be well versed with not just any archaeological knowledge but those related to ancient Egypt. To interpret geological features you need to be trained as a geologist first. Then only can you interpret seismic sections, aerial photographs, satellite images, side scan sonar, MBES, well logs etc into geologically sound representation of the true or natural geology. Geohazards is a special field where in addition to natural geological features and processes, man-made processes and features are analysed as well. Exploration and geohazards may share fundamental geophysics, but their approach and objectives are different.

A damn good geologist does not necessary be good in geohazards analyses and prediction. You only have to read my past papers, site / blowout/incidences investigation reports and QC reports of the last 30 years to see the alarming number of ridiculous mis-interpretation made even by experienced leading geohazards experts working with the world's largest geohazards survey company. Put in simple terms, predicting geohazards accurately and reliably does not depend on the size of your wallet or the company. Very often, the naïve oil companies are impressed by the size of their airguns, length of their vessels, number of offices around the world etc when these meant little in determining the truth of the matter so that a reliable geohazards assessment and prediction can be made.

If so many well-trained, highly paid geologists can and had failed in geohazards interpretation and prediction, what makes you think a rigger with a bogus college degree and pretending to be an drilling/fluid/mechanical (choose one) engineer can succeed? So what takes you so long to realise that the key word is interpretation. Next you are gong to say it is a matter of interpretation. Yes, I have heard that countless times before, especially when the interpreter is wrong. The accuracy and reliability of your interpretation depends a lot on your technical background. A pseudo engineer is no geologist or geophysicist. So stop pretending you can assess and interpret geohazards risks or anything outside the well-bore. You are not cut out for it. Your imbecility knows no bounds and the following answers will show you why.

Thad Daly says: It does not matter if it aerial from 10,000' or ROV at 5,000' below msl.
Aerial photograph recon is totally different from rov photo interpretation in so many aspects. You must be a real retard to say that height or depth does not matter. It does. There is a tremendous difference in pressure, penetration of light, scale of things, density, flow of media, etc etc.

Only a fool would think interpretating an aerial photograph with a 1:10,000 scale taken from 10,000 ft is the same as looking at a limited camera viewport with 1:100 scale taken from tens of metres. If you think a hole on the ground from 10000ft in the air looks the same through an rov camera 5,000 ft below MSL, then your mind has already been screwed.

Thad Daly says: Have you had any training in photo interpretation?
Am I supposed to be impressed with your training credentials? Aerial photo interpretation is part of our geology curriculum. It is irrelevant to what we are discussing.

 Thad Daly says: As you can not reach through the ROV vids and collect bottom sample or cut a core your "specil knowledge" is only academic. What is being view and interpretated is physical objects and you can only see the outer surfaces of any objects or bottom structures.
Have you ever told a major oil company like Shell in an emergency boardroom meeting with all the heads of departments, that the piece of “natural rock” shown in the rov video near the BT-05 blowout platform, was not what it was, but a piece of the cemented seafloor blown off by the blowout. Have you ever proven 20 senior Shell managers (engineers, drillers, geo, etc) wrong? They had all agreed to shut down the Barton A platform following the blowout, after watching the frightening rov videos of collapsing seafloor, cracks and craters on the seafloor spewing columns of gas. They were all convinced by the rov video of an imminent collapse. I watched the same videos at the same time and came out with a totally different view. That my friend is the difference between a geohazards specialist and the exploration experts. That platform is still standing today after 20 years.

Have you ever been given “needle in a haystack” search missions and found them all; 1988 BP – lost well heads, 2004 Shell, buried well head 5 m, 2005 Shell lost and abandoned pipelines (24 from 8 charted ones), 2008 Otto Energy – lost piles and mooring chains, 2008 – undetected fibre optic cables etc. Many of them proven with recovery, lost records, rov video etc. Of course I do not expect you to understand the implications of all these.

I have saved many oil companies millions of dollars by sticking out my neck to prove many times, the conventional interpretation or accepted status quo were wrong. There were times where my geohazards assessments went against the wishes of the oil companies. They looked for subservient geohazards “pro-of-the-wrong-kind” for second opinions favourable to their exploration objectives. Guess what. They all ended having blowouts and needed me to set them straight. We need professionals who are able to stand straight and not bend to the whims and fancies of the oil exploration masters. We see that in Halliburton and BP. Yes, you can cry out and say we recommended this and that, but BP had the final say. Did we see any of the engineers resigned in disgust? No because BP got their way, safe or not safe does not matter. And we have people like you still prostituting for BP.

So did you just said my skills were “academic” and not proven? Do you see why the mafia in the oil industry wants to “kill me”? Because I was right and they were wrong and as long as I live, they live in fear that their misdeeds, cheating, frauds, mis-interpretation and negligence will be exposed. They sent you, Thad Daly to keep me engaged with your silly questions.

Thad Daly says: You claim cracks in the bottom, could this be drag marks from moving debris, equipment or other item around when working on th well head.
Are you suggesting I made the interpretations using my behind? Drag marks have different fundamental characteristics than cracks. As an engineer you should know that. Oh I forgot you were only a pseudo engineer. I would not bother writing an article on insignificant drag marks would I? Fissures that had developed on the seafloor due to the blowout, that I would write. Just to be sure, are you reading the right articles written by me? Could you quote the exact “you claim cracks in the bottom” paragraph or the link. Given your poor comprehension, one cannot be too sure.

For your information, I spent more than 20 years working 16 hours a day charting and had clocked more than 20,000 line km of seabed survey. I can differentiate between a drag mark and a “fissure” based on fundamental criteria that I taught my trainee geos. No, I am not going to tutor you for free. Would I risk 30 years of my expertise on something I am not sure?

Thad Daly says: You claim methane vents yet when BP tried to cap the well first time the cap filled with methane hydrates, why are these methane vent not turning into methane hydrate?

I would not bothered to answer this. You read my articles and then look basic chemistry literature on methane gas-hydrate conversion.

Thad Daly says: The collasped - there is basically three ways to collapse casing. Bend causing it to kink at bend. External pressure greater than the collaspe stength of the casing AND the internal hydrostatic pressure in the casing this would only happen if the casing was ran in empty, hard to do as at some point the empty casing would "float" in the drlg fluid. Mechanical collaspe due to an external mechanical pressure such as a formation shift, not possible as the upper sedimentary formation do not have compressive strengths greater than the collaspe strength of the casing especially with the internal hydrostatic pressure increasing the collaspe resistance.

Already explained in my articles. Look for GWSF (gas-saturated weak sub-formation) zone hazards and EGCP zone.

Thad Daly says: Casing can and does collapse and the indentation are symetrical elongated oval in shape not the irregular markings shown in the vid.

There is no point arguing with you over this. BP retrieved this casing on 19 July 2010 from the 3rd well which was blown on 20 April 2010. Go and ask BP to show you the recovered casing. They were caught with their pants down. If your eyes are blinded by their greenbacks pasted over your eyes, what is the point of this academic theoretic discussion on how smooth and oval the asshole is going to be. Write a letter to your congressman to demand BP hand over the indented casing. Then you have your proof. Why bark at me? I did not retrieved the broken casing. Why was the video hidden? Because the insiders wanted the public to know what BP did was criminal. They smuggled it out despite the tight security. Why do you still prostitute yourself at the expense of the gulf victims? Do some good for a change.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thad Daly, Your Biodata don't Add-up & you are tripping over your own lies

  • by BK Lim (12 March 2011)

Thad Daly, I took a little trip down memory lane and guess what? Within an hour, I found so many discrepancies and flip-flops in your comments I just have to write an article about your fictitious internet identity. You might also be pleasantly surprised with what I had dug up on your little naughty games with Merita Debbie Marble Blanchet, Deborah Dupre and Ian Crane. Wow! a foursome. There are more involved but I haven't got time to check them out yet. Since you have been so impatient during my absence, I thought I get yours out of the way first.

But first a little check on your biodata. You boasted on 26 Aug and again on 7 Sept 2010, you had worked 50 years on the rig, retired 2 years ago and lived well. Then on 2 Feb 2011, you said you were a Mechanical Engineer – Drilling Fluid Engineer 40+ years in the oil field. Sounds impressive until you put in a little mathematics. They don't add up. You mentioned you first went to work on the rig the summer of 1959. Assuming you graduated as a young engineer out of university at the age of 23, then your year of birth should be 1936. But your stated birthday was 30 May 1942; 6 years short isn't it? Your University of Pacific in Peru was established in 1962; 4 years after you started work as a drilling engineer.

So assuming the year your father took you to your first rig in 1959, and your stated birth date were right, then you must have started work when you were just 17 years old. Even back then I do not think you can graduate as an engineer at such a tender age of 17. So it is most probable you worked as a deckhand not an engineer. But then again you claimed that you worked the rig for 50 years. So that means you must have retired in 2009. But 2010 to 2009 is only 1 year. So you could not have retired for 2 years, 1 year maybe.

Oh I forgot. How many years did you serve with the US Navy/VAP 61 during the Nam wars? I don't believe the Navy was also operating a drilling rig in the Nam Wars. So if you serve a minimum of 2 years in Photo Intelligence, you could not have worked for 50 years on the rig itself. So it is either 48 years or you will retire only in 2011. So which is which? So you lied a little on 26 Aug and 7 Sept 2010 and when you set up your facebook page. That is 3 counts of lying. Tsk, Tsk!

So if you started work at 17 and did not take time off to study for your engineering degree, how did you qualify as a mechanical engineer or fluid engineer? Each course would have taken 4 years to complete. So either you took 8 years off to study for your degrees or you just bought them off the shelves in Bangkok during your recuperation leave from the Navy. No wonder you and Merita were so obsessed with or jealous of Dr Tom's degrees. More of that in my next article.

Without a college degree, you probably started as a trainee deckhand and slowly worked your way up to be a driller. But a rig operator is no mechanical engineer, or fluid engineer or drilling engineer as you claimed to be. It is like a bus driver claiming to be an auto engineer. An auto-engineer can choose to work as a bus driver but not the other way round unless the bus driver goes back to college to get his degrees.

Then you claimed to have worked in 40 countries in addition to US. Most rig workers are not permanent employees especially those who worked in so many countries as you. If you are a roughneck, you do not work when you are off the rig. An engineer, manager, geologist, geophysicist etc can still be working when they are off the rig or vessel. But a rig worker works with the tools and machinery on the rig. Once off the rig, you do not work. Local rig workers are permanently employed with 6 weeks on-2 weeks off or 1 month on – 1 month off schedules. They can still be considered gainfully employed but not working on the rig floor throughout their employment. But if you are working in 40 countries plus US, it tells me you are a freelance rig worker. On lean times, you might not be working for months at a time. Most offshore regulations do not allow you to work more than 6 weeks in a stretch. So when you said you work 50 years, you must be lying. Total effective work time is probably 2/3 of 50 years = approx 30 to 35 years. That my friend is your effective work experience. So 50 years experience is pure Bull$h!t, right?

Your University of Pacific is also a suspect. The links at your facebook takes me to a university of the same name in Peru. That was why I asked whether you were a Peruvian, once. If you had really graduated from the Pacific University in California, I am sure you would have been proud to say so. No wonder you kept harping on me being as fictitious as you. Safety in numbers? Sorry I am not you. I have got my principles which of course get me into collision with the likes of you in the oil industry. Everyone trying to prove how big their butts are instead of the brains. Sorry there are more prostitutes than professionals in the oil industry.

Are we having fun yet? To earn your keep, there must be a daily quota of trashing anti-BP or anti-Haliburton bloggers. So come back to your obsession with MIHOP – a term coined by Dr Tom to mean Make It Happen On Purpose. Without analysing the data, I thought (as with everybody) it was accidental. As soon as I analysed the data, it became apparent to me that it was negligence, recklessness or just a disaster waiting to happen. When Dr Tom first suggested MIHOP, it sounded incredible but when you look at the evidence carefully, it was just that; MIHOP.

Thad Daly came out very strongly against this MIHOP thing in Jan 2011. The arguments for it were clearly laid out in my articles. So it was indeed puzzling why Thad Daly could not understand. It was only after I did the calculation on his Biodata that I realised he did not pass his degree exams. So now we have to excuse his limited comprehension on technical aspects. No wonder he came out with words like “conspiracy theories be DISPROVEN” ~ Thad Daly 03/12/11. I would personally prefer the phrase; conspiracy theories be PROVEN false.

On 7 Sept 2010, Thad Daly did propose a conspiracy that “ultra-hazardous oilfield are being spread by BP to deflect attention from their actions”. I did not quite understand what Thad meant but I am sure the word “conspiracy” was clearly spelled out. Maybe at that time BP had not yet recruited him to “trash BK yet”. Coincidentally he invited me to be his friend on Facebook on 25 Jan 2011 (or around that date, have to check it up).

Before that I supposed he was contracted to trash BP and those who wrote against Halliburton. Why? You have to excuse his lack of grammar. I am quoting phrases so as not to be out of context. See figure 147-1 for the full comments.

On August 25, 2010 at 7:40pm; Thad Daly commented “ this was NOT an accident.” ….”And even more reason for criminal charges so no other is so arrogant, so stupid.”

August 26, 2010 at 3:28pm Thad Daly commented “Why would they NOT drill and complete a multi million dollar wel in the surest, safest manner? There are rules, regulations and safety standards that were violated. Have you seen any of the testimony on CSpan? Halliburton warned BP BEFORE the cement job in writing. And the equipment to do the job right was on the rig, just take 10 hrs to install 15 more centralizer while RIH with the liner”

September 6, 2010 at 7:49am Thad Daly commented “If all of the drlg industry safe operating standards been followed there would have been no blow. Do you truely believe other companies will not followed the proper safety standards especial as the world is watching.”

September 6, 2010 at 6:51pm Thad Daly wrote “Mac, either you can't read or chose to ignore the truth. Not rig, production platform. No explosion, no blow out, limited fire, no fatalities, all safety worked and no oil on the water.”

September 7, 2010 at 6:14am Thad Daly commented “Do not lose sight that the events on DWH WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. It was due to intentional actions by BP. How many times does that need to be said? Saying it was an accident just apologises for BP, excusing them. Use y our "WEBSTER" look up accident, look up intentional. People harping on oilfield safety are chasing a wild hare. You want a conspiracy ? Here one, the gossip and rumors of the "ultrahazardous"oilfield are being spread by BP to deflect attention from their actions.”

Looking at all these, I am thoroughly convinced that Thad Daly was saying it was INTENTIONAL. If it was not ACCIDENTAL then it has to be planned (intentional). Doesn't “Make It Happen On Purpose” = INTENTIONAL?

So did Thad Daly have a different paymaster in 2010? Was he recruited to hound me with a different agenda and a new paymaster? So like a prostitute, he sings whatever tune the Client wishes. His skin is so thick, no nail can be hammered in. So do not waste my time. I have got better things to do. Watch out for the next article why the Deborah Dupre's article on 7 Feb 2011 was a setup.

Oh I forgot, working in the Navy Photo Intelligence does not equate to ROV interpretation. Reading a few aerial recon photos does not make one an expert in geomorphology and geohazards analysis. To understand what those ROV video means, you need to know the basics of sedimentation, geology, kinetics, oceanography and other fundamentals of science. Yeah a rigger could read aerial recon photos – big deal. No wonder he could not make out the rov images and evidences presented in my articles. To date, no one has dared to challenge me on these evidences. Only a dumb Ass rigger who knows nuts dared to open his mouth without thinking. I feel awful trashing anyone this bad but he kept asking for it …..sigh!  

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Implication of Dr TB Manton's False Conviction and Murder.

  • by BK Lim (22 Feb 2011, updated 1 March 2011)
A man is innocent unless proven guilty beyond doubt. A Plea Bargain is only an arrangement between prosecutor and defendant whereby the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge in the expectation of leniency. It does not prove guilt beyond doubt. By accepting a plea bargain on 21 May 2010, Dr Thomas B Manton sacrificed proving his innocence in a lengthy trial in exchange for a speedy settlement so that he could get down to the business of helping the Gulf Victims and containing the mega oil spill. No one understood the impact of an oil spill more than him or was more prepared to deal with a mega oil spill he had anticipated for years given the reckless pursuit of oil wealth the industry had whilly-dallied in.
He was the President and CEO of International Oil Spill Control Corporation; one of the very first oil spill control companies in the world formed outside of the rubric of the Oil & Gas Industry. In this capacity he helped create many of the protocols and establish many of the standards that are still in use today throughout the realm of oil spill control.
Such selfless sacrifice is the hallmark of a great man; not a criminal. I am no supporter of any proven criminal. My articles had always carried the theme of exposing the criminality behind the deception. The suspicious circumstances surrounding his 15-year jail conviction and his subsequent murder while serving jail time, should arouse the “sense of justice” in every righteous human being. It is more than just proving one man's innocence. The powers behind Project 911 and Project Gulf Disaster know this and will do their utmost to keep the truth of Manton's false conviction from ever seeing the light of day.
The truth on Manton's false conviction is more critical now that the conspiracy behind the Deepwater Horizon blowout is beginning to unfold. The needless consequences of a disaster that could have been averted; are just beginning to be felt around the world. There are enough natural catastrophe, without the additional burden of manmade disasters to tilt world civilisation into the brink.
With all our modern sophistication, such blatant injustices should have been history. Instead they seem to be proliferating worldwide. Planting incriminating evidence be it drugs, semen (DNA) or children pornographic files, is the standard Modus Operandi for public assassination or elimination of political opponents and prominent personalities. Even now a live comical example is being played out in the Malaysian courts; the Anwar_Ibrahim_sodomy_trials (wikipedia).
Frauds are like imitation products. They all fail under scrutiny. It is the process by which a product is produced that distinguishes the genuine product from the imitation, not the label, not the attestation and certainly not the planted DNA or child-porn files. A planned disaster like Project Gulf Disaster could not duplicate the accidental nature of events leading to an accidental disaster. Many illogical events, infractions, safety lapses, improprieties, wrong decisions and other idiocies etc, were ignored and falsely reported. Even those that were reported smack of discrepancies and could not have possibly happened according to the official version unless we are all living in “Disneyland” and applying the laws of impossibility. See The Physics Of Impossibility -A Critical Review Of BP's & Oil Commission's Reports.
Just as logical reasoning first suggested that the BP's Mega Oil Spill disaster was a disaster made to happen, Manton's possession of child-porn files charge has all the evidences of a set up. His conviction will be proven to be false if the case is re-investigated fairly and professionally. Before arguing Manton's case further, look at some of the recent child-porn arrests that did not concern the gulf disaster.

25Feb 2011 Lee John Leonard Ocean-Springs-Ex-Officer-Arrested-Again
OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (AP) - A former Ocean Springs police officer who was arrested in November on a child pornography offense has been arrested again, this time on a cyber stalking charge. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd says 45-year-old Lee John Leonard was arrested late Thursday. A complaint was filed Feb. 19 by a woman who said Leonard was harassing her on a social networking website. Byrd says Leonard was not supposed to be using a computer, under the conditions of his bond on the child pornography charge. In that case, Leonard is accused of downloading child pornography to his police-issued laptop computer.
25 Feb 2011 Raymond "Robin" Watts' Cherokee-Teacher-Busted-For Child Porn
Watts, 55, was arrested soon after sharing more than 1,000 explicit images of underage boys with the ICE agent. Authorities uncovered additional illegal images on his personal computer after executing a search warrant of his Kingston home. The veteran teacher came to law enforcement's attention during an investigation of the "Boylover" pedophile community, the affidavit states. A cooperating source told investigators the science instructor had swapped child porn with two longtime members of the online community.
After communicating via e-mail, the undercover agent met with Watts on Jan. 29 at a Cartersville restaurant, according to the affidavit. They then drove to the teacher's residence, where "the conversation centered on kids sports and their interest in children." According to the sworn statement, Watts stated he was predominantly attracted to boys ages 9 to 12. During subsequent telephone conversations Watts talked about working at a Mill Creek boys basketball game, the agent testified. The two met again Feb. 12 at Watts' home where the suspect transferred 1,027 images to the agent's thumb drive.
24 Feb 2011 Albert Turnell Jr. Retired-Pastor-Faces-Child-Porn
If you attended a Methodist church in north Georgia anytime over the last 40 years, odds are you came across Albert Turnell, Jr. a retired Cobb minister. "I don't know of any man in the United Methodist North Georgia district more admired, more respected," said Dr. Joe Peabody, pastor of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in east Cobb.
FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett tells WSB 71-year-old Albert Turnell, Jr. was arrested Thursday morning on charges of possession and distribution of child porn. Emmett says Turnell "came to law enforcement's attention over the Internet" and was taken into custody at his Smyrna home. The case was investigated by the FBI's Innocent Images Task Force and the GBI's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.
21 Feb 2011 Pastor Jerry Cannon Pastor-Jerry-Cannon-Arrested-On-Child Porn
The investigation began, according to court documents, after a citizen in Fairhope, Ala., complained to the police department in January about pornography posted on a Facebook account of a Fairhope resident. An FBI agent based in Mobile interviewed the person who complained and was told about child pornography being posted on other Facebook accounts.The agent was given permission to take over the complainant’s Facebook account to view the contents of a page the citizen had reported. The agent reported that the user of the account who identified himself as “Terry Lewis” offered to swap pictures of girls between 9 and 21 years of age, but “I like them to be 10-16 myself,” according to the affidavit.
Lewis – later identified as Cannon, according to the agent – gave permission to view the contents of his Facebook page. On Jan.25, 2011, the complaint said, the “Terry Lewis” Facebook account was being used to post more than 600 images of child pornography including prepubescent girls with their genitalia exposed and multiple videos including adults performing sexual acts on prepubescent females.
Maine State Police arrested a Greenbush man Thursday afternoon after reportedly finding child pornography on his computers. John Wilson, 23, was arrested Thursday afternoon on a charge of possessing sexually explicit material, a Class C felony, after state police raided his Middle River Road home and seized his computers and cell phones, Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland said Friday.
“They found [sexually explicit] images immediately and then seized the equipment,” he said. He said Wilson’s hard drives now are being analyzed by the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit in Vassalboro. According to McCausland, investigators believe that Wilson posted child pornography on as many as 15 Facebook accounts he created over the past year. Wilson’s alleged criminal activity was reported to authorities by personnel from the social networking site as well as members of the public over the past month. “Facebook has been dealing with him on and off,” McCausland said. “Facebook would find a site and take the site down, and he would go ahead and set up a new one.”
A former Orange County elementary school teacher is facing new charges for crimes involving children. Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators arrested Dale Chisena Sr. Friday at a Lexington, Kentucky airport. Officials say Chisena Sr. was traveling to Kentucky to meet what he thought was a juvenile for sex. Cybercrime investigators began tracking Chisena Sr. after he went online to solicit sex with minors. Agents searched his mother's Apopka home Friday night looking for evidence. Eyewitness News reported about Chisena Sr.'s previous arrest on child pornography charges in March of 2010. WESH 2 News obtained exclusive video of Dale Chisena Sr. buying gifts for young girls minutes before taking off from the Orlando Sanford International Airport. FDLE agents served a search warrant on his Apopka home Friday night. Agents said they hope to find the computer that Chisena used to set up a sexual encounter with the woman and her two daughters, ages 9 and 10.

28 Jan 2011 Marine Corey McAdoo. Marine-Arrested-Child-Pornography-Portland
Marine Corey McAdoo, age 31, made an initial appearance before Federal Magistrate Nita Stormes in the Southern District of California on Friday, January 28th. A criminal complaint, filed by the FBI in Portland charges McAdoo with two counts of receiving child pornography. At the time, he was stationed at a U.S. Marine Camp in Leatherneck, Afghanistan. The complaint alleges that a girlfriend living in Portland, Inez Lambert, sent McAdoo numerous child pornography videos that she produced between October and November of 2010. Lambert faces several charges from the State of Oregon. In the course of this investigation, NCIS agents interviewed McAdoo in Afghanistan, and, at the direction of the camp commander, the military subsequently returned him to Camp Pendleton, California. He arrived in California earlier this week. On Thursday, January 27th, the FBI arrested McAdoo on the federal charges, and, with the assistance of NCIS, transported him to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in San Diego.
27 Jan 2011 Anthony Tremonte Ms Marine_Resources_Child_Porn
Another Mississippi law enforcement officer has been arrested for allegedly keeping child porn on his state issued laptop. Anthony Nicholas Tremonte, 31, was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of Possession of Child Pornography. On Friday, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department’s Tri County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force searched Tremonte’s home on Moreton Place in Ocean Springs and seized the laptop. What officers found on that computer led to Tremonte’s arrest five days later.
Jackson County Sheriff's investigators had Tremonte under surveillance with the county's Internet Crimes Against Children system for 3 weeks, Sheriff Mike Byrd said. Tremonte's computer hard drive was seized by investigators on Friday and child pornography images were discovered Tuesday afternoon, Byrd said.
An award-winning kindergarten teacher who was arrested Thursday and accused of possessing child pornography remained at Somerset County Jail on Friday after his first court appearance. Rob P. Mocarsky, 41, who has been a teacher at Forest Hills Consolidated School in Jackman since 2002, is charged with Class A sexual exploitation of a minor under 12 years old and Class C possession of sexually explicit materials of a minor under 12 years old. Police said they found dozens of sexually explicit photographs of children on Mocarsky’s computer.
According to documents in Somerset County Superior Court, Mocarsky’s alleged exploitation of a minor occurred between Sept. 1, 2007, and June 30, 2008. His alleged possession of child pornography was discovered Thursday when a team of detectives from the Maine State Police executed a search warrant at his home, which was followed by Mocarsky’s arrest.
Plante said the issue came to light after she received complaints and questions from a parent on Dec. 8, 2010. Mocarsky, who has a wife and two children, was put on administrative leave that day. Before that, he had been seen as an exemplary teacher, said Plante. In 2004, he was one of 100 teachers in the United States to win a Miliken Family Foundation Educator Award, which came with a $25,000 prize. Plante said he also has been nominated in recent years for the Maine Teacher of the Year award.
4 Jan 2011Amado Nicholas Hernandez Celebrity-Cruises-Crew-Arrested-On-Child-Porn
Hernandez was arrested after he apparently abandoned his computer which was subsequently purchased at an estate sale. The computer reportedly contained 450 photographs and about 250 video files of child pornography portraying a total of 44 different victims. The computer contained information which permitted the FBI to trace the pornography back to the crew member. Amado Nicholas Hernandez, age 31,was employed by Celebrity Cruises as an audiovisual manager and provided onboard guest-entertainment services.

Dr Thomas B Manton's Case Is The Odd One Out.
Notice the stark difference between Manton's case and the above cases that had nothing to do with the Gulf disaster? Dr Thomas B Manton's case stands out like a sore thumb. Not only did he not fit in the profile of a child molester or one who indulges habitually in child-porn activities, the circumstances leading to the discovery of the child-porn files in his computer were very different. If Manton was not your average child-molester or child-porn addict, why was he targeted exactly 2 years before the Macondo Wells were destined to blow in Oct 2009?
Manton was arrested Oct 16 2007 by Detective Lieutenant Brad Stark of the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) after he had taken his computer to a local business for repair. The computer technician found the child photos and immediately contacted the Sheriff’s office. Lt. Stark arrested Man when he showed up to get his computer.”
Unlike the genuine child-porn cases, no suspicious past activities (cyber or otherwise) triggered any investigation or were there any surveillance on Manton's suspected child-porn activities before the arrest. Like any sexual activities conducted in the privacy of the home or computer, law enforcement officers do not normally zoom to arrest the suspected offender based on a third party report. In the 10 cases quoted above, the reported child-porn activities were confirmed by a period of surveillance, investigation and/or previous conviction as the chances of false reporting (with malicious intent) can be very high. Understandably, the investigating officers would not want to rush into any arrest without being doubly sure.

The child-porn files were supposedly “an accidental discovery” by a computer technician who was repairing Manton's computer. The fact that the DNA sample obtained from the lower rectum of Saiful's asshole was confirmed to be Anwar's, still does not prove Saiful (a healthy, strong young man in his mid twenties) was forcefully sodomised (raped) by Anwar, a smaller older man approaching 65 in age with a well-known back problem. At the very least, consensual sex by willing partners maybe but certainly not sodomy by force as claimed. The Anwar Sodomy II case is just as ridiculous as Manton's child-porn charge.

The fact that the child-porn files were found in Manton's computer during a period when Manton's computer was no longer in his possession or under his control, does not prove anything. Why would the detectives take the computer technician's word against an elderly prominent man who was not computer savvy? It would have been a stronger case against Manton if the child-porn pictures were found in Manton's computer immediately after confiscation in his presence. Not in his absence!

Manton's computer had malfunctioned after a bout of virus/worm/spyware attacks. The concerted computer attacks on the independent voices of truth on the Gulf Disaster reported in our previous articles, do ring a bell. In one Adware scan, there were 17 suspected spyware files. The interesting fact was none of the detected malicious “spyware” had been listed before.
If there were reasonable doubts that the child-porn pictures described by the sentencing judge as “horrific and evil behaviour” why had the the detectives not place Manton under tight surveillance or carried out a sting operation. If they had been so confident (maybe based on previous convictions or complaints) why did they not raid Manton's house for further substantiating evidence. Zilch! Even the second computer taken from his home after Manton's arrest had to be sent to Detective David Broughton of the Martin County Sheriff's office as they needed a computer expert to find “the additional photos and video of children”.

Even the most lenient judge should find this fact disturbing. Why do they need a “computer expert” detective to “find more photos and videos of children”? The fact that the average “computer technician” who was supposed to be repairing the computer (and /or harddisk) and not meticulously searching for the “child-porn pictures” suggests that the offensive files could be easily seen or found. Even a 100GB harddisk carries an average of 60,000 files (of all sizes) or 200 million high resolution mpg images (500k). Even if Manton had instructed the computer technician to recover his files from the “problematic harddisk”, all the files would have been transferred en masse by a recovery programme. There would not be a chance to look at individual picture or video files, unless the technician was specifically instructed to search for them. Most antivirus programmes do not scan data files (and photos are data files). Again if an anti-virus programme was used to scan the harddisk, there would not be a chance of an accidental discovery of 200 odd child-porn pictures unless there was a “premeditated effort to discover them” or easier still plant them.

So if a “computer expert” detective was necessary to “find” the “more child-porn pictures” in the second computer, 70-year old Manton must have been a computer nerd to hide them so well with encryption or other digital tactics. By all reckoning, the child-porn pictures should have been easier to find in the second computer, since the detectives knew what to look for. So either the detectives had much lower intelligence than the “computer technician” who could find the pictures accidentally outside his scope of work or the “shoes” just do not fit.

If there were going to be more questions than answers, why did the investigating officers not look for more incriminating evidence. All computer files carry with them attributes that include date-time stamps when the files were created, modified, originated, transferred, no of pixels etc. Details would reveal whether all these files were transferred at the same time, by the same mode or from the same sources etc. Such information would have erased all doubts on Manton's suspicious possession of child-porn charges to secure a firm conviction. With such detailed evidence, there would be no need to trump up on the numbers of images or the obscenity of the child-porn images as reported in the Okeechobee News on 6 Aug 2010. The only reason why there was no need to gather further incriminating evidence, was because Manton like any computer illiterate of his generation (lost in the computer age), was wrongly advised (legally) and was overwhelmed by the seemingly incriminating evidence of 500 pictures. It must have sounded a lot to someone who had probably not seen a child-porn picture before.

More curious was the fact that the Okeechobee County Sheriff did not see fit to apply for a search warrant immediately after being notified by the computer technician who discovered the files. If this was indeed a surprised accidental discovery, an immediate search of Manton's other computers should have been warranted before the evidences were destroyed. Why wait to arrest Manton only after he showed up to collect his computer? Where was the urgency if indeed this was the “child-porn bust” of the year involving a high profile personality? In fact if you google for Manton's arrest in 2007, you would not find any news on it. Compare it with the genuine cases above. Strange is it not when exposure and publicity were supposed to be the main deterrent to such despicable crime? Why? What happened to the “videos of children” stated in the news report?

The Secrecy Surrounding Manton's Child-Porn Arrest.
Manton's arrest and child-porn charge were kept secret instead of being publicized for it to be an effective “noose around Manton's neck”; to keep him in check and to ensure his silence. Nobody, not even Manton or the detectives who arrested him knew the real motives behind the arrest. Any publicity would have been detrimental to the objective of the “frame-up” operation. If Manton had decided to publicly prove his innocence, maybe the disasterous blowout could have been averted.

But child-porn charges bring shame and stigma to those even if their guilt had not been proven yet. If that had happened then the plot for Project Gulf Disaster might have been exposed and possibly derailed it. Watergate was initially reported as burglary. President Kennedy's assassination was also full of discrepancies. The official story on 911 is also beginning to fall apart, after 10 years. The “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” which propelled the US into a stalemate War was a farce. So were many historical incidences which changed the course of world history.

Dead men tell no tales but coincidences are no accidents either.
Were the recent deaths of personalities associated with Gulf Disaster all coincidental? Just like Manton's false conviction, if the surface is scratched, the truth will definitely show. Only those who had escaped death from such murderous plots, could tell their harrowing tales and the secrets behind these murders plots.

Since dead men tell no tales, my near-death experiences will do to illustrate the mafia and evil scheming in the oil industry; just because I chose to speak the truth without fear and favor, carry out my work diligently and refusing to bend under pressure from my employer to turn a blind eye on the safety violations, data and medical frauds, corruptions and unscrupulous business practices I encountered as the Client Representative for oil companies. I entered the Oil Industry as an enthusiastic young geologist full of expectation and respect for an awesome industry. I left the industry, totally deluded and disappointed with the industry 30 years later. Any lingering doubts the oil industry will regulate itself and reverse the oily slope of deterioration, was snuffed out with the Deepwater Horizon blowout on 20 April 2010.

The industry-wide safety farce and oily corruption power is aptly demonstrated by the world's largest geohazards survey company which is tasked with seeking out safety hazards in the oil industry. Instead of chartering decent safe vessel, an Indonesian Government vessel (BJ1) which was mothballing in port serving as a floating accommodation for resting crew was chartered on the cheap (illegally) to a middleman who inflated it by 5 times to USD5,000/day. The geohazards contractor repackaged it (just like the toxic subprime loans) to charge unsuspecting Oil Companies at 1000% (USD50,000/day). Besides the corruption to get vessel certified as a seaworthy vessel fully compliant with international standards (which of course was a big farce by itself), there were numerous breakdowns, fires, safety violations and frauds etc. The vessel was grounded at port when the halon fire smothering system blew up. Even for a hardcore quality control professional, the deceptive maneuvering and “cat & mouse play” to get the vessel sailing left no doubt it was the tail which wagged the dog. To resume the survey, the contractor had to reinstall the halon fire smothering system. But international regulations prohibit the installation of any new halon system. Halon is a banned ozone depleting, environmentally hazardous gas. There are alternatives such as CO2 but they would cost more and required time. The Philippines Marine Authorities not only turned a blind eye. A few high ranking officials even turned out for a “mock” inspection which was later admitted as a “social visit” after my exposure. The Australian oil company I represented did not bother to respond.

Disappointed that I refused to turn a blind to the blatant HSE abuses, cheating and frauds (as other Client Reps had subserviently obliged), my employer plotted with the errant contractor, to set me up for several “accidents”. Initially I found it hard to believe but the falsified contracts, work instructions even to the extent of violating Australian Immigration laws, fraudulent medical certification and long email trails of outright lies cannot be wrong. If so many segments of the industry in so many parts of the world are in collusion with government regulators to willfully ignore so many whistle-blower reports, is it any wonder, disasters like Australia's greatest oil spill (Montara in Timor Sea) and US's most disastrous mega oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico happened on such a regular basis?
Coercion into Plea Bargaining.
It would be more of a surprise if any autopsy on Manton's false conviction showed no deception and underhand tactics?

500 images were originally quoted to scare Manton into submission as with any coercion-tactic. Otherwise, why would only 120 photos be later defined as pornographic? How did 120 become 115 child-porn images and amounted to only 33 counts? Was it any surprise the 33 counts were finally reduced to only 1 count on 21 May 2010, 1 month after the blowout? 35 Surety Bonds (no 2501421451 - 2501421485) totalling USD700,000 (USD20,000 x 35) were posted on 14 Jan 2009 and released on 6 Aug2010 the day of sentencing. These are no wacky numbers but facts from the court filings.

Compare this to bonds of USD5,000 to USD50,000 normally imposed for “possession of child-pornography” charges. Has the law changed so much since 2007? It could not be since even a convicted habitual under-aged sex offender and under-aged prostitution operator was sentenced to only 13 months jail.

The FBI case revealed sexual allegations by at least 20 girls, however, Epstein struck a deal with prosecutors and served 13 months' jail for soliciting child prostitution.

Why were only 115 pornographic photos sent to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children? Should not 500 images be sent for identification? On what basis did they select the 115 photos? How many of the photos sent matched with the children who had been identified to have come from Georgia, North Carolina and Texas (within the US) and other countries? What was the percentage hit? With thousands (if not millions) of child-porn pictures in the Internet, what are the chances of 10% hit? A 10% hit rate would suggest the detectives knew which photos to send for identification and a strong likelihood that the child-porn images were planted from police record files of missing and exploited children.

Why were there no follow-up in rescuing the children identified within the US? Why was Manton not investigated further on how he acquired those child-porn images? If these were downloaded from the internet, why was it not reported like the other child-porn cases? If not, did the detectives derelict on their duties to follow up (as in other genuine child-porn cases) for more serious offenses of child molestation, production of child-porn or even exploitation of children.

It seems the prosecutors were quite contented in charging Manton for only possession of child-pornography. Isn't a 15-year jail sentence for a first time offender a little too harsh? Considering that child molesters routinely had much lighter sentencing, is this not too heavy handed? What did Manton do to deserve this harsh sentence, other than his independent voice on the Gulf Disaster? How can Americans stand tall with such double standard justice? Or is justice served to please the British Colonial master, considering Prince Andrew and Tony Hayward are both British?

Why was confirmed Billionaire Child-Sex offender given a lighter jail sentence of 13 months?
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It should not be forgotten that Epstein is a registered sex offender after recently completing his sentence for offences relating to child prostitution. However, he avoided trial on more serious charges that carried a potential life sentence. And no one reading The Mail on Sunday’s interview with the woman who was prepared to testify against him can be in any doubt of the seriousness of the charges.
Epstein, a Wall Street money manager who once counted Bill Clinton and Donald Trump among his friends, became the subject of an undercover investigation in 2005 after the stepmother of a 14-year old girl claimed she was paid $200 (£125) to give him an ‘erotic massage’. The subsequent FBI probe uncovered at least 20 girls levelling sexual allegations against him. Eventually, Epstein struck a ‘plea bargain’ with prosecutors – a practice not permitted under British law – under which he was allowed to plead guilty to two relatively minor charges.
Police claim that his donations to politicians and his ‘dream team’ of influential lawyers deterred prosecutors from bringing more serious charges of sex-trafficking. The deal certainly kept the names of a lot of Epstein’s famous friends out of an embarrassing court case. However, an unusual part of the agreement was that Epstein’s alleged victims were allowed to bring civil proceedings against him.
He has so far made 17 out-of-court settlements, and some cases are ongoing. One of these girls was to have been a key witness for the prosecution had the case gone to trial. She was just 15 years old when she was drawn into Epstein’s exploitative world in 1998. In her civil writ against him, under the pseudonym Jane Doe 102’ she alleged that her duties included being ‘sexually exploited by Epstein’s adult male peers including royalty’.
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Actions speak louder than words, it shows in Manton's framed-up conviction & unfair sentence.
Dr Thomas B Manton's framed-up conviction and subsequent murder in jail while serving time, are significant in more ways than many had realised. They add to the growing list of evidences that point to the fact that BP's Mega Oil spill was a planned disaster; possibly first hatched after the successful implementation of Project 911 and planned in earnest in 2007 when the new BP CEO, Tony Hayward was specifically sent to America to take charge of this important Gulf Disaster project.

Dr Thomas B Manton (a descendant of former President Thomas Jefferson) is a high profile personality with powerful political foreign friends, an outspoken human rights figure and the CEO (also President) of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation. If a mega oil spill disaster was indeed being planned in 2007, Dr Thomas B Manton would definitely be number one on the “assassination target” list. But eliminating a high profile personality would risk exposing the covert scheme. The frame-up charge and arrest was only an instrument to keep Manton from “spilling the beans” on the after-disaster Recovery or more accurately; Cover-Up Efforts.

The late Matt Simmons was not an open critic of the oil industry before the disaster or in 2009. This explains why he was not targeted until after the unsuccessful “killing of the well” in early Aug 2010. The late Ted Stevens was also a surprised whistle-blower that needed to be silenced after his announced donation of all his senate and personal papers on BP's operation in Alaska. There were more to this. The attempts to silence the independent voices of truth on the Gulf Disaster started from Nov 2010 onwards after the predicted failure of BP's recovery efforts and revelations on the conspiracy behind the Gulf Disaster were starting to make sense. See Silencing The Independent Voices posted 20 Feb2011.
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Dr TB Manton needed to be reined with a noose around his neck, in order to secure his cooperation. He was tricked into a plea bargain in late May, about a month after the 20 April 2010 blowout. He accepted the plea bargain (with a promise of no jail sentence) so that he could concentrate his effort on the oil spill remediation effort.
There was never any need to jail or kill Dr TB Manton even as late as July 2010 since BP was still confident of killing the spewing 3rd well covertly before the first week of August. The relief wells were drilled towards this S20BC well at 18,000ft BML and not Well A. To ensure the “Dog and Pony” show at Well A was convincing enough, the relief wells had to intercept and bottom-kill the runaway well first. Nothing was left to chance; certainly not in full view of billions around the globe.
On 6 Aug 2010, Dr TB Manton was sentenced to an unduly harsh 15 years jail time; effectively silencing a shocked innocent man who changed his “not guilty” plea in late May in exchange for a fine and no jail time. Two days later Matt Simmons was dead in a hot bath tub. Ex-senator Ted Stevens died in a plane crash 2 days later on 10 Aug 2010?
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Dr Thomas B Manton, Matt Simmons and Ted Stevens were all silenced in the week following the failure to kill Well A convincingly on 2 Aug 2010. Their connections to the Gulf Disaster and timing of their deaths were no coincidences.

If Dr Thomas B Manton had been falsely convicted and subsequently murdered to secure his silence, he should be included in the growing list of Project Gulf Disaster's victims. He should be honored instead of being wrongfully disgraced. His false conviction is one more proof that the power behind Project Gulf Disaster spans across national borders and beyond global oil corporations. In the reckless hot pursuit of oil wealth, greasing the wheels of the industry is the norm, not the exception. Unfortunately there are no safety brakes. Rising crude oil price will increase the pressure to dislodge a few more safety catches along the way. The speeding train is on a collision course and that collision could be near if oil companies are allowed to continue in their freewheeling without accepting their responsibilities in protecting Mother Nature.