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Significance of explosions on March 17, 2013.

From our Facebook friends in Fallout Shelter.
Don't forget 17 March 2010 was the day they spud and drilled the 3rd illegal well (BE) that penetrated the reservoir from Hell (Macondo) to intentionally flood the Gulf of Mexico with crude oil.

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As always, our group looks for linguistic relationships that help us to interpret and give meaning to multiple events of the same nature, such as the many explosions that are occuring with greater frequency, particularly within the past 90 days. Toponymy is the etymological study of place names and their meanings, from the Greek topo (place) and onyma/onoma (name). Onamastics or onamatology is the science or study of the origin and forms of proper names of persons or words used in a specialized field. We are looking particularly at these four explosions on St. Patrick's Day:

03/17/13 Fort Knox police have confirmed that a controlled explosion occurred in their range at about 11:20 a.m.

03/17/13 An oil well exploded at 8704 Knox School Road in Columbiana County, six miles east of Minerva on Sunday evening, according to Fire Chief Aaron Stoller of the Sandy Creek Joint Fire District, who serves Minerva and the surrounding area.

03/17/13 Westminster Apartments explosion, Denver CO, injures six

03/17/13 Millford, MA explosion at Saint-Gobain plant

A significant name stands out with regard to the explosion at Ft. KNOX, Kentucky, echoed in the explosion that occurred on KNOX School Road in Minerva, Columbia County, Ohio, on the occasion of St. Patrick's Day, 03/17/13. Each of these names will prove important.

• John Knox - "John Knox was ordained a priest [a Jesuit, specifically] in the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland at the time when John Calvin began the Reformation of Geneva. The flames of the Reformation began to be kindled in Scotland in the heart and mind of Knox’s close friend George Wiseheart. Being on familiar terms with Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, Wiseheart was chosen by King Henry the Eighth for going to Scotland and interceding for the hand in marriage of Mary Stuart, the infant “Queen of Scots,” with Edward, the infant son of the King of England. Wiseheart was an unwilling tool of King Henry in this matter and his action set Catholic Scotland against him. When Wiseheart was burned at the stake by Cardinal Beaton, the fires that consumed his body fired the heart of John Knox. From that hour he was the enemy of the Roman Catholic Church." John Knox went on to lead the rebellion against the Catholic Church and the Reformation in Scotland and soon founded the Presbyterian Church.

• Minerva (OH)=primary goddess in the Roman pantheon, paired with Neptune - Minerva, a virgin goddess (like Athena/Semiramis/Ishtar/Mary), is the goddess of wisdom, intelligence (intelligence services >> Jesuits), war (in Roman mythology), learning, art crafts and industry (commerce >> corporations), and magic (occult arts). Her symbol is the owl, thus equating Minerva to the Sumerian goddess Ishtar and Columbia, also goddesses of war. On 03/14/13, the day following his election, Pope Francis I visited Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, a church in Rome dedicated to Mary that was built directly over the site of the first century Roman temple of Minerva. How remarkable that the pope visits the shrine of Minerva/Mary to pray and four days later, on St. Patrick's Day, BOOM!!!—explosion in Minerva, OH. When combined with all of the Twilight Language embedded within the events that fit this pattern, it is more than a little interesting.

• Columbiana (Columbiana County, OH)=dove - the root word for dove in Latin is columba-, columb- from which we derive the words Columbine and Columbia (US goddess of war). In esoteric wisdom, the dove does not signify peace; rather, the dove is the symbol of Semiramis/Isis/Mary, the "Blessed Virgin" all of whom are collectively alluded to as "the Queen of Heaven." Mary is also regarded in Catholic doctrine as "Coredemptorix" or "savior," equal in this respect to Jesus Christ;
• St. Patrick's Day (explosions) - this is a signature, in my opinion, of the Roman Catholic Church's hand in these events
• Sandy (SANDY Creek Joint Fire District):

SANDY=Guardian of Mankind - "Rise of the Guardians," featuring Sandy the Sandman; a case can be made for Sandy as a diminutive of Sananda, the New Age Lord Sananda or false Messiah to come; Guardians are also the "Watchers" of ancient texts, particularly the apocryphal book of Enoch; html and

SANDY= MILLSTONE - an allusion to a millstone, made of sandstone; now the millstone represents the Cross Moline or fer-de-moline of the Knights Templar. It is also a mark of cadence in heraldry representing the eighth son, or heir in the line of succession. Of great interest symbolically is the fact that Pope Francis I, "is himself also an eighth king, and is of the seven," according to Rev 17:11, which most Bible commentators interpret as a direct reference to the Church of Rome. This is so because Francis is the eighth pope since the 1929 Lateran Treaty at which time the Vatican was declared to be a papal state.

The millstone also refers directly to Ephraim, the "stone of Israel" that "mixes" with the nations and leads the 10 tribes astray. Ephraim is challenging the right of Judah to rule over the nations and will likely be in control of the coming "Beast system" world government. This high ambition appears to be a significant factor involved with the coming treaty to be signed in June between the Vatican and the City of Jerusalem wherein numerous holy sites in Jerusalem will be transferred to the control of the Vatican.

The explosion in Millford, MA relates to millstone in the sense that Milford means mill by the ford. Mill of course evokes Millstone/Cross Moline. The explosion was at the Saint-Gobain plant. Saint-Gobain is a French multinational company, very old (17th century), that was originally in competition with the Venetian (Black Nobility) glaziers. At one point a group of Franco-Swiss Protestant bankers (interesting bit of data, that Protestant intervention) rescued the company from collapse and changed the name. Today it is a public company.

• Westminster=Westminster Abbey - One of the greatest achievements of Edward the Confessor, who ruled England from 1042 to 1066, was the construction of Westminster Abbey. Born the son of King Ethelred the Unready and Emmaat at Islip in Oxfordshire, Edward was driven from England by the Danes and spent his exile in Normandy. The story goes that Edward vowed that if he should return safely to his kingdom, he would make a pilgrimage to St Peter’s, Rome. When he returned and was crowned at Winchester in 1042, he found it impossible to leave his subjects. The Pope released him from his vow on condition that he should found or restore a monastery to St Peter. This led to the building of Westminster Abby in the Norman style to replace the Saxon church at Westminster.

In 1534, King Henry VIII decreed the Act of Submission of the clergy and an Act of Succession followed, together with an Act of Supremacy which recognised the king as “the only supreme head of the Church of England called Anglicana Ecclesia.” In 1540, he dissolved the Benedictine monastery. Westminster was restored to the Benedictines briefly and became a Catholic church once again during the reign of Catholic Queen Mary, but Mary was deposed by her half sister, Elizabeth I, who tossed Mary in the Tower of London and threw away the key. Elizabeth made the church Anglican again, and it remains such to this day. Given the developing narrative that we are fleshing out based on linguistic relationships and an onomastic interpretation of events, it would appear that the Pope wants his church back.

We are prepared at this point to propose that these explosions that are following the particular pattern of onomastics detailed above constitute an all-out declaration of war by the Roman Catholic Church on the Protestant Reformation. What we are witnessing is a new crusade, the RCC declaring war on protestantism, initiated with occult fire rituals (explosions) in preparation for this Holy War on the Protestants. As we know, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, and Knights Templar constitute the military wing of Holy Mother church. Indeed, the Jesuits were founded on August 15, 1540, for one reason alone: to destroy the Protestant Reformation. Pope Francis I is a Jesuit.

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Cherie Martin This is getting extremely freakazoid!!!!!!!!!!
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Cherie Martin And now an explosion in Romulus, MI. Romulus, as we know, was cofounder of Rome, along with his brother Remus.
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Joann Raley I need to read this again when I'm not so tired and can concentrate. This is totally bizarre but I don't doubt it one bit because strange as it is, stranger things have happened and we're living in a VERY strange world right now. When I'm up to speed, I'll be more involved; 4 a.m. comes around very quickly!
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Cherie Martin Here's the original post where we began to fit the pieces together.

Jamie Roads, it's in the OP up above, honeybabe.

Fallout Shelter
Another Ohio oil well explosion 1 hour ago.
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Natasha Caron I hope this is the right direction. I was just about to write that events seem to be showing a lot of pattern.....metor's, floods, murder etc. I am now seeing explosions in many places......if it isn't here a chemical plant in West, (town) Texas. I don't believe in coincidence. I am watching carefully as events unfold. I see too many patterns and wonder who? What is behind them.
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Natasha Caron Oh and Nuke plants, bodies, leaks etc. Too many following one another for there not to be some message, desensitizing something in the works
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