Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A second chance for BP to screw up again?

We have already allowed BP the criminals to clean up their own crime scene and allowed BP a freehand (second chance) for more than a year at its recovery. What have we got? A pretty messed Gulf that "oil-slicks with every major quake events around the world" and gets all oily-mushy whenever a hurricane comes to town.
Curiously, for almost 2 years 4 months, there was no hurricane to disturb the "carefully prepared Gulf Incubation Biolab" for BP's synthesized bacteria which they had invested millions and years of research before BPGOD. All those years and millions spent, could they have not come up with something better than booms?
Honestly, if BP had adhered to its own Safety Policy, industry-standard exploration practices and economic-sense, there would have been no Gulf Oilspill Disaster. In 2009, BP applied for 5 other deep water exploration wells and had them drilled successfully. In 1999 Texaco drilled 2 km away from the ill-fated Macondo well without an oil spill disaster.  So you have 6 exploratory wells that followed the rules and one that broke all rules (under the pretext of negligence).
Now guess which well blew? Allowing BP to proceed with its proposed controversial "Deep Cleaning" plan is like have a blotched nose job and agreeing to undergo chemotherapy recommended by the same quack. How many times do we need to be conned?

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP PLC says it wants to aggressively clean up buried oil exposed on Louisiana's beaches by Hurricane Isaac's churning waves.
The company wants to dig deep into beaches and remove oil buried since a BP well blew out on April 20, 2010, leading to the nation's largest offshore spill.
But digging deep can bring its own problems — it can be harmful to creatures that live on beaches or feed on them and it also may lead to erosion by loosening up sand. Erosion is a constant worry in Louisiana because the state is losing land at an alarming rate.
Mike Utsler, the president of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, said Tuesday the company has asked the Coast Guard and state and local officials for permission to do the "deep-cleaning."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Something about 9/11 Tuesday anniversaries

We now know that 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag operation just as the 2008 Financial Meltdown was a cabal orchestrated global market manipulation event.
The evil plan was to push oil prices from just below $90/bbl at the start of 2008 to over $200/bbl in a space of 6 months. By 3rd of July, 2008 COP touched a historical high of $144/bbl. It was poised to spike over $200/bbl. How?
With a market already spook with such high oil prices, going beyond $200/bbl could only be viewed as insane.
But that is how the privileged elites make big money. By betting big on the impossible (rigged race). A BP style deep water rig blowout - mega oil spill at the northern gateway of the Straits of Malacca in mid 2008 would be just the perfect designed disaster to make it happen. The mega oil spill gushing out of the deep "Macondo size" reservoir would flood the whole straits, choking the world's economy of it main arterial lifeline.
COP would initially rise steeply on such as disastrous news. Then after realising the disaster would  cause a global economic depression, COP would drop like a ton of rocks. A double windfall for the privileged elites when COP dropped from a high of >$200 to $50-70/bbl price level.  This first mega oilspill at the Straits of Malacca was part of the Grand Decade of Disaster plan which started with 9/11 WTC on 11 Sept 2001.
It was no coincidence that the late Matts Simmons (an oil industry expert and consultant with the Bush-Cheney Admin, a Trilateral Commission member) the author of Peak Oil  predicted oil would spike over $200/bbl as early as 2005, 3 years before the planned mega disaster (PMD).  But the mid 2008 mega oilspill disaster did not go according to plan. They could not afford to jeopardise future PMDs like BPGOD (planned to blow in 2009) when the whistleblower was still alive.
Unlike the failed tsunami on December 26, 2006, the planned blowout-mega oil spill in the Straits of Malacca was more predictable. To be sure the gas hazards conditions were precarious enough to blow, they fielded Lim to give his verbal expert opinion just as they did with the Schlumberger Specialists on the Deepwater Horizon, 13 hours before the blowout.

They needed assurance before placing billions of dollars on bets. The last thing they needed was another mega oil spill that did not materialized. However, they did not expect Lim to put his expert opinion in writing. When Lim received muted responses to such a critical oversight by the geohazards contractor, he elaborated and backed his high risk assessment with even more diagrams and data. He suspected something was amiss with the deafening silence. To make sure the head offices knew what was really going on at site, he later packed his reports off to more than 7 head offices across 3 continents.

When he realized his life was threatened by what he knew, he engaged a lawyer and officially warned the contractor's HQ and directors based in the Hague. His worldwide circulation of his written memos, police and whistle-blower's reports probably saved his life. If he had kept quiet, they would have been a more aggressive in assassinating him. Like any covert operation, secrecy was of utmost importance. They did not realized eliminating him would be such a hassle. It took longer than expected. By then, too much insider information had been leaked out and circulated worldwide. Lim had to be eliminated before they could explode the first mega spill in the Straits of Malacca.

But the markets could not hold up too long on an artificially inflated COP especially with the weak global economy and financial burden bursting at the seams. The COP started its slide from a high of $150/bbl on 14 July 2008. This is only obvious on hindsight since the daily fluctuation was $15-$20/bbl. The COP ended at $35/bbl on 24 December 2008.
It was no coincdence that a whistleblower (Lim) with all the intricate details of that plot. was to be killed in early August 2008 with an elaborate back-stabbing scheme which backfired; thanks to Divine Intervention.
After failing to kill Lim at Kuala Lumpur and Manila, Fugro had no choice but to sail the broken down geohazards survey vessel (Baruna Jaya 1) after 10 days of hasty repairs. But the patch-work repairs could not withstand the strain of offshore survey work. It finally kaput big time on 9/19/2008 (Philippines time) or 9/18/2008 US time.  The Baruna Jaya 1 broke down with a serious a Halon Blow-out accident in the main engine room. The geohazards survey was aborted and our lives were in grave danger. That was also the day US retail gas prices last peaked at $3.835/gal before dropping off to a low of $1.628/gal on 1/1/2009. That day also marked the sharp turning point in the drop of global oil prices, pump petrol prices and the global financial meltdown of 2008.
The 6th anniversary of 9/11 (9/11/2007) fell on a Tuesday just as 9/11 was. 2007 also add up to 9 or an inverted 6. 
Today, the 11th  anniversary of 9/11 is also a Tuesday. So all the Tuesday anniversaries since 9/11 also add up to be 9/11. 

There must be something in these numbers. Is this GOD's way of reminding us that 9/11 was a planned event by the privileged elites and their days are numbered? 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thad Daly lied "no hole" on DWH helideck, just a burnt mark

Thad Daly lied "no hole" on DWH helideck, just a burnt mark.

For a better resolution image goto:
So typical of BP Schills and BP. They lie and lie and lie. It is clearly a hole which you can see through. Now WHY would a BP schill dare to lie? WHY would BP dare to lie? Because they have the oil power to grease. See this tale of 2 oil leaks (a fishing vessel and an oil well).

Thad Daly unwittingly implicate Lubchenco NOAA role in Gulf Disaster

Thad Daly unwittingly implicate Lubchenco NOAA role in Gulf Disaster

Now let's see how Thad Daly twisted Borehead's correct and intelligent assertion. Lubchenco's presentation on 21 Sept 2009 was based on the past years data, performance by the MMS and MMS's proposal. Lubchenco knew about the cozy BP-MMS relationship and the lucrative oil payoffs that came with the lax enforcement of the stringent  regulations. If she was sincere in her power and responsibility over the Gulf area as specified, she should have "cleaned house then". This is what Borehead007 meant. The Gulf disaster would have been averted.

Like a typical Schill, Thad Daly seized on the "predate argument" hoping the average Joe Public would miss the whole point. If Lubchenco was smart enough to point out all the issues that were not adequately or accurately addressed in the proposal and strictly addressed them to ensure strict compliance, the Macondo Blowout could never happen. NO WAY.

Not only did they shift the goal posts, they even helped BP (an opposing team they were supposed to regulate) to score their own goals. It is strange but then is not "Truth stranger than fiction?". Thad Daly inadvertently opened a can of worms.    

It is a known fact that MMS had been staffed by "buddies favoured by Dick Cheney and the previous administration". Naturally, MMS and Cheney's gang refused to let the Obama's hungry vultures edged in on their "oily-gotten" goodies.  

Lubchenco was appointed by Obama's administration. Her rundown of the federal laws that gave her and NOAA specific responsibility in the areas covered by MMS's proposal was to show Lisa Birnbaum who was BOSS. Obama Admin knew about the planned Project Gulf Oil Spill disaster which was set to occur in April-May 2009 but delayed to Oct-Nov 2009.  They wanted in on the lucrative windfalls just like the old Italian mafia gangs fighting over the gangland rights. The planned Project Gulf Oil Spill disaster failed to materialise due to hurricane Ida intervention.

BP was performing out of line then, in their rush to blow the well and to push up the oil prices. Lubchenco could have shut down BP in Nov 2009 for failing to observe so many safety rules. They did not because Lubchenco was just waiting for their chance to edge in for a piece of the pie. BP's safety violations and offenses were her bargaining chips. She was just waiting for the right time to move in.  

Obama Admin seized their chance after the well blowout incident on 13 Feb 2010. Yes, it was a SHALLOW GAS BLOWOUT,same as the shallow gas blowout on the 20 April 2010, but they twisted it to OUT-OF-WELL CONTROL situation which essentially means the same thing but avoid the B word. That was why a meeting of all parties concerned was called at the White House. This is probably the first time a sitting President was involved in a well blowout incident. Given the Presidential attention, BP should have buck up and the Gulf Oil Spill disaster averted. Instead BP was given the blessing to proceed. It was like a burglar being asked to proceed after getting caught; provided part of the loot went to the policeman who had caught him. It is as simple as that.

Although BP intentionally broke all the offshore safety regulations, there were no criminal charges except for the ex-BP engineer charged for deleting text messages. This is why BP and their sponsored scientists can continue to lie under oath and never get charged for perjury. That was why COREXIT was stocked up weeks/months before the blowout and was ready for spraying on the first day itself. Why all these never made it to the mainstream media or investigated by the various official investigating teams? Now you know.

There are so many "WHYs" which do not have logical answers until Thad Daly inadvertently opened this can of worms. Now you know why we let Thad Daly sing his lies because beneath the inconsistencies of those LIES lie the truth. Strange is it not? No wonder they say Truth is stranger than Fiction.

They can lie all they want but TRUTH prevails in the end. That my friends is the moral of the Macondo Story which needs to be told throughout the world to prevent new disasters from being hatched. If you love the planet and want to leave your children and future generations a place to call home, spread the truth on the Gulf disaster.  Feel free to share, republish or to link. The world needs to know the truth. 
Special thanks to Borehead007 and Thad Daly for making this article possible.

Is there a connection between Thad Daly and our exposure of BP's lies?

    Is there a connection between Thad Daly and our exposure of BP's lies?

And why must Thad Daly be running around like headless chickens screaming that we are wrong? He even pm readers to my column as if he is running for the presidential election. Signs of desperation? You bet.
So what if we are wrong?
If you are wondering why Thad should sound worried by our exposure of BP's lies, it is because Thad had promised BP, his hackers and thug squads would finish me off last February. Now more than a year later, he did not seem to be able to do the job.
More importantly, they are worried our exposure on BP's Designed to Fail accident would jeopardise the next wave of PMDs which will hit several key places of the globe in rapid succession. Oil prices is falling below their cost of deep water production. They need to arrest the fast falling oil prices before the next financial disaster hit. It is not going according to their plan.
If Thad does not finish us off, his balls will be hanging by the threads. Now that would be worrisome. In case you need to know his email add is
name: Thad Daly

If Thad Daly is really a well-to-do 60+ retired driller, you think he will need this sort of excitement to keep his old heart g

Thad DalyExpand Comment Ignoring author
Don't know how long this stay before BKL deletes.
Go to the three threads in question where I pm commenters, not readers but commenters. And I pm them after BKL had deleted my reply to their comment.
It appears BKL can not accept anyone disagreeing with him personally note over 30 deletes on three postings, nor can he accept that person speaking to other commenters. He wants to control who speak to you. Do you really want him to have that control? If yes if you want to give that control you are welcome to him.
Sad, words fail to place a name on this type behavior
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Reply#1 - Fri Jun 1, 2012 4:36 PM CDT
Thad DalyExpand Comment Ignoring author
Would enjoy communicating direct with any one. BKL won't be able to delete or control who talks with you. Have some interesting pics of the helipad.
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Reply#2 - Fri Jun 1, 2012 9:39 PM CDT

Thad Daly's insatiable demand for answers to his lies confirms high level collusion & Inside Job.


Thad Daly's insatiable demand for answers to his lies confirms high level collusion & Inside Job.

That damned BP's prostitute, Thad Daly crashed my system again twice in a month. A bloody coward he is. Working behind the scene to gag me while he repeatedly posts his blind pro-BP assertions "BP drilled only 1 well, No hole on the helideck, no deliberate explosion to destroy the wellhead of the 3rd well, no collusion by MMS, NOAA & White House with BP etc etc.
Just think, People. A plot so complicated as this could never go beyond the "drawing board" if BP did not get all the help they needed from the PTB. More damning evidence will be coming up as soon as we can get the system up and running.
Thad Daly has just strengthen our resolve to expose this BP's inside Job right to the highest level with all the documented evidence. The top military brass needed to be in the picture if their top secret DEW was used in making the helideck hole.
Their intensified attacks to keep us off the air can only mean something really big is being planned within the next couple of months. Will be off the cyberspace for a few days. Beware of Thad Daly and his gang of hackers.
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Svanberg has replaced 80 percent of BP's non-executives since his appointment in 2010 -- four months before the rig blast that killed 11 men and led to 5 million barrels of crude leaking into the Gulf.
No wonder many of BP's men at site were barely weeks on the job. Same whores as Thad Daly. Money can cover the helideck hole.
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Reply#1 - Sat Jun 9, 2012 12:39 AM CDT
Do not open or reply any email sent by Thad Daly. Will crash your computer. Report to newsvine administrator.
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Reply#2 - Sat Jun 9, 2012 7:58 PM CDT