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Zionist global Imperial journey - summary

    by BK Lim, FASEI, et al (Dec 14, 2013).
    Note & forward: (Dec 31, 2013) We apologise for the delayed publication of this series of articles. Our original investigation into BPGOD (BP Gulf Oil Disaster) led us into a rabbit hole much deeper and wider than we had originally thought. When it became abundantly clear in 2011 that BPGOD was a planned mega disaster (PMD), almost all of our insider friends scratched their heads with disbelief. PMDs do not occur out of the blues, in isolation with no rhyme or reason. The insurance frauds, insider trading of BP's shares and other “bonus profiteering” were just the side dishes, not the main course. There has to be more than meets the eye. Were there PMDs in the past and more to come in the future? This started our quest to look back into the past, to search for clues to the present and future. Guess what? There were plenty, in various disguises.

    To prevent stretching our self-funded resources, our scope of investigation stretched to only as far back as the 1912 Titanic plot. It was a premeditated accident on a suicide collision course. As with all PMDs, the official collision location and ship's course were all falsified. If by any slim chance the Titanic (a switcheroo with her sister ship, Olympic) missed any of the icebergs flowing southwards from the Arctic north, it would ultimately crash into the rocky coast of Newfoundland. Cunningly similar to the 1988 Exxon Valdez and 2013 Costa Concordia plots, don't you think?

    Who in the world could be so powerfully connected, with such deep pockets and almost unlimited resources to fund these PMDs? Worse still. How could these crooks operate so freely behind the scene without a single “whiff” from the government regulators and intelligence agencies? Too obvious to hide unless it is deliberate.

    None of us were conspiracy theorists to start with. New World Order (NWO) was the last thing on our mind. But as we followed each lead, the connections became clearer and more profound. It was like discovering a whole new world, a shadow global system controlling what we can and cannot see, what we consume, how we think, down to even our sense of enjoyment, hopes and dreams. But like the musical Merry-Go-Round, the fun and games have to stop sometime, in the near future (sic). As we draw nearer to that “Rude Awakening”, lots of urgent questions flashed in our minds.

    How wide is the global snare (Internet short for international dragnet)? When? How could all these be hidden in plain sight? We do not have all the answers yet. But what we have discovered so far, need to be shared as widely as possible; as soon as possible so that they can no longer operate freely in the dark, to decide the fate of humanity without our consent.

    The frequency of false flags, PMDs and WNC is a good indicator of their desperation to complete their global imperial quest, the authoritarian NWO regime, in the very near future?

    Each project article took a bit longer to draft, to verify and to edit as our circles of insider volunteers grew larger. We had to restart from scratch in 2011, after suffering a series of murderous attempts and disruption to derail our non-profit journey of truth. We had to proceed cautiously. Weeding out the infiltrators and moles was our first priority. To our horrors, some of the most prominent activists, anti-govt bloggers and humanitarian non-profit NGOs who routinely provided us inside info and aerial footage of the oil spill, were secretly working and gathering information for the Korpo-Ratz Banksters. NSA came to us early.

    To cut wasting resources and to stop providing NSA a running commentary on our activities, we adopted a close-circle, no-engagement policy. This also means we stop wasting our precious resources engaging the trolls and shills. We do apologise if we cannot respond directly and immediately to questions or comments from our readers. You are welcome to use any part of our articles or publish them wholesale in your own blogs, facebook or any forums without the need to seek our permission or credit us. We do not control anything you publish (modified or verbatim) and neither do we accept any responsibility for your publication. 

    Please do your due diligence before publication. The strongest argument for the truth has been the logical continuity of the bigger picture beyond the staged prop. No crime can be so perfect to leave no trace of incriminating evidence. Seek and you will find. Most importantly, think outside the “BOX” they had caged you in.

    Much of the contribution comes from unsung heroes who could not reveal their true identities online. We gather, analyse and compile all the evidence to present the hidden connections, deception and scripted plots behind the major PMDs, WNC and hoaxes. Our sincere apology for not being more transparent or faster in response. We still use “slow mail” for our most sensitive data. Our insider volunteers are only available at their convenience. Better be safe than sorry.

    The acronym “BPGOD” was adopted because of the bone-chilling realisation that the Gulf Oil-Spill disaster was more than just “an accidental rig blow-out”. It was intended to be part of an earth-shattering global Armageddon (as depicted by the movie, Knowing 2009) but due to Divine Intervention, the “coincidental” accidents and disasters failed to “detonate” or manifest with their intended maximum consequences. For instance, the FEMA anticipated mega-quakes along the New Madrid Seismic zone (actually part of the buried ancient North American Intra-plate Boundary or NAIB) fizzled out as thousands or swamps of small inconsequential quakes. The fear-porn WMDs had been “crying wolf” over an impending mega quake series similar to the great quakes of 1811-1812. Isn't it strange, they suddenly discovered the NAIB is quake prone and coming back to life after 2 suspicious quakes (20060210-M5.2 and 20060911-M6.0) in the deep water Gulf where BP was drilling?

    A quake >M6 any where along the NAIB would have incurred heavy human casualties and devastation along this “dormant” intra-plate boundary. Where were FEMA or USCG's warnings before 2005? For almost 200 years, major quakes had not been factored into the high density population-development along the NAIB. Why? 

    An authoritarian NWO regime firmly in place before the turn of the millennium, has no need for 911, BPGOD or a mega-quake event along the NAIB. Any future mega quake along the NAIB has to be seismically induced like the Nuke event in Relief Well C on Aug 1, 23:22 CDT 2010. More of the Lousiana Texas Cavern collapse and other disasters along the NAIB in later parts of this series.

    The masterminds of BPGOD were indeed playing God. Man can propose but God (the Creator) disposes. Thank God they failed to achieve their full-blown sinister objectives. Otherwise, we would all be slaves by now. 

    With ZOOWE, there would be no necessity to rule by deception any more. Important lessons to be learned here. Ignore at your own peril. Heaven on earth would not come as easy as “sitting on your butts and pressing the remote controls”. Building (peace, bright future or anything constructive) is an uphill task. Destruction is the easy downhill slide.

    Like millions of concerned humans, we wonder if TPTB have gone MAD(sic); the mutually assured destruction type so often depicted in their marvel comics. Why unleash waves after waves of false flags and MIHOP destruction? Weaponised Natural Calamities (WNC), new forms of laser, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are no longer in question. They are confirmed to exist. Tesla's technologies could have been used for the good of humanity. Sadly, they had other evil purposes in mind. Evidence are in abundance in 2013 Haiyan, 2012 Sandy, 3/11 Fukushima, 2010 BPGOD, 2005 Katrina, 2004 Sumatra Quake-Tsunami and 911 just to name a few. If those responsible for these CMD (crimes of mass destruction) can operate with impunity, why are they still operating in the dark? 

    They might have total control over governments and the UN. But they are still afraid of the Masses. Like Satan and Dracula, their shadow Slow Kill Genocide can only operate in “darkness”, behind the fa├žade “sustainability in an over-populated world with diminishing resources”. “Peak Oil” and “Running out of Fossil Fuel” are the typical Korpo-Ratz Banksters Hoaxes. More on Fossil Fuel lies later.

    In darkness we fear, by the light of knowledge we never have to fear.

    The outcome of any battle can never be truly certain. Both sides will always claim victory by the grace of God, before any battle. These Korpo-Ratz (criminals) are cowards. Until their war game simulations can assure them of complete victory, they will never openly declare war on the Masses. They will continue to rule by proxies and deception; hiding behind the White House curtains. DHS, Patriot Acts, NDDA, NSA and the full governmental facilities, agencies and military forces will be used to their advantage to weaken and wear down the American civil resistance. Your tax dollars are being used to enslave you while they routinely engineered the downfall of smaller nations with mass revolts. Uncontrollable global uprisings not engineered by them, scare them to hell.

    Cutting the global population down to a more manageable size is their only option. Until then, these WNC have to be masked as abnormal weather events. If Global Warming is not a hoax, where are the perceptible evidence of a universal global rise in temperature? Like in a Ponzi wealth scheme where Peter is robbed to pay Harry, there is no perceptible increase in total warmth. Larger range in temperature variation, yes. But no real global trend. Seasonal variations do not count. 

    One super-typhoon Hai-Yan does not make Global Warming real. Heat (energy) transferred from one region to another with no perceptible total increase in energy level should be called Ponzi Warming. Global Warming is just another NWO hoax where HAARP was used to microwave (heat up) one region to very low pressure, inducing an abnormally cold snap in another. Global warming and many climatic issues are being used to instigate the masses to fight among themselves within the “prepared Roman Colosseum arena". The Cabal spectators watch at the ring seats warmed by their stolen wealth.

    Repeated failures to achieve their full sinister objectives since the first BUSH presidency, have indeed frustrated them and sapped their confidence of imminent total victory. Everything that could go wrong, had gone wrong for them. Like Hitler's Third Reich after failing to capture Stalingrad, defeat is on the cards. Like Nazi Germany sending children soldiers to the front lines to keep the charade going, we can expect more false flags, WNC and PMDs with greater desperation.

    What the Korpo-Ratz Banksters could not achieve in reality, they fake it in on televised (tell-lies vision) CNN (cabal-controlled news network) MSM and Hollywood movies to mind-control the masses of the impending Armageddon or total collapse of humanity. Their public slogans always carry double meaning. “In GOD We Trust” does not mean trust in God the Creator but trust in using Greed (Gold), Oil(corruption) and Deception to achieve their satanic objectives; global population reduction or destruction whichever comes first.

    Global Mega-Depopulation (GAD) and Global Warring Chaos (GWC) have thus, become more urgent for the Zionist genocide-engineers as the inevitable collapse of “their house of cards” looms nearer and nearer. Their much touted 2012 London Olympic and End-of-Mayan Calendar Armageddon turned out to be non-events due to a myriad of technical difficulties including growing global awareness of their ill-intentions. A general awakening to the fact that history has been distorted by distorians to their advantage, is enough to disrupt their evil machinations. Like Dracula, they cannot do evil in the light of knowledge. That is all we ask of you; to read and to share even if you do not understand or agree with the gist of this article. Someone else may. These unsung heroes could make the small difference of interrupting the precise timing/sequence needed to set off another WMC or another PMD.

    Remember, 9/11 and BPGOD could not have happened if the numerous control floodgates were not opened at the right places, at the right sequence and at the right time ~ BK Lim (2010).

    Many PMDs failed to “detonate” in the past (unreported) not because their “triggers” were actively diffused. But because workers at each level did their jobs dutifully and conscientiously. These unsung heroes simply refused to be bribed and be morally corrupted. You too can prevent the global slide into an authoritarian state by doing your job without moral compromise. The 2008 Financial Crash was planned. But unfortunately for them, the chain of events sprung out schedule and out of their control because of unsung heroes who believed in being morally right, not blind obedience to the Korpo-Ratz.

    "Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Obedience is doing what you are told regardless of what is right." And might does not make right.

    This resulted in huge losses for the Cabal-KorpoRatz. BPGOD in 2010 did not go exactly to plan as well (see our previous reports). So did Fukushima in 2011. Despite being touted by the Cabal News Network (CNN) as the deadliest super storm, Sandy-2012 turned out to be only a category I hurricane at landfall. HaiYan-2013 too, disappointed them with a final dead count of less than 5,000 when their target of over 10,000 were “fear-porned” by MSM (mainstream media) within hours of landfall. One must wonder how western news agencies could count 10,000 casualties from the other side of the Pacific when the official Philippines Government count rate was still less than 3,000. Will the “Deep Freeze”, courtesy of the stalled Gulf Stream be next? Check out what we wrote in Feb 2011, published at

        The increasing health problems being reported by the gulf victims, scientific findings of higher than expected oil/corexit tainted gulf water, increasing evidence of a dying gulf and unprecedented occurrences of shallow low magnitude earthquakes cannot be natural nor coincidental. They are testimonies of a massively leaking reservoir; confirming our worst fears. While it might have been possible to gag random voices of truth and cover the initial localised consequences of the disaster, it would be difficult to dismiss a dead gulf stream, mass deaths of birds and fishes and extreme weather conditions (among other abnormalities) worldwide. Was the recent worst flood disaster in Queensland part of the chain of events triggered by BP's mega oil spill disaster? Sounds far-fetched? Not if you understand the logical analyses on how the world not only inherited 3 leaking wells through wilful negligence, but through incompetence intertwined with vested business interests, fears of job losses, cover-ups and greed, BP had “unwittingly (sic)” engineered the world's largest network of faulted-fractured pathways for “natural” oil and gas seeps. Impossible?

        BP's continued denial and cover-ups had triggered a chain of calamities not only in the US but all over the world starting with abnormally cold and prolonged winter in the Northern Hemisphere, followed by the worst floods in the documented history of northern Australia. Major volcanic eruptions had worldwide climatic consequences lasting for years. Why would this massive underground eruption and continuous spewing of oil and gas spanning hundreds of sq km for over 9 months be any different? We choose to be wilfully ignorant to our own peril.

        Feb 20, 2011 -Silencing the Independent Voices Of Truth on the BP's Mega Oil Spill.
Your survival and that of your family and generations to come, may depend on the truth that has been hidden from you. What you are about to read are not “conspiracy hoaxes brought to you by conspiracy theorists” as the cabal-funded MSM, their “whores of mass deception” (WMDs)and debunkers, would have you believe. Many unsung heroes had sacrificed their lives in order that you may know the truth and be prepared for what is to come. They can lie, cheat and spun the truth in isolation but when the long string of factual timeline, facts and events are pieced together, the truth cannot be clearer. The shoes fit so well. No denying how incredibly naked the emperor is.

Ask yourself why it took 73 years for the Titanic wreck to be discovered? With modern sea floor scanners, the false location of the collision could have been proven much earlier. Another case of “hidden in plain sight”. It was a premeditated accident and mass murder; just like the 2013 Costa Concordia and 1989 Exxon Valdez. Period.

Although they have the power to corrupt and to control, one thing they can never have, is the power of the awakened masses. That is their greatest fear. Their stolen economic power, wealth, political control and house of cards, can all crumble down in an instance (figuratively speaking). The only way to perpetuate their ill-gotten gains is by establishing a Global Imperial Dynasty, referred to as ZOOWE (Zionist-controlled Oiled One World Empire). The Roman and British Empires were two of the more successful global empires of their time. Empires achieved through swift brutal conquests (eg. the Hun and Mongol empires) tend to be short-lived. Their empires started to disintegrate and decline soon after the death of their founding conquerors (Attila the Hun and Genghiz Khan respectively). The Khazar descendants do not aim to make the same mistakes with their golden opportunity. Slow “divide & conquer” conquests and control by deception as the British did, will make their imperial regime more lasting.

Religious conversion does not alter one's DNA or race. Yet how do you explain the Khazars becoming Jews or more specifically, Semites from the land of Israel? Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, are as Semitic as black Africans or Chinese in China who converted to Judasim freely. This is not anti-semitism, but logical elimination of possibilities and hoaxes to arrive at the truth. Does sharing the “One Concept” designed by APCO as in “One Israel” and “One Malaysia” make Malaysia a Jewish country?

On March 30, 2010, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim alleged in the Malaysian parliament (the Dewan Rakyat) that the 1Malaysia concept was mirrored after “One Israel” concept and designed by Mindteams Sdn Bhd, a branch in Malaysia of APCO Worldwide. He alleged that APCO also created the One Israel concept in 1999 for then Israeli's Prime Minister Ehud Barak.[9] Both APCO and the Barisan Nasional government stated that Anwar's allegation was untrue. Malaysian lawmakers have tabled a motion to censure Anwar for misleading the Parliament over his 1Malaysia-One Israel allegations which was passed by the Parliament on April 22, 2010.[10]
The Jewish Encyclopedia:"Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania."
Since Israel's support among millions of American Christians is founded on a concept that God had bequeathed territory to a biblical "tribe" of Oriental Middle Eastern Jews, it becomes ironic to learn from Koestler's research that most Jews today are not descended from natives of the "holy land," or even of the Middle East. Koestler, who originally published “The Thirteenth Tribe” in 1976, noted that the story of the Khazar empire "begins to look like the most cruel hoax history has ever perpetrated." The Palestinians, imprisoned and brutalized by Zionism's "hoax," would be the first to agree. Needless to say, the book has been difficult to find. It disappears from many library shelves. A check at the Library of Congress reveals that the most prestigious library of our land had one reading copy. That one copy, however, is "missing from the shelf. Grace Halsell is a journalist based in Washington, DC, USA, and the author of more than 10 books.© The Washington Report For Middle East Affairs, 1991.
With advanced technology, cunningness and astute management, ZOOWE could easily outlast past empires by hundreds (if not thousands) of years more. Would you let your future generations be enslaved by the One World Empire whose legitimacy to rule was built on deceit? They have invested billions and travelled 300 years of painstaking, slow journey to the global imperial throne. Your descendants(slaves) will have no hope of breaking free the invisible chains and 24-hours robotic surveillance of NWO empire? This is one world empire designed to last forever, if it makes it to the finishing line. Your job is to ensure it never happens.

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