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Keenan's Rant & Lies - Anything and everything but the whole truth Updated.



If these are harmless fun as Keenan put it, 

why do they need to scrub clean his Facebook page? 

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Time2wake Up 2 Keenan's BS: The All Fake Nude Keenan Show

Admin:  Today we welcome Mahathir Mokthar (MM) to publish his own article under his name. MM and his team of graphic artists had been instrumental in producing many of the graphic illustrations used by other authors of this blog. 

- Mahathir Mokthar

My first article will comprise mostly graphic compilations found in the internet or materials sourced by our own team.  If you have materials of interest and want some graphic compilation done, please send them to me at  All of our graphic compilation can be downloaded and distributed freely. Please visit this page for more updates, as we will be adding more graphic illustrations and compilations. Thanks.

updated Sept 22, 2014:

....and the real reason Keenan Team was on a guess it from the pictures. Neil Keenan wasn't busy saving the world and the global collateral accounts. He was caught busy with something else more, shall we say, more sexy. From dark connections, we now have Keenan's dark secrets or dirty scandal. His trusty friend, Drake & Cosmic Voice spun it to, "This means that all the things I have been putting out are just about to start".

.....and Gramy-J had to come up with her birthday gift (66 - 920 - 2014).....

time given in  WST  (download from a different user & location).

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When caught lying, Keenan always feign wrong person.


the latest post by GrandeLander highlights the following points:

- Why is Keenan still supporting "King Ed. Silva" (a member of his team) the criminal fake king who hijacked the real "Independence for Hawaii Nation" movement?

- Kingdom of Colonia St John is obviously fake. By extension so is H.E Count Albert Chiang who Neil Keenan said is a senior member of the mysterious elusive Dragon Family. 

- Is the Dragon Family which Keenan claims to be representing, equally a fake contortion?

- The enormous oil potential beneath the disputed islands of Spratly Region may be true. It is the economic and ministerial control of the exploration rights (under Count Albert Chiang) that is the hoax part. 

- Similarly, the free Hawaiian Kingdom movement is true. It is the fictitious claim to the throne by "King Ed. Silva" and the money scam behind it, the hoax.

- Seen the Modus Operandi yet? 

- Indonesia and President Soekarno might have reached an agreement with President Kennedy on the transfer of gold to US. But there is no guarantee Keenan would not build hoaxes around the real story like he did with the Kingdom of Colonia St John, the Dragon Family, Count Albert Chiang, King Ed. Silva, Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto or Bayu Soekarnoe. Neil's illegal lawsuit is testimony to this.  

- As to the WWHO's (who, why, how, objectives)  we just have to wait for the coming posts from GrandeLander who is heading the investigation. 

-by GrandeLander (Sept 10, 2014)

This article is a follow-up to the fake king (busted Silva) of the Kingdom of Hawaii. He (probably together with Keenan & some others) thought it would be a profitable money making scam. So they hijacked it from the real Hawaiian Kingdom movement. We support all legitimate restoration of nations / kingdoms / freedom all over the world. But not phony scams by such despicable crooks working for the Cabal umbrella schemes. For more see:

The United States of Hypocrisy - The Stolen Nation of Hawaii FULL LENGTHPublished on Jan 12, 2013Documentary by Ken O'Keefe (2001)
Produced by Ken Nichols O'Keefe in early 2001, this is the virtually unknown story of Hawaii and the hidden Genocide being committed by the American government with the use of 'blood quantum' for the purpose of eliminating the Hawaiian national; and the reason America does this? Because according to their own laws, America never lawfully annexed Hawaii*, therefore according to law Hawaii never became a state, and if the Hawaiian land was never lawfully annexed, the only true claimant to the land, is the Hawaiian national. Could Hawaii become a free nation once more? Nichols O'Keefe not only argues the possibility, he shows the peaceful, lawful process by which the Hawaiians (kanaka maoli) intend to free themselves of the American occupation; an occupation that has lasted well over 100 years, an occupation that has turned their island paradise nation into an American Empire military outpost, one that continues to be used as a staging ground for wars of aggression resulting in ever more death and destruction.

Would strongly advise a read on Jean's initial question on Keenan's dodgy association with the "Count Albert", the elusive unverifiable Dragon Family and the fake Kingdom of Colonia St John. 

Someone asked, "Is Count Albert a real count?"  As usual when confronted and caught in a bind, Keenan always back off on the same excuse. Wrong person. How many Count Albert Chiang is there in the Dragon Family, who is also "one of the five permanent Members of the Supreme Council, Minister for World Trade Economy and Investment, one of three members of the Justices and a member of The Bank of Colonia Board of Governors"? 

Remember Neil Keenan also claimed the General Myers he communicated with was not the General Myers of the Joint Chief of Staffs but a lesser general, Jack Myers who had passed away. 

UPDATE: Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man? Please, please help me research this . . . ~J

Posted on August 29, 2014.

UPDATE – In case you don’t see what I see here, this article seems to outline the same sovereignty scam as in the Busted Silva article:
 !. Fake kingdon
2. Fake king and ministers
3. Fake 1 trillion dollar economic scam – oil in this case – people buying into it
4. Fake knights, counts, kings, etc., using an order of the Knights of St. John just like Silva used the Knights of Constantine and St. Helen outlined in the Busted Silva article. . . ~J

* * * * *

Is it the same with the fake kingdom of Colonia St John?  
How could a fairy tale kingdom spring out of a hotly disputed region claimed by 7 countries?

Here's the link to Count Albert Chiang's profile photo.*AobOaCY167trgzj9G7X9Mm-TgIXPSBr75f9WhUKnBYTw7cdopf08fodO8hX5oKCybqzw10kGAAYEndB/4AlbertoinOffice.jpg?width=184&height=184&crop=1%3A1

Credit goes to Jean Haines for this:

Where apparently our friend the  COUNT ALBERT CHIANG is very big cog…
Kingdom Colonia St John Website
and guess who’s head of knights of st john ??
Nah i ain’t telling you :-))  oh all right then i’ll give you a link….not that you need it !
Venerable Order of Saint John – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
“For the original Order of St. John, see Knights Hospitaller. … Royal Cypher of Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth.svg …. office of Prior, and in the hope of Reviving the Charter of Queen Mary dealing with the English branch of the Order, …”
another link here…
Yep, looks totally like lizzie and crew to me :-)
So unless crew keenan have done a smart imitation of the working practices of the illuminati and counter infiltrated this obviously very elitist band of very knighted souls then,,,to me they don’t look quite so goodly inclined after all..
Thus, our very first question; Is Keenan actually working for the Cabal and this whole U-turn drama series a total distraction?

Can we really trust Keenan, the supposedly "honest" businessman turned Anti-Cabal crusader? When David Wilcock asked about Keenan's credentials for undertaking this gigantic global collateral accounts task, what was the answer? At best, a NO-answer. At worst, he dare not say. Isn't that the hallmark of a crook or a conman?

Isn't this his same manner of answering. All rattles (noise) but no real answer. No proofs, evidence or facts to back up his empty claims. The best thing about honesty is you never have to remember your lines (lies). All we have to do, is to compare two or more versions of his lies from different dates.

Keenan can't prove or backup his claims that the Dragon Family is a legal entity or persons, that Count Albert is a real count and minister of the a real kingdom in the South China Sea and tens of other equally phony claims. All his supporting documents had so far all turned out to be amateurish forgeries. More to come in the coming articles. 

For those blind sheep who are still following him (for whatever reasons), here's a real proof that his Count Albert Chiang's Kingdom of Colonia St John does not have any sovereignty over the said islands.

A breakdown of the Spratly Islands occupied by countries vying for ownership.
Updated 20 May 2014, 6:04pm 
Spratly Islands: China denounces Vietnam, Philippines over volleyball and soccer games, claims Vietnamese ramming shipsUpdated 12 Jun 2014, 1:02pmThu 12 Jun 2014, 1:02pm 
Filipino marines in the Spratly Islands.PHOTO: Filipino marines in the disputed Spratly Islands. (Foreign Correspondent: Wayne McAllister)RELATED STORY: Oil at the heart of contest for Spratly Islands in South China SeaRELATED STORY: Vietnam and China trade accusations after boat sinksMAP: Philippines 
China has denounced Vietnam and the Philippines for playing soccer and volleyball on a disputed island in the South China Sea, calling it "a clumsy farce" and demanded both countries stop causing trouble. The comments by a foreign ministry spokeswoman were China's first response to the gathering on the Vietnamese-held island of Southwest Cay on Sunday. 

Not a sound from the Kingdom of Colonia St John, when some rouge nations encroached into your sovereign territory. Where is the official protest to the United Nations or press conferences?
China Caught Making 'Air Base On Artificial Island' In South China Sea!

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Fringe conmen like Wilcock, Fulford and Keenan ..... all globalist spokesman? ~ Ken

- repost by GrandeLander 

Dear David Wilcock, PressTV, and RT: It’s all about the CENTRAL BANKERS, not the Nazis   

Here are the bad guys who’ve been causing all our problems…

…Once the heroic politicians and central bankers of the paradise-like BRICS nations defeat them, all will be right again in the world… NOT.

A couple of days ago, I ran across a short essay from globalist spokesman David Wilcock (and left some comments underneath it). His basic point was that he saw two Disney movies that had plot elements kinda similar to the geopolitical narrative he’s been putting out, so that constitutes the “most compelling pieces of physical proof that what we have been talking about is real.” After recovering from the shock of encountering such absurdity, I started wondering…

Is this “blame the Nazis (and Zionists)” propaganda theme something only fringe conmen like Wilcock, Fulford and Keenan are putting out, or do the globalists really intend to roll it out as the mainstream cover story?


Humanity will not shake itself free of the curse of bigger and better guns in the nuclear age until it recognizes that Nazism was not defeated in 1945, but embraced by Western governments, big business and yes, even by the Israeli state.”

Like Benjamin Fulford, Gosling pegs the beginning of the West’s troubles to “the final days of World War II,” and through his narrative, he seems to imply that the Western Establishment was all about “justice and democracy” before the Nazis were embraced by them and corrupted them. Any rational person should know better than this.

But let’s go on to the second: A betrayal too far: Only brutal honesty will do at Arnhem’s 70th anniversary. Here are some salient points…

>>>Bilderberg is where the transatlantic banking, royal, media and corporate elite give our politicians their orders, and has been meeting annually in Europe or North America from 1954 to this day. Its connection to NATO is umbilical, yet often overlooked, as all Bilderberg steering group members and important attendees are from the NATO countries.
NATO’s Nazi ties go right back to the supposedly defensive alliance’s first meetings. Quoted in AJ Barker’s “Waffen SS at War”, HIAG, the SS veterans association’s chief after the war, former Eastern front Panzer corps General Paul Hausser, “claimed that the foreign units of the SS were really the precursors of the NATO army.”

Critics point out that, through politically motivated state terror campaigns such as Operation Gladio, which left hundreds of innocent European civilians dead, right through to liaison with Ukraine’s far right paramilitaries UNA/UNSO, NATO’s covert operations with fascist groups have been continuous since the end of World War II. As Italian “gladiator” Vincenzo Vinciguerra put it in a BBC Timewatch documentary: “In 1945 World War Two ended, and World War Three began.”<<<
So Bilderberg = NATO = Nazi fascists, and that is what ruined the West, according to Tony. Although he does mention the “banking, royal, media and corporate elite,” this time, he fails to point out that Nazism, just like Communism and a dozen other ideological “isms,” is driven by the banksters and their agenda, not the other way around.

The truth is that the “elite” don’t give a rat’s ass about ideologies like Nazism; what matters to them is centralization of wealth and power into their hands. Ideologies, like religions, are mere tools they use for socioeconomic experimentation and global geopolitical engineering. The central banking families are no more Nazis than they are Islamists, but they do support both movements (and many more) to move the global population in the directions they want them to go.


“Rockefeller also reportedly has connections to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As well as knowing Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles—who was an in-law of the family since his college years, it was in Rockefeller Center that Allen Dulles had set up his WWII operational center after Pearl Harbor, liaising closely with MI6 which also had their principal U.S. operation in the Center.”

So both Allen Dulles and MI6 had their bases of operation in Rockefeller Center, and both Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles had strong personal connections to the Rockefeller bankster family, the Jesuits, and many top globalist organizations. Given all this, was it their love of Nazism that led them to support Hitler’s rise and aggression, or was it the globalist bankster agenda that guided their actions? A simple application of common sense should provide the answer (Hitler’s war was a nice setup for the United Nations, the seed of global governance).

If we boil the “blame the Nazis and Zionists (Nazionist)” propaganda paradigm down to its bare bones…

…this is the lie:

The problem is confined to the West and is caused by the Nazionists.

Therefore, once the Nazionists are taken down, the problem is solved.

…and this is the truth:

The problem is worldwide and is caused by the globalist banksters.

Therefore, once the Nazionists are taken down, the problem will still be left standing.

The first step to stopping them is to stop falling for their BS.

In closing, allow me to say this to our globalist bankster buddies…

By all means, go ahead and set out your Nazionist punch bowl. I’m gonna crap in it. Let’s see if anyone notices. ;-)

Much love to all….


- repost by GrandeLander

If you have not read this post, please read it to understand Neil Keenan ties to the Illuminati. So does Drake with his "Military Good Guys". Another 2 weeks for the military take over and mass arrests? Keep dreaming and hoping. Wake up. Both Neil Keenan and Drake are "controlled opposition" operators, meant to keep us calm with disinformation before the SHTF. CALM before the CULL.  ~ GrandeLander


Another fantastic write up and summation from Ken at Redefining God Blog

The phrase that Ken has coined as the “CLOWN POSSE” is really going to catch on ! Great job Ken;)….

Yesterday, I took the time to listen to my first full Neil Keenan update, and I’m glad I did. For if you are among those who do not yet realize that the Occulted Powers are using him to spread disinformation, the information he proffered in this update should leave no reasonable doubt. Allow me show you why I say this….

To begin, let’s look at what he said starting at the 3:42 mark of hissecond video

When referring to the Western banking cabal, he states, “They don’t control the military and they don’t control the agencies and so on… We do have some protections. We have a militia, we have a military, a Pentagon [as he touches his nose, signaling possible deception]. We have the agencies. And I don’t think any of them are going to let these people [the Western banksters] continue to run the game.”


In Summary:

You can see Keenan and other propaganda mouthpieces following this script of bashing the West and beatifying the East. Consider this Canauzzie entry. It can be summed up as follows:

The West = evil thieves out to steal and destroy
The East = innocent angels out to save humanity
…and ending with…
“Where are the vast Chinese funds loaned and not redeemed? Does America Redeem – or Renege? [on the imaginary debt the banksters have created with their paper schemes]“

The various members of the Clown Posse crew (Keenan, Fulford, Poof/Zap, Wilcock, etc.) are either willingly or unwittingly taking part in this propaganda effort to sell you on the ideas that will lead you to accept the real New World Order. But what are they selling you, really? An overhauled hierarchical system of government, more centrally-controlled currency, and a new religion based on the teachings of the “ascended masters” of the Illuminati. It is nothing but fascism with a smiley face and angel wings.

Getting back to Neil Keenan, though, allow me to summarize…

> He openly admits to working for the “Family” / “Dragons” and I have shown you that these names refer to the Illuminati / Sumerian bloodlines.

> He is openly telling you that the Earth’s gold, which was mined by the Earth’s people, does not belong to us; it belongs to the Dragons / Illuminati.

> He is openly participating in the “West is bad / East is good” propaganda effort the Illuminati are using to set up their Chinese-fronted New World Order.

> He is clearly speaking an untruth in saying that the Pentagon / Pentagram and the Illuminati bankster intelligence agencies are on our side.

> He is now openly talking of “ET” intervention to “help us,” but are these interventionist ETs really “good guys” or just the Illuminati’s bosses coming down to establish direct rule over the New World Order that has been prepared for them?

“Here come the ‘angels’ in the capstone, floating down to help us!”…

Noting all these things begs the following questions: Is Keenan knowingly and willingly participating in this fraud? Or is he merely believing the lies his insiders are telling him and passing them along thinking they’re truth? I cannot speak to his personal character or motivations; I can only note that the information is faulty.

So if you are among those who have not yet seen the Keenan information for what it really is, how much more is it going to take? I realize how difficult it is to admit to being scammed and to give up on something you really, really want to be true. But if you cannot admit to yourself when you’re wrong, you cannot grow. And we need every conscious being we can muster if we are going to bypass the trap the Illuminati have prepared for us.

Beloved brother/sister, please wake up.

With love always….

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Part II - details of "intentional" shoddy forgery workmanship in Keenan's Amanah Asset papers.

Part 1:
Shoddy forgery exposed in 1963 Green Hilton Agreement docs presented by Keenan - by GrandeLander (Sept 5, 2014)

updated Sept 22, 2014

In order to understand Neil Keenan's forgery & deception in his well-publicised Cease & Desist Order dated May14, 2012,  we need to listen to his previous (long) interview with David Wilcock which was published on Feb 9, 2012.
NK: I have been told that because of our issuance of the C & D in the Financial Tyranny report, Dr. Edy Seno has been threatened by someone only identified as the Cabal. 

It was not just one call, but many that have concerned Dr. Seno. 

Although anyone has the right to be frightened when their lives are threatened, I would like to make it perfectly clear to the Cabal at this time that Dr. Seno has signed over all rights to the Accounts -- in an Agreement signed on the 6th of November 2011. 
Note: Keenan's lawsuit dated 11.22.2011 (on behalf of the Dragon Family, nothing to do with this Amanah Papers, in his own words) on 11.23.2011. Dr. Seno was not involved in that lawsuit. 

It does not matter who calls and threatens Dr. Seno, seeing he has no legal control over the Accounts any longer. If they wish to make calls and threaten people, then they should call me. 

But save your calls, because I will most likely put the phone down and let you speak to no one in particular -- and let you blab for 30 or 40 minutes while I'm in the other room, running up your phone bill. 

So, in essence what I am telling you is that we do not care about threats, because the actual threat is in the opening of the books. 

So, if some fool decides to just play with us, that fool might actually find himself facing such people as the Cabal -- explaining why he did such a foolish thing, and was the one responsible for why our associates had to open the books. 

I have since learned that the phone call did not come from the Bush Cabal, as I had heard, but from some unnamed person. Despite this, it is important for everyone to understand that Edy Seno has finally divested himself of this obligation -- in accordance with the aforementioned agreement.


Neil Keenan 

DW: And now, here is the Cease and Desist notice as it was sent to me. 
Preface To Cease and Desist.
On November 11, 1961, the President of the United States has agreed and attested that:

Ownership of the Assets committed under terms of agreement between President John F. Kennedy of the United States and President Soekarno of Indonesia on November 10, 1961, and further committed under the Collective Agreement, when signed on March 1, 1971, then based on the certificates issued by UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland), is private ownership. 

Therefore, as signed and witnessed, as ratified and confirmed, the ownership shall pass unbroken to the successor as named in Family or otherwise mentioned. 

Recognized for legal access, control and authority in breach of the Treaty, the Heir and Successor named -- and/or those he shall appoint and/or designate -- shall control as ownership change of the ownership name of the ownership receipt is illegal and improper, according to the law. So said they all, Geneva, November 11, 1961. 

We, the undersigned Trustees, appointed by the Heir with Full Power of Attorney, state and declare that the Trust and Treaty were violated on January 20, 1995 by illegal appointment of Heir of ownership -- an impostor never mentioned in the Treaty. 

We further state that the terms of Agreement have never been honestly and properly managed as agreed. 

Rather, the assets have been used for the perpetration of fraud, and the violation of sovereign rights of many contributing countries through discriminatory access, and the violation by other sovereign nations and Heads of State of these accounts that were centralized for the betterment of the world with equitable access guaranteed to all contributors, and never to be used as the casino fund of bankers, be they Central Banks or Commercial Banks. 

We re-state and re-declare the ownership of all assets within the Trust still stand owned as Private Assets of the true Heir, according to Treaty and Law is as stated. 

All sovereign countries are guaranteed their just rights, ONLY when the Treaty of the Trust is maintained. The Trust of Ownership to heir is herewith confirmed -- and all claim to the contrary is denied. 

No national Sovereign shall access or use these accounts. No Central or Commercial Bank or other Institution shall directly access or use these accounts. 

No national leader shall directly access or use these accounts. No Government shall directly access or use these accounts without following due procedure. 

Due procedure for access shall be via the Ministry of Finance of any nation who shall apply to the designated Arbiters and Administrators as appointed by those who have signed hereinafter.
Date: January 5, 2012.
To whom it concerns:
By virtue of the Collective Agreement between Garuda Memorial Hilton Indonesia with Green Memorial Hilton Geneva, and Certificate of Guarantee, UBS Certificate of Geneva, it was agreed and understood that the ownership of the hereinafter stated precious metal, with legal receipt and consistence with current law, that each of the mentioned persons who signed thereon within the time period (1961-1972), and those attending and not signing thereon, it was agreed to protect and understand the ownership of all the funds and assets saved in Union Bank of Switzerland and stipulated hereinafter. 
All of them are saved within a code and receipt, as had consistence with shipping and ownership receipt of Union Bank of Switzerland, then, according to the receipt of personal ownership and was agreed who could represent that ownership, these being; 
1. Ownership of Name, Mr. SOEKARNO, (Grantor) Position I., thereafter his designated heir; 
2. Ownership of Name, Mr. KIYAI HADJI DJAWAHIR, (Grantee) Position II., thereafter his heir son; 
3. Ownership of Name, Mr. SENO EDY SOEKANTO, (Heir Son from Grantee), Last Holder Family Heritance Guarantee of Signatory, Ownership, Position III. (organized under the ‘SOEKARNO TRUST’). 
Be it known by all men:

* that Prof Dr. Drs. SENO EDY SOEKANTO, Heir Son from Grantee, PATN, 101371/ Position III., according to the attached Agreement transferred all his rights and entitlements arising from the FAMILY HERITANCE GUARANTEE -- and organized under the ‘SOEKARNO TRUST’-- to Mr. Keith Francis SCOTT, together with Mr. Neil Francis KEENAN, and together with a THIRD INDIVIDUAL who requests to remain anonymous, hereinafter referred to as: “the undersigned”; 
* that on this Fifth day of January 2012, the undersigned issue the claim of title and ownership as agreed, that the undersigned deny and repudiate any allegation of the lapse thereof and hold their claim above legal repudiation or denial. It is confirmed that there has been consistent claim and recognition of claim by Bank in law and deed from 1972 and thereafter till this day; 

* that the claim of Ownership to all the precious metals, monies and other value mentioned hereinafter are hereby Re-Affirmed and Re-Confirmed inviolate and hereinafter set forth; 

* further, the undersigned claim the Terms of the Trust implicitly agreed between the signatories of said Agreement have been in continuous default all unpaid fees, levies, interest, and other costs as well as all rights assured under said Collective Agreement due to breach of Treaty and Agreement which the undersigned herewith declares null and void due to failure to perform by the Assignee(s); 

* for reason of preventing continuing abuse, theft, fraud, malfeasance and failure to account against the rights and purposes of the beneficiaries (The Nations of the World) of the assets held by the FAMILY HERITANCE GUARANTEE -and organized under the ‘SOEKARNO TRUST’- in trust for the Nations. 
The undersigned therefore issue this Cease and Desist Order which is to serve as legal notification to the following Parties whom the undersigned deem to have acted in Bad Faith, who may not use, or allow use of, or claim title, or have right or control of all and or any assets, or derivatives thereof, in the attached list of funds and assets, Marked “Annex A” until they provide proof of just account and stewardship to the undersigned -- and until and unless the undersigned issue, on a case by case, transaction by transaction basis, a certificate of allowance for the use thereof, such allowance to be given in writing under their hands only in response to a request by a Government Ministry of Finance. 
This Cease and Desist Order is issued and effective from this 5th Day of January 2012 to all Parties specifically nominated and stated below:


* BAN Ki-MOON, Secretary-General United Nations


* BARCLAYS GROUP, London and Worldwide.

* BAROSSO, José Manuel D., President of the European Commission

* BERLUSCONI, Sylvio, former Prime Minister of Italy
* BERNANKE, Ben S., Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
* BLAIR, Tony A.C.L., former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
* BUSH Sr., George H.W., 41st President of the United States of America
* BUSH Jr., George W., 43rd President of the United States of America
* CAMERON, David W.D., Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
* CLINTON, Hillary D.R., United States Secretary of State
* DAVIGNON, √Čtienne F.J., former vice-president European Commission
* DRAGHI, Mario, President of the European Central Bank (/ex-GOLDMAN SACHS)
* EMANUEL, Rahm I., Mayor of Chicago
* GEITHNER, Timothy F., United States Secretary of the Treasury
* GREENSPAN, Alan, 13th Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
* MONTI, Mario, Prime Minister of Italy (/ex-GOLDMAN SACHS)
* NETANYAHU, Benjamin “Bibi”, Prime Minister of Israel
* PAPADEMOS, Lucas, Prime Minister of Greece (/ex-GOLDMAN SACHS)
* PAULSON, Henry “Hank” M., former United States Secretary of the Treasury (74th)
* QUEEN ELIZABETH II. / HOUSE of WINDSOR, The United Kingdom & Commonwealth
* QUEEN BEATRIX / HUIS van ORANJE, The Netherlands
* ROMNEY, W. Mitt
* ROMPUY van, Herman A., President of the European Council
* ROTHSCHILD de, Evelyn R.A.
* ROTHSCHILD de, David M.
* RUBIN, Robert E., former United States Secretary of the Treasury (70th)
* SARKOZY, Nicolas, President French Republic
* SOROS, George
* SUMMERS, Lawrence “Larry” H., former Director of the National Economic Council (USA)
* WOOTTON, David, Lord Mayor CITY OF LONDON 
* WORLD BANK (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

* ALL GOVERNMENT offices in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Japan; 
* ALL Commercial and Central BANKS at any location in the world, especially those with a registered office or branch in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan; 
* ALL PERSONS, CORPORATIONS or other LEGAL ENTITIES attempting to use these accounts without the expressed written permission of the undersigned. 
Remedy may be obtained by way of providing true account of the accounts set forth in “Annex A” hereto attached -- and/or obtaining the specific approval of the undersigned.

Now, compare this Jan 5 C&D order with the totally different official release of the said C&D order by Neil Keenan, 3.5 months later on May 14, 2012. The full pdf file can be downloaded here: 
Cease & Desist UBS-BIS + Evidence (05-14-12)

Note: The first condition for the above C&D order to be ethical & legally binding,  
both Keith Scott and Neil Keenan must be wise & just men of good standing, at least publicly seen to be honest, civil and free of deceit, criminality and intimidation. 

Both men failed. Are the global collateral accounts and Soekarno Trust assets to be passed from previous criminals to new ones? IS this just a dog & pony show and global distraction?
Keith Scott by his own admission betrayed his previous employer, Ray Dam. He is suspected to be a planted CIA operatives and a pedophile. In what way is he any better than the previous criminals exploiting the world's wealth? 

Less than 6 months after this interview, both Keith Scott and Neil Keenan were seen "washing their dirty laundry" in cyberspace; accusing each other of back stabbing, stealing control of the Soekarno Trust, lying and sabotaging each other initiatives. 

While Keenan may appear to have "won control" of Soekarno Trust in the July-August 2012 battle finale, he did not emerge victorious unscathed. We now know he is just as deceitful as the other contenders for the control of the Amanah Trust. He can be a big bully and a liar too, as we have seen recently when Jean Haines (one of his ardent followers) parted ways on the discovery of the fake king of Hawaii, Count Albert Chiang of the Kingdom of Colonia (also a senior member of the Dragon Family) and other shady characters in Keenan's team.  Apparently Keenan can get pretty upset and intimidating with these legitimate questions.


The evidence of intentional forgery in the Amanah Papers presented by Keenan in his Cease & Desist Order dated May 14, 2012 are continually added in this article as they become available. So far all the documents connected with the Amanah Papers published online have been proven to be fakes. If there genuine documents, please provide links for us to check.

added  Sept 7, 2014.

Other articles in the series:
Dark connections - Keenan working for the Cabal, not for the people.  

Shoddy forgery exposed in 1963 Green Hilton Agreement docs presented by Keenan

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Caught red handed lying, wounded tiger (NFK) lashes out at conned followers who awoken

-by GrandeLander

This is an urgent post on request. Caught red-handed with his lies and fake Amanah papers, Neil Keenan is like an angry wounded tiger; witch-hunting and lashing out wildly at those followers who had awoken. He is using underhand tactics (online and offline) to hit back at those who he suspected had exposed him. Please spread this and other recent articles, to take off the heat on those who are being harassed by agents working for him.

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To cover the initial lies, you have to make up more lies. Eventually, you get caught in your own web of lies. Here's one example: 

On Feb 9, 2012 David Wilcock published his interview with Neil Keenan. 
MY INTERVIEW WITH NEIL KEENAN AND KEITH SCOTTAfter I interviewed Fulford and gave a detailed but flawed critique of the lawsuit, Neil Keenan and Keith Scott contacted me. I wanted to get to the bottom of the story. I had many questions. I have not censored any of their answers.
I found their answers fascinating, and it dramatically increased my understanding of the underlying issues. This also serves as their first public presentation of written statements since the release of the lawsuit itself.
Some of the highlighted key points are given in the right-hand panel for comparison with the facts contained in the Cease & Desist Order issued by Dr Seno to Keenan & co. on 7th Oct. 2012. (left hand panel). 

The centre panel is Keenan & Scott's own Cease & Desist order to UBS and BIS dated May 14, 2012. Keenan's lies are very obvious if you refer back to what he said in the Feb 9, 2012 interview with David Wilcock. 

Briefly, Keenan confirmed Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto was the legal heir to the referred Soekarno Trust ( aka Soekarno Family Heritage aka Soekarno papers aka Amanah Assets). In that interview, Keenan lied that Dr Seno had turned over the Trust to Keith Scott, Keenan & a 3rd person (now known as Drs Stanley P.D. Hoop). Keenan confirms it in his dodgy C&D dated May14, 2012. The difference (from the Feb interview) is person who signed over the Full Power of Attorney for the Amanah Papers. 

Instead of Dr Edy Seno Soekanto, it was Mr. Bayu Soekarno Putra. Also note that Mr. Bayu claimed to be the Chairman, the appointed head  and Authorised Officer of the Amanah Papers. Mr. Bayu signed over the power of attorney to Keenan & co allegedly on 30th day of Jan, 2012.  That was well before the David Wilcock interview published on Feb 9, 2012.

Doesn't that sound confusing? Not if Keenan lied. In that interview, Keenan was confident he would get Dr Edy Seno to hand over the Amanah Papers or did he lie?  Obviously, Dr. Edy Seno was the "first choice". But when Keenan was rejected by Dr Edy Seno, he fell back to an "easier meat". Otherwise he would have named Mr. Bayu as the legitimate heir. See the twist?

Of course the date of handover (Power of Attorney) could easily be changed (back dated to Jan 30, 2012). Keenan had so many lies, he obviously forgot to cover all the ground. Further, if he had already secure the Power of Attorney on Jan 30, 2012, why did he wait 3.5 months to issue the C&D order to the banks? Isn't time of the essence? With trillions in monetary terms, why wait? And he claims to be a shrew (honest) businessman?

Of course when Dr Edy Seno heard about Keenan's false claim, he felt sick and had to issue his C&D order to Keenan & crooked co. Keenan had hoped Dr Edy Seno would have died of a heart attack considering his ill-health. Well, Man plans but God disposes. Dr Edy Seno 's C&D was a huge embarrassment and a big dent to Keenan's reputation. Thus, he got his trusty schill, Kent Drake Bailey to pre-empt Dr. Edy Seno's C&D almost a month earlier on his Sept 6, radio show. Mr. Bayu must have alerted Keenan from the ruckus kicked up by Dr Edy Seno in the Elders' meetings.

If you think this is the only lie, think again. Of course, David Wilcock abstained from asking the hard questions. Why not, if he was promised lucrative tours and television shows. 

Some of our readers reported Jean Haines being harassed and intimidated online and offline. Please support her by commenting on Keenan's blogs to back off. These were some of the blocked postings on Sept 6, 2014

quote from Bet Fox:
No matter what, Neil iKeenan is a man of action. He is out there risking his life while we sit on our cushy pillows and blog.
When it comes to love vs fighting which seems a contention between Neil and Jean, I can only say this: Christ Jesus, one of the greatest men who ever walked this planet and left us a timeless example on how to live, — when it came to the money changers in the temple, he didnt stand back and send them love and light! He kicked them out, he used force and violence! Think about that. That is why I think Neil has more vision than the ascension sheeple.

Bet Fox, the way you vilified Jean & others who questioned "Questionable Characters" in Keenan's team, seems to suggest you know for sure Keenan is a God-send Good Guy (comparable to Jesus,in your opinion) & a man-of-action to kick the butts out of the Kabal. 

Even if Keenan is (but there is ample evidence he is not, action speaks louder than meaningless comparison) it doesn't give him the right to dumb down & threaten Jean & others who raised valid questions on his "distorted truth" & association with shady characters. "Guilt by association-collusion" is one of the surest ways to look into one's heart or intention. A truly good person would rather sacrifice his life than collude to betray humanity. 

Jesus welcomed all in his arms irrespective of their past sins or professions but he did so, out of compassion and genuine interest in helping them overcome their weaknesses and to be loved again. He did not associate with sinners to exploit (take advantage of) them. But even Jesus had a limit. The Evil Deceptive Banksters like the present Kabal; who are incorrigible liars. 

That means if Keenan is a really good guy at heart (in yr opinion comparable to Jesus), then he should not associate with deceptive-cons like Slippery Silva, Keith Scott (a self-confessed traitor and pedophile), Kent Drake Bailey, Keith Alexander (Prince of NSA Darkness) etc, who were proven to be incorrigible liars. 

Actions speak louder than words. In some of his videos, Keenan speaks more like a mafia boss than a crusader bent on stamping out the Kabal. None of his "promised" court actions ever see the light of the day. Why does he need to withdraw his 11.22.2011 lawsuit? Was Keith Scott designated to play the "traitor-villain" again, as the main cause in failing to refile and get all the necessary evidence for real action (not just empty promises) until now, > 2 years later. 

All past deceptions were ultimately exposed by asking simple straight forward questions like Jean & other bloggers had. Ascension sheeple?? Drake actually spoke a lot about ascension, if it did not originate from him. Notice that Jean had abstained from speaking anything bad about Keenan himself, understandably so for being objective. That is how a truthful morally upright person should conduct him / herself. She did not send her agents to vilify Keenan. We all chipped in independently, out of the goodness of our hearts voluntarily, to assist someone whom we see as being victimised by Keenan. BTW, Jean doesn't know me before this.

Keenan on the other hand, doesn't know everything but he acts as if he does. And he claims to be all powerful, to be able to terminate Jean (or anyone) with just a phone call, if he wants to. Now, are those the words of a gentlemen (never mind the savior part). 

Further would "honest businessman" use deception & forgery to fool his customers? 

Why would Keenan knowingly use obvious fakes in his Cease & Desist order in May 14, 2012?  Why would Keenan co-sign and co-issue the said C&D order with a known pedophile by the name of Keith Scott?

Who are actually the sheeple? They are actually the “no-questions-asked” ones who foolishly and blindly follow Keenan who had not shown any tangible results for more than 3 years. Excuse me, before you use Keenan's 22.11.2011 (even the date of document smack of evilness connected to JFK assassination) lawsuit as evidence that he was a “man-of-action”. More like “Man-of-Crisis Acting”. Did it ever occur to you that the attempts on his life might have been staged? Plenty of evidence on crisis acting on youtube. The twists & turns are reminiscent of tv drama series.  

One of the first reasons we suspect Keenan to be working WITH the Kabal rather than AGAINST, was the lawsuit. We had observed that many law suits were filed by psyops-infiltrators (secret agents) of the Kabal just to prove they were against the KABAL  to win public support. For one reason or another, the cases would be dismissed, withdrawn or postponed repeatedly. This is just one of the many tricks up in their sleeves. The fact that Keenan has not refiled yet (after multiple excuses over 2 years) is one of the many evidence we are sure he is working secretly with the KABAL to distract sheeple like Bet Fox.  
When the buying stops, so can the killing. We, the awaken ones do not sit comfortably in front of our desktops to blog meaningless criticisms. It is hard work to sieve through the muddled “cyber battlefield” for true facts contaminated by sticky opiniated-distorted facts. Slightly distorted truths are more dangerous than outright lies. Blogging doesn't mean NO ACTION in the physical 3D world. Blogging is the cyber expression one's morality and awareness. 

Silence in the face of tyranny & oppression is consent by default.  

But it is all worth it when a thousand words can awaken and save a million sheeple who would otherwise be slain by a thousand swords. Proving once again, the pen is mightier than the sword. 

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." .........Abraham Lincoln