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The "I told you so" connection of toasted cars, dustified buildings, holes in helideck & PMD

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Intricate Beam Control
The beam control/fire control (BC/FC) system on the Missile Defense Agency’s airborne laser stretches from the rotatable turret on the front of the Boeing freighter to an area behind an airtight bulkhead that protects the crew from possible chemical leaks.

It tracks a target, measures range to the target, compensates for atmospheric turbulence, and points and focuses the megawatt-class laser beam.

Lasers As Weapons.

Several branches of the U.S. military have active R&D programs for laser weaponry using chemical, solid-state, and free-electron lasers, including the Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB)‘s chemical laser, said to be the most powerful mobile laser device in the world and the highest-energy laser ever fired from an aircraft. However, in 2009 Former Secretary of Defense, CIA Director Robert M. Gates had slashed the budget for the airborne laser program. While research tests on the airborne laser will continue, Gates had canceled plans to build a fleet of so-called flying laser cannons, calling the program’s operational feasibility “highly questionable.”
Then go back to Dr Judy Wood's assertion that DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) was the main super-duper secret (yet to be announced then) technology used in the destruction of the Twin Towers (dustified as her new term) and WTC-7 (which was never hit by the planes). The rest like mini-nuke, thermite or nano thermite, conventional explosives.....were just planted distractions for the talking heads on Tell-Lies-Vision (aka TV or television) to fight until the cows come home.

"At the time this article was being developed, many people expressed disbelief that energy weapons existed outside of science fiction until they were reminded of the Star Wars Program, also known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)*. The name of this article was chosen as a reminder that energy weapons do exist and have been developed over 100 years. Most of this technology is classified information. It can also be assumed that such technology exists in multiple countries. The purpose of this article was to begin to identify the evidence of what happened on 9/11/01 that must be accounted for. In doing so, the evidence ruled out a Kinetic Energy Device (bombs, missiles, etc.) as the method of destruction as well as a gravity-driven "collapse."

*SDI was created by U.S. President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983.1 It is thought that SDI may have been first dubbed "Star Wars" by opponent Dr. Carol Rosin, a consultant and former spokeswoman for Wernher von Braun. However, Missile Defense Agency (MDA) historians attribute the term to a Washington Post article published March 24, 1983, the day after the Star Wars speech, which quoted Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy describing the proposal as "reckless Star Wars schemes."Before it was named the "Star Wars Program (SDI) in 1983, it was the Advanced Space Programs Development.3 "
A reported 1400 vehicles were damaged on 9/11. [Reference] These vehicles had peculiar patterns of damage and some were as far away as FDR Drive (about 7 blocks from the WTC, along the East River). Vehicles had missing door handles for example, windows blown out, window frames deformed, melted engine blocks, steel-belted tires with only the steel belts left, and vehicle front ends destroyed with little or no effect on the back end of the vehicles. What could have caused such extraordinary damage? Portions of cars burned while paper nearby did not."

Then compare them with BK Lim's planned mega disaster (PMD) as in the Deepwater Horizon.  

Bk LimAfter exhausting all possibilities, this picture and Thad Daly's blatant lies fit the REAL REASON for the presence of an elongated hole on the helideck. It fits in with our earlier contention (against all the BP's experts) that the blowout at 21:45 CDT 20 April 2010 was only a shallow gas blowout which would have depleted itself IN DAYS (if not weeks) IF NOTHING WAS DONE AT ALL. After planning for years, they could not let their real objective slip away. Now we worry 2 1/2 years later if another disaster is going to strike.

So NOW we know that DEW or Laser-type of weapons existed before the turn of the millennium and was used in these PMD. So to all the whores-of-Mass-Deception (WMDs) who had been blowing "conspiracy theories" and other lies on these heroes.......A BIG SHAME ON YOU traitors of Humanity.  

Was Typhoon Haiyan Deliberately Designed to Establish a Permanent U.S. Military Presence in the Phillipines?

Silly me. For one brief nanosecond I got all teary-eyed, thinking that the U.S. military, steaming towards the Phillipines, was actually on a humanitarian mission. I even let myself expand that feeling into a YES! This is what our bloated military could be used for, to help the world heal from devastations caused by climate change!
Then I remembered dutchsince, his awful claim that Typhoon Haiyan was man-made.
If dutchsinse is right, then my idealistic visions of the future use of the military, to heal the planet and help create peace on earth, are instantly obliterated by that other way of interpreting events, the one I learned from combining Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
If only I hadn’t read either of those books. If only I could still look through rose-colored glasses. Instead, I’ve been retooled to follow the money, and mass death and destruction, right down the rabbit-hole.

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Global Public Alert - (Unite Yourself Together)

@Tina Boldt: " omg, why can't the computer hackers, hack this video and put it on every government website, and every mainstream media website....????? that would be f*cking great to see.....".
Published on Oct 17, 2013
The personal is political, the political personal. When you see the big picture, you see how everything is connected.
// Barack Obama to Congress: Time to Ignore 'Activists,' 'Bloggers,' and
Published on Oct 17, 2013
10/17/13 - On Thursday morning, with the government reopened and the debt ceiling crisis behind the country, President Barack Obama held a news conference where he insisted that members of Congress move on from "manufactured crises." He called on them to ignore the pundit class and focus on progress and negotiations. The president addressed some of the discussion in the media of the political impact the shutdown would have on the standing of both parties in polls.

"Let's be clear," Obama said. "There are no winners here."

"We don't know yet the full scope of the damage, but every analyst believe it slowed our growth," the president said of the shutdown. He said that consumer spending, new home buying, and hiring have slowed as a result of the shutdown.

"We hear some members who pushed for the shutdown say they were doing it to save the American economy," Obama said. "But nothing has done more to undermine our economy these past three years than the kind of tactics that create these manufactured crises."

The president said that America's credibility with other nations has been damaged by the "spectacle" of the government shutdown.

"All my friends in Congress, understand that how business is done in this town has to change," Obama said. "Because we've all got a lot of work to do on behalf of the American people, and that includes the hard work of regaining their trust."

RELATED: Obama Responds to Anonymous Quote: 'No One is Winning' If Shutdown Continues

"All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do," Obama continued.

Obama went after what he called the "rhetoric" which "gets worse" annually, and for members to focus on where they agree. He cited a "balanced approach" to a budget process as one of these areas of agreement between Democrats and Republicans.

"Had one side not decided to pursue a strategy of brinkmanship, each side could have gotten together and figured out how do we shape a budget that provides certainty to businesses, and people who rely on government?" Obama said.

He added that "comprehensive immigration reform" and a farm bill should also be the focus of the Congress for the rest of the year. //

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UPDATED: The Adrianne Haslet-Davis Fraud in Pictures

Boston Bombing — 18 May 2013 
Updated with additional photos and commentary, updated, again, May 22, 2013

The Adrianne Haslet-Davis Fraud in Pictures
In the enduring drama of the Boston bombing hoax the identity of the individual known as Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a kind of CIA-like psy-ops creation. Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and, thus, at least initially, rather than quote what are largely lies the pictures surely the photographs alone could e relied upon to demonstrate the truthfulness or lack thereof of Haslet-Davis’ claims.

It is, nevertheless, clear that she was not where she said she was on that day, that is milling around at the Marathon near or at the Forum restaurant. There are no photos of any kind which place her at the scene.
For now, the pictures with brief commentary.
Notice something right away? What is her boyfriend doing secreted away behind that wall? Where is his right leg? News reports have him as having two legs, one of which was severely injured in the incident. It is known that such injuries are a lie, thus is even the existence of his severely injured leg a fabrication? There are other pictures, which show him having a wounded leg in the hospital bed. Because of the Photoshopping now detected in this case, all photos will be analyzed and others will be posted, shortly. Even so, the image of the person behind is not sufficiently clear to know who he is:
There is no evidence of a leg of any kind in this view. He is using a walker–and it is not because of any injuries sustained at the smoke bombing site. Is this man also an amputee actor? (It is not being ruled out that his leg is off-screen and that he has two legs; however, the combination from the lack of its presence plus the walker indicates that the possibility that he simply doesn’t have a right leg). Plus, the pant leg appears to be flat.

Regardless, he appears to be attempting a disguise. Did he want to watch Haslet-Davis in action so badly that he slipped up, accidentally exposing himself? Is he nothing more than yet another amputee or double amputee actor?

Here is the picture in the same room (note the flowers in the back in both scenes) of both of them in hospital beds, three apparent unamputated legs showing clearly:
 He’s wearing a similar blue shirt, but the shorts are not visible. Who are the four men in the red shirts? Their res
hasletdavleg See any shrapnel wounds? Moreover, what is that patch of red on that ‘leg’. And what about the three lines? Brush strokes? What happened to his shorts? What’s the purpose of the diaper dressing? Nothing is even remotely oozing? This is a phony. He has no such injuries, as described by the Zionist-controlled media. There is no such radial line in human anatomy. Could these legs be merely silicon/Teflon sleeves? With that demarcation and the alteration of color from the stumps these appear to be silicon/Teflon sleeves; in other words, he is likely an amputee. It all just seems so bizarre. At a minimum it can be said that the gore is fake:
That’s paint, not a wound: a perfectly square bloody lesion? Blood but no oozing? No lacerations, indentations, cut/opened skin; it’s a make up act. Clearly the other three dark-colored regions are brush strokes. Someone came in with the moulage kit before the camera shoot. Yet, what is that line that can be seen radiating around the upper thigh?
Here is a another photo showing what appears to be a real left leg:
Too lovey-dovey for a pair of bomb-blast victims? Moreover, why only show one of his legs? The suspect one, the one missing in the photo where he is disguised in the other room, is off-image.
Here is a shot of the feet, for reference:
This, too, is fake: there are no injuries which would justify the placement of such feet in such splints.
Screenshots from the AP interview