Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prosthetic and double amputee were used to fake legs blown off by Boston Marathon Bombs.

Another confirmation that prosthetics were used in the staged inside job. — with Alfred Lambremont Webre IIICherie MartinLisa Elkins GoodmanMichael EdwardMichael Roseand Peter Stewart.

If Sandy Hook, 911 and Aurora shootings had all been planned and orchestrated by the same evil forces, then it stands to reason that the Titanic was deliberately set on a "suicide collision" course into the dangerous ice bergs zone to pave the way for the Federal Reserve system a year later. 

America is suffering today for that "Titanic Plot" 100 years ago. The wave of disasters including BPGOD that hit America since the start of the century has all been orchestrated. But the Symphony of Disasters can easily be disrupted by the people, if only the people refuse to play to their tune. That choice is yours and only yours to make. Don't repeat that Titanic mistake made in 1913.

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