Friday, April 26, 2013

More evidence of a Staged Inside Job in Boston Marathon Bombing

Really funny. Caught on camera. OOPS! The prosthetic dropped, the EMT picked it up and fixed it with both hands. In a real EMS where every seconds count, there is no time for any "pit stop" to hold the prosthetic in place. Stay tuned for more "funnies".!

If you think these videos and series of still-shots can be taken within 2 minutes of the wheel chair circus ride; then you must be in a chronic state of delusion. Your state needs help. Flush out the toxic Zionist OMAR in your toilet govt system. Further delay will only cripple you, the victim of Mass Deception. Prosecute the Whores of Mass Deception (WMDs) who had sold their souls to the evil Oil Pope Order.

Sleeping on the job or another OMAR inside (terrorism) job? 

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