Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Video of fake double amputee confirms BMB was a smoke bomb false flag farce.

Via Kathryn O'Shannahan

A short version showing Jeff Bauman waving the flag can be viewed here.

It's better to STFU than to open the can of worms.

Growing perception this was a fake smoke bomb theatrical act where no "crisis actors" died or lost their legs. You figure out why they need to stage this Terrorist Bombing Attack farce.

Trolls & your words. Confirmed evidence ICONIC Victim with blown leg injuries in Boston Marathon Bombing was a photoshop fake. Plse go viral.

BMB (Boston Marathon Bombing) was a false flag black ops to get the American people to give up their freedom and rights. Keep up the good fight. The FREE world is with you, exposing your tyrannical, treacherous and deceitful govt working in cahoot with the Zionist OMAR (Oil Mafia Agenda21 Ruffians).

Lynda Whiting This was the easiest of the hoaxes to pull off. A couple smoke bombs... fake blood... crisis actors... black backpacks in place... ACTION!
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Kathryn O'Shannahan people can be offended by logic all day. They can fill their boots with BS for all I care. I did serve on a fire department. If you scroll through Bk's threads, you'll find my notes. Bk is actually bang on in his comments, regardless of who it offends.
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Lynda Whiting As for the dead child... did anybody SEE him? All we saw was a picture... and pictures... well, just check out this album I put together of the Sandy Hook actors. Some of these pictures are at least 10 years old. And before you start to deny the resemblances... ask yourself how at least 15 look alikes are in the SAME FAMILY. The Greenberg/ROCKEFELLER family. As the "coroner" said... "I have very good photographers."
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Lynda Whiting

Dead or alive... real or fake?
Take a closer look.
By: Lynda Whiting
Photos: 17
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Kathryn O'Shannahan

CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actor : Boston False Flag
More Info :
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Lynda Whiting This is an interesting photo courtesy of the Sandy Hook GREEN SCREEN. OOPS!

Timeline PhotosOne of these things is just like the other.
Random Acts: The Murder Mystery Company
By: Lynda Whiting
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Kathryn O'Shannahan So while we know there is a long list of blatant false flag operations, the question here is...What are we going to do about it??? Yes, we can post and re-post proof but beyond that, what will we do?
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John Walls · Friends with Robin Falkov and 3 others
Half his blood would have been gone in two minutes through arterial spurting and he should have been dead within four minutes wheres all the blood
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David Curtis You people don't see? Every event, real or not, will henceforth (and has been for some time) Photoshopped and cluttered purposely with leaked expert testimony, high ranking defectors, media blackouts on any suspicions we have, and totally radical right and left wing and nut-job off the wall psychopath bullshit. And all for one reason. Not to make money on the stories ... But to clutter and confuse our field of view to help camouflage the real stories. It's advanced propaganda. Israel and the US took it from the Nazis and they are now hitting us with the most advanced mind fuck mankind has ever been subjected to. Total information/misinformation overload.
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Cherie Martin Where fantasy is reality and everything's a lie. Welcome to the world of psychowarfare.
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Cherie Martin NOTHING IS REAL. Strawberry fields, forever....
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Kathryn O'Shannahan Of course we see David . We just come here to vent among the few others who see. It recharges us so we can keep shouting it from the hilltops.
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Kathryn O'Shannahan I love the shot of the woman on the stretcher...with a sign on the ground, reading "FIREHOUSE .SUBS. WELL DONE." Yep...nice job there subs...very subservient indeed.
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Andrea Nash · 10 mutual friends
I saw pictures of the simpson murder scene and the blood there was so much more...I was talking to a first responder and he said as soon as he saw this guy in wheelchair he knew it was bogus
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Michael Rose Hey Diane Esser ...point well taken here.... but even if I lived next door, do I really need to check which actors are playing which part in which hospital? Actors? YES, they're all actors... except for unseen criminals directors.
Look, you and I both have better things to do... and you won't thank me for any hint you look again at the real stuff that's incorrectly captioned by the perpeTRAITOR of the Boston CRIME
Can I tell you a true autobio line here...and see if you can pick up a hint of the Boston event today?
My story, in a single line, is that out of sheer desperate curiosity I checked and rechecked and triple checked the 9/11 airplane evidence (and a ton of other related fakery).
I continued checking all the online 9/11 research, for the whole of year 2002, and what I discovered was utterly preposterously improbable ...all four 9/11 Boeings were faked, phony, and fraudulent in one way or another.
That discovery completely reversed my attitude to the USG, completely shattered all respect for high authority in General, and I came to realize our top leaders were and are shameless know who they mobster went under the codename Dubya.... remember?
Here's a tip, take it or leave it and come back later:
Read the Boston evidence all over again, and when not if you read the Boston false flag right, Diane...don't be surprised when your outlook on life does a complete turn ... and for the better
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Bk Lim

Our Manmade Disasters: Another fake leg amputee (crisis actor) from the Boston Marathon
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Bk Lim

Our Manmade Disasters: Double Amputee (Jeff Bauman) was an actor - Dr Stan
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Bk Lim

Our Manmade Disasters: That figures.....staged bombing, fake bomb detector and crisis
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Bk Lim Many of the wars and disasters are the result of these fake crisis. Your high energy bills and oil prices had been manipulated to record highs. Life on earth would have been a paradise if not for these Pre$titudes, crisis-actors and perpetrators of these manufactured disasters.

Should be show mercy to these WMDs who had long sold their souls to the devils?
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Bk Lim Remember these devils had less than 30% success in their objectives. Though many were undetected and failed but still they did contribute to the deterioration of quality of life on this planet from their wanton destruction.
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Bk Lim Lynda Whiting
When you first wrote this, we did not analyse enough to dare say this. Since then after >100hrs of photos and videos, we believe the bombs were as you rightly said, were more of smoke & sound than energetic destructive power as claimed by the authorities. Thanks.

This was the easiest of the hoaxes to pull off. A couple smoke bombs... fake blood... crisis actors... black backpacks in place... ACTION!
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Kathryn O'Shannahan

Jeff Bauman serves as Bruins' Banner Captain Video - NHL VideoCenter
Jeff Bauman serves as Bruins' Banner Captain - Boston Marathon victim Jeff Bauma...See More
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Lynda Whiting When I saw the first "poof" and heard the "bang" it didn't look real. My intuition is pretty good.
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Kathryn O'Shannahan Everything that defies physics and or logic demands to be questioned.
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Lynda Whiting Agreed.
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Bk Lim Kathryn,....we had expected Jeff to make such an appearance a large arena with moving lights and flashing light & darkness. His still photoshop picture in the hospital had been busted. So they had to provide a video of him on a wheelchair. Very risky for them indeed but they had no choice since their credibility had been totally busted. It is like throwing the last dice even if the dice is loaded.
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Bk Lim Capture the video and have a look closely in slow motion / frame by frame (Someone is working on this). You will notice a few things. The seat of the wheel chair is much thicker than normal; tapered to the back to give the illusion of being thinner than what it was. It is to hide JB tight "kneel" since he is no double AK (above knee) amputee. The fake thigh stumps (dummies) looked comical and the movements (too light) inconsistent with body weight resting on them. They bear no weight at all.
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Bk Lim Thought the amputation was BK (below knee) at least on the left leg.
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Michael Rose Hey BK, didn't know your below knee pseudo blatantly hid such native-american low -cunning, lad.
After closely watching that Bauman-wheelchair video, I realize you must also be related to WK (wounded knee)
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Kathryn O'Shannahan Bk, can you do a body measurement comparison between his marathon photos, hospital photos...and his Bruins game appearance? It looks to me that his stumps are props sitting in front of his they are connected to the chair and he is sittinginside the actual seat. His torso looks way too short. Also, if anyone knows the name of the Blink 182 song being played to the brainwashed crowd, please send it to me. I want to look up the lyrics.
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Kathryn O'Shannahan Much like the "Firehouse Subs, well done" sign, every detail is there for a reason.
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Bk Lim

Timeline PhotosIt's better to STFU than to open the can of worms.

Growing perception this wa...See More
Collection of photos diagrams pictures related to BPGOD
By: Bk Lim
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Friday, May 24, 2013

The collusion & deception in the Gulf deepen with a new well at MC253, 0.7mile from BP’s Blown Macondo well.

It was no coincidence that two US Navy (USN) submarines were despatched to the Macondo site on the eve of the 20 April 2010 DWH “accident”. Apparently their covert mission of sinking the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) with a military secret “Death Ray” weapon (also known as Directed Energy Weapon used to dustify 3 WTC buildings in 9/11) was aborted prematurely after puncturing a hole on the DWH helipad. Their real target was one of the two float pontoons (beneath the helipad) in order to sink the burning DWH; the real reason for the mysterious elongated hole on DWH heli-landing deck which had puzzled millions around the globe.

Top BP executives controlling, closely monitoring and video-taping the “blow-out accident” from a few miles away, realised their “objective of breaching the poorly cemented bottom-hole” had not been successful. Oil was not “free flowing” out of the Macondo reservoir as they had eagerly anticipated. This could only mean that initial hydrocarbon influx had to come through the top-hole breaches in the well instead of the “intentionally flawed cement job” at the bottom of the well (bottom-hole).
Article Photo
Article Photo
Article Photo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Double Amputee (Jeff Bauman) was an actor - Dr Stan Monteith

Dr. Stan Monteith, a 35-year orthopedic surgeon on Jeff Bauman’s leg amputations: “I believe that this young man was an actor”

Stan Monteith“Grandpa Liberty”, Dr. Stan Monteith, a 50-year veteran researcher of alternative information suppressed by the mass media, a radio broadcaster since 1993, and a 35-year orthopedic surgeon who has performed many leg amputations said (starting at 1:06) concerning the Boston Marathon bombings on the May 8, 2013 episode of Radio Liberty (emphasis mine and pause words removed):
I wanted to just call to your attention the Boston bombing on April 15. What really happened? And I’ll tell you, I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us.
And basically, I know that they’re lying to us because of a picture that I saw on that very first day. It was a devastating picture. It was a fellow that had both legs blown off. A young man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled, certainly by a gentleman — a cowboy figure — who had a cowboy hat on and he was actually holding a tourniquet on the left leg, which was a below knee amputation, and there below, certainly, the stump of the below knee amputation, was the tibia — a bloody tibia — sitting and certainly, butthe interesting thing is why the tourniquet wasn’t applied.
The tourniquet was just sort of underneath the leg, holding it up, it wasn’t stopping any flow of blood because there wasn’t hardly flow of blood on that side. It looked like there was some blood on the right leg which was taken off above the knee. But why would they take somebody who had just had both legs blown off and put him into a wheelchair? He would’ve been in profound shock. And why weren’t the tourniquets on both legs, certainly clamping off the blood supply? And when I saw that, I knew something was wrong.
And then of course as you know, I was a trauma surgeon for many years, I was an orthopedic surgeon. And basically, I looked at that below knee amputation on the left side, and it was a well-healed below knee amputation stump, and certainly, the kind that I would’ve done. I did many, many times, so people could wear prostheses. And there was no tear in the skin, no blood, no nothing at all — just a bloody tibia sticking out of the end — and it looked like it had been attached to this stump. Why would they do something like that?
And then of course, we’re told, this fellow’s name was Jeff Bauman. Some people said he was actually a lieutenant who had lost both legs in Afghanistan. He had a different name, but that gentleman had two above knee amputations, not below knee amputations, and this was definitely a below knee amputation, and I puzzled over this for some time.
Until, until recently, and you can get this on the internet, you can see these pictures for yourself, until basically, Jeff Bauman, 19 days after losing both legs, why, he was let out of the rehab hospital. How could that happen?
It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.
And you can see pictures of him — he’s waving a flag, and he has two above knee amputations. Above knee amputations. Now wait a minute, the Jeff Bauman we saw initially had a below knee amputation and this is an above knee amputation.
I puzzled over that. How could that be, until I talked to a gentleman named Jim Fetzer who will be a guest in our programs and we said he was wearing a prosthesis, they put a prosthesis on him. There are even pictures where the prosthesis accidentally fell off, so they put the prosthesis on to give you the idea that it was a fresh amputation — it wasn’t, it was all contrived.
Look at the pictures, ladies and gentlemen — ask yourself, how could he have possibly have had a BK amputation in the initial pictures and now he has two AK amputations? We’re being lied to at every turn.”
Then, at 34:44:
Of course I’ve tried to call the Spaulding Rehab Center on three occasions, and of course, I’ve tried to talk to the fellow there in charge of the press, and he always says if you’re from the media, and you certainly have a deadline, give us a call. We keep calling and leaving a number and we never get a call back. And the only reason I can think that that is because the last thing they want is for the media to know that this whole picture, this picture that was implanted in our minds, and there was articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about Jeff Bauman who lost both legs there, this is all fraudulent. And if that is fraudulent, then what else is fraudulent?
And quite frankly, we don’t know, ladies and gentlemen, if they had this whole thing contrived. And I believe that this young man was an actor.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Shell is doing what BP did in 2009/2010 - a deep water massive oil spill to keep their heavy deepwater investment projects afloat.

"Shell plans to drill more than two miles underwater in the Gulf of Mexico in pursuit of new sources of oil and gas. If successful, the Guardian reports, the project will rank as the world’s deepest offshore facility."

Wait a minute, is this profitable?

Assuming minimum capex of $5 billion dollars in installation costs alone (based on BP Thunderhorse), a 50,000 bbl/day extraction and a "unreasonable" sustainable oil price of $95/bbl (based on current price), it will take 1053 days (2.88 years) of deepwater production to earn back the capex. That is without considering the high cost of production at between $80-90/bbl.

At a net profit of $20/bbl at 50,000 bbl/day production it would take 13.7 years just to break even. But at 50,000 bbl/day production, it would also take 13.7 years to deplete the 250 million recoverable reserves.

That's not all.

Consider the total recoverable reserve at  just 250 million bbls. At $20/bbl net profit, it would bring in only $5 billion max. What? Just to break even at the best scenario.

What if with the failing economies around the world, the price of oil drops below $70/bbl? This is not an unrealistic scenario.

In 2008, the oil prices were inflated to above $140/bbl in July only to crash to $30/bbl by Nov 2008.

For Shell to break even in 2.88 years, the oil prices need to hold at ($95 + $80) or $175/bbl for at least 2.88 years plus the present 5 years (exploration, construction & installation), to bring the oil online.  Do you see this happening?  Very unlikely if the present world's daily consumption of 85 million bbls/day drops as well.

Now consider why BP rushed to drill the Macondo exploration well in Jan 2009 when oil prices were still well below $40/bbl?  Especially when the recoverable reserve of the Macondo prospect was just 70% of the 50 million bbls or  35 million bbls.

Now you see why BP's Macondo well was the Sacrificial Lamb to keep BP's mega trillion investment in the deep water Gulf projects afloat.

Shell Is Drilling the World’s Deepest Offshore Oil Well in the Gulf of Mexico
May 9, 2013 2:30 pm

The Petronius Rig in the Gulf of Mexico, operated by Chevron and Marathon Oil. Photo: Extra Zebra

Shell plans to drill more than two miles underwater in the Gulf of Mexico in pursuit of new sources of oil and gas. If successful, the Guardian reports, the project will rank as the world’s deepest offshore facility.

The move is being viewed in the oil industry as a demonstration of Shell’s confidence that its technology can deliver returns on expensive and risky offshore projects, despite a recent downturn in oil prices.

Although BP recently put its Gulf of Mexico project—called “Mad Dog Phase 2″—on hold, Shell is not alone in its endeavors in the Gulf. ExxonMobil is planning a $4 billion project in the region, as well.

Shell’s executive vice president, John Hollowell, told the Guardian that the new project demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to meet U.S. energy demands. “We will continue our leadership in safe, innovative deepwater operations,” he said. The Guardian:

The move comes despite ongoing controversy over offshore exploration – especially in the Gulf of Mexico, where in April 2010 a fire and explosion on the BP Deepwater Horizon rig killed 11 workers and started a leak that took three months to cap. Last month BP said it had paid $25bn (£16bn) of the $42bn it has set aside to cover the damage caused by the spill.

Shell expects its new well to produce 50,000 barrels of oil per day once it reaches peak production. It estimates that the well, located in an oil field discovered eight years ago about 200 miles southwest of New Orleans, contains around 250 million barrels of recoverable oil total—just over three percent of the 6.9 billion barrels of oil the U.S. currently burns through each year.

More from

Read more: 

WTI Crude Falls a Second Day on Dollar Rally
By Mark Shenk - May 11, 2013 3:12 AM GMT+0800

West Texas Intermediate crude fell for a second day as the dollar climbed, reducing the appeal of raw materials priced in the U.S. currency.

Futures declined 0.4 percent as the Dollar Index advanced above 83 for the first time in more than two weeks. Gold dropped 2.2 percent. The 12 members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries bolstered oil output last month, a report from the group’s Vienna-based secretariat showed. OPEC’s demand forecast was little changed. Crude rebounded sharply in the last 30 minutes of floor trading.

“Commodities are taking a hit because the dollar is ripping,” said Bob Yawger, director of the futures division at Mizuho Securities USA Inc. in New York. “The Dollar Index crossed 83, which is hurting all these markets.”

WTI crude for June delivery slid 35 cents to settle at $96.04 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Prices dropped as much as 3.1 percent during the session. The volume of all contracts traded was 55 percent above the 100-day average at 3:11 p.m. Futures rose 0.5 percent this week, the third consecutive advance.

Brent oil for June settlement decreased 56 cents, or 0.5 percent, to end the session at $103.91 a barrel on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange. Volume for all contracts was 21 percent above the 100-day average.

WTI gave up more than $1.50 of its loss and Brent rebounded more than $1 at the end of the session.

“This was a day when we started with a significant move, which lost its momentum,” said Tim Evans, an energy analyst at Citi Futures Perspective in New York. “This afternoon was frustrating because there was no headline to point to.”

Narrowing Spread

The European benchmark’s premium to WTI was $7.87 a barrel, down from yesterday’s settlement of $8.08. The spread shrank to $7.48 yesterday, the narrowest level on an intraday basis since Jan. 3, 2012.

The spread may contract to as little as $5 in the third quarter as transportation bottlenecks in the central U.S. are cleared, according to a report by Jeffrey Currie and Stefan Wieler, analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in New York.

The Dollar Index, which tracks the U.S. currency against those of six major trading partners, rose as much as 0.8 percent. The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Index of 24 commodities was down 1 percent.
Currency Moves

“This is all about currency moves,” said John Kilduff, a partner at Again Capital LLC, a New York-based hedge fund that focuses on energy. “The inverse correlation between the dollar and commodities is alive and well.”

Gold for June delivery settled at $1,436.60 an ounce on the Comex in New York after the biggest drop since April 15, when prices capped the biggest two-day loss in three decades. Silver for July delivery declined 1.1 percent, to close at $23.658 an ounce in New York.

OPEC produced 30.46 million barrels a day last month, up from 30.18 million in March, the group’s Monthly Oil Market Report showed. That’s the most since November, according to the estimates based on secondary sources. Global oil use is forecast to rise 800,000 barrels a day to 89.66 million barrels a day this year, down from April’s forecast of 89.67 million barrels.

“Fundamentally, we should be below $90,” said Tariq Zahir, a commodity fund manager at Tyche Capital Advisors in New York. “Fundamentals are starting to take over the market now.”
U.S. Production

U.S. crude output rose 57,000 barrels a day to 7.37 million last week, the highest level since February 1992, a May 8 Energy Information Administration report showed. Stockpiles increased 230,000 barrels to 395.5 million, the most since weekly data started in 1982. Based on monthly data, they were last at this level in 1931.

“OPEC production is going to weigh on the market,” said Rich Ilczyszyn, chief market strategist and founder of commodities trading firm in Chicago. “We have a supply problem as there is plenty of oil. U.S. supplies are at an 82-year high.”

Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s biggest crude producer, welcomes additional supplies from other producers that may help to stabilize prices, Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi said.

“New supplies are welcome,” Al-Naimi said today in a speech in Istanbul, where he traveled to meet Turkish energy minister Taner Yildiz. “They will add depth and, I hope, greater stability to world markets.”

Al-Naimi has described $100 as a “reasonable” price for both oil consumers and producers.
Technical Resistance

The drop in prices occurred after the oil market failed to breach key technical resistance, Yawger said.

“We touched technical resistance in the $97 to $98 area for the third time since late January,” Yawger said. “We were in the area in late January, early April and at the beginning of this week and failed to break through on each occasion. Oil touched $97.17 May 6 and has been under pressure ever since.”

Implied volatility for at-the-money WTI options expiring in July was 20.1 percent, little changed from 20.1 percent yesterday, data compiled by Bloomberg showed.

Electronic trading volume on the Nymex was 741,240 contracts as of 3:12 p.m. It totaled 701,619 contracts yesterday, 20 percent above the three-month average. Open interest was 1.76 million contracts.

To contact the reporters on this story: Mark Shenk in New York at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Dan Stets at

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Apparently Photoshop (PS) enhancement is std professional practice in Mainstream Media even for the Pope.

As we dug into the Boston Marathon Bombing Theatrical (crisis acting) scandal, we were even more surprised seemingly innocent pictures like the pope leaving the Mass for Confraternities in the Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican on May 5, 2013, were clearly photoshopped.

Do we have any honesty and integrity left in the Main Stream Media?

Our eyes are useless if our minds are blind. We chose this for photo analysis because the crowd boxes seem to be floating and not anchored to the ground. See for yourself if your mind is blind?