Monday, April 29, 2013

Hidden in Plain Sight - 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing 100% inside job.

Hidden in Plain Sight - the staged drama of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing - 100% Inside Job. The proofs are in the photoshopped composites beamed around the world. There is no end to this Inside Job Scams (even before the 1912 Titanic)until we say Enough is Enough! No one can help us until we help ourselves. The first step is to see the plain truth contained in these pictures.

Thanks to Robbo Da Yobbo, we found this confirmation on his youtube video. There was no cut on the thigh immediately after the explosion. 

Another solid proof of crisis actors in action.

No way any foreign or local terrorists could conduct rehearsals before the real event on Apr 15. Only the Zionist-OMAR infected govt could. Why continue to support and defend a govt bent on killing its own citizens? The Sadam Hussein regime was brought down for genocide committed on Iraqi victims. ~ FASEI

The photos tell a different story .......

  • Caron Peck Perhaps he's one of the younger up and coming crisis actors who's getting on the job training for yet another future, planned, false flag event. Looks like he's 'observing' - taking mental notes and getting a feel for how the actors get into 'character' for the drama that's played out before the controlled event camera men

  • Bk Lim how about charging them for "underage employment" or exposing a minor to hazards?

why is there a need to photoshop? Obviously the photoshop artist doesn't know a thing about perspective.

This is not the only proof that Jeff Bauman is not the Iconic Victim the Lame Stream Media keep telling us.

Zionist army faking injuries to justify attacking innocent Palestinians. Very disturbing.
--> Notice the military makeup box!
tag join share >> Wakeup and resist n.w.o!!! We are change.

Eventually the original picture came back to me Bk !Thank you for all your help in proving this LIE !

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