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Who had weapons Tesla September 11, 2001? Study elements of the global ekotsidno-genocidal program

The search for truth is not done with joy, and with the excitement and anxiety, but still need to look for it because without finding the truth and not love it, you will die.
Blaise Pascal , French mathematician, physicist and philosopher ( 1623-1662 ).
Opening Keely would lead to the acquisition of one of the most occult secrets, secrets that can never be given to the disposal of the masses.
Our world is immersed in a vast ocean of energy [...] Before us is a daunting task - to find ways of making this energy.Then removing it from this inexhaustible source, humanity will advance with giant strides. [...] How many people have called me a dreamer, as mocked my ideas err in our myopic world. Time will judge us.
Nikola Tesla , physicist and inventor ( 07/10/1856 - 07/01/1943 )
In this section of the review you can learn about the secrets that hide and carefully guarded. Like a needle Koshchey Immortal, it is enclosed in several "skins cover" that successfully ensure its preservation for 12 years. Several tens of insiders who tried to tell this secret world, suffered "untimely death" . Although awareness of the mystery enough ability to distinguish some of its elements and their purpose. Interestingly, the phenomenon that each of us have seen many times, but most saw or what was able to perceive the consciousness, or that wanted to show and inspire those who orchestrated this phenomenon. Everybody has heard the parable of the blind men and the elephant sages . Understand the essence of a mosaic of large-scale phenomenon or process and not see some "elementiki", and the whole picture can only be removed at some distance. Otherwise, "sages" will see fragments of the truth (or falsehood), and argue about how disparate treatment of details and facts, thus preserving the essence of the event secret. Thus real processes will further "according to plan" and control the fate of nations and continents, staying beyond the public perception. Apparently, the closest "landmark event" will be the project "Blue Beam". That's why as an epigraph to this part of the statement and used Blaise Pascal. Based illuminated subject of this review, it is easy to assume that these "somebody" - a global sharps-puppeteers, playing cat and mouse with the peoples inhabiting the Earth. Local and world wars, terrorist attacks and loud crash, geopolitics and crises - all steps and steps towards the next target of the Global Predictor: creating the conditions for transition to a new world order in which his power could get absolute stability. At this point, it is strongly recommended to stop, count to ten, and decide for yourself whether you want to learn this secret. task is to choose red or blue pills in the famous film Wachowski .

During Reagan's SDI program ("Star Wars") with the task of establishing the anti-missile "shield" over America rumors about experiments Hutchison reached officials and military experts NASA, Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos centers. 
First of all, they intrigued by the fact that a tiny power devices used in this Canadian-taught, however, yielded incredible results and generated a 
fantastic "special effects" . Footage usually nasty quality as shooting often produces itself Hutchison , and the role of cameraman he was not particularly successful. Exception constitute non-fiction films like this , this or this . Part official correspondence with the military and schemes devices Hutchison can be found in some samizdat publications and on some sites (including his affidavit). There are also interviews with senior specialist "Lockheed Martin" Boyd Bushman (Boyd Bushman), recognizing the accuracy of experiments John Hutchison and hinting at something more . It follows that some of the results of his work and experiments "settled" in the vaults of the Canadian and U.S. military. One day in 1991, when Hutchison was not at home, Canadian intelligence services completely dismantled and removed his home laboratory (John was a Canadian citizen but emigrated to the United States and has since lived in the piece. Minnesota). Subsequent correspondence and trial lawyers were not allowed to return anything (military and government agencies referred to aspects of national security). However, by 2001 his laboratory Hutchison recreated from scratch. In 2006, he was again tried to get to work together with the military, but to no avail. No money, no office, apparently, Hutchison never interested. He prefers to be a "captain" in his tiny boat, live on the poverty line , but do his favorite thing: the study of nature and scientific inventions of the past centuries and millennia. In addition, he is well aware that the physics of "dual use" will inevitably be used for the development of the most horrific destruction systems. For most readers are not familiar with his work it all - no more than an empty phrase. neighbors for this fool more of an inconvenience than a pleasant acquaintance because during the experiments of John in their apartments themselves are beginning to open doors and unexplained phenomena. Awareness of what is dealing Hutchison, requires access to documents and an extensive video library (including non-fiction films about him) and impartiality to his outward appearance. 3 Furthermore, from colliding with his work requires revision physical paradigm and return to physics " pre-Einsteinian "era, which few people even knew something. Whatever it was, for disaster neftekoreksitovoy disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has developed Hutchison installation that creates frequency combinations that could "clean up" certain areas of the coast, and on the left " field testing " . (In one of the documentaries Hutchison demonstrates this installation, called " hidden in plain sight generator death ray "). According to residents of the territories to which he applied his "generator", the environmental situation in the area for some time has improved. This episode could be passed over in silence, if not complex phenomena with which this self-taught. Behind them has long been entrenched term " Hutchison Effect ". And here's the "buried" one of the "carefully hushed up" so to this day: the manifestation of the effects of Hutchison during the "terrorist attacks" September 11, 2001 . As it turned out, the event September 11, 2001accompanied by a whole complex of phenomena, rather reminiscent of the results of some experiments Hutchison, Tesla and Keely. On this account in 2008, Hutchison gave affidavits, providing them with copies of documents from the archive; them can read anyone English speaking.
In whose honor the victims were brought to 11?
September 11, 2001 Statue of Liberty looks to perform sacrifices. Photo: Aris Economopoulos .
Those who are "in the subject line," it is known that the image of the statue are the Sumerian goddess Inanna, the Babylonian Ishtar and the Egyptian Isis. "Ishtar was considered to protect prostitutes, hetero and homosexuals." 4 It - the same " the whore of Babylon . " Goddess Ishtar also considered his wife demon Baal (co-ruler of Satan ). Symbols of the goddess Ishtar were Owls and Snakes. " A theme owls and reptiles tightly woven into the symbolism of secret societies and heraldry. Symbolism - a thing is not even random ... inverted pentagram, pentagon - is a sign of Satan . As mentioned in Part 2 of the review , the inverted pentagram and owl were initially "woven" into the architecture of Washington, DC. The attacks took place in the United States, also fit into a huge pentagram. And indeed the " attack on the Pentagon "highly symbolic and imbued with a truly diabolical lie . "It just so happened" that the sacrifice to Satan Pentagon were brought just those employees of this institution who "knew too much" about the "shortage" in the $ 2.3 trillion. dollars (as discussed in the following sections of this review). From the perspective of this numerology "Black Tuesday" and was very rich . See also ch.11-3 of this review. September 11, 2001 represented a milestone that opened a new era in geopolitics and international relations, in which atrocities against the ruling elite and the population of foreign states (Iraq, Libya, Syria) reached thoroughly forgotten or new "records." To justify these actions massively used decoys and massive covert special operations. In addition, "thanks" to the "terrorist threat" legalized total surveillance of citizens and their leaders and foreign countries, latent and explicit aggression, interference in the internal affairs of the subjects at various levels, as well as rapid deployment of regional and global environmental and biological warfare. Managing all this processes carried out from a common center, and their ultimate goal is to establish a New World Order ("The Matrix" in which global fascism will be accompanied by the total control and management of 500 million residents - those who want to keep the puppeteers alive.) Get an idea of the methods by which Global Predictor and its peripherals are trying to achieve their goals in the "physical plane" can be studying man-made disasters hidden aspects (eg, Gulf of Mexico and the Fukushima-1). The second source - a special operation, accompanied by the destruction of the civilian population and their foreign countries (which is practically all the big attacks and massacres of the last 20 years). Because of the Russian media and scientists expect the words of truth do not have (their "masters" are not local and do not pay them for the truth and the lies and hiding the truth) will do the job for them. Longer-term genocidal program (himtreyly, GRP, chemical and genetic "additives" that affect consciousness, health and fertility of the population, and many others) are much larger and more efficient "quick kill", but it is the use of secret and horrific in its consequences extermination methods show exactly who rules the world . Ruled for many centuries - using biblical concept and adapted "by itself" education, science and culture. In order to fight the enemy and defeat him, enemy and his methods of war "need to know in person." Let us examine the physical nature of the landmark "terrorist act", overturned the previous course of history and geopolitical games. Especially that witnesses and documents he had much more than a special operation " Pearl Harbor , "which involved the United States during World War II. As for the moral constraints, then people start wars, which killed millions of people, a small special operation designed to Bookmarks fundamental geopolitical changes and the formation of his "points of reference" in Eurasia would be quite a "priority" task.

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