Thursday, November 27, 2014


By Dawn Johnson

On the 14th November 2014,on Blog Talk Radio, followers and listeners like were shocked to hear a confession that Drake Kent Bailey freely admitted he had tortured a North Vietnamese POW.

The programme is 3 hours 4 minutes and 2 seconds long At 57:40 mark, You can hear his confession here
Below is a transcript how Drake described how it came about and what he did in graphic detail to a North Korean POW . (Be warned, you may find the contents of this transcript disturbing and upsetting.)
".....We need somebody that we can interrogate, and believe me, I've got some interrogation techniques that were employed in the battlefield in Vietnam. It never failed. NEVER.
Even the nastiest hard core North Vietnamese regular army Commanders! Generals!
They tried to make them talk "Oh you think you can do better son?" I know I can Ah HAHAHAH!
They thought I was going to do nasty things to them, because they could actually feel me getting close to doing exactly those nasty things. that was one of the worse things that they could think of in their mind. The part that made them talk was the thought I might actually enjoy doing that to them.
After I explained that I liked the smell of burning flesh in a certain particular area. I was in, that you definitely don't want to get over heated especially fried . ah HA HAH. Believe me they "talked".
Now, here's the neat part, because they believed that I was "insane" . I've always been crazy, NOW remember that. Acting crazy is a form of insanity, if applied correctly you can make other people believe your totally nutzoid. your totally off the wall . You make no abs no sense whatsoever, Arr and yet deep down inside. you're in full control. calm cool, collected about it. you know exactly what you're doing!
The idealogy comes from being a sociopath. A sociopath is that person who is devoid of emotion, specifically compassion and other things that make a human being, human When you turn that off you start becoming a machine, a nasty insidious one that's going to do whatever their imagination TELLS them I'm going to do ... You win.
Nothing complicated about it........The worse I've done, um in the terms of interrogation I raised blister in a certain particular place nobody I know of wants blisters. That's as nasty as it got. nothing, nothing fantastic about it. Just that simple
"Oh that was beautiful man, you want me to make another one?"
" NO I'll talk! I'll talk!"
Alfred Lambremont Webre a war crimes judge left Cosmic Voice facebook page (run by Thomas Williams) host of the Internet Radio Show that Drake Kent Bailey appears on. Alfred posted this in reply to another person.
" I showed in my last post on CV (Cosmic Voice) led by someone who has violated the Geneva Conventions by self-admittedly torturing a POW? As a war crimes Judge, I can no longer participate in such a group."
A message from Alfred was also sent to Debbie Martindate who runs the Former CV, KW, & NK supporters Facebook page and open group... on 20th November 2014. It reads
"Thank you Deb! . . . . . could you please post the following statement from me in your group?"I do not feel comfortable to be in a group led by a person who has actively committed war crimes in the Vietnam War, being a War Crimes Judge. What I was given to understand was that Drake asked his commander if he could torture a POW in Nam and his commander agreed. Both Drake and his commander are guilty of war crimes ...under the Geneva Conventions and there is no statute of limitations. Moreover, I was publicly rebuked by the Administrator for answering Drake's own question as to when I had last had contact with Putin or any of his advisers

[Answer: I speak to a person high in Putin/RT circles face to face on Skype from time to time, and have spoken on Skype with a member of Putin's strategic team]

Those two confluence of events led to my inner guidance advising me to leave CV this morning." It is a personal decision and a public decision Alfred"
Another message by Skype was sent to Denise Rednour (a previous host of Drake Kent Baileys show) by Alfred on 21st November 2014. It reads
5:29:25 PM] Alfred Lambremont Webre:
Denise - Hi! Well at least all this is starting to surface. My last post on CV last night was answering a question from a member. I stated that if Drake had asked his commanding officer if he could torture a POW in Nam and the command said yes and Drake went ahead as he said he did on radio, then Drake and his commander both violated the Geneva Conventions to which the USA is signatory. AS a war crimes Judge. I found I could no longer be in the group and I left it today
So looks like Drake Kent Bailey put his foot in his mouth big time, by admitting in an open confession on internet radio to possible hundreds of thousands of listeners he tortured a North Vietnam POW.
As Alfred Lambremont has pointed out
  • Drake and his commander both violated the Geneva Conventions
  • There is no " statute of limitation" of being charged under the Geneva Convention
  • The USA is a signatory to the Geneva Convention.
What could happen to Drake?
Could he be charged with War Crimes?
What parts of the Geneva convention did he actually violate?
Is Alfred this very minute preparing a case for his possible trial?

The plot like my gravy thickens.

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