Friday, November 14, 2014

Keenan's fake Blue BOOK of redemption? PART 1

FAKE BOOK?  FACT CHECK  101  PART 1  (2014/11/14)

by Dawn Johnson

Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II and Neil's JP Morgan SECRET BLUE BOOK. What do they all have in common?

Neil Keenan claims he has a "secret" book.
It is a book from JP MORGAN & COMPANY (THE BANK).
IT IS DATED "1934"

Neil is claiming that Queen Elizabeth II is mentioned in this book with Bill Clinton in an email he sent to Drake Kent Bailey who placed it on his webpage.


Here are some facts:

Bill Clinton was born 19th AUGUST 1946

  • He was Born William Jefferson Blythe III
  • He was born in Hope Arkansas
  • He won the 1992 Presidential Election
  • He was inaugurated on January 20th 1993
  • He was the 42nd President of the United States
  • Bill Clinton's father William Jefferson Blythe Junior dies 3 months before Bill was born in a automobile accident
  • It was 15 years after he was born 1961 that William Jefferson Blythe Junior, assumed his step father's name and became "Billy" Jefferson Clinton
  • In 1963 he went to the Whitehouse and met JFK


There  is evidence Bill Clinton's  name was officially used from 1961 onwards  (Remember that fact for later)

Queen Elizabeth  II  was born in  21st April 1926.
  • Her full name at birth was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
  • Her father was brother to King Edward 8th the one who married Mrs Simpson and gave up his throne (abdicated) to his younger brother (Queen Elizabeth's  father George VI) in 1936
  • She succeeded to the British Throne on 6th February 1952, but was crowned on 2nd June 1953
  • When she was born her full title was  "Princess  Elizabeth "
  • She  married Prince Philip of Greek and Danish Royalty in 20th November 1947
  • She actually married her cousin twice removed


Logic states using the facts  we can  assume....

Queen Elizabeth in 1934  was a "Princess"  not a Queen and only 8 years old.
Bill Clinton in 1934, had not been born yet.

Can you see the problem ?
If the book was printed in 1934, it cannot have the name of Queen Elizabeth II PRINTED in the original format, because she did not succeed to the throne in 1952  but  was crowned in 1953, and Bill Clinton was not born until 1946.

So how can they be mentioned in the book which was published in1934 because that's the date in the book on the Verso (inside cover as plain as day)?


Assuming Neil is not lying  we can come to this conclusion:

Is this secret book a reprint / revised edition after 1961?

Could the names of Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton been hand written in that book?

Or did Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton travel back in time?

Or has something been added to the book?

This is dated 18th August 2012 2.26pm it is from

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