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- by Dawn Johnson

Let's get back to the 1934 "Gold Certificates" that Neil Keenan claims he has in his hands., and that he sent an email to Drake Kent Bailey with photos attached which Drake placed on his website.
According one photograph we can see two piles of so called Gold Certificates (only backs showing). They look like the 1934 $100.000 Gold Certificates, from the back.
Here is an image from Wikipedia which shows what the 1934 $100,000 Gold Certificate should look like image supplied by the Smithsonian institute.$100000-GC-1934-Fr-2413.jpg
How many of these1934 $100.000 Gold Certificates were printed? 42.000
Who could own them legally?  Only Federal Reserve Banks.
"The Series 1934 gold certificates, consequently, were not a public issue. They were only intended to circulate among Federal Reserve Banks and therefore read, "Payable to the Bearer on Demand as Authorized by Law" -- and the restored orange back would never see the light of day.   
No US Citizen could own them and if that means Neil Kennan claims to be a US Citizen he cannot own them either if he was in the United States.
List of Custodians for Gold Certificates, Series of 1934
Number of  Certificates Unissued    Name Arrangement Date Held Amount
Federal Reserve Bank of:
Atlanta Receipt 8/4/80 5 $500,000
Cleveland Agreement 10/2/78 4 111,100
Kansas City Receipt 7/28/80 16 444,400
Minneapolis Agreement 10/6/78 4 111,100
New York Receipt 7/11/80 8 222,200
Philadelphia Receipt 7/21/80 4 111,100
Richmond Agreement 5/22/78 4 111,100
Receipt 6/27/80 1 100
This cause says under the Federal Reserve Act  Only the Treasury can dispose of them.  That means these certificates cannot be passed on to anyone else.
"Not dispose of any Gold Certificates by any means whatsoever (including to discard or destroy) other than to Treasury" .
It still leaves the question did Neil Keenan end up with these documents when they were meant for the Federal Reserve?  We only see the backs of these Gold Certificates in the image Neil sent Drake and we do not see the front.

Ideally Neil Keenan needs to take photos of the fronts of those Gold Certificates  or would they show something he would not like us to look at or will they show us consecutive numbering if they were fanned out?
We would like to see the fronts of these Gold Certificates. Neil please. and their serial numbers. ☺

Are these Gold Certificates still part of the Federal  Reserve are  they owned by certain people connected to the Federal Reserve?
This is where you have to look at who started the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.  Are there people in the connected to the Federal Reserve banks who believe that money is theirs and they can redeem them?
The point is it could not be redeemed in the United States. So where can they be redeemed? Where could they be redeemed only in a FRB?  The other side so we can clearly see the numbering of these Gold Certificates.
As there were 42000 of the $100,000 published one would expect that if in original condition to JP Morgan  all of them  would be in consecutive numbering perhaps (my conjecture).
Still the question asks how did Neil get to acquire them?  
How these 1934 Gold Certificates end up out of the Federal Reserve system?
So how did these so called Gold Certificate ever get out of the United States?
So I thought about this and came to the conclusion the only way this could have occurred if any members of the Federal Reserve since 1934 have had a foreign location outside of the United States.
Next step who were Federal Reserve from 1934 onwards.
So how many of them had offices outside the country including Hawaii and Alaska, (up to 1959 as they came under different banking laws  joining the union.)
Could they have been treated like normal paper money.   Lets study the currency strap that little piece of paper around the Gold Certificates, the bank straps are normally colour coded for the use of paper money in straps of 100.If this was used for the gold certificates that means each bundle would contain $ 100,000 x 100 = $10milion. There are two of them making $20 million.
Normally they are called a strap if there are 100 of them and they are often placed in straps if they are new. If this is applied to the Gold Certificates  then they would be all in consecutive order.
At best the 1934 certificates Neil Keenan has would only  have a collectors  value even if they are real  they are not redeemable.
Gold Certificates released after Jan 30, 1934 are illegal to own still to this day".
Also "These gold back notes were used to shift balances between banks in the federal reserve system (a function served today by bank computers), and were never released to the general public".
Or they have been stolen from a FRB bank somewhere. (When was the last time the Federal reserve got audited?).
Or  they are  counterfeit. or a facsimile.  and you can buy those on EBay and other places.  
Where did Neil Keenan get them from? 

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