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Keenan working for the Cabal Part-II The Fraudulent Bond Scheme & Fools' Gold.

by GrandeLander (- 2014/09/11, revised 2014/11/9, edited 2014/11/11)
Editor Note: Denise & Jean Haines were not involved in writing this article. Anyone especially Keenan,insisting otherwise is a plain liar.

They were mentioned as proofs of being scammed by Keenan, Drake & Co. Their honesty and willingness to assist in the global quest to free humanity from the Kabal's death grip on the global economy and society, were taken advantage of. Their integrity, mass appeal, credible blogging records and humanity work were precisely what Drake & Keenan lack, to make their Mass Deception scheme overnight success.

Successful bloggers in their own right with fairly large follower bases,both Jean & Denise were targeted victims. How else could Keenan and Drake leapfrog virtually overnight from unknowns in cyber-wilderness to top blogtalk/social networking stardom? 

So many things about Neil Francis Keenan do not make sense. With so many documented anomalies, we concluded he must have had a pretty crooked past. A man with a hidden crooked past, cannot be a truly honest person with noble, selfless intentions. Many have had reservation about him being hailed as the hero to pry open the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA). What special qualification or experience did Keenan have? 

NONE, period! No Integrity, No legitimacy. Action speaks louder than words. 

Additionally, if he was just an independent con-artist working (so foolishly) against the Cabal, his freedom would have been very short lived. No one could go against the Cabal-controlled governments so imprudently and got away with it. Hence, it is only logical that Keenan was just putting a show (dubbed THE ALL FAKE NUDE KEENAN SHOW, Another factual site that had sprung up to expose the con-artist scams by Keenan, Drake & Co is  by Former CV, KW & NK supporters.

As with all scams when the truth is finally exposed, the lying WMDs don't stand a chance.
Within a month, the lying Keenan Team and Cosmic Voice had to beat a hasty retreat. Their hasty retreat wouldn't have been so obvious if these lying bastards had not over-exposed their positions by ferociously attacking Jean Haines, Denise and many of their former supporters. Especially when their attacking lies and distractions hold no water. Within a month, Cosmic Voice had to change their group setting from “Public” to “CLOSE” group. Keenan had to “whitewash” his official FB page, turn tail and run back to Bulgaria. Congratulations to Former CV, KW & NK supporters.

Did you just say Cosmic Voice was “closed” from public view? 
Why would their FB groups and pages be restricted to “members only” just before the purported opening of the GCA? Keenan, Drake and their minions had been emphasizing that these public groups and pages were meant to be their first public announcement channels on the much anticipated RV, Reset, Green-light / Red-light for revolution, global accounts-free-4-all and what-nots. So have Keenan, Drake & Co failed in their heavenly (scoundrel) mission? Or was their scam too exposed to continue? 

All scams and devious plots are neutralized as soon as they are exposed. Thus, it makes sense for Keenan, Drake & Co to quickly retreat and restrict the exposures. They had no defense to the truth being exposed. “Not relevant” was their best shot. How can Keenan hidden nefarious past not be relevant? He has no legitimacy in securing the GCA unless there is global wide support for his “golden global quest to slay the GCA dragons”? 

Worst of all, how do we know for certain if Keenan is secretly working for the Cabal while blowing hot air at the evil Cabal? No one wants to be taken for a ride. Thomas Williams (administrator at Cosmic Voice) constantly advised readers to do their own due diligence. So why is he going against his own advice? 

Like Keenan Bikinigate, the issue was not just Keenan ogling at sexy naked or near-naked young girls with sexist remarks. He was supposed to be a “public figure” and public figures do have responsibilities to their global followers / audience. He could (like most of the Royalties, rich and famous) carry out pedophile or satanic activities behind close doors. They must (hypocritically) never display such despicable behavior in public. No matter how powerful or popular, no one even those with top Cabal ranking, can survive such public display of pedophilic, immoral or satanic tendencies. Closer to home, we have our Rolf Harris being prosecuted and convicted of child sexual abuses. You think Keenan can measure up to Rolf Harris? 

Their attempts to deflect or damage-control, made it even worse. Keenan in his damage control video update, insisted he was only looking at bikini-clad girls at the beach. Then, apparently off the cuff, he threatened Jean & Denise in the video; promising to make them pay by posting even more bikini-clad girls (old and young) on FB. J &D's Bikini NudePhotos, created on Sept 28, 2014) was dedicated to them. J & D Bikini photos.

Why FB tolerated such abuse is beyond me? FB took off accounts and pages for the slightest offense. But not this balant abuse of threat and harassment?

Check it out yourself. Register a complaint and see if FB care.

Not that there were no complaints. Still you have 122 dunkus who liked the page. That was how Bikinigate started.

Is that how “our global hero (zero)” behaves towards old ladies who had been his most ardent supporters, before waking up? Denise worked tirelessly for more than 2 years, footing out-of-pocket expenses to keep the global and universal voice of freedom and humanity hopes afloat.

Jean Haines recently revealed she had “loaned” out $300,000 to Neil Keenan to further the cause of “freeing the world from Cabal-controlled financial tyranny”. Little did they know they were taken for a ride by the duo (Drake & Keenan). As we dig more into the duo's hidden past, our previous assertion that Keenan & Drake had been secretly working for the Cabal, does not seem so far fetched after all.

By the looks of things, Thomas Williams was probably assigned as their handler. All Cabal assets have handlers to keep them in line. That is why Thomas Williams is trying so hard to contain the fallout of Keenan's recklessness and indiscretion. As you can see, he is fighting a losing battle with Amin. He attacked the messenger, instead of chastising Keenan, the offending dirty old man. A sure sign, Thomas is their handler.

Cabal & global geo-politics.

If you really think Neil Keenan was in Indonesia purely to chase “dragons” and to recover the fools' gold, then you are really naive. Indonesia has been a Cabal-controlled country since the Oct 1, 1965 abortive coup and anti-communist purge. The same Cabal-CIA plot that got JFK assassinated on 11-22-1963, toppled President Soekarno too, 2 years later. The fall of the aging President Suharto in 1998 was part of the Cabal's plan following the 1997 Asian Financial crisis (part of their grand plan). After decades of plundering Indonesia's wealth, the cabal and their aging dictator (Suharto) were losing grip on the awakening young Indonesian population, amidst severe economic and political crises. The Cabal was hoping to make a come-back to the Suharto dictator style-grip on Indonesia by backing Prabowo Subianto. A former Suharto general, Prabowo is also the son-in-law (by marriage to Suharto's second daughter, deceased). The 3rd Indonesian presidential election was held on July 9, 2014.

Keenan was part of the Cabal's boots-on-the-ground covert operation to gather ground information, to dispense “goodies” and to infiltrate the local population. The GCA was just the cover. It makes sense why Keenan was able to fly in and out of Indonesia, stayed in first class hotels (all expenses paid) for long periods of time unhindered. Of course, he had to invent assassination attempts on his life to keep the public fooled. Talk about magic portions to counter poisoning and gas leaks? Come on, give me a break.

If Keenan was really working against the Cabal, he wouldn't be able to stay in Jakarta for so long, alive and in one piece. You think the Cabal would allow him to escape and routinely broadcast the truth? It works to the Cabal's advantage to mislead the world, for the sheeple to obediently sit in the Drake Wait Club while they (desperately) tried to trigger the global WWIII-Armageddon. What is the greatest threat to their planned global genocidal schemes? Mass awakening. That is why it is so important to out Drake, Keenan & Co. and all those WMDs who had been doing the Cabal's bidding in mass deception.

Keenan will never openly admit he is a Cabal asset. The Cabal will use him and Drake as long as there are still fools waiting to be slaughtered in the Wait Club. So how do we prove this? Simple. If you tell a lie, you have to keep inventing new lies to cover the previous ones. All lies have a shelf-life and truth eventually prevails. The Cabal knows that. That is why a global WWIII-Armageddon is needed to reset their collapsing house of cards before the truth reaches critical mass traction. Keenan and Drake were designated to keep as many people as possible in the Wait-to-be-Culled club. Now you know why he kept using the “2 weeks from now” or “going to happen anytime now” routine to keep the sheeple masses sedated with false hopes and bad medicine.

Keenan's crooked past, not relevant?

The past is the key to the future and the truth. Much of Keenan's crooked past is hidden in plain sight. And there are plenty of admission from Neil Keenan himself. Just too many to elaborate here. So we will just pick one (the Irish passport question) to illustrate.

In the Cease & Desist order issued by Keenan & Keith Scott dated May 14, 2012, Keenan chose to use his Irish passport no 4066301 with no proof (image) that it was a legitimate one. We all know Keenan is of Irish descendent but is he really holding a dual citizenship (Irish & US)? But why would he choose to display his expired (clipped) US passport? Yeah, to emphasize he was (and still is) a US citizen. Wouldn't it be simpler just to use only one US passport, instead of exposing his previously unknown Irish citizenship. Even if his Irish citizenship is legitimate, it is not very smart of him to expose himself to the Cabal this way. This shows he was not afraid of the Cabal knowing his dual citizenship. If he was working against the Cabal as he claimed, his secret Irish passport might come handy in escaping detection at the Cabal-controlled airports. And we all know Keenan is not an idiot.

Could it be that Keenan has no valid US passport, since it was cancelled before its expiry on Dec 11, 2010? One could argue that he was being prudent in not exposing his current valid US passport. But he is already known to be a US citizen (admitted in many documents). So what is the point in hiding the obvious? Keenan needs to be a legitimate US citizen to file his 11-22-2011 law suit in the US. When the shoe does not fit, we have to look at the untold story that fits.

In reality, Keenan works covertly for the Cabal under the CIA informer-infiltrator programme. And where did the CIA recruit him from? From the prison, of course. Freedom in exchange for his boots-on-the-ground information and involvement in covert “regime change” operations. That is why his release date was unknown. His cancelled US passport shows that he was born in Rhode Island on Sept 10, 1951. Fits the BOP record of one Neil Francis Keenan who is 63 years of age in 2014.

If Keenan was working for the Cabal / CIA, Keenan could have easily obtained a legitimate US passport. Legit in form but not in substance. Precisely the point of investigation any anti-Cabal researcher would pursue. Any prisoner serving sentence would have his passport cancelled (real reason Keenan's passport was cancelled?). Technically, Keenan is still a prisoner (release unknown) and hence can never have a legitimate US passport, no matter how genuine the form. Were the CIA and Keenan afraid, truth researchers would look into his criminal past? It didn't help to have millions poring over Obama's forged birth certificate and passport questions when Obama ran for office in 2008. Rather than have a concrete proof of being a planted Cabal-controlled agent, Keenan chose to publicly display his Irish passport number in the Cease & Desist order. To keep researchers confused?

According to Bill Asa Taylor ( in an article “Who is Neil Keenan?” published on Sept 7, 2014, Keenan's previous lawsuit (before the 11-22-2011 lawsuit) was filed in 1998. But actually, his last documented US court case was on March 11, 2002, Supreme Court of Rhode Island, Neil F. Keenan vs L. Caroline Somberg. It was his child custody case (appeal).
The other 1995 case, 95-cv-00557, Keenan v. U.S. Parole Commission, and was a motion to vacate sentence which was ultimately denied. Here again is a filing of a motion to vacate sentence. Federal Rules of Procedure limits motions to vacate sentence to one attempt and placing a time limit on how long you have to file. I think the limitation is 1 year but I’d have to check. Since there is a single time limitation for any particular sentence, the multiple filings to vacate sentence implies that there should be multiple sentences given to Neil F. Keenan.
The last case is the interesting one. It was filed in 1998 by Neil Keenan and Neil Keenan Associates against a slew of people and entities including Aer Lingus and British Airways. The suit alleges that Neil got into business with some people who became greedy and decided to get Neil out of the picture so that could profit from his connections without having to give him any money. Neil contended in the lawsuit, which was filed in Florida, that some of his partners got him arrested in the Dominican Republic by planting drugs in his hotel room. When I read about what Neil F. Keenan got into with these guys it rings so much like basically an attempted quick money scheme in which the prime players turned on one another out of greed.
The plaintiff, Neil F. Keenan (plaintiff or Keenan), appeals from a Family Court order denying his petition for visitation or, in the alternative, visitation and joint custody of Tyler Somberg (Tyler), the son of the defendant, L. Caroline Somberg (Somberg or defendant), who was born on September 22, 1993. Keenan argued that in denying him custody and visitation rights, the trial justice overlooked material evidence and was clearly wrong. Somberg maintained that because Keenan is not related to the child by blood or marriage, the Family Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear Keenan's motion and that plaintiff had no legal standing to bring this action.

Now does this fit the timeline of Keenan's passport?

Given his shady business background and con-artist profession, Keenan was the perfect candidate to be recruited by the Cabal. Instead of languishing in jail, Keenan found the perfect master to work for. Keenan could talk big and do whatever he likes, except to reveal who he really works for and to get the job done (“git r done” ~ Drake Kent Bailey). For a boastful con-artist like Keenan, this is the best of both worlds. And he gets to boast about meeting Presidents like Putin and Xi Jinping, personally pissing off Queen Elizabeth and blocking David Rockefeller boarding the yacht (purported 2011 Monaco Accord), without getting into trouble. Keenan's dream job. The CIA had no problem issuing him a valid US passport (Z-8205672) on Dec 18, 2000.

His first foreign assignment was probably Bulgaria; a couple of years before the former Soviet country joined NATO in 2004. For an uncouth gangster who has been in the run with the law, in and out of courts; it is pretty strange to have a court-absence from 2002 to 2011. Again can be explained if Keenan was busy running covert operations in foreign countries. His lavish mafia life-style sponsored by the US tax payer money.

Keenan was probably involved in the deliberately planned 2008 global financial crisis too. The Cabal suffered heavy losses, after the planned crash did not not go according to PLAN. The masses in Iceland did not meekly surrender and die off. Instead, they threw the banksters and the corrupt govt out.

The rest, as they say, is history. The Cabal could not afford the Iceland's story and 2008 Financial Crash that went wildly-out-of-schedule, be repeated in the financial crashes planned for every year since 2010. Hence, the Cabal put more effort in crisis acting, false flags, psyops-infiltration and mass-incitement-control. Keenan, Drake, David Wilcock & Ben Fulford were some of the Cabal's best whores of mass deception (WMDs). Each is worth more than a 10,000 troopers in controlling the opposition.

Why did the Cabal's giant corps need massive cash injection, immediately after the 2008 Financial Crash?

The Cabal's giant corps were mobilised for the great kill (mass wealth transfer) in the deliberate 2008 Financial Crash. It was a sure bet in a rigged horse race. Trillions of dollars were poured into manipulating the global markets and financial instruments. 911 was a huge financial success for the Cabal. Why shouldn't the 2008 Financial Crash be? Why hold back for the grand financial kill to decimate the competition and impoverish the unsuspecting world?

Unfortunately for the Cabal, the 2008 Financial Crash did not run as planned. Delays and uncertainties upset the delicate timing and the crash went out of schedule and out of planned path. All of the Cabal's cronies suffered hefty losses. They had to be bailed out using more than 800 billions US tax-payers' fund; TARF (Troubled Assets Relief Funds) in US alone.

Because of the 2008 terrible experience (for the Cabal), the Cabal became less cocksure of financial success in bursting their financial bubbles. So when market trends do not follow their projected path, the Cabal prematurely abort the financial crash planned for that particular year; but not the planned mega disasters. Most planned mega disasters / accidents can't be pulled back without exposing their devious schemes. That explains the unprecedented increase in mega disasters since 2010. As technology improves, there should have been less, NOT more industrial mega accidents.

We had been asked how Keenan, the Dragon Family, Soekarno Gold and the trillions of assets, all fit into this?
Simple. When a gambler lost all his money in a casino, what options does he have? Either he commits suicide or return to the casino table to recoup his losses. In the second option, massive capital injection is needed. Same with the Cabal. Chances are, money lost were not theirs to lose in the first place. Much of it were leveraged funds that needed to be squared off immediately, days after trading contracts expire. How to raise mega funds without hyperinflation?

Well, the FED had a devious scheme. The physical gold FED had, had been auctioned off too many times already. So they flocked an old horse back to life; the legendary Yamashita gold and all the pre-WWII gold from Asia. The FED would print high quality fake bonds (deliberate flaws detectable only by experts), on the basis of these concocted fools' gold. There may well be some truth and some disseminated quantities of gold hidden, here and there. But 41 trillions of dollars (last inflated count) of gold, is just fairy tales plucked from thin air.

The FED could inject these trillions of fake bonds backed by legendary gold for short term collateral. That way, the Cabal cronies can still have massive funds to manipulate and play the global casino, cash out the winnings to redeem the highly leveraged loans and disappear the fake bonds. The scam is repeated for each deliberately planned disaster like BPGOD, 311 Fukushima, MH370, oil depot/pipeline explosion, train derailments and lately, manufactured Flash Market Crash (May6, 2010, Apr 24 2013).

A false report of explosions at the White House that wiped out $136 billion from the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index in about two minutes highlighted the risks of the computerized trading that dominates the $18 trillion market.

The S&P 500 was up about 1 percent at about 1,578 at 1:07 p.m. New York time today when a posting on the Associated Press Twitter account said there had been explosions at the White House and President Barack Obama had been injured. The benchmark gauge for American stocks erased almost the entire gain, falling as low as 1,563.03 by 1:10 p.m. The index recovered from the plunge within three minutes as the news service said its Twitter account had been hacked and there were no explosions. The S&P 500 ended the session up 1 percent at 1,578.78.
The Flash Crash of May 6, 2010, was more than a mere technical glitch. A hedge fund in Dallas lost several million dollars when the price of options it was buying suddenly spiked from 90 cents to $30 per contract. A man named Mike McCarthy lost $17,000 because his order to sell shares in Procter & Gamble Co. happened to be executed at roughly 2:46 p.m., just after the price hit rock bottom.

The crash brought a different kind of trouble for the Kansas-based investment company Waddell & Reed Financial Inc. In a September 2010 report, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission fingered a single “fundamental seller” -- easily identified as Waddell & Reed -- as the culprit behind the crash. At 2:32 p.m., the report asserted, the company triggered a cascade of selling by trying to unload 75,000 so-called E-mini futures contracts, the value of which reflects investors’ perceptions about the future of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. “Lone $4.1 Billion Sale Led to `Flash Crash’ in May,” the New York Times duly reported.

If some parties outside the Cabal's elite circle, try the same trick, they would be charged and jailed for financial frauds. So far so good until the Chiasso Incident in June 2009 when the Cabal's 2 Japanese agents were unexpectedly caught at the Italy-Switzerland border (Chiasso border crossing). They had not expected this to happen since the Japanese were travelling under diplomatic immunity.
“Italy’s financial police (Guardia italiana di Finanza) has seized US bonds worth US 134.5 billion from two Japanese nationals at Chiasso (40 km from Milan) on the border between Italy and Switzerland. They include 249 US Federal Reserve bonds worth US$ 500 million each, plus ten Kennedy bonds and other US government securities worth a billion dollars each. Italian authorities have not yet determined whether they are real or fake, but if they are real the attempt to take them into Switzerland would be the largest financial smuggling operation in history; if they are fake, the matter would be even more mind-boggling because the quality of the counterfeit work is such that the fake bonds are undistinguishable from the real ones.”

On March 30, 2009, the US Treasury Department announced that USD 134.5 billion remained in its Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). The amount was coincidentally $134.5 billion.
The US Treasury has since declared the bonds to be fake. See Glen Beck’s take on this at!

Keenan & co were quickly mobilised to control the exposure of the fake bonds and to allay market fears. The last thing they needed was for the incident to spiral out of control. They had the BP Gulf Oil disaster (BPGOD) planned for late 2009. But because of this and other stumbling blocks, BPGOD was postponed several times to April 20, 2010. Apparently, Keenan did a pretty decent con-artist job and the problem was buried long enough for BPGOD and subsequent 311 Fukushima mega disasters to happen. However, the big payoff crash in Oct 2011 failed to materialise. Keenan had no choice but to run wild with his bizarre 11-22-2011 lawsuit. If Keenan wasn't working for the Cabal, he would have been thrown into jail for such a fraudulent lawsuit. But the Judiciary was Cabal-controlled too. They looked the other way.

Keenan's bizzare 11-22-2011 lawsuit was meant to hype up the concocted pre-WWII gold legend. The more fools' gold Keenan pumped into the legend, the more funds the Cabal could inflate to keep the ailing monetary system afloat until WWIII-Armageddon could spark off. With each annual failure, Keenan had to inflate the golden assets to cover back the losses for the failed-to-materialise disaster scam.

They were pretty sure the world would go up in flames with the London Summer Olympic. Then it was postponed to winter of 2012 (Maya End of Time).

Drake was pretty confident of the reset at the start of 2012. By summer, he was damned sure it would all go up in smoke. When the Cabal aborted the WWIII-Armageddon in the summer of 2012, Drake was still cocksure it would all happen by winter solstice of 2012. But Keenan had a problem. The lawsuit was up for hearing. Damn! Keenan had no choice but to withdraw the suit or else be exposed.

But if Keenan could hype up the story, the masses could still be persuaded to wait in Drake's Wait Club. For the Cabal, they needed to keep investors' confidence and oil prices up too before the crash. But how many times can you cry wolf? Russian Meteor Strike - Boston Marathon False flag came and went in spring of 2013. Then 2013 Autumn series with the 1007 Charleston Nuke (detonated in the Atlantic Ocean instead) and 1122 QingDao gas explosion were contained without much financial turbulence. Of course, we now know that Ukraine-MH370-MH17 crises were all attempts by the Cabal to spark off the ever elusive WWIII-Armageddon.

So while Drake and Keenan are only some small farts in the Cabal global schemes, they played some important minor roles. Naturally, the Cabal elites keep the master plan to themselves. While Drake and Keenan were given some compartmentalized roles and objectives, they are not idiots and should have known some dark shades of evil behind their shenanigans. Both have sold their souls to the devil.

Was Keenan in Indonesia solely for the Global Collateral Accounts or was “information gathering for the Cabal” the real hidden operation? Why did he let his guards down on September 22, 2 months after the President-elect Joko Widodo was confirmed victorious against Cabal-preferred candidate, General Prabowo Subianto. There was intense effort to deny Joko Widodo his rightful presidency. The Cabal and CIA must have worked very hard to overturn the 53-47% popular vote in favour of Joko Widodo. No wonder Keenan was so dejected. Did he turn to playing bouncing balls and ogling naked sexy girls on FB, to fill up his time while waiting for the next assignment. Like in India, the Cabal misread the ground information. Too late to dislodge Modi (the new PM elect of India) and Joko (the new President elect of Indonesia). The Cabal has to eat humble pie for now and concentrate on contaminating (read corrupt) both new heads of state with new corruption teams. Keenan's work in Indonesia is finished. He had to leave Indonesian before the October 20 Presidential swearing-in ceremony. This untold story fits like a shoe.

Otherwise, it doesn't make sense for Keenan to suddenly leave Indonesia, before the purported crucial opening the Global Collateral Accounts. You can bet that Keenan, Drake, Thomas Williams and other WMDs at Cosmic Voice, will create further distractions and postpone the opening of the Collateral Accounts.

Italian police order $6 trillion in fake US bonds seized

17th February 2012, Comments2 comments
Italian anti-mafia prosecutors ordered Friday the seizure in Switzerland of fake US Treasury bonds with a face value of $6.0 trillion (4.6 trillion euros) -- or over a third of US national debt.
The bonds were found hidden in false compartments in three safety deposit boxes transferred in 2007 from Hong Kong to Zurich and eight arrests have also been made in Italy as part of the investigation, prosecutors said.
Investigators said that members of a criminal network had tried to use the bonds in emerging markets or give them to banks in exchange for money.
The bonds were dated 1934 and one of the deposit boxes also contained a fake of the Treaty of Versailles, which investigators said could have been used to justify the sums involved as payments between states following World War I.
The operation was "the biggest for this type of investigation," Giovanni Colangelo, the head of the prosecutor's office in the city of Potenza in southern Italy which is leading the investigation, told reporters.
"Everything began with an investigation into mafia clans in the Vulture-Melfese area" in the southern Basilicata region, Colangelo said.
The investigation has allowed detectives to uncover "an international network with people implicated in numerous countries," he said, adding that he believed that more fake bonds were still hidden.
Contacted by AFP, the US embassy in Rome declined to comment.
Prosecutors said experts from the US Federal Reserve and the embassy had examined the fake bonds and found they were high quality.
"The counterfeiting of bonds, the transfer of the deposit boxes from Hong Kong to Switzerland, the global travel (of the suspects) had an enormous cost and we think that the interests are at a high level," Colangelo said.
Friday's was by no means the first seizure of fake US bonds by Italian authorities but by far the one with the highest face value.
In September 2009, Italian police seized $116 billion in phoney bonds and arrested two Filipino nationals carrying them at Milan's airport.
In June of the same year police arrested two Japanese nationals on the Italian-Swiss border carrying bonds with a face value of $134 billion.
© 2012 AFP

Editor's remarks: There are always some dunkoffs born every minute in the world somewhere. They really believe the 1934 gold bonds held by Keenan to be real. Fools believe in Fools' gold that's why they are dunkoff!

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    This relates to the Keenan Lawsuit and matters related to the Financial Tyranny articles by David Wilcock... The key here is that when the authorities call the bonds "counterfeit" what they are really telling you is that they are based on something real and therefore contrary to the headline of that article, they are not "fake" after all!


  1. Neil Keenan's lifestyle of financial havoc and misuse of women first surfaced with the Keenan vs Somberg lawsuit. His false paternity suit shows his lack of integrity. I finally understand how Ms L. Caroline Somberg was so traumatized. Her only mistake was being under his influence. Understand his tyrant behavior just now documented by an USA marine after directed employment by a concerned citizen.

  2. Caroline Somberg deserves an apology and understanding. Past influenced the present.Reach out and heal.

  3. An apology??? When she freely chooses to sleep with a pig, that makes her a pig, too. When the relationship break up happened, she became a victim. What a joke.