Friday, February 28, 2014

Follow the Golden Brick Road, Part I, by Robert J. Miller

“People are ‘awakening’ to the fact that something is radically wrong with our collective civilization, but to understand what is going on and why, we need to see it all — everything — the whole picture, including how and why things ever got this distorted in the first place.
“The short answer is Mankind has been programmed-to-be-programmed, and throughout our collective history there are those who have always known this fact and have known exactly how to do it on a massive scale. To illustrate the point, ask yourself how any mother or father could send his or her son off to war to be possibly killed or maimed for life if he or she knew that the war was deliberately planned and orchestrated to serve and benefit a privileged few?”
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“Gold and Silver is money. Everything else is credit.” J.P. Morgan
In our previous article, Down the Rabbit Hole, we made some very bold statements and brought to light some very important facts. The first of which was ‘We the American public as well as the vast majority of people throughout the world have been deliberately and deceitfully kept in the dark.’ We need to fully awaken to this fact and realize that the reasons for the horrific carnage that has taken place throughout our known history are seated in something much deeper and much more profound than simple greed, lust for power or ‘national security.’
We need to open our minds and hearts to ‘all possibility’ to see how in historical context, ‘all the pieces’ line up and fit into place revealing a pattern of mass manipulation and betrayal. As we expose the facts, prepare to be shocked and in some ways horrified because the ‘larger picture’ and the atrocities which have been perpetrated in the name of peace, prosperity and freedom are almost beyond belief.
The answers are there to be found and can be discovered by uncovering and analyzing historical clues from our past, by cross-referencing intersecting and overlapping facts and timelines that otherwise might appear to be, or have been made to appear to be, a chaotic collage of non-related events.
In Down The Rabbit Hole we focused on two major events in our recent history: the JFK Assassination and the attacks on 911 in an effort to understand the ‘real’ truth behind world events, but more importantly to graphically illustrate how the cabal actually operates — how those in power will go to any lengths to attain their objectives and conceal their culpability. In the article we state the two official versions of what took place on those infamous days, then provide a few key clues that clearly indicate otherwise.
These two examples alone should be enough for anyone to examine, causing them to wake up to the fact that we have been intentionally deceived by those we have empowered to lead us and that the sustained effort to lie, deny and misinform is further proof that our trust has been grossly misplaced.
In-depth investigation into either of these two tragic events should lead us all to understanding the direct linkage and association to 1947 and the Roswell incident and the birth of the Breakaway Civilization right through to the present day.

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