Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shadows of 911 deception

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Before we look at the fake photos of 911, let's get our orientation right with the correct perspective of the sun's shadow defined by its altitude (tangent of shadow) and azimuth (with reference to true north). Follow us as we go through the journey of discriminating the truth and facts from fakery.

At 8:45am on 21 Sept 2001, the sun's shadow azimuth is 297 deg; casting a shadow in perfect alignment with the northern and southern sides of the WTC -1 and WTC-2 towers. (marked N1, S1, N2, S2 on the sat. imagery).

At 10:00am, the azimuth is 315.6 deg and the altitude is 29 deg. On 24 June 2012 (day this imagery was taken) the azimuth (azi) and altitude (alt) would have been 311.7 and 43.8 deg respectively. Using the same scientific calculations, this imagery was shot at 17:05pm.

you want proof of 911 fakery? Here's one to start with.

another paid dis-info documentary film. Need we say more?

This composite video was prepared using pre-911 backdrop, certainly not at 9:03 am on Sept 11, 2001. If they have to fake this and many other 2nd plane collision videos, then 911 was definitely a false flag inside job. Why were no MSM presstitudes investigated and prosecuted for abetting this crime of mass destruction?

This is yet another result of our challenge to our members to prove that the live broadcasts were prerecorded fakes and that no passenger planes (767) hit the towers. Drones, guided missiles or some other military weaponised may be. But certainly not a 767 or any hollow aluminium plane. 

is there an exemption for 911 smoke plumes to defy the laws of nature? Guess 911 like Boston Bombing is more smoke than fire.

Proves once & for all, live recording of smoking-impact-explosion Twin Towers were fake.

How could so many live feeds recorded from so many different locations including aerial shots from choppers, shoot the smoking Twin Towers with the same angle, altitude & spherical distortion but not the backdrop?

Another Hollywood Studio production.

clear evidence fake planes were photoshopped

Evidence of Physics of Impossibility. Too many discrepancies in the smoke plume, photo shot angles, building etc. Impact explosions used instead of "planes" since drones, missiles or other weaponry could have been used in conjunction with the fake "live" footage to produce the physical effects on Ground zero on the morning of 911. 

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