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Why are the Korpo-Ratz Banksters abandoning the Royal Families & Pope?

  • Because the Korpo-Ratz Banksters are having problems of their own that threaten the Rothschild global banking empire. 

  • Because of that, the Korpo-Ratz Banksters have to quickly move to install their Zionist NWO regime or secretly known as ZOOWE (Zionist-controlled Oil One World Empire). It is now or never.

  • For the last 100 years, the POPE and Royal Families of Europe had been propped up by the Zionist Korpo-Ratz Banksters who are better known as the Ashkenazi Jews whose ancestors came from Khazar. They are as genetically Jewish as the Chinese and Black Africans who had converted to the Jewish faith.   

  • For centuries, the outcast miserly Ashkenazi Jews had used money and devious means to elevate themselves into the royal circles of Europe. Even while the European Royal Empires (especially the British Empire) were at their peaks, the Zionist Korpo-Ratz Banksters were already plotting their host empires downfall and nurturing their secret global imperial ambition. The imperial Rothschild dynasty to rule over the New World Order regime. 

  • Out with the Old Order of Europe (royal families lineage and the Papal religious order). The imperial Rothschild family would quickly move in to fill up the imperial power vacuum.   

  • For the last 100 years, the Zionist Korpo-Ratz Banksters had been corrupting the Royal Families and the Vatican corridors of power with every imaginable vices...... greed, gambling, murders, child sex, satanic ritualism, prostitution, gay sex, drugs etc.  To precipitate their public disgrace and downfall, evidence of their hideous crimes are leaked out. Public anger and disgust will do the rest. 

  • Not that we sympathize with the Pope and Royal Families. We, the people must be more vary of the NWO authoritarian regime that is to take over. ZOOWE will be more ruthless, controlling and devious than any previous empire we have ever known. How are they going to achieve their stated goal of reducing the world's population of 7 billion to just 0.5 billion subservient slaves? Genocide of course, in many forms. 

  • GMO, Vaccines, manmade epidemic, Chemtrails, fake poisonous snow, weaponised natural calamities like Super Typhoon HaiYan, Super Hurricane Sandy, mega quakes and tsunami, planned industrial accidents, inflated bubbles and financial collapse. These were all plotted, financed and engineered by the Zionist Korpo-Ratz Banksters not for fun but to forward their hidden real agenda. 

  • Your job is to stop them by awakening, to stop feeding the monsters and to starve the system of energy to take complete control of the world. Do it if you do not want to see your children and grandchildren as subservient slaves.  ZOOWE has been planned and incubating for more than 200 years. Empires built in haste by swift brutal conquests fall just as fast. ZOOWE had been planned to outlast all previous great empires by at least a few thousand years. For our future generations, the suffering under ZOOWE will be eternal.


The Queen looking stressed and drained, follow paedophile arrest warrant, issued by former Military Police Man, Matt Taylor.

The Queen’s face etched with fear, following paedophile arrest warrant, ordered by former Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor.
The Queen has granted herself (and her family) a new right of absolutely secrecy unsurpassed in British history, in an attempt to cover up paedophile claims and arrest warrants.
Royal Family granted new right of Absolute secrecy.
Looking visibly shaken and exhausted after the relentless attack on her crown, the Queen has taken this last ditched attempt to silence the paedophile rumours in connection with the Yewtree police investigation and her Jimmy Savile connections.
The Queen is taking the only option she has open, to pull down the shutters and hope for the best.
By granting herself absolute protection from public scrutiny, (in the most controversial move of her Monarchy), she hopes to draw a veil of secrecy over:
  • The paedophile rumours.
  • The arrest warrant ordered by ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, against her and David Cameron for sex crimes against children.
  • The arrest warrant issued by David Compan which indicted the Queen and her husband in the 1964 disappearance of ten indigent children of the Canadian Kamloops Indian Residential School, who were last seen heading for a picnic with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, never to be seen again. To this day, grieving parents haven’t seen them since.(Its worthy of note: Last week British citizen David Compan was twice arrested without charges, accosted and drugged, as was his wife. He remained incarcerated for at least a month in the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre, until pressure from the public secured his release.)
  • Her involvement in Princess Diana’s death.
  • The “Extravagant and Indulgent” abuse of the public purse by junior Royals and their friends.
  • Satanic Worship.
The Queen is Guilty.
On Feb. 25 2013 six judges on Brussels international court found Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 37 other elites guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.
An arrest warrant was served on Ratzinger, who immediately resigned from office.
The Vatican/Brighton Connection.
The Vatican/Brighton Connection.

Queen Beatrix steps down as Willem-Alexander becomes first Dutch king in 100 years

The Netherlands has its first king in over a century after Queen Beatrix officially abdicated.
Her eldest son Willem-Alexander has ascended to the throne, ending his mother’s 33-year reign after she signed the official act of abdication at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

Queen Beatrix
Orange-clad well-wishers outside the Royal Palace in Amsterdam (Picture: AFP/Getty)

The 75-year-old appeared visibly emotional as she signed the document, but she smiled warmly after greeting thousands of orange-clad well-wishers who waited for the royal family to appear on the palace balcony.
Forty-six-year-old father-of-three King Willem-Alexander is the first Dutch king since Willem III died in 1890.
His popular Argentinean-born wife becomes Queen Maxima, while their eldest daughter Catharina-Amalia, nine, becomes Princess Orange and first in line to the throne.

The Pope and the Pedophilia Scandal

Published: March 24, 2010
Pope Benedict XVI’s latest apology for the emerging global scandal of child abuse by predatory priests — an issue that the Roman Catholic Church should have engaged years ago — is strong on forgiveness but far short of the full accountability that Catholics need for repairing their damaged church.


Times Topics: Pope Benedict XVI

Readers’ Comments

Readers shared their thoughts on this article.
With the scandal spreading across Europe, Benedict apologized to Irish Catholics last week for the “sinful and criminal” sexual abuse of thousands of children across decades. But he made no mention of the need to discipline diocesan leaders most responsible for shielding hundreds of priests from criminal penalties by moving them from parish to parish to continue their crimes.
The pope’s apology fell short not only for Catholics in Ireland, but for those in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, where hundreds of new allegations are emerging to be investigated by a Vatican office that has but 10 workers to do the job. Benedict’s promise of a special Vatican inquiry into the Irish scandal came across as too little, too late, considering it took two scathing investigations by the Irish government to prod the Vatican into action. One of these found church officials were able to convince Dublin police to join in their cover-up.
German Catholics are questioning Benedict’s role nearly 30 years ago when, as archbishop of Munich, he allowed the transfer of a priest molester. That priest had managed to remain at work until last week when he was suspended as the scandal grew with news media scrutiny. There are also questions about Benedict’s directive as a Vatican cardinal in 2001 that bishops worldwide were to keep pedophilia investigations secret under threat of ex-communication.
The Vatican insists this was to protect the innocent and never intended to encourage what has been established as a widespread failure by church officials to alert police to the criminal abuse of children. As pope, Benedict emphasized the duty to tell civil authorities, but church secrecy has been a hallmark defense by numerous dioceses that have fought in the courts against a full accounting to pedophilia victims.
It was hard to see how Vatican officials did not draw the lessons of the grueling scandal in the United States, where more than 700 priests were dismissed over a three-year period. But then we read Laurie Goodstein’s disturbing report in The Times on Thursday about how the pope, while he was still a cardinal, was personally warned about a priest who had molested as many as 200 deaf boys. But church leaders chose to protect the church instead of the children. The report illuminated the kind of behavior the church was willing to excuse to avoid scandal.

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