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Metastases Gulf. Part 15-2: Who had weapons Tesla September 11, 2001?

This article is written in Russian by Sister Mary, translated to English by Google.
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Street beneath my feet heaving as if it was an earthquake
 (I have previously experienced an earthquake, and I know what it is). I saw my way rushing stream of people: firefighters, police officers, doctors. I have not seen, from which they escape, but decided it was better to be ahead of the flow and just ran away to the west, towards the river. Very quickly, we were covered with a large black cloud . I ran through the park, on the sides of the machine continued to explode . I did not look back, because I could see nothing around was solid black. I ran and fell, bumping into people who crawled on the ground, seeing nothing.

In the northern part of the park there was little visibility, and I began to look at the sky because the police captain said that our side is flying another plane. And I saw two planes left and right, and the center between them was another plane - very far, probably over Jersey or something. And then he was gone. I saw a small ball of fire, and he was gone. aircraft turned into a fireball and disappeared . Two other aircraft completed a turn and went in opposite directions. [7]

I ran farther north. [About 10 blocks from the World Trade Center, I saw our car service and] blocks in 15 saw another, and found Jose Perez and Joseph Valdivia (before he was my partner). I told them about what had happened, that the command center is destroyed, and said, in any case can not go there. I asked them to go to the side of Westchester, to the north.

Approached us lieutenant emergency services Dilion Bobby and said that we should go to the south (to the third quarter from the WTC). We told him "you're crazy, the focal point is destroyed, everything is dead," but he kept saying "go there." I told him about what I saw there, but he would not hear.

I've got an urgent chest pain, and I began to choke. While I was running all the time I breathed this black muck, and now began a bit of a cough black slime. The more I coughed, the stronger was the pain in his chest. In addition, the left hand started to hurt and the entire left half of the body. Lieutenant Hanlon approached and asked if I'm okay. I said that I have pains in my chest and I need in the hospital.

I was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital . There I was given an oxygen mask and then laid on a stretcher in our ambulance. Then I still do not understand what happened. I just remember that when I was running, someone shouted over the radio: «SOS! SOS! Blocked me "- and then there was a ... loud buzzing sound and then 20-30 minutes that way the air was silent . [8] Then the connection was restored, and the first message was that the North Tower tipped.

After about five minutes after this message (and we then drove away [from the hospital]) we saw the second tower falls in 20 blocks away. We Jose driver shouted: "drive!".And as we drove, debris pounded on the back door "emergency". And I thought, but what was with all those who listened to that lieutenant and returned there? [I lost many of my colleagues], and stopped to consider how, when she reached number 60.

Metastases Gulf.  Part 15-2: Who had weapons Tesla September 11, 2001?
Left: Covered in dust, but surviving Americans wander away from the place where the symbol of financial power of America. symbolic . Right: Installation of directed energy , made ​​the largest contractor for the Pentagon, by Raytheon .

Rest of the day I spent in St. Vincent's Hospital, and [more] spent three days at the hospital. I could not sleep, I had nightmares. Three weeks I could not eat properly. Then I went to see an internist, because the street I started having an asthma attack, and I could not breathe. This was one of the reasons for my imminent dismissal. I have been two broken ribs, but I realized it a few days later. A few months I have remained "WTC cough", it was an extremely "get" dry cough without expectoration, which was more like cramping than a cough. Wake up because of this cough at night and sometimes almost lose consciousness of what you can not catch your breath. Thank God, he eventually passed.

[I went back to the place where the World Trade Center was three days later. Our offices participated in the collection of materials and data for mortuaries, and in case someone get hurt while working among the ruins. I entered on the Journal morgue finds - tooth, hand or something. There has never been any personal items - watches, wallets and jewelry. were completely gray-black fragments . Personally, I never saw a single large fragment which one could definitely say that it from the table, a chair or a number.]

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