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Part II - details of "intentional" shoddy forgery workmanship in Keenan's Amanah Asset papers.

Part 1:
Shoddy forgery exposed in 1963 Green Hilton Agreement docs presented by Keenan - by GrandeLander (Sept 5, 2014)

updated Sept 22, 2014

In order to understand Neil Keenan's forgery & deception in his well-publicised Cease & Desist Order dated May14, 2012,  we need to listen to his previous (long) interview with David Wilcock which was published on Feb 9, 2012.
NK: I have been told that because of our issuance of the C & D in the Financial Tyranny report, Dr. Edy Seno has been threatened by someone only identified as the Cabal. 

It was not just one call, but many that have concerned Dr. Seno. 

Although anyone has the right to be frightened when their lives are threatened, I would like to make it perfectly clear to the Cabal at this time that Dr. Seno has signed over all rights to the Accounts -- in an Agreement signed on the 6th of November 2011. 
Note: Keenan's lawsuit dated 11.22.2011 (on behalf of the Dragon Family, nothing to do with this Amanah Papers, in his own words) on 11.23.2011. Dr. Seno was not involved in that lawsuit. 

It does not matter who calls and threatens Dr. Seno, seeing he has no legal control over the Accounts any longer. If they wish to make calls and threaten people, then they should call me. 

But save your calls, because I will most likely put the phone down and let you speak to no one in particular -- and let you blab for 30 or 40 minutes while I'm in the other room, running up your phone bill. 

So, in essence what I am telling you is that we do not care about threats, because the actual threat is in the opening of the books. 

So, if some fool decides to just play with us, that fool might actually find himself facing such people as the Cabal -- explaining why he did such a foolish thing, and was the one responsible for why our associates had to open the books. 

I have since learned that the phone call did not come from the Bush Cabal, as I had heard, but from some unnamed person. Despite this, it is important for everyone to understand that Edy Seno has finally divested himself of this obligation -- in accordance with the aforementioned agreement.


Neil Keenan 

DW: And now, here is the Cease and Desist notice as it was sent to me. 
Preface To Cease and Desist.
On November 11, 1961, the President of the United States has agreed and attested that:

Ownership of the Assets committed under terms of agreement between President John F. Kennedy of the United States and President Soekarno of Indonesia on November 10, 1961, and further committed under the Collective Agreement, when signed on March 1, 1971, then based on the certificates issued by UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland), is private ownership. 

Therefore, as signed and witnessed, as ratified and confirmed, the ownership shall pass unbroken to the successor as named in Family or otherwise mentioned. 

Recognized for legal access, control and authority in breach of the Treaty, the Heir and Successor named -- and/or those he shall appoint and/or designate -- shall control as ownership change of the ownership name of the ownership receipt is illegal and improper, according to the law. So said they all, Geneva, November 11, 1961. 

We, the undersigned Trustees, appointed by the Heir with Full Power of Attorney, state and declare that the Trust and Treaty were violated on January 20, 1995 by illegal appointment of Heir of ownership -- an impostor never mentioned in the Treaty. 

We further state that the terms of Agreement have never been honestly and properly managed as agreed. 

Rather, the assets have been used for the perpetration of fraud, and the violation of sovereign rights of many contributing countries through discriminatory access, and the violation by other sovereign nations and Heads of State of these accounts that were centralized for the betterment of the world with equitable access guaranteed to all contributors, and never to be used as the casino fund of bankers, be they Central Banks or Commercial Banks. 

We re-state and re-declare the ownership of all assets within the Trust still stand owned as Private Assets of the true Heir, according to Treaty and Law is as stated. 

All sovereign countries are guaranteed their just rights, ONLY when the Treaty of the Trust is maintained. The Trust of Ownership to heir is herewith confirmed -- and all claim to the contrary is denied. 

No national Sovereign shall access or use these accounts. No Central or Commercial Bank or other Institution shall directly access or use these accounts. 

No national leader shall directly access or use these accounts. No Government shall directly access or use these accounts without following due procedure. 

Due procedure for access shall be via the Ministry of Finance of any nation who shall apply to the designated Arbiters and Administrators as appointed by those who have signed hereinafter.
Date: January 5, 2012.
To whom it concerns:
By virtue of the Collective Agreement between Garuda Memorial Hilton Indonesia with Green Memorial Hilton Geneva, and Certificate of Guarantee, UBS Certificate of Geneva, it was agreed and understood that the ownership of the hereinafter stated precious metal, with legal receipt and consistence with current law, that each of the mentioned persons who signed thereon within the time period (1961-1972), and those attending and not signing thereon, it was agreed to protect and understand the ownership of all the funds and assets saved in Union Bank of Switzerland and stipulated hereinafter. 
All of them are saved within a code and receipt, as had consistence with shipping and ownership receipt of Union Bank of Switzerland, then, according to the receipt of personal ownership and was agreed who could represent that ownership, these being; 
1. Ownership of Name, Mr. SOEKARNO, (Grantor) Position I., thereafter his designated heir; 
2. Ownership of Name, Mr. KIYAI HADJI DJAWAHIR, (Grantee) Position II., thereafter his heir son; 
3. Ownership of Name, Mr. SENO EDY SOEKANTO, (Heir Son from Grantee), Last Holder Family Heritance Guarantee of Signatory, Ownership, Position III. (organized under the ‘SOEKARNO TRUST’). 
Be it known by all men:

* that Prof Dr. Drs. SENO EDY SOEKANTO, Heir Son from Grantee, PATN, 101371/ Position III., according to the attached Agreement transferred all his rights and entitlements arising from the FAMILY HERITANCE GUARANTEE -- and organized under the ‘SOEKARNO TRUST’-- to Mr. Keith Francis SCOTT, together with Mr. Neil Francis KEENAN, and together with a THIRD INDIVIDUAL who requests to remain anonymous, hereinafter referred to as: “the undersigned”; 
* that on this Fifth day of January 2012, the undersigned issue the claim of title and ownership as agreed, that the undersigned deny and repudiate any allegation of the lapse thereof and hold their claim above legal repudiation or denial. It is confirmed that there has been consistent claim and recognition of claim by Bank in law and deed from 1972 and thereafter till this day; 

* that the claim of Ownership to all the precious metals, monies and other value mentioned hereinafter are hereby Re-Affirmed and Re-Confirmed inviolate and hereinafter set forth; 

* further, the undersigned claim the Terms of the Trust implicitly agreed between the signatories of said Agreement have been in continuous default all unpaid fees, levies, interest, and other costs as well as all rights assured under said Collective Agreement due to breach of Treaty and Agreement which the undersigned herewith declares null and void due to failure to perform by the Assignee(s); 

* for reason of preventing continuing abuse, theft, fraud, malfeasance and failure to account against the rights and purposes of the beneficiaries (The Nations of the World) of the assets held by the FAMILY HERITANCE GUARANTEE -and organized under the ‘SOEKARNO TRUST’- in trust for the Nations. 
The undersigned therefore issue this Cease and Desist Order which is to serve as legal notification to the following Parties whom the undersigned deem to have acted in Bad Faith, who may not use, or allow use of, or claim title, or have right or control of all and or any assets, or derivatives thereof, in the attached list of funds and assets, Marked “Annex A” until they provide proof of just account and stewardship to the undersigned -- and until and unless the undersigned issue, on a case by case, transaction by transaction basis, a certificate of allowance for the use thereof, such allowance to be given in writing under their hands only in response to a request by a Government Ministry of Finance. 
This Cease and Desist Order is issued and effective from this 5th Day of January 2012 to all Parties specifically nominated and stated below:


* BAN Ki-MOON, Secretary-General United Nations


* BARCLAYS GROUP, London and Worldwide.

* BAROSSO, José Manuel D., President of the European Commission

* BERLUSCONI, Sylvio, former Prime Minister of Italy
* BERNANKE, Ben S., Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
* BLAIR, Tony A.C.L., former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
* BUSH Sr., George H.W., 41st President of the United States of America
* BUSH Jr., George W., 43rd President of the United States of America
* CAMERON, David W.D., Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
* CLINTON, Hillary D.R., United States Secretary of State
* DAVIGNON, √Čtienne F.J., former vice-president European Commission
* DRAGHI, Mario, President of the European Central Bank (/ex-GOLDMAN SACHS)
* EMANUEL, Rahm I., Mayor of Chicago
* GEITHNER, Timothy F., United States Secretary of the Treasury
* GREENSPAN, Alan, 13th Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
* MONTI, Mario, Prime Minister of Italy (/ex-GOLDMAN SACHS)
* NETANYAHU, Benjamin “Bibi”, Prime Minister of Israel
* PAPADEMOS, Lucas, Prime Minister of Greece (/ex-GOLDMAN SACHS)
* PAULSON, Henry “Hank” M., former United States Secretary of the Treasury (74th)
* QUEEN ELIZABETH II. / HOUSE of WINDSOR, The United Kingdom & Commonwealth
* QUEEN BEATRIX / HUIS van ORANJE, The Netherlands
* ROMNEY, W. Mitt
* ROMPUY van, Herman A., President of the European Council
* ROTHSCHILD de, Evelyn R.A.
* ROTHSCHILD de, David M.
* RUBIN, Robert E., former United States Secretary of the Treasury (70th)
* SARKOZY, Nicolas, President French Republic
* SOROS, George
* SUMMERS, Lawrence “Larry” H., former Director of the National Economic Council (USA)
* WOOTTON, David, Lord Mayor CITY OF LONDON 
* WORLD BANK (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

* ALL GOVERNMENT offices in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Japan; 
* ALL Commercial and Central BANKS at any location in the world, especially those with a registered office or branch in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan; 
* ALL PERSONS, CORPORATIONS or other LEGAL ENTITIES attempting to use these accounts without the expressed written permission of the undersigned. 
Remedy may be obtained by way of providing true account of the accounts set forth in “Annex A” hereto attached -- and/or obtaining the specific approval of the undersigned.

Now, compare this Jan 5 C&D order with the totally different official release of the said C&D order by Neil Keenan, 3.5 months later on May 14, 2012. The full pdf file can be downloaded here: 
Cease & Desist UBS-BIS + Evidence (05-14-12)

Note: The first condition for the above C&D order to be ethical & legally binding,  
both Keith Scott and Neil Keenan must be wise & just men of good standing, at least publicly seen to be honest, civil and free of deceit, criminality and intimidation. 

Both men failed. Are the global collateral accounts and Soekarno Trust assets to be passed from previous criminals to new ones? IS this just a dog & pony show and global distraction?
Keith Scott by his own admission betrayed his previous employer, Ray Dam. He is suspected to be a planted CIA operatives and a pedophile. In what way is he any better than the previous criminals exploiting the world's wealth? 

Less than 6 months after this interview, both Keith Scott and Neil Keenan were seen "washing their dirty laundry" in cyberspace; accusing each other of back stabbing, stealing control of the Soekarno Trust, lying and sabotaging each other initiatives. 

While Keenan may appear to have "won control" of Soekarno Trust in the July-August 2012 battle finale, he did not emerge victorious unscathed. We now know he is just as deceitful as the other contenders for the control of the Amanah Trust. He can be a big bully and a liar too, as we have seen recently when Jean Haines (one of his ardent followers) parted ways on the discovery of the fake king of Hawaii, Count Albert Chiang of the Kingdom of Colonia (also a senior member of the Dragon Family) and other shady characters in Keenan's team.  Apparently Keenan can get pretty upset and intimidating with these legitimate questions.


The evidence of intentional forgery in the Amanah Papers presented by Keenan in his Cease & Desist Order dated May 14, 2012 are continually added in this article as they become available. So far all the documents connected with the Amanah Papers published online have been proven to be fakes. If there genuine documents, please provide links for us to check.

added  Sept 7, 2014.

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  1. Will there be evidence shared as to confirmation and reason that the documents are, in fact fakes? I don't doubt they are faked, just connecting the dots. Thank you

  2. I believe there will be. We just have to wait for the coming posts.