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Keenan Uturn-drama series: Drake BS on C&D Order to Keenan 1 month before it was issued

updated 04 Sept 2014.

As you can see, making up the script & plot in the Keenan Hoax production "the never-ending U-Turns drama series of The Global Collateral Accounts" in real time is never a good idea. Too many twists and turns. Even the most seasoned crisis actors aka liars get into some difficult knots sometimes. In this episode of "Hang Em High" by Drake posted on Sept 6, 2012 he spoke of the Cease & Desist (C&D) issued by Dr. Edy Seno aka Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto of the Soekarno Trust (Drake's version) aka Soekarno Family Heritage aka Soekarno Papers aka Amanah Assets.

A major blooper as the C&D issued to Keenan was dated 7 Oct 2012. Drake jumped the gun in dismissing this particular C&D on 6 Sept 2012, almost 1 month earlier. Remember Drake specifically mentioned the C&D was issued to Neil Keenan and no one could see him (Dr Seno) as he was in the hospital after issuing the C&D.

How could have Drake known 1 month before hand, such remarkable details, including the hospital-MIA part? Very Strange Indeed! Maybe Drake does have special predictive powers and "forward-vision" after all. Or maybe, just maybe, he had a sneak preview of the scripts and went on air a month too early. Whatever it is, it is hard to back up now.

In trying to create a sensational cliff-hanger episode to explain away why Keenan had to withdraw his lawsuit filed on 23 Nov 2011, they got their "knickers" all botched up.

Stay tuned as we compile more inconsistencies and outright bloopers, as the "stomach turns". 
The Rest of the Story…
>>>Due Diligence Alert<<<
Hang Em High 
A few days ago I received an email with attachments from Keith Scott basically complaining about Neil Keenan and hoping to get some recruits for his team. This letter was about Keenan being dismissed from the Soekarno Trust and the Amanah refusing Keenan’s presence. It talked about the Liens, Abe Stanbouli’s supposed arrest, and the fact that Keenan lied when he said that Stanbouli was detained in Singapore. I read that Keenan is a big liar referring to Alex Le Ling Soon’s case, and finally he tried scaring me by saying that Keenan’s case is no good without him and his group.
This leaves the C & D (cease and desist) issued by Edy Seno to Neil Keenan. Seno, the head of the Soekarno Trust, was in the hospital and no one could see him. Wagoner called Soon’s right hand man Chee who is very close to someone Wagoner knows asking for Jack’s (Indian) number, calls Jack and tells him that he had spoken to Nelu, and got the number from Nelu. Wagoner tells Jack that Neil Keenan can’t help anymore so they need to get Keenan off the C & D immediately. Peter Wagoner had not spoken to Nelu, Nelu did not approve anything, and Jack and Wagoner went to the hospital together and got Seno to sign the C & D. To this day Seno is confused as to what happened. Peter Wagoner, Keith Scott, and Abe thought they had won when they got the C & D but underestimated Neil Keenan. I was told to do my due diligence, I am doing that and then some.

Keith Scott is the liar, as the saying goes between Wagoner and Scott, ‘one lies and the other swears to it’. What they failed to realize is that Keenan baited the trap and they bit, that Keenan was always a couple of steps ahead of them. This is about the legal money they tied up in Indonesia, the money that was to be used to finance the lawsuit.
One final note, Keith Benedict and Terrance Wayne from London, working with Tonni from Indonesia ( all Pakistani), are involved in this scam and are all informants. Apparently they are working for the Cabal.
I hope this clears the air and explains the things few others know about.
~ Drake

Soekanto to Keenan: Cease and Desist
I was sent copies of this document by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. I immediately ran them up the tree for verification and have been told by high up sources that the seal/stamps and notary are legitimate.

Several months ago I was informed that Neil Keenan is not in any way associated with the Global Accounts and Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto as he has led people to believe. This information came from very high up sources. Since then I have been given verification of this from several other sources. I left the information alone and did not bring it forward until today. After reading this document I have realized that it's important for people to know this information so that they understand that not all is what it's portrayed to be and that there is a lot going on that very shady to say the least.
As I have said many times before: Many whom you think are good, are not good.
Here is a copy of the document, so that you can see it in it's entirety. I will post a second copy below that is a close up of the print so that it is more easily readable.

Edited Nov 28 9:03am edt: Enerchi of Ascension with Earth has done an excellent job of putting the documents into a pdf - if you are having trouble reading the documents here I recommend going over HERE

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