Saturday, September 6, 2014

Caught red handed lying, wounded tiger (NFK) lashes out at conned followers who awoken

-by GrandeLander

This is an urgent post on request. Caught red-handed with his lies and fake Amanah papers, Neil Keenan is like an angry wounded tiger; witch-hunting and lashing out wildly at those followers who had awoken. He is using underhand tactics (online and offline) to hit back at those who he suspected had exposed him. Please spread this and other recent articles, to take off the heat on those who are being harassed by agents working for him.

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To cover the initial lies, you have to make up more lies. Eventually, you get caught in your own web of lies. Here's one example: 

On Feb 9, 2012 David Wilcock published his interview with Neil Keenan. 
MY INTERVIEW WITH NEIL KEENAN AND KEITH SCOTTAfter I interviewed Fulford and gave a detailed but flawed critique of the lawsuit, Neil Keenan and Keith Scott contacted me. I wanted to get to the bottom of the story. I had many questions. I have not censored any of their answers.
I found their answers fascinating, and it dramatically increased my understanding of the underlying issues. This also serves as their first public presentation of written statements since the release of the lawsuit itself.
Some of the highlighted key points are given in the right-hand panel for comparison with the facts contained in the Cease & Desist Order issued by Dr Seno to Keenan & co. on 7th Oct. 2012. (left hand panel). 

The centre panel is Keenan & Scott's own Cease & Desist order to UBS and BIS dated May 14, 2012. Keenan's lies are very obvious if you refer back to what he said in the Feb 9, 2012 interview with David Wilcock. 

Briefly, Keenan confirmed Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto was the legal heir to the referred Soekarno Trust ( aka Soekarno Family Heritage aka Soekarno papers aka Amanah Assets). In that interview, Keenan lied that Dr Seno had turned over the Trust to Keith Scott, Keenan & a 3rd person (now known as Drs Stanley P.D. Hoop). Keenan confirms it in his dodgy C&D dated May14, 2012. The difference (from the Feb interview) is person who signed over the Full Power of Attorney for the Amanah Papers. 

Instead of Dr Edy Seno Soekanto, it was Mr. Bayu Soekarno Putra. Also note that Mr. Bayu claimed to be the Chairman, the appointed head  and Authorised Officer of the Amanah Papers. Mr. Bayu signed over the power of attorney to Keenan & co allegedly on 30th day of Jan, 2012.  That was well before the David Wilcock interview published on Feb 9, 2012.

Doesn't that sound confusing? Not if Keenan lied. In that interview, Keenan was confident he would get Dr Edy Seno to hand over the Amanah Papers or did he lie?  Obviously, Dr. Edy Seno was the "first choice". But when Keenan was rejected by Dr Edy Seno, he fell back to an "easier meat". Otherwise he would have named Mr. Bayu as the legitimate heir. See the twist?

Of course the date of handover (Power of Attorney) could easily be changed (back dated to Jan 30, 2012). Keenan had so many lies, he obviously forgot to cover all the ground. Further, if he had already secure the Power of Attorney on Jan 30, 2012, why did he wait 3.5 months to issue the C&D order to the banks? Isn't time of the essence? With trillions in monetary terms, why wait? And he claims to be a shrew (honest) businessman?

Of course when Dr Edy Seno heard about Keenan's false claim, he felt sick and had to issue his C&D order to Keenan & crooked co. Keenan had hoped Dr Edy Seno would have died of a heart attack considering his ill-health. Well, Man plans but God disposes. Dr Edy Seno 's C&D was a huge embarrassment and a big dent to Keenan's reputation. Thus, he got his trusty schill, Kent Drake Bailey to pre-empt Dr. Edy Seno's C&D almost a month earlier on his Sept 6, radio show. Mr. Bayu must have alerted Keenan from the ruckus kicked up by Dr Edy Seno in the Elders' meetings.

If you think this is the only lie, think again. Of course, David Wilcock abstained from asking the hard questions. Why not, if he was promised lucrative tours and television shows. 

Some of our readers reported Jean Haines being harassed and intimidated online and offline. Please support her by commenting on Keenan's blogs to back off. These were some of the blocked postings on Sept 6, 2014

quote from Bet Fox:
No matter what, Neil iKeenan is a man of action. He is out there risking his life while we sit on our cushy pillows and blog.
When it comes to love vs fighting which seems a contention between Neil and Jean, I can only say this: Christ Jesus, one of the greatest men who ever walked this planet and left us a timeless example on how to live, — when it came to the money changers in the temple, he didnt stand back and send them love and light! He kicked them out, he used force and violence! Think about that. That is why I think Neil has more vision than the ascension sheeple.

Bet Fox, the way you vilified Jean & others who questioned "Questionable Characters" in Keenan's team, seems to suggest you know for sure Keenan is a God-send Good Guy (comparable to Jesus,in your opinion) & a man-of-action to kick the butts out of the Kabal. 

Even if Keenan is (but there is ample evidence he is not, action speaks louder than meaningless comparison) it doesn't give him the right to dumb down & threaten Jean & others who raised valid questions on his "distorted truth" & association with shady characters. "Guilt by association-collusion" is one of the surest ways to look into one's heart or intention. A truly good person would rather sacrifice his life than collude to betray humanity. 

Jesus welcomed all in his arms irrespective of their past sins or professions but he did so, out of compassion and genuine interest in helping them overcome their weaknesses and to be loved again. He did not associate with sinners to exploit (take advantage of) them. But even Jesus had a limit. The Evil Deceptive Banksters like the present Kabal; who are incorrigible liars. 

That means if Keenan is a really good guy at heart (in yr opinion comparable to Jesus), then he should not associate with deceptive-cons like Slippery Silva, Keith Scott (a self-confessed traitor and pedophile), Kent Drake Bailey, Keith Alexander (Prince of NSA Darkness) etc, who were proven to be incorrigible liars. 

Actions speak louder than words. In some of his videos, Keenan speaks more like a mafia boss than a crusader bent on stamping out the Kabal. None of his "promised" court actions ever see the light of the day. Why does he need to withdraw his 11.22.2011 lawsuit? Was Keith Scott designated to play the "traitor-villain" again, as the main cause in failing to refile and get all the necessary evidence for real action (not just empty promises) until now, > 2 years later. 

All past deceptions were ultimately exposed by asking simple straight forward questions like Jean & other bloggers had. Ascension sheeple?? Drake actually spoke a lot about ascension, if it did not originate from him. Notice that Jean had abstained from speaking anything bad about Keenan himself, understandably so for being objective. That is how a truthful morally upright person should conduct him / herself. She did not send her agents to vilify Keenan. We all chipped in independently, out of the goodness of our hearts voluntarily, to assist someone whom we see as being victimised by Keenan. BTW, Jean doesn't know me before this.

Keenan on the other hand, doesn't know everything but he acts as if he does. And he claims to be all powerful, to be able to terminate Jean (or anyone) with just a phone call, if he wants to. Now, are those the words of a gentlemen (never mind the savior part). 

Further would "honest businessman" use deception & forgery to fool his customers? 

Why would Keenan knowingly use obvious fakes in his Cease & Desist order in May 14, 2012?  Why would Keenan co-sign and co-issue the said C&D order with a known pedophile by the name of Keith Scott?

Who are actually the sheeple? They are actually the “no-questions-asked” ones who foolishly and blindly follow Keenan who had not shown any tangible results for more than 3 years. Excuse me, before you use Keenan's 22.11.2011 (even the date of document smack of evilness connected to JFK assassination) lawsuit as evidence that he was a “man-of-action”. More like “Man-of-Crisis Acting”. Did it ever occur to you that the attempts on his life might have been staged? Plenty of evidence on crisis acting on youtube. The twists & turns are reminiscent of tv drama series.  

One of the first reasons we suspect Keenan to be working WITH the Kabal rather than AGAINST, was the lawsuit. We had observed that many law suits were filed by psyops-infiltrators (secret agents) of the Kabal just to prove they were against the KABAL  to win public support. For one reason or another, the cases would be dismissed, withdrawn or postponed repeatedly. This is just one of the many tricks up in their sleeves. The fact that Keenan has not refiled yet (after multiple excuses over 2 years) is one of the many evidence we are sure he is working secretly with the KABAL to distract sheeple like Bet Fox.  
When the buying stops, so can the killing. We, the awaken ones do not sit comfortably in front of our desktops to blog meaningless criticisms. It is hard work to sieve through the muddled “cyber battlefield” for true facts contaminated by sticky opiniated-distorted facts. Slightly distorted truths are more dangerous than outright lies. Blogging doesn't mean NO ACTION in the physical 3D world. Blogging is the cyber expression one's morality and awareness. 

Silence in the face of tyranny & oppression is consent by default.  

But it is all worth it when a thousand words can awaken and save a million sheeple who would otherwise be slain by a thousand swords. Proving once again, the pen is mightier than the sword. 

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." .........Abraham Lincoln


  1. thanks for having the guts to out the keenan scam. a few things still need addressing. why did it take haines so long to figure it out? why did she send the bitcoin donations AFTER keenan had already been outed as a conman? why did she never apologise for misleading her followers to give over hard earned cash to him? who introduced keenan to her and why? why is she best buddies again with kauilapele even though he's backing silva? why is she backing monty keen's scam now? maybe ms haines or sally tallen isn't the innocent little old lady she claims to be.

  2. Keenan and Haines the Bunny-Boiler deserve each other.

  3. If we keep judging those who have awoken where is it going to end. Nobody wants to be duped knowingly. We shud go after the cheaters not the cheatees. LOL!

    1. Haines was in it from the beginning with Keenan and she said publicly she is friends with Veronica Keen in 2012 so she is one of the cheaters.