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Dark connections - Keenan working for the Cabal, not for the people.

- by GrandeLander  (Aug 31, 2014). Updated Sept 2, 2014, nine (9) days to 911.

4 years is a long time to be giving anyone the benefit of a doubt. 2 years and still Keenan has not refiled his case which was withdrawn in June, 2012. Shouldn't we be asking the hard questions, now?

Keenan talked about taking the Cabal down since 2010. How many times had he said we are so close to that objective; only to be let down again? Sounds like a broken record aka Drake Bailey (his trusted friend). Always 2 more weeks. How many 2 more weeks had come and gone? And we are still left waiting for the "rain" long after the "rain dancer" has left. Even a sucker has his limits. Hence, the question asked ......who is he really working for? In our hope for the rain, did we overlook the signs hidden in plain sight? Was there really no fire beneath the smoke?

JUNE 30, 2012 by STARSHIP EARTH: THE BIG PICTURECurrent Update: Keenan Refiling an Even Stronger Suit Against the Cabal 
Neil Keenan is refiling a new lawsuit with brand new information that is “ten times worse” for the cabal than before. I guess it’s better to withdraw a mediocre suit and come back with a more damning one!

Keenan, guilty of Lèse-majesté?  Evidence caught on tape. Why is Keenan spreading lies about Thailand's royalties and getting away with it?  The answers will shock you. The following is a reader's reply to Neil Keenan unsubstantiated, false accusations about Thailand.

Egbert Sousé
AUGUST 29, 2014 AT 7:21 PM
Double check with regards to the passing of Thai Queen Sirikit, as she just celebrated her 82nd birthday on 12 August, 2014. According to Thai law, you can be subject to imprisonment — even if you are a non-Thai citizen or non-resident regardless of where you are located — if you are charged with disparaging any of the Royals or spreading what proves to be false rumors about them regardless of your good intent. Saying that, I think you are being set up to mention same, as you did within your video. Hence, if not absolutely true and cannot be confirmed by, say, two independent very credible sources, I’d say you should issue text and a video stating that such is non-confirmed, withdraw your statement in its totality, and profusely apologize to the Royals and all Thais. 
As for Thai bullion, the USA tried a few months ago the purchase it, but failed miserably. Ben’s intel, most of the time quite a bit off, was somewhat correct on the Thai gold some months ago. I can add that the USA is pissed that its plans to steal, i.e., buy, the Thai bullion is off the table now, and its puppet Thai gov’t was deposed by the coup. Regardless, most of the Asian bullion resides in Indonesia, with Thailand just a drop in the bucket by comparison, and a great majority percentage of Thai bullion NOT part of the Global Collateral Accounts anyway. 
As for the Pahlavi bullion allegedly in Thailand, I know the principals, wherein the less said the better for fear of provisioning of Islamic Republic Of Iran Intelligence Ministry, A.K.A. VEVAK, information. If anything, we give them misdirection all the time.

Contrary to Keenan's lies, evidence are everywhere HM Queen Sirikit is alive and well. Thailand is on the road to recovery & prosperity under PM Prayuth (with the consent of the revered benevolent Thai King who has had the welfare of the Thais at heart). Taksin was a cabal member and had been plundering Thailand's wealth to the cabal's benefits for more than 2 decades. Is Keenan under the cabal's direction to sow lies about Thailand?

Quote from Keenan:
"There is much to look at now that we near the end.  The Gold is becoming ever more paramount to the expanding plan of the Cabal but nevertheless dwarfing  over a few Asian states.  U.S. ships have blocked the gulf of Thailand to threaten the kingdom.   At the request of the family of Thailand, the Dragon Family is being called upon to speak with Thailand’s elder son who is in charge — immediate assistance is needed."
US (Cabal) "Pivot" Stumbles in Thailand
August 19, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Months after the May 22, 2014 military coup that ousted the regime of Thaksin Shinawatra, the military-led government has been working in earnest to uproot the Shinawatra political machine as well as realign the Kingdom's foreign policy to represent a better balance between China's rising power and the West's waning but meddlesome influence.  
Uprooting the West's Unwarranted Influence 
The regime of Thaksin Shinawatra, led by nepotist proxy via his own sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, represented an inequity between this balance. Shinawatra has been a long-time family friend of the Bush political dynasty, was a member of the Carlyle Group, and since being ousted from power himself in a similar military coup in 2006, has been openly represented by some of the largest corporate lobbying firms on Earth, including, Kenneth Adelman of the Edelman PR firm (Freedom HouseInternational Crisis Group,PNAC), James Baker of Baker Botts (CFR, Carlyle Group), Robert Blackwill (CFR) of Barbour Griffith & Rogers (BGR)Kobre & KimBell Pottinger (and here) and currently Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners (Chatham House).

Keenan has been secretly working for the Cabal (NOT against them) to secure the global collateral accounts. Again. Not for the benefit of the people worldwide but for the elitist Cabal. The evidence are in his dark connections (long suppressed / twisted as personal attacks) to the fake (non existent) kingdom of Colonia (hot spot Spratly Islands claimed by China, Taiwan, Philippines,Vietnam, Brunei & Malaysia), fictitious Count Albert Chiang of Kingdom of Colonia / member of Dragon Family, convicted felon / false king (Slippery Silva) of Kingdom of Hawaii,  Prince of Darkness 4-star Gen Keith Alexander, Gen Myers & Donald Rumsfeld of Abu Ghraib torture and other scandals. Other dark connections on the pipeline.

Denise Rednour & Jean Haines -  You're vindicated. The light and the force of the people are with you. 
UPDATE – In case you don’t see what I see here, this article seems to outline the same sovereignty scam as in the Busted Silva article: 1. Fake kingdom2. Fake king and ministers3. Fake 1 trillion dollar economic scam – oil in this case – people buying into it4. Fake knights, counts, kings, etc., using an order of the Knights of St. John just like Silva used the Knights of Constantine and St. Helen outlined in the Busted Silva article. . . ~J* * * * * Please note that the links to the articles mentioned here that are supposed to be on my site are inactive, because when I dissociated myself from The Keenan Team I methodically took down everything related to Neil Keenan and ‘trashed’ it. . . ~JEven though I’m still reeling from the latest Neil Keenan hits. . . for the first time, I began to wonder about Count Albert . . . and I’m virtually stunned at what I’ve found. I’m releasing this to you as information, and I leave it up to you to decide  . . . . . . I can’t deal with saying much more than that right now. I’m in total shock, stunned, and now understand how the rest of the world will feel when they wake up to the scams . . . ~J

Neil Keenan's story just don't add up. 

Neil Keenan is a fraud as exposed by this story, written by MH Dunn on Aug 6 2013. To generate global interest in the failing Keenan youtube-drama series, Keenan had to recycle old claims to present as new (reminiscent of Aladdin's New Lamps for old ones story).  The Introduction of Count Albert Chiang of the Dragon Family and his Dragon Family support in July 2013. Fantastic Feel Good (FFG) news right?

But wait a minute. Didn't NFK (Keenan) file a 111-page federal complaint in Nov 23, 2011 (1 day after the 48th anniversary of JFK assassination), representing the Dragon Family? This is another internal inconsistency we have uncovered. NFK was entrusted by the Dragon Family as far back as 2009.

So how could Count S. C. Chiang, a senior leader in the Dragon Family, first learned of Neil Keenan’s efforts through the late Dr. Michael Van der Meer, who had worked closely with Keenan during the early stages of his fight to free the Accounts from cabal control? The Count claimed that he and his associates have been watching Keenan’s work closely over many months, and have come to trust his tenacity and integrity only in July 2013? Isn't this an over stretch? Or did  they forget their original scripts in 2009?

If the Dragon Family only threw their support behind Keenan in July 2013, what the hell did Keenan file in the 111-page federal complaint in Nov 23, 2011. You mean Keenan had no support from the Dragon Family and Count Albert Chiang until July 2013? How could Keenan be representing the Dragon Family in that federal complaint if the Dragon Family did not know Keenan existed before in 2011? Why was he "granted approval to execute a special power of attorney" in 2009 when Yamaguchi was arrested, if the Dragon Family did not know of Keenan? 
Keenan claims the conspiracy began with the illegal detention of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, and the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy, in June 2009.  
Keenan says he came to know both Yamaguchi and the Dragon Family through the Japanese man's efforts on the group's behalf, and that he introduced them to a bank in Cyprus with which they could do business.

Keenan says that in gratitude, Yamaguchi sought and was granted approval to execute a special power of attorney, whereby Keenan would also act on behalf of the Dragon Family to place their assets in PPPs.

It was then, he says, that he took possession of the instruments that are the heart of the lawsuit. For his assistance, Keenan says, he was to receive a profit share amounting to 30 percent of any particular PPP he arranged.

A month after the Japanese men were detained, an man named Leo Zagami, "a self-described 33rd degree Free Mason, who, as of April 2008, had reportedly claimed to be the leader of a breakaway faction of the Knights of Templar and high-level Freemasons centered around the elite of the Masons P2 (propaganda Due) Lodge in Monte Carlo," arrived on the scene, according to the complaint. (Parentheses in complaint.)

In the next article, we will examine why the Cabal needed Keenan to come into the global act in 2009; following the 2008 Global Financial Collapse and 2009 arrests of Yamaguichi and Watanabe with the $134.5 billion fraudulent bonds.  

 Unprecedented Lawsuit Reveals Bizarre Worldwide Banking Connections
On November 23, 2011, a lawsuit of unprecedented proportions was filed with the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York.

The lawsuit, filed by Neil Keenan who is acting as a representative of the Dragon Family, takes aim at a variety of well-known individuals and institutions that span the entire globe and encompass both the public and private sectors. 
The Plaintiff, Neil Keenan, claims that he was entrusted back in 2009 with financial instruments which included Federal Reserve Notes worth $124.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds which have a combined face value of $19 billion, and a U.S. “Kennedy” bond which carries a face value of $1 billion by The Dragon Family, a group of very wealthy and reclusive Asian families. 
According to the lawsuit, the accrued interest value of these instruments alone was $1 trillion back in 2009, when the alleged crime against Keenan (and hence the Dragon Family) occurred. 
You can view the document here at, for eight cents a page. Type in “Keenan, Neil” under the “Party Name” tab and reference “2011-cv-8500,” filed on November 23, 2011. 
As reported by Dan McCue of Courthouse News Service, the only mainstream news organization to cover this lawsuit to date, 
“In his remarkable complaint, Keenan claims that the U.S. government [received] enormous amounts of money - delivered in gold and other precious metals - from the Dragon Family many years ago, and that the money was placed into the Federal Reserve System for the benefit and underwriting support of the dollar, ‘which was to become and currently remains the global reserve currency."

Monday, December 19, 2011

Activist Post Keenan claims that after he took possession of the instruments at the heart of this lawsuit and, a month after the two Japanese men were detained, a man named Leo Zagami arrived on the scene. According to the complaint, Zagami, “ a self-described 33rd Degree Freemason, who, as of April 2008, had reportedly claimed to be the leader of the breakaway faction of the Knights of Templar and high-level Freemasons centered around the elite of the Masons P2 (propaganda Due) Lodge in Monte Carlo.”

Zagami also claimed to be a representative of the Vatican Illuminati and other European secret societies. He also claimed that he was trying to make contact with “certain Asian Secret Societies. 
During meetings with individuals only described as “contacts,” it is claimed that Zagami told one of these contacts that the two Japanese men, Yamaguchi and Watanabe, had been set up and that he had inside information about the instruments that were seized. 
Eventually, the mutual contact was introduced to Daniele Dal Bosco, a Vatican banker and associate of the P2 Masonic Lodge, as well as fellow defendant in Keenan’s lawsuit, whom Keenan was told “would be able ‘to cash the bonds seized by the Italian Treasury Police.’” 
Keenan claims that he was in constant contact with Dal Bosco via Internet Skype and had agreed to meet in Italy. It is also claimed by Keenan that during the course of these conversations, “Dal Bosco represented that he was not only financial advisor to Zagami, but also to the Vatican, Vatican City, Rome, and the Treasurer to the P2 Masonic Lodge.”

Over time, Keenan claims, he came to trust Dal Bosco and turned the bonds over to him “for temporary safekeeping and custodianship.”

by Michael Henry Dunn
August 6, 2013 — Dramatic developments continue to unfold in the wake of Neil Keenan’s recent series of meetings in Hong Kong with leaders of the powerful Asian clans who are the legitimate depositors of vast sums (numbering in the thousands of trillions) in hard assets in the Global Collateral Accounts. Two of the most powerful financial figures in the global scene have now thrown their support behind The Keenan Group, as the pressure intensifies to close down the tottering control structures of the Western banking cabal. Count S. C. Chiang, a senior leader in the clans, first learned of Neil Keenan’s efforts through the late Dr. Michael Van der Meer, a legendary intelligence community figure who worked closely with Keenan during the early stages of his fight to free the Accounts from cabal control. The Count informed Mr. Keenan in Hong Kong last month that he and his associates have been watching Keenan’s work closely over many months, and have come to trust his tenacity and integrity. The importance of the Count’s support can hardly be overstated, as his influence and resources are among the greatest in Asia. He will now be working closely with The Keenan Group to enforce the depositors’ control over the Account assets, which have been stolen and defrauded by the corrupt Western banking elite for nearly one hundred years.
(Neil Keenan with Count S. C. Chiang in Hong Kong, July, 2013)
Neil Keenan lost no time in strengthening his team in the wake of this crucial support. On his return to Indonesia, a further meeting with Keenan was arranged (through Count Albert) with the lineal heir of the Sukarno Pakubuwano X (CPBX) – the son of the only daughter of Pakubuano X (PBX), Bra. Lestari Purbaningrum, a.k.a. Bra. Maryam Budilestari, a.k.a. Bra. Maria Agnes Budiles.

When the house of cards collapses, it collapses totally.

Without David Wilcock and Ben Fulford trumpeting Neil's fantastic "Alice in Wonderland" story, it would have just remained another small time Cabal's hoax. Without the Denis Rednour's and Jean Haines' fallouts with Drake Bailey and Neil Keenan respectively, most followers of these 2 popular blogs would have outright dismissed  Neil's connection with Gen Myers and Gen Keith Alexander (NSA Director). But with the falling house of cards Neil built, there may be some truth (if not all, as there is no smoke without fire) in Neil's dark connections to the Prince of  NSA Darkness who was supported and connected to Donald Rumsfeld & all the torture crimes  at Abu Ghraib.

Now assuming Neil did not have the (behind the scene) support of the powerful Cabal (Gen K Alexander, Gen Myers and by extension Donald Rumsfeld and the Neocon Nazis) could Neil have lasted this 4 long years (2011 - 2014)? All the attempts on his life must be fake as well. We will examine that and the 2011 Monaco Accords in the coming articles. Would David Wilcock and Ben Fulford have believed Keenan without the implicit support of the military? That is, if Wilcock and Fulford are not part of this scam altogether. In other words, they had been duped as well.

Keenan's original lawsuit was quite specific relating to the $19 billion bonds. Why is there a necessity to withdraw the lawsuit to be refiled with additional evidence? Under most legal system, you are at liberty to file additional evidence to substantiate your case, as it progresses. No necessity to withdraw at all, not unless the original suit does not have enough feet to stand on its own.

Or more sensibly, the original 2011 Keenan's lawsuit was just an emergency temporary distraction from more pressing issues. They could not allow it to continue into an open court hearing a year later. Neither could they end the Keenan's hoax with millions of following and Keenan's empty promise of defeating the Cabal banksters. They had to keep up the charade.

Thus, the necessity of spinning that Neil was filling a totally new case that is "10 times more damaging". Again we have another fictitious character, Amon (short for anonymous) to spin the story.  Another suspicious non-verifiable character, if you ask me.

Neil could have easily filed a new lawsuit and left the original suit intact. But that would spell the end of Keenan's hoax when it was performing so well will millions of followers. So they (Cabal & Keenan) had to build a bridge to nowhere so that it cannot be completed any time soon. Same MO as the never ending "War on Terror". New actors and plots added to continuously expand the original scope; so that the drama-series will never end. Sound familiar with the "never ending story of the Arabian nights"?

Now, more than 2 years later, where is Keenan's refiled lawsuit? Is that why he had to invent new stories .....NO Fly accord, fairy tales about fake counts, kingdoms and ever expanding 93 trillion global collateral accounts. Bear in mind we are not questioning the existence of Hawaii or its ancestry kingdom or the Free Hawaii Kingdom movement. These are real but not the fakes, Keenan & Slippery Silva built around them. The Spratly islands are equally real with real potential oil resources. 

But not the fairy tale kingdom of Colonia and the fake Count Albert Chiang waiting to pounce on unsuspecting investors. Buying the golden bridge of California would have been a better investment. 

Likewise, there is some truth to the transfer of gold (maybe stealing by the Rothschilds & Co, is more appropriate) from Asia to US prior to WWII for safe keeping. Who wouldn't with the Cabal drumming up and encouraging Japanese war time atrocities, rapes and plundering? Sounds like the present fear porn, isn't it?   So Keenan takes the role of the US's zionist saviors prior to WWII (wealth collection and transfer scheme). 

At this point, more than 4 years after Neil Keenan burst into the global account scene, shouldn't we have enough? Even a child gets fed up with the empty promise of a golden chocolate bar. Should our awakening starts when we are lining up to be culled at the FEMA camps or when an innocent child cries "Look, the emperor is naked!".  When the fairy tales ends, so will Keenan's hoax.

Bottom line: the Keenan Hoax could not have grown this big, without the Cabal helping to feed the fish. Have you seen the fish hook yet?  

Neil Keenan Lawsuit to be Refiled with New Info “Ten Times Worse”
Posted by Steve Beckow on June 30, 2012 
I was told this morning by one of my counterparts that Keenan lawsuit has been temporarily withdrawn without prejudice. I think this was smart of Keenan as there is an entire raft of new information that has recently been discovered in Indonesia and this will change the structure of the case into something ten times worse for the Cabal.
There will be additional defendants and the impact of the case will become even far more explosive. When the withdrawal was made, Judge Furman knew it was going to be refiled and ordered that it be heard only by him. That is very unusual and very telling. Furman has made it clear that he has replaced Judge Holwell to hear this case and only he will hear it. The case will be refiled and the information it contains will shock America.
Whistleblower - Keith Alexander: NSA'S Prince of Darkness - Connection to Neil Keenan
Posted By: igots2no [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 4-Jul-2013 22:29:51
Below are comments made by David P. Crayford to a post seen here:
David P. Crayford writes:
Keenan in an article dated 2010 stated that General Keith B. Alexander and Gen. Myers were fully cooperating with him in respect of the Collateral Accounts and his actions (Unlawful and Criminal), and that they (Alexander and Myers) held the power to make decisions. 
In an article late 2011 related to the Monaco Accord organised by Keenan and the Swiss Government, it was clearly stated that Gen Keith B. Alexander and Gen Myers were at that meeting, which, if readers remember, was held in Monaco and moved to a US Warship moored in the Mediterranean Sea following the disruption, which was blamed on Jay Rockefeller, of the meeting in Monaco. 
We now know who Keenan is working with / for and my comments at the time on this matter have proven to be immensely accurate, which I add Keenan denied at the time.
They say that if one waits long enough, the truth will come out and the missing pieces of the puzzle can be placed into the right position of the puzzle.
The above article also assists us in many ways and conveniently fits and coincides with many other factors known to us and with substantial evidence held by us, since 2010 / 2011. I say this because Gen Keith B. Alexander has under his command specific parts of the US Navy, Army and Air Force as well as Cyber Control. It is now clearly understood why it is these parts of the US Forces that are actively involved, along with a substantial number of mercenaries with the continuous theft of Collateral Accounts Assets from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and several other countries, including but not limited to, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya. 
I would like to thank Basil for posting the above article / video as it has been of enormous help to us in our continuous fight against the unlawful activities of Keenan’s criminal syndicate. 
David P. Crayford

Whistleblower- Keith Alexander: NSA'S Prince of Darkness - Connection to Neil Keenan Pt2
Posted By: igots2no [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 11-Jul-2013 13:19:08

I have to admit that the following was written and researched by me, but Whistleblower did give me permission.
Mr. Keenan and team, perhaps you should watch this video, which I will comment further below?
Thanks to TheInternaut for this find?

Readers may note the Gen. Keith Alexander was a Bush/Cheney appointee to the NSA as Director and kept in place by President Obama? According to wikipedia he assumed office August 1, 2005, as is shown here:

Furthermore, in a older post on RMN, a critical piece of the puzzle was posted in regards to the "Dragon Family'. At the same time Keenan was supposedly in control with signatory Yamaguchi. The interesting connection is that Keenan/Yamaguchi sent a 'package' to then President George W Bush and VP Dick Cheney as seen here:

This is official "Dragon Family" stamps sent to Bush/Cheney. They received bonds and notes, illegally taken from the collateral accounts.

Picture of Keenan and Yamaguchi sitting at a table holding the bonds:
Yamaguchi was one of the 2 Japanese caught with the fake 134.5  billion USD bonds in 2009. Why?

On March 30, 2009, the US Treasury Department announced that USD 134.5 billion remained in its Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). The amount was coincidentally $134.5 billion.

This is just a tip of the Disaster- Fraud Iceberg by the people at the highest office of the US in collaboration with their European political accomplices. See David Wilcock’s life threat after writing on 995-lawsuit-end-tyranny and Ben Fulford’s video announcement on April 17, 2011. These counterfeit bonds were secretly produced by the US Treasury as collateral for short term bank borrowings to manipulate global markets; a sort of legitimate money laundering scheme. It works like this.

So what about Drake Bailey, David Wilcock and Ben Fulford? Coming articles will reveal why they are being propped up by the Cabal's alternative media network to hog the limelight.

Other articles in the series:
Dark connections - Keenan working for the Cabal, not for the people.  

Shoddy forgery exposed in 1963 Green Hilton Agreement docs presented by Keenan

Keenan's Hoax Production - Weapons of Endless Mass Distraction

Keenan Uturn-drama series: Drake BS on C&D Order to Keenan 1 month before it was issued

2009 $134 billion US Bond Mystery - solved


  1. Stop with the petty bickering!
    Neil, Ben, David and Drake's intel all seems to correlate.

    If Neil was working for the cabal he would have taken that 100 million and just walked away.

    And yes, they have tried to kill him many times - why would he be working for them?

    How do you think anything you have written is going to help free the people?

    1. There all painted with the same brush ...its not about $$$ its about "control" . They will rip each other off and take no prisoners. Most of these scums will do nothing but leave a trail of disaster before they die!!! The funny thing is there not to far off there used by date and seem to feel the need to portray the greater good to the generations under them. They are scared of whats around the corner. A HOLE .Remember people you cant take your shit to the grave and that goes to all you old self indulged control freaks out there. You wont be going to a greater place you will be going to a HOLE in a grave yard like a used Car that just shit itself and no longer is needed or runs sanely.

  2. All I know is I'm tired of waiting - how much longer will this charade go on? What are the good guys waiting for, if there are more of us than them? I believe this is all a BS distraction to keep our hopes up while the globalists bring us closer to our demise. Pure BS.

  3. If Neil Keenan was who he claims to be, he wouldn't be soliciting nor would he be alive. Recent reports point to his foolish "belief" that he has any significance. He's no more than a cabal detractor along with his "team".

  4. "So what about Drake Bailey, David Wilcock and Ben Fulford? Coming articles will reveal why they are being propped up by the Cabal's alternative media network to hog the limelight."

    Let's just hope that your "coming articles" has real solid proof like documents that can be shown and researched by those out here, and not just conjecture and speculation on your part. If it is just the latter, I would say that maybe it's you that is looking for the limelight. If you have positive proof, I will stand corrected. And let's hope for your sake that you are correct, because as you know, it doesn't take much for this to get passed around the net for everyone to see. I've seen way to many paid cabal shills pull stunts like(create websites that are nothing but disinfo sites) this over the years, and it's time to out them to the public, so they can be stopped for good.

  5. Who the f_ _ k is Neil Keenan? Has he or anyone else ever offered up his CV? His original lawsuit, utilizing an ambulance chasing class of attorney was incredibly absurd on day one, and an easy read told a first grader the suit had no competent jurisdiction. Now, three years later, he allegedly sits in some hotel room -- or studio set -- espousing innocuous nonsense as if he were a bad actor in a "B" movie. No doubt he is a paid shill, and a bad one at that, wherein he will fade from the scene very soon. Sources say he -- one among a few on the web -- was purposely placed to obfuscate, confuse issues and claims upon assets, wherein his usefulness has come to an end as he simply did not work out as was hoped.

  6. There all painted with the same brush ...its not about $$$ its about "control" . They will rip each other off and take no prisoners. Most of these scums will do nothing but leave a trail of disaster before they die!!! The funny thing is there not to far off there used by date and seem to feel the need to portray the greater good to the generations under them. They are scared of whats around the corner. A HOLE .Remember people you cant take your shit to the grave and that goes to all you old self indulged control freaks out there. You wont be going to a greater place you will be going to a HOLE in a grave yard like a used Car that just shit itself and no longer is needed or runs sanely.

  7. Convicted felon Neil Francis Keenan was part of a scheme along with Yamaguchi and others to try and unlawfully use stolen historical bonds and certificates in the banking system. He was caught red-handed in Switzerland and since then has done all he could to save his face.
    I would suggest to read the following blog:
    and in particolar:
    and the book "The Chiasso Conundrum" by David Crayford published on the same blog: