Sunday, October 30, 2016

What does Hillary's "stronger together", really mean?

What does Hillary's "stronger together", really mean?

I, Hillary Rodham Clinton, wishes to thank U, the useful idiots who voted for me and worked your butts out, to get me elected to Office.

pre-election "stronger together" means
Hillary's supporters too few in numbers, to win the election on its own,
stronger together with illegal migrants voters, sure to win unless their covers are blown

stealing the election, stronger together by all means, foul & bold,
2 millions dead voters can increase Hillary's electoral votes, many folds.

chaos in Republican rallies, is stronger together with Donald Trump's foes
hundreds of paid thugs protesting in rallies, increasing Trump's woes.

smearing, scheming, cheating & lying, are stronger together than acting on her own
Hillary ganged up with media pre$$titues to discredit Trump, Wikileaks data shown

Hillary's presidential bid  is stronger together,
in cahoot with elites of the same crooked feather.
baiting and trapping Donald Trump to falter and fall
in spite of all the dirty ploys, mighty Donald Trump trumps them all.

But election day is the toughest hurdle of them all
strong voter turnout needed, for Trump to break Hillary's wall.

Donald Trump must win with a convincing landslide victory with a record voters turnout, in order to offset Hillary's stolen votes. In the event, crooked Hillary (I) still manages to steal the 2016 presidential election, stronger together (post election) means;

power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely
with absolute power, I intend to stay, stronger together but U have to"pay to play"

the toiling middle class, divided in disarray, getting weaker & poorer by the day  
stronger together, my crony elites grow wealthier the easy way
no money, no play, kleptocracy is here to stay.

open borders with ceaseless flow of  migrant workers pouring in
cheap labours, long hours, low wages keep investment coming in

with Trump, Republicans, Conservatives & Patriots gone forever,
Demon-Rats rule with iron fists, much stronger than ever

Heavy taxes impoverish Americans into 3rd class slaves
ObamaCare chokes remaining Americans, faster into their graves.

when all inalienable and gun rights have been stripped away
defenceless Americans left with no choice but to silently pray and obey

USA, no longer the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave",
millions of homeless and Under_FED Starving American slaves.

stronger together also means
as dictator president, I'll be richer & stronger than ever
U "deplorables" will be poorer and slaving even harder

beware my aides, don't hold my dark secrets against me ever
once I'm president, U'll be dead to bury my evil deeds forever

Killary the Devil, is my real name
Brutal evil regime change, is my real game.

Alas U sighed, if only U had realised your mistake in time,
U missed your chance when the FBI didn't arrest me for my crimes.

An elected President Trump, could have made America Great once Again.
a powerful nation fooled too many times, can never ever rise again.

 The G-force Team Oct 22, 2016

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