Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dickileaks - FBI Reopens Email case

WATCH THIS FBI THING: SHE"S THE ARCH WITCH & SUPREME MANIPULATOR THUS FAR. But I don't think she will succeed this time. She's scheming again- plotting to undo the weighty letter & findings that FBI Director Jim Comey has just formerly sent to the people's CONGRESS...
As usual and on cue, Hillary is trying to flip this thing around with FBI. Thankfully, I just don't think she can do it this time.

Comey has too much dissension and a revolt going in within his own agency amongst FBI regulars who believe he has almost destroyed the agency by letting her off last summer. Even the politically greased wheels justice of don't turn that quickly at the FBI.
Poor Hillary, she's such a desperate manipulator & so audacious & arrogant - hoping she can bully Comey to give her a pass once more & that he will listen to her threats & have a "change of heart" moment this coming week. But I really don't think Comey will do it. The Wheels of authentic justice don't turn so fast just because Podesta & Hillary throw a temper tantrum so she can try to steal an presidential election. Their crooked, free falling campaign will now argue that the American electorate deserves to know her revealed crimes - as if this witch controls the flow of information in a formal CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION?

Three things to note here.
1.FBI Director Jim Comey is basically a political animal & saw TRUMP rising in the polls & (having a real chance to win) and trying to get ahead of all the suspicion regarding he & his democrat, pro Hillary assistant FBI of investigations - both being in the pocket of the Clinton Foundation. FACT- Coney's chief assistant (who recommended to him no indictment for Hillary last summer) was paid off $770,000 by the Clinton Foundation - so fearful that if Trump became president - they could both GO TO PRISON.
So Comey is doing a classic "cover my butt" preemptive political move throwing Hillary into the SHARP TEETH OF JUSTICE -- i.e.he finally throws the witch to the wolves - just 10 days out from the election!
2. I believe that Comey has actually found most of the thousands of "missing" emails that Hillary staffers had either used Bleach Bit software to erase or taken a sludge hammer to. These horrendous communiques evidence treason, sedition, racketeering, money laundering and represent REAL CLEAR, HARD, CULPABLE EVIDENCE showing Clinton's clear criminality & obstruction of justice by the Clinton Foundation - such as the illegal uranium deal with Russia & Iran where she & Bill got 135 million pay off etc. - Also, Comey may have found (coupled with Julian Assange & Wiki Leaks findings) the secreted emails between her best friend & top staffer -the infamous, sleazy treasonous, Muslim bi-sexual lover of Hillary ... HUMAH - whose estranged perv, husband (ex NY governor Wiener) is under the scrutiny of a separate FBI investigation for pedophilia & sexting with a 14 year old. In this "lovely" digital enclave of moral filth ,perversion & corruption,lie the almost mystical connection of Wieners illegal sexual felonies & (God forbid) a potential presidential candidates' felonious email trail - testimony to her DANGEROUS & DEBAUCHED character and proving she is not only unfit to be commander in chief - but worthy to be indicted by a military tribunal or grand jury - quickly impaneled & then prosecuted, jailed and finally HUNG in US military gallows for treason. The world will be a far better place without her treacherous and evil present.
3. Comey may have unwittingly found actual evidence to PROSECUTE HER WITH and may well want to stay in good graces with the new President - the honorable DONALD J. TRUMP.

CONCLUSION: JIM COMEY has been a puppet on a string and deserved to be arrested and put in prison for heading up the single most destructive miss treatment of justice - the defiling of the august, FBI and sullied permanently its renown and storied history. His miscarriage of JUSTICE last summer will go down in the annals of US history as one of the most treasonous, immoral decisions and destructive acts to US law enforcement & our venerated justice system in the history of our Republic. Never has such a criminal like HILLARY (& her pedophile husband Bill) been allowed to run for our highest office POTUS! This whole election was made a travesty by Comey & his Clinton Foundation, bought and paid for staff.
May God bless the run to the finish line of Donald Trump & Mike Pence and may they cross it victoriously and restore justice and honor in the highest levels of our beleaguered American government.

Federico 10-29-16

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