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Get your white hats ready folks it's a duel coming up Black v white.

By Dawn Johnson

I do not know what fate awaits me.
I only know I must be brave.
For I must face a man who hates me
Or lie a coward, a craven coward;
Or lie a coward in my grave.
lyrics from High Noon

Imagine the scene. Two cowboys one wearing a black hat the other wearing a white hat in the middle of a typical Wild West Street, each with their hands trembling close to their holsters waiting for that right moment to draw fire with their guns... This is the situation between Neil Keenan and Scott Pollack. Who will move first?
By the way I know the person in the white hat according to the Wild West film outcomes, always win. He is Scott Pollack in my opinion. Latest release by Scott Pollack.… The Goldwater Report UPDATE - Keenan - Wilcock Whistle-blower Comes Forward - 1 DECEMBER 2014.
In his last internet radio program Scott Pollack gave us a taste of what is to come. 'Charlie', a 'Forensic Investigator for Legacy High Value Bank Instruments' and the whistle-blower who contacted Scott Pollack of 'The Critical Post - Chicago'. He has been checked out. Scott is waiting for Neil Keenan to make a video then he can reply to it.
But Neil has not made a video since 13th October 2014. This is the last video he has made. Go to . On this page in "Vimeo" video 141010 reporting to be of Neil Keenan in Bulgaria. Neil Keenan's videos was on u tube until Amin Fasei member of the "Former CV, KW, HIC, & NK supporters" proved information typed in the hidden text information in the hypertext which they did not want the public to be exposed to.
Neil Keenan's last video was on 13th October 2014. This is out of character to say the least. Neil usually with his team if little helpers make a video updating people of changes at least every month. So the fact he has done one for 7 weeks us suspicious to say the least.
People will be saying in Cosmic voice "He has been posting in here". My point is we know Neil is computer illiterate we know he does not know how to use various aspects of tech. We also know it is easily possible for someone to use his facebook password and access his facebook page and pretend to be him. This is not rocket science and also is breaking the terms and condition of Facebook. How do we know it is or is not Neil in Cosmic voice posting? Question the style of a post.
You could say that everyone of us when the post in Facebook has a individual style like a fingerprint, this be verified by specialised software that is used to detect people that is used by various Alphabet agencies. This is called . . "Stylometry is often used to attribute authorship to anonymous or disputed documents. It has legal as well as academic and literary applications, ranging from the question of the authorship of Shakespeare's works to forensic linguistics."…/Computer-program-reveal-wrote-… . They can't pinpoint the person down but can check if the style is similar.
This is where people in Cosmic Voice with multiples personalities will end up in serious problems because of their writing style will be similar.
We have information to believe that all through the Neil Keenan Connection with Cosmic Voice with Drake that this has been perpetrated by at least two people if not more who have used Neil's Facebook page . This could be explain why Neil Keenan was angry over the bikini gate because I suspect someone was using his name to chat with the Bikini girls. this really hissed him .We know that members of his team have used his computer, just saying. We do know that he allowed Rob Miller on his facebook page. Breaking the terms and conditions.
Let's just say for sake of devil's advocate Neil is not at a place where they have a computer or internet access or is incapacitated But here are people in cosmic voice saying "Oh but he sent us photos of the GOLD." I say pictures with Nelu and Keenan were posted on the 23rd November in Cosmic Voice however these images were changed. They were posted in facebook and do not show the original EXIF details. What's that you say. there for you can only know when photo was uploaded not when it was taken, The If Neil had allowed the photos to be uploaded complete with EXIF files , then this would have confirmed the things he was saying and actually prove the date and even the time it was taken. Some camera have Sat Nav (GPS pos) on them and can tell you the exact location. I wonder why Neil did not do that?
Quote from Amin Fasei
"It is what the data do not reveal / what they do not say, that is most telling. In Sandy Hook Hoax, Boston Bombing FF, 911, BPGOD and all the planned disasters, almost all the uploaded photos had their exif / metadata wiped clean. If there were nothing to hide, then those data should have been widely displayed. Now we know all had been Made-2-Happen inside jobs. Most of Keenan Youtube Update videos have suspicious uploaded time-date info. Same with David Wilcock's photos of the gold, FED bonds etc. Funny you do not see such clean wiped-out exif/metadata in blogs not associated with these criminal activities."

"...In all deception, what they do not show is more important. They will show all the planted evidence to lure you into their "audience area" so that the ugly truth behind the staged prop stay hidden. One of my old favourite was Mission Impossible tv series."

  "Beautiful from far but far from beautiful when near". Chances are the planted evidence would all be removed (destroyed).

We have said before, once Keenan's deception is exposed, he will be removed publicly (suicided?) to break the connection / link to the Kabal"

Scott Pollack on that 1st December broadcast called the bars Neil claims are Gold as D'ore bars. The bars are not pure Gold they are a alloy of different metals often silver. Many people who saw the image of Keenan Nelu and the bars said "That does not look look like Gold". In my opinion and I'm surprised those that said it are still in the group and not being booted out for dissent.
Gold that has been in the ground for thousands of years do not look like that. Facts about Gold
Tarnish test
What does Gold look like? Not tarnished. If Neil claims it is gold and with drake saying it will polish up nicely, I say let him make a video in REAL TIME with him removing one of the bars from the wooden box and polishing it to prove its gold. Whatever is in that box is tarnished. Gold is one of those metals that does not tarnish. Anyone with some sense would realise that it's not gold what Neil has.
Magnetic test
Neil in real time can do a magnetic test on the gold in real time in front of the video recorder. If it is magnetic then it's not gold will he do that in real time? Fake or Real Gold & Silver Jewelry. The Magnet Test.
Nitric Acid Test How to Test Gold with Nitric Acid - Portland Gold Buyers
• Rub gold coloured item onto black stone which will leave a visible mark.
• Apply aqua fortis (nitric acid), it dissolved marks of any item that is not gold.
• If mark remains, apply aqua regia (nitric acid and hydrochloric acid).
• If mark is removed, then this dissolves gold, proving the item to be genuine .
With all this going on it makes me as the question think is Neil Keenan still alive? In November 2014 he admitted to the world in what looks like his hotel room, that he has a crate of gold bars?

Don't you think that was a stupid thing to do? Now probably loads of crooks and criminals are now surrounding that hotel to find out what room he is in to steak it out to remove the goodies? Don't you think that would be one of the most stupid things anyone could have said?

Also we hear that Neil has gone to Ireland. So who is looking after this gold? CAN WE EXPECT IN THE NEXT VIDEO FOR NEIL TO COME UP WITH A STORY THAT THE GOLD BARS GOT STOLEN?

Its high Noon for Neil that he made an appearance. We find it hard to believe you Neil.

So you get the feeling something is up Thomas Williams? Are you slowly walking away from the Gun fight Drake?

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