Thursday, December 25, 2014

On the 10th Anniversary of the worst tsunami disaster in history.

Don't forget the BAM quake on 2003, Dec 26. (satanic no: 511)
Don't forget the Indian Ocean quake on 2004, Dec 26. (satanic no: 611)
Don't forget the S Taiwan quake on 2006, Dec 26. (satanic no: 811)

All weaponised (induced) natural calamities - courtesy of your shadow overlord the KZB (Khazarian Zionist Banksters) who only want to destroy, depopulate & deceive after gaining 80% control of the world's economy, 95% control of the world's finance and 99% of the govts of the world. They have deceptively used the world's masses to create enormous wealth and power for themselves. The next step ..... to annihilate those who had helped them to consolidate and preserve their power. That of course, includes the American people which was their New World power base.

Destroy those who have the power and means to put them into power, so that there's none to usurp their power in the future - the doctrine of absolute power.  

The KZB under the charge of Bush who publicly launched the NWO plan on Sept 11  1990 (satanic no 111). One Man stood in their way. That was Putin. The Kursk Submarine disaster on Aug 12 (satanic no 211), 2000, was a plot to destroy Putin who was earlier elected president in March. The Kabal had thought Putin was going to be their puppet president.  They thought wrong. Putin had to be destroyed publicly by his own Russian People (financed by the Russian Oligarchs) before he became too powerful to be destroyed. 911 (satanic no 311) was launched to plunge the world into a WWIII-Armageddon.

And these disasters all lie along the great circles around the planet dubbed as the ZEAD (Zionist Evil Axes of Disaster).

(from the journals of the Zionist Global Imperial Journey).

The MO (modus operandi): prepare the explosive matrix first. Plant the triggering device. Push the red button from Central Kabal Control. There would be chaos and unintended fires if the CKC does not know where, how & when each of the PMD (Planned Mega Disaster) is going to strike. A case in example was the USS San Francisco front hull damage. It was involved in the covert black-ops in the 20041226 Boxing Day Mega-quake Tsunami offshore Sumatra (Indonesia). It was timed to "blow" at 26 minutes past the hour. Something went wrong. It went off at 1 minute before the hour. A case of too early or too late. The other 2 quakes of the box-day series, 20031226 BAM Iran and 20061226 South Taiwan "exploded" smoothly at 26 minutes past the hour. All 3 quakes were on the ZEAD and future disasters/destructions will continue to occur along these ZEAD until the mafia godfathers of the KZB are put behind bars.

Memorial services are being held in Indonesia and other nations for the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami on the 10th anniversary of the disaster.

In Indonesia's province of Aceh - the worst hit area - Vice-President Jusuf Kalla led tributes to the dead at the Siron mass grave.

Memorial ceremonies also take place in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

More than 200,000 people died when an underwater earthquake set off massive waves on 26 December 2004.

In Aceh's capital, Banda Aceh, Mr Kalla thanked local volunteers and the outside world for helping Aceh recover from the tragedy. He also presented awards to ambassadors from the donor nations.

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