Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thomas Williams (Drake's henchman) shooting in the wild in veiled threats to Amin.

by Mahathir M (member of FASEI group).

Neil Keenan & Drake are suffering serious fallout following the recent bust on their association with shady characters like the King Ed. Silva of Hawaii Kingdom, Judge Naidu, Count Albert SC Chiang, Kingdom of Colonia St John and the Dragon Family. As documents after documents submitted by Keenan prove to be fakes, Drake and Keenan are also being exposed as con-artists in the Amanah Gold Assets & Global Colateral Account Scams.

It is all "dog & pony shows". The villains (Keith Scotts, OITC, Ray Dam etc) and "heroes (Drakes, Keenan, Ben Fulford, David Wilcock)" were all scripted to keep the victims (masses) entertained and distracted from the real issues. Their radiotalk shows and video updates have all taken a dive. One only need to see the number of genuine comments (exclude fictitious IDs) to see the dire straits Drake & Keenan are in.

To stop the hemorrhaging,  Keenan & Drake sent our their henchmen to hunt down & destroy those exposing their scams. Among those that came under their radar, is of course, Amin of the FASEI group. The latest aim at Amin, came 1 day following the passing of the wife of our most respected former PM, Tun Hussein Onn.

Scrapping for any dirt or straw, lapdog Thomas Williams had to show something for his efforts to please his masters, Drake & Keenan. Any Amin will do.

Similarly, any video with "genitals video blocks" posted on Amin's FB page will do, to insinuate Amin's gay sexual preference. How sick is that?

These are 2 screenshots of the Indian ladies whacking 2 men (stripped to expose their genitals) for attempted rapes. Rape is of course, a serious problem in India. The villagers have taken the law into their own hands to punish rapists. What is wrong to promote Women's power and to say "NO to RAPE"?


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