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The Zionist Evil Axes of Disasters (ZEAD) Updates

Thread started on Aug 1, 2014. Last Update: Mar 22, 2016

Note: this article has been in various stages of prep by several parties since 2011. It is however difficult to consolidate and verify all the contributions by various parties before we can come out with the final articles. This is currently an open prep note that serves 2 purposes.

Contributors can see current work in progress and thus cut down unnecessary duplication work. 2nd, in view of the 70-90% of the accuracy of the ZEAD (some still in modification), a spot-on on one of these ZEAD would mean the particular disaster/accident/pandemic was a premeditated/planned by the Kabal years ago.

Folks, it takes a lot of time, effort and funds to produce these "Hollywood Epic Movies". Thus, you can be assured they were planned many many years ago. They don't play HAARP for fun.

The MO (modus operandi): prepare the explosive matrix first. Plant the triggering device. Push the red button from Central Kabal Control. There would be chaos and unintended fires if the CKC does not know where, how & when each of the PMD (Planned Mega Disaster) is going to strike. A case in example was the USS San Francisco front hull damage. It was involved in the covert black-ops in the 20041226 Boxing Day Mega-quake Tsunami offshore Sumatra (Indonesia). It was timed to "blow" at 26 minutes past the hour. Something went wrong. It went off at 1 minute before the hour. A case of too early or too late. The other 2 quakes of the box-day series, 20031226 BAM Iran and 20061226 South Taiwan "exploded" smoothly at 26 minutes past the hour. All 3 quakes were on the ZEAD and future disasters/destructions will continue to occur along these ZEAD until the mafia godfathers of the KZB are put behind bars.

Update Mar 22, 2016  Brussels Airport False Flag - on ZEAD05 a great circle connecting Titanic location (Apr 15, 1912) to IXTOC Blowout (June 03, 1979)  in Gulf of Mexico.


Update July 17, 2015  MH17 confirmed a MIHOP (made it happen on purpose) contrived disaster. 
The compilation below confirms that MH17 is a MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose) contrived disaster. Again USN was reportedly in the Black Sea, to vaporise the MAS plane using DEW-Laser.

For more read ACT (Air Crashes Truth)

Update Oct 21, 2014  Total CEO died in a premeditated murder accident on the Bordeaux-Treblinka-Arzamas Satanic Leyline. 
The CEO of France’s oil and gas giant Total, Christophe de Margerie, was among four people killed in a business jet crash at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow after the aircraft hit a snowplow on take-off.
Total’s chairman and CEO was the only passenger in the Falcon 50 business jet besides three crewmembers who were also French citizens.
“Total confirms with deep regret and great sadness that Chairman and CEO Christophe de Margerie died just after 10pm (Paris time) on October 20 in a private plane crash at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow, following a collision with a snow removal machine,” the company said in a statement.

ZEAD03 connects Piper Alpha (1988) - Total Gas Leak( 20120325) in the North Sea to  the 20110722 Mass shooting at Oslo Norway where 77 were shot dead, to the 20100410 Polish Air Force crash where the Polish President and his cabinet onboard were killed and  to the Pakistani Cross-point of ZEAD lines.


This comes after the most severe oil price slide in 5 years following the 2008 oil crash. Connected? you bet. It is not everyday your private jet hit a snow plow on take off. Setting off the stage for another Black October Stock market crash?

The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday[1] or the Stock Market Crash of 1929, began in late October 1929 and was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, when taking into consideration the full extent and duration of its fallout.[2]The crash signalled the beginning of the 10-year Great Depression that affected all Western industrialized countries.[3] 

The financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the Global Financial Crisis and2008 financial crisis, is considered by many economists to have been the worstfinancial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.[1] It threatened the total collapse of large financial institutions, which was prevented by the bailout of banks by national governments, but stock markets still dropped worldwide. In many areas, the housing market also suffered, resulting in evictions, foreclosures and prolonged unemployment. The crisis played a significant role in the failure of key businesses, declines in consumer wealth estimated in trillions of U.S. dollars, and a downturn in economic activity leading to the 2008–2012 global recession and contributing to theEuropean sovereign-debt crisis.[2][3] The active phase of the crisis, which manifested as a liquidity crisis, can be dated from August 9, 2007, when BNP Paribasterminated withdrawals from three hedge funds citing "a complete evaporation of liquidity".[4]

we are technically the same level as in 2008. Fugro is the canary in the coal mine (Oil expl). It crashes before the main petro companies.


Update Oct 8, 2014 SW China quake M6 hit SW China on Oct.7 

Oct 7, 2014 is the 1st anniversary of the failed Nuke False Flag at Charleston, South Carolina.

Do you see a pattern?  Yunan, Sichuan & North Thailand-Burma are not the active plate boundary zone. All these shallow quakes (less than 20 km, predominantly 10km depth) are artificially induced quakes.

Update Oct 8, 2014 Evacuation after train derails in Canada, catches fire
A spokesman for CN said that 26 out of 100 cars derailed, 6 of which contained hazardous materials, CBC Canada reports. Four of them contained either hydrochloric acid or caustic soda, while the other two had petroleum distillates, CN said.

"Of the 26 derailed cars, two cars carrying petroleum distillate have spilled and that's the product that caught fire. There were four other dangerous goods cars; two of hydrochloric acid, two of caustic soda. They are reported to be intact," said CN spokesman Jim Feeny cited by Reuters.


Update Aug 17, 2014 Crooked Ley lines confirmed

Why are the ley lines of the GVJSWE (Great Vatican Jesuit Satanic Web of Evil - 1939) crooked when plotted on a true scale map?

The answer is of course hidden in plain sight. It is because the satanic Pentagram-Web is a pack of crooked lies; not the straight truth. Below are more diagrams to show how they distorted the base map to straighten the crooked ley lines. All these just to make an April joke? No, not really. 

The Kabal actually plan their evil destruction along or in the vicinity of great circles (shortest distance between 2 points on the planet) passing through locations of satanic significance (yes!). We call them Zionist Evil Axis of Destruction (ZEAD).  And they are essential (for a number of reasons) if the PMDs  are to be successfully coordinated to yield the maximum profit (yes there are enormous amount of money to be made), to gain the maximum political advantage and to set the stage for the next series of PMDs. But most important of all, they need to prevent unintended clashes from hundreds of covert blacks operations running asymmetrically. 

The 2008 Global Financial crash was correctly reported by many to have been planned. But what many did not know was that the crash was supposed to be triggered by a catastrophic event in the Straits of Malacca, at ZEAD14. There was supposed to be a deepwater rig blowout flowed by a mega oil spill (ENISOMOD) in June - July 2008, exactly the same MO as in BP Gulf Oil Disaster  (BPGOD) 2 years later. But it failed to trigger due to some timely insider whistle-blowers on the project. There is always danger in delaying the PMD trigger. It is like a full-blown balloon bursting before you could prick it with a pin.

The global oil, financial and other speculative futures markets were "over-boiling" after repeated delays and postponement of the PMD trigger. Then like the burst balloon, the over-inflated market-financial systems suddenly caught them with an untimely burst. It all crashed uncoordinated under its own over-extended overloads. Without a well-timed PMD trigger, the crash came too late, out of schedule and out of coordination. It was the worst historical loss for the Kabal and their cronies.

So while the ZEAD lines are the straight-truths, the satanic ley lines were just post WWII contortions to lend credence to the holocaust exaggeration. While the ZEAD lines provide a guide to next series of Kabal PMDs, the satanic ley lines served to deceive, distract and to deflect the real truth.  Ain't that the truth?  There were no real passengers planes crashing into the Pentagon or the twin towers in 911. The passenger planes and the crooked satanic ley lines serve the same function in the KZB scheme of things. It is like David Copperfield walking straight through the Great Wall of China. All "magic" shows.

Update Aug 15, 2014. The Satanic Pentagram of Pope Pius XII was fabricated after WWII using CGI.

The Great Vatican Jesuit Satanic Web of Evil was reportedly formed in 1939, even before WWII started. As with all Kabal deception, this can be proven to be false. Most of Kabal deception works on a 80% truth, 15% distorted truth and 5% highly twisted truth to suite their agenda of the day.

The following charts and analyses performed on real un-distorted google-earth geographical coordinates, can only conclude that the straight lines of Satanic Pentagram and Web of evils (ley lines) were drawn on deliberately distorted base maps.

It is important to note that we are not making any comments on the holocaust itself. Any true scale charts will show that the extended Ley lines from the pentagram do not run through the satanic cities of Hanover, Munich, Berne, Zagreb or end at the satanic cities of   Bordeaux, Rome, Dublin, Stockholm, Ruse, St Petersburg, Arzamas or Shetland as claimed. There erratic differences of a few km to tens or hundreds of km, can only mean the willful manipulation of the base map to get their "perfect pentagram and web of evil" lines. 

In 1939, CGI was not available then. If the cities do not line up (as proven in true-scale map models, even your elementary school globe) the only logical way would be to join these "desired" points on the map. Cut out the city-city segments and paste them back on the desired straight orientation. That would mean a lot of angular gaps in the distorted base map. Paper charts cannot be stretched and flattened. Even maps printed on plastic (plastic was not invented yet) would not stretch and rotate easily without wrinkles.

It would be much easier to conclude that the above map showing the perfect pentagram and the web ley-lines were constructed (in other words, fabricated) well after WWII in the eighties when CGI machines or computers were available then. 

The "means justify the ends"  / the facts are twisted to fit the theory. 

Do they (KZB) distorted the map just to get a better ‘star’ shape? Doubt it. They had a more sinister purpose. Just as the letter reportedly written by Albert Pike in the 19th century predicting 3 world wars, was a fake fabricated in the 20th century after the 2nd war, the Satanic Pentagram & its web of lies were fabricated well after WWII. But would anyone sick of wars believe such tall tales? So Albert Pikes' letter was reportedly showcased in the London Museum. It was tens of years later, the letter was proven to be hoax.

Having the evil ley lines passing through ancient historic cities gave them some kind of satanic power over the people they wanted to deceive. Having the notion that these Nazi concentration camps (forming a pentagram) planned by Pope Pious XII or Himmler before the war, gave them a "sense of invincibility" and a whole lot of credence to the Pentagram hoax. Then some smart people questioned "so what if the concentration camps HAPPENED to form a pentagram?"  Given that thousands or hundreds of cities could be selected to form any geometrical shapes, a pentagram is not at all such a big deal. 

So to cover a big lie, they had to invent bigger lies. The Treblinka-Auschwitz line already points to Rome (10 km off) and St Petersburg (45 km off). It would not be too far-fetch for these cheats to include Bordeaux (290km off) and Dublin (350km off) and all the rest of the satanic cities, no matter how far they were offset from the fabricated ley lines. All it needed was a bit of twisting and spinning. 

The implication is like Einstein adjusting the scientific facts to fit his Relativity theory. We have seen that in Climate gate and a host of Zionist-made-2-happen disasters like Piper Alpha, Exxon Valdez, 911, Gulf & Iraqi Wars, BPGOD and Fukushima.

Update Aug 12, 2014. The Satanic Pentagram of Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope

A reader wanted us to verify the Pope Pius XII satanic pentagram and to see how the satanic ley lines fit into our ZEAD. In the exercise we first plot the pentagram into Google Earth. Then  we overlay the Pope's chart (supposedly original pentagram) onto our Google chart plotted on a true scale. There were some interesting results. Here's 2 of the initial chart comparison.

Update Aug 9, 2014 2 major Toxic Sludge spills - separated by 4,500 n mi, connected by ZEAD.

If the mishaps are accidental, why do they occur in the vicinity of the ZEAD lines? With almost 6,000 KZB covert operations & PMD per year, in various stages of fruition, the KZB's OMAR (oil mafia Agenda21 running-dogs) on the ground would be stumbling over each other covert operation. They don't play HAARP for fun. How do they strategize to sequence the WNCs, MIHOP accidents, mass shootings and stock market manipulations for maximum effect and windfalls.



Update Aug 7, 2014 2 major ferry tragedies in 4 months

In addition to 2 major ferry tragedies in 4 months, we have 5 major airline crashes in 5 months, bombs/explosions rock major cities in 5 countries (China, Thailand, Ukraine, Russia & Taiwan).
In 9 days, 11 shallow significant quakes occurred on these ZEAD.  These are undeniable facts that KZB is behind all these orchestrated destruction in these targeted countries.

Bangladesh police seek ferry owner, captain as murder case lodgedReutersWednesday, Aug 06, 2014
Bangladesh police seek ferry owner, captain as murder case lodged

Authorities in Bangladesh investigating the sinking of a ferry with nearly 250 people on board have lodged murder charges against the owner and five others, including the captain, taking an unprecedented step in a country where such disasters are all too common.
The ferry, the MV Pinak-6, went down on Monday in a river swelled by monsoon rains about 30 km (18 miles) southwest of the capital, Dhaka, on Monday.
By early Wednesday, rescuers battling strong currents and choppy waves on the Padma river had given up hope of finding alive many of the 133 people still missing, officials in Munshiganj district said.
There were 110 survivors, and seven bodies had been found.
Police were seeking the captain, who was among the survivors, the owner and four others to answer the case brought against them.
They are accused of murder by the inspector of the state-run Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA). The agency has accused them of overloading passengers, plying ferry with an expired license, and disregarding instructions not to sail by the river authority due to bad weather conditions.
- See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/bangladesh-police-seek-ferry-owner-captain-murder-case-lodged#sthash.UHbC4fI0.dpuf

Update Aug 6, 2014 Taiwan & QingDao gas leak-explosion

The double speak

Same script, just change location, time and preferred mode of payment/blackmail.

Update Aug 4 2014  Asia had been under attack and of course we had been sleeping. 

The disasters (all natural, mega accidents, weaponised natural calamities, air crashes etc) might appear to be random happening all over the places. In truth if one party (other than God Almighty) were to plan all these hundreds of catastrophes, they would need a giant planning board. Otherwise, there would have been more accidental pre-trigger/delayed-trigger of the PMDs (planned mega disasters).

The USS San Francisco is one good example where the timing went wrong with disastrous consequences. There are also multitudes of failures, backup plans which backfired. That was how we pieced the Big Picture together. Anyone PMD does not tell much but hundreds of them occurring in a coherent manner (precise timing, location and sequence) can pretty much pinpoint who the culprits of mass destruction are. Hey, we can't make this up, even if we wanted to.  

Update Aug 3 2014 (2nd anniversary of Louisiana - Bayou Corne Sinkhole collapse)
ZEAD3A - 19790603 IXTOC to 19880706 Piper Alpha.

Yep, Both Atlanta and Sierra Leone are on our ZEAD (Zionist Evil Axis of Destruction/disaster). There was a CO gas leak in 2012/12/03 Finch E School. ZEAD3A runs from Piper A (1988) to Pensacola (2010 BP Oil Spill) past Macondo, Thunderhorse, BP Atlantis (all problematical sites) across the Gulf of Mexico to IXTOC Rig blowout oil leak in 1979/06/03.

North of Atlanta, ZEAD3A passes close to the 2013/07/06 train derailment - oil explosion at the town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec. It was exactly the 25th anniversary of Piper Alpha (1988/07/06).

IXTOC and Piper Alpha is 9 years 33 days apart. The distance between them is 4,511 nautical miles. 4+5 = 9, 11 rings a bell? 

Coincidence? Not So. There are other disasters along side this ZEAD3A line. Among them the location of the Flt 93 crash at Shanksville in 911.

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