Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a coincidence? A disaster on the 1st and 102nd anniversary of Boston Bombing & Titanic respectively.

-by Amin Fasei (updated 18 Apr)

How often do you make a prediction and it happens right on que? Seems like the KZB (Khazar-Jews Zionist Banksters) are truly desperate. Normally there is a cooling period between successive wave of disasters. Could the house of cards that Rothschild built be close to its final collapse? Desperation shows. Their days are numbered. The number patterns are all over the place.

Satanic Mass sacrifices - the slow terrifying moments before death. The fearful energy of innocent children needed to feed the Satan.

Was this another planned disaster which started to take shape in 2012 with the purchase and refurbishment (or fitted for disaster) of the vessel? The majority of the passengers on this trip were school children. Children sacrifice on 15 April (US timezone) to appease their satanic devil masters? The KZB planned Armageddon was failing because no real people were sacrificed to their Satanic Devils which they worshiped as GO$D (greed, oil, $atan & Deception).

  • Because not a single person was really sacrificed in the "dark knight rising Century Cinema Colorado massacre". 
  • Because no real children were sacrificed in the fake Sandy Hook hoax on 14 Dec 2012. 
  • Because not a single person was sacrificed or anyone lost any limbs (limbs they don't already lost) in the Boston Marathon fake bombing on 15 April 2013. 

So the KZB reasoned. Were their grand plans for the End-of-World Armageddon failing due to lack of real human sacrifice to their evil demon-GO$D? If they could not have mass killing (sacrifice) on these days of satanic importance in the US, they would have them on other countries / continents and of other nationalities (mainly Chinese targeted). That would be Asia, the most populous continent on earth. The predominantly docile pop would also be the least likely to sue the pants out of the Cabals in case of exposure. See the Big Pattern yet? See the recent satanic sacrificial disasters.

  • 119 2013 Super Typhoon (man-induced) Hai Yan which killed more than 5,000.
  • 308 2014 MH 370 which killed 329, not in a single explosive crash but more than 30 minutes of agonising death as the laser beams from USN vessels slowly vaporised the already fried incommunico plane .
  • 415 2014 Sewol Ferry tragedy in which more than 200 children suffered minutes or hours of terrifying uncertainty before drowning. 
In the coming days, there will be more satanic mass sacrifices.

Were all the vessels rigged to fail catastrophically as in 911?

Many experts were surprised the Sewol listed and "smoothly" turned to Keel Over in just a matter of hours. If you look at the videos of the overturned hull, you can actually see water-jetting out of holes in the largely undamaged hull as the sinking vessel pushed out the air pockets.

So was the Sewol rigged and planned to fail? Exactly as in Costa Concordia in 113 2013, where the Captain steered the off its normal route to the shallow rocky waters and quickly abandoned ship leaving the passengers to die. Except that in Sewol, there was no rocks or shallow water in sight. It is now a mystery how Sewol sank. Was the apparent grounding in the Costa Concordia just the front prop as in Sewol? So if Sewol did not hit anything, and was smoothly sailing 11 hours without any reported problems, how could it suddenly listed and keel over in relatively calm weather? Again, plainly another inside job. This is not the first time either.

In 2008 the Costa Concordia suffered a bow damage, of all days had to be 22 Nov, the day JFK was assassinated. 5 years later it sank. 

After repairs (or rigging to sink) in 2009, the Costa Concordia sank on 113 2013 at the 9:45pm. Note that 9:45pm was the official rig blow-out incident which sank the Deepwater Horizon in 2010.

It was also the time (9:45am) of the explosion of the unnatural "meteor" 20,000km above ground before it hit the ground near a nuclear dump at Chelyabinsk Oblast on 15 Feb 2013.

Other infamous vessels / rigs / buildings rigged to fail were:

2001 WTC Twin Towers 911.
Months before it was bought by Larry Silverstein (a known KZB), extensively renovated (rigged to fail) and heavily insured.

1989 Exxon Valdez - massive failure on 324 1989.

launched 14 October 1986.

1988 Piper Alpha - massive failure on 706 1988.
In the late 1980s, major construction, maintenance and upgrade works had been planned by Occidental and by July, 1988, the rig was already well into major work activities, with six major projects identified including the change-out of the GCM unit which meant that the rig had been put back into its initial phase 1 mode.

1987 Dona Paz Ferry - massive failure on 1220 1987.

On 5 June 1979, while named the Don Sulpicio, the vessel was gutted by fire while en route from Manila to Cebu. All 1,164 on board were rescued but the vessel was beached and declared a constructive total loss. The wreck was repurchased from the underwriters by Sulpicio Lines, and the vessel was refurbished and returned to service as the Doña Paz, for ferry services.

It sank after colliding with the MT Vector on December 20, 1987. With an estimated death toll of 4,386 people, the collision resulted in the deadliest peacetime maritime disasterin history.Doña Paz was traveling from Leyte island to the Philippine capital of Manila.

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