Saturday, April 12, 2014

MH370 staged Crash Scene - a remake of the 2004 Boxing Day Indian Ocean Tsunami USS San Francisco Crash

~ Amin

In the light of the staged MH370 crash scene in the Indian Ocean, thousands of miles away from the real crash scene in South China Sea, is history repeating itself? Judge for yourself. 

Could the “grounding and high speed head-on collision” involving the USS San Francisco be another stage play like the 2Aug 1964 Gulf of Tonkin (USS Maddox Incident) incident which gave President Lyndon Johnson the excuse to escalate the Vietnam war; to bomb Vietnam back to the “stone ages”? Forty years after the Nam War, many will agree it was another senseless war with sinister selfish agenda. A war which the majority of Americans rejected. A war in which many fighting American soldiers frequently asked; “what the hell are we fighting for?” A war which killed more than 58,000 American soldiers and plunged a prosperous United State into the inevitable path of economic decline and collapse. Was it worth it?

Forty years later, a once great and respected nation, is in an economic quagmire of its own doing. The enemy from within especially at the seats of power, is definitely more potent than any outside enemy. Were the financial turmoils and economic upheavals due to a Few BAD Men with their propensity to lie their way to the top of the Pyramid of Power and to suppress truth at all costs? Hitler also wanted to rule the world through deceit and falsehood. This is one more missing dot to the real conspiracy of depopulating the world and controlling freedom by a Few BAD Men; who all appear to be “honourable, respectable and benovalent” (only) in public. And we often wondered why the world was in such a mess?

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