Wednesday, April 16, 2014

308-MH370 - the saga of political expediency and top level conspiracy

Jane Doe A.C.T (Airline Crashes Truth) Movement
(developing story – last updated on 21 March 2014)

100. Ever since the “News of the World” scandal broke in 2011 (following revelations of unscrupulous hacking and spying), people have become more aware of the fact that mainstream media journalists are not as professional and incorruptible as they were made up to be. Journalists used to report the news, not make them.

101. The military, DHS, TSA and other quasi-governmental transport (including airport security) agencies are supposed to make air travel safe. Not play Russian Roulette with our lives, each time we travel. Air travellers and crew are not cannon fodder for political missiles to be ordered “ala carte” for whatever geopolitical objectives. We have since learned that 911, dubbed as America's 2nd Pearl Harbour by PNAC, was an inside job planned many years ahead of the disaster. Questions are now being asked whether other major airline crashes had been orchestrated as well. Some of the worst air crashes in question are Air India flight 182 on 23 June 1985, Pan AM flight 103 (aka Lockerbie Bombing) on 21 Dec 1988 and TWA flight 800 on 17 July 1996, just to name a few. And now we have MAS flight MH370 on 8 March 2014 where MAS stands appropriately for Missing Airline Story.

102. Those who are working, had worked or have connections to the air travel industry, would agree without any doubt that air travel is one of the safest mode of transport. There are just too many controls for the terrorists to get past the boarding departure gates undetected, let alone plant any bombs inside the targeted plane. All major airline crashes were the results of series of serious safety and security lapses, NOT JUST ONE. Mathematically, a series of lapses by several independent parties would be neigh high impossible. Yes, there must be a huge unseen hand pushing the process through. This is best illustrated by the TV comedy series,GET SMART. The patsies can be as bumbling as Agent 86 aka Maxwell Smart (maybe that is the intentional mass distraction) but the covert driving forces behind the scene, get the job done eventually.

103. That said, all the crimes of airline crashes and mass murders could be easily exposed and the real criminals prosecuted. So far we have seen only political expediency and miscarriages of justice. Would such gross injustices be possible under the watchful eyes of the NTSB and other air crash experts/investigating bodies, responsible and professional journalists who would ask difficult questions instead of parroting the official lines, and an unbiased uncompromising judiciary system. Sadly, the answers are evident for all to see. More than a dozen of premeditated airline crashes-murders and no big fishes prosecuted. The cover-ups by the MSM and regulators are no longer mere suspicions but a fact.

104. It is plainly clear that present stringent air travel regulations, work rather well in preventing random acts of terrorism, temporary insanity and personal grudge sabotage. How come the security nets could catch these small fry but not the “untouchable” big ones? There can be no doubt the series of safety and security lapses were deliberately allowed to pass through “unnoticed” on special occasions.

105. Why is 8th of March 2014 so special? It is the 6th anniversary of the Malaysian GE12 political tsunami. A political milestone in Malaysian history. Missing a large Boeing 777 on this day seems too much of a coincidence. No political connection would be missing the forest for the trees. Hours before the missing plane took off, the charismatic opposition leader (Anwar Ibrahim) was again unjustly sentenced to 5 years jail for a crime of impossible anal penetration. Perhaps ASHOLE JUSTICE would forever marred the Malaysian judiciary system. Just as MAS would now stand for Minister of ASSHOLE Sandiwara (a Malay term for drama) in the light of constant flip-flops, comedy of errors, denials and questionable statements by the acting Minister of Transport.

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137. For sure, there will be more flip-flops ahead not just from the Malaysian side. Until the whole scandal is exposed, it would be wise to avoid any unnecessary air travel. If you have to, avoid those airlines which refuse to be transparent in their security measures and safety precaution. Don't be hoodwinked that 308-MH370 MAS is just an isolated accident. It is a premeditated mass murder that could happen anywhere, any time to anybody. The political connections are clear. Vote with your wallets and voices. I will end this update with this cartoon feature floating in cyberspace.

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