Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thad Daly unwittingly implicate Lubchenco NOAA role in Gulf Disaster

Thad Daly unwittingly implicate Lubchenco NOAA role in Gulf Disaster

Now let's see how Thad Daly twisted Borehead's correct and intelligent assertion. Lubchenco's presentation on 21 Sept 2009 was based on the past years data, performance by the MMS and MMS's proposal. Lubchenco knew about the cozy BP-MMS relationship and the lucrative oil payoffs that came with the lax enforcement of the stringent  regulations. If she was sincere in her power and responsibility over the Gulf area as specified, she should have "cleaned house then". This is what Borehead007 meant. The Gulf disaster would have been averted.

Like a typical Schill, Thad Daly seized on the "predate argument" hoping the average Joe Public would miss the whole point. If Lubchenco was smart enough to point out all the issues that were not adequately or accurately addressed in the proposal and strictly addressed them to ensure strict compliance, the Macondo Blowout could never happen. NO WAY.

Not only did they shift the goal posts, they even helped BP (an opposing team they were supposed to regulate) to score their own goals. It is strange but then is not "Truth stranger than fiction?". Thad Daly inadvertently opened a can of worms.    

It is a known fact that MMS had been staffed by "buddies favoured by Dick Cheney and the previous administration". Naturally, MMS and Cheney's gang refused to let the Obama's hungry vultures edged in on their "oily-gotten" goodies.  

Lubchenco was appointed by Obama's administration. Her rundown of the federal laws that gave her and NOAA specific responsibility in the areas covered by MMS's proposal was to show Lisa Birnbaum who was BOSS. Obama Admin knew about the planned Project Gulf Oil Spill disaster which was set to occur in April-May 2009 but delayed to Oct-Nov 2009.  They wanted in on the lucrative windfalls just like the old Italian mafia gangs fighting over the gangland rights. The planned Project Gulf Oil Spill disaster failed to materialise due to hurricane Ida intervention.

BP was performing out of line then, in their rush to blow the well and to push up the oil prices. Lubchenco could have shut down BP in Nov 2009 for failing to observe so many safety rules. They did not because Lubchenco was just waiting for their chance to edge in for a piece of the pie. BP's safety violations and offenses were her bargaining chips. She was just waiting for the right time to move in.  

Obama Admin seized their chance after the well blowout incident on 13 Feb 2010. Yes, it was a SHALLOW GAS BLOWOUT,same as the shallow gas blowout on the 20 April 2010, but they twisted it to OUT-OF-WELL CONTROL situation which essentially means the same thing but avoid the B word. That was why a meeting of all parties concerned was called at the White House. This is probably the first time a sitting President was involved in a well blowout incident. Given the Presidential attention, BP should have buck up and the Gulf Oil Spill disaster averted. Instead BP was given the blessing to proceed. It was like a burglar being asked to proceed after getting caught; provided part of the loot went to the policeman who had caught him. It is as simple as that.

Although BP intentionally broke all the offshore safety regulations, there were no criminal charges except for the ex-BP engineer charged for deleting text messages. This is why BP and their sponsored scientists can continue to lie under oath and never get charged for perjury. That was why COREXIT was stocked up weeks/months before the blowout and was ready for spraying on the first day itself. Why all these never made it to the mainstream media or investigated by the various official investigating teams? Now you know.

There are so many "WHYs" which do not have logical answers until Thad Daly inadvertently opened this can of worms. Now you know why we let Thad Daly sing his lies because beneath the inconsistencies of those LIES lie the truth. Strange is it not? No wonder they say Truth is stranger than Fiction.

They can lie all they want but TRUTH prevails in the end. That my friends is the moral of the Macondo Story which needs to be told throughout the world to prevent new disasters from being hatched. If you love the planet and want to leave your children and future generations a place to call home, spread the truth on the Gulf disaster.  Feel free to share, republish or to link. The world needs to know the truth. 
Special thanks to Borehead007 and Thad Daly for making this article possible.

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