Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Something about 9/11 Tuesday anniversaries

We now know that 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag operation just as the 2008 Financial Meltdown was a cabal orchestrated global market manipulation event.
The evil plan was to push oil prices from just below $90/bbl at the start of 2008 to over $200/bbl in a space of 6 months. By 3rd of July, 2008 COP touched a historical high of $144/bbl. It was poised to spike over $200/bbl. How?
With a market already spook with such high oil prices, going beyond $200/bbl could only be viewed as insane.
But that is how the privileged elites make big money. By betting big on the impossible (rigged race). A BP style deep water rig blowout - mega oil spill at the northern gateway of the Straits of Malacca in mid 2008 would be just the perfect designed disaster to make it happen. The mega oil spill gushing out of the deep "Macondo size" reservoir would flood the whole straits, choking the world's economy of it main arterial lifeline.
COP would initially rise steeply on such as disastrous news. Then after realising the disaster would  cause a global economic depression, COP would drop like a ton of rocks. A double windfall for the privileged elites when COP dropped from a high of >$200 to $50-70/bbl price level.  This first mega oilspill at the Straits of Malacca was part of the Grand Decade of Disaster plan which started with 9/11 WTC on 11 Sept 2001.
It was no coincidence that the late Matts Simmons (an oil industry expert and consultant with the Bush-Cheney Admin, a Trilateral Commission member) the author of Peak Oil  predicted oil would spike over $200/bbl as early as 2005, 3 years before the planned mega disaster (PMD).  But the mid 2008 mega oilspill disaster did not go according to plan. They could not afford to jeopardise future PMDs like BPGOD (planned to blow in 2009) when the whistleblower was still alive.
Unlike the failed tsunami on December 26, 2006, the planned blowout-mega oil spill in the Straits of Malacca was more predictable. To be sure the gas hazards conditions were precarious enough to blow, they fielded Lim to give his verbal expert opinion just as they did with the Schlumberger Specialists on the Deepwater Horizon, 13 hours before the blowout.

They needed assurance before placing billions of dollars on bets. The last thing they needed was another mega oil spill that did not materialized. However, they did not expect Lim to put his expert opinion in writing. When Lim received muted responses to such a critical oversight by the geohazards contractor, he elaborated and backed his high risk assessment with even more diagrams and data. He suspected something was amiss with the deafening silence. To make sure the head offices knew what was really going on at site, he later packed his reports off to more than 7 head offices across 3 continents.

When he realized his life was threatened by what he knew, he engaged a lawyer and officially warned the contractor's HQ and directors based in the Hague. His worldwide circulation of his written memos, police and whistle-blower's reports probably saved his life. If he had kept quiet, they would have been a more aggressive in assassinating him. Like any covert operation, secrecy was of utmost importance. They did not realized eliminating him would be such a hassle. It took longer than expected. By then, too much insider information had been leaked out and circulated worldwide. Lim had to be eliminated before they could explode the first mega spill in the Straits of Malacca.

But the markets could not hold up too long on an artificially inflated COP especially with the weak global economy and financial burden bursting at the seams. The COP started its slide from a high of $150/bbl on 14 July 2008. This is only obvious on hindsight since the daily fluctuation was $15-$20/bbl. The COP ended at $35/bbl on 24 December 2008.
It was no coincdence that a whistleblower (Lim) with all the intricate details of that plot. was to be killed in early August 2008 with an elaborate back-stabbing scheme which backfired; thanks to Divine Intervention.
After failing to kill Lim at Kuala Lumpur and Manila, Fugro had no choice but to sail the broken down geohazards survey vessel (Baruna Jaya 1) after 10 days of hasty repairs. But the patch-work repairs could not withstand the strain of offshore survey work. It finally kaput big time on 9/19/2008 (Philippines time) or 9/18/2008 US time.  The Baruna Jaya 1 broke down with a serious a Halon Blow-out accident in the main engine room. The geohazards survey was aborted and our lives were in grave danger. That was also the day US retail gas prices last peaked at $3.835/gal before dropping off to a low of $1.628/gal on 1/1/2009. That day also marked the sharp turning point in the drop of global oil prices, pump petrol prices and the global financial meltdown of 2008.
The 6th anniversary of 9/11 (9/11/2007) fell on a Tuesday just as 9/11 was. 2007 also add up to 9 or an inverted 6. 
Today, the 11th  anniversary of 9/11 is also a Tuesday. So all the Tuesday anniversaries since 9/11 also add up to be 9/11. 

There must be something in these numbers. Is this GOD's way of reminding us that 9/11 was a planned event by the privileged elites and their days are numbered? 

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