Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A second chance for BP to screw up again?

We have already allowed BP the criminals to clean up their own crime scene and allowed BP a freehand (second chance) for more than a year at its recovery. What have we got? A pretty messed Gulf that "oil-slicks with every major quake events around the world" and gets all oily-mushy whenever a hurricane comes to town.
Curiously, for almost 2 years 4 months, there was no hurricane to disturb the "carefully prepared Gulf Incubation Biolab" for BP's synthesized bacteria which they had invested millions and years of research before BPGOD. All those years and millions spent, could they have not come up with something better than booms?
Honestly, if BP had adhered to its own Safety Policy, industry-standard exploration practices and economic-sense, there would have been no Gulf Oilspill Disaster. In 2009, BP applied for 5 other deep water exploration wells and had them drilled successfully. In 1999 Texaco drilled 2 km away from the ill-fated Macondo well without an oil spill disaster.  So you have 6 exploratory wells that followed the rules and one that broke all rules (under the pretext of negligence).
Now guess which well blew? Allowing BP to proceed with its proposed controversial "Deep Cleaning" plan is like have a blotched nose job and agreeing to undergo chemotherapy recommended by the same quack. How many times do we need to be conned?

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP PLC says it wants to aggressively clean up buried oil exposed on Louisiana's beaches by Hurricane Isaac's churning waves.
The company wants to dig deep into beaches and remove oil buried since a BP well blew out on April 20, 2010, leading to the nation's largest offshore spill.
But digging deep can bring its own problems — it can be harmful to creatures that live on beaches or feed on them and it also may lead to erosion by loosening up sand. Erosion is a constant worry in Louisiana because the state is losing land at an alarming rate.
Mike Utsler, the president of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, said Tuesday the company has asked the Coast Guard and state and local officials for permission to do the "deep-cleaning."

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