Thursday, January 8, 2015

Drake's Collateral Acc Gold - majority comes from King Solomon's mine.

First the gold assets forming the basis of the Global Collateral Account came from China in 1934.

125,000 metric tonnes shipped in 7 warships. When proven it could not be because there was no historical records of any kind, David Wilcock with the collusion of Neil Keenan, twisted the year to 1938 when most of coastal China was already under Japanese occupation.

Again when proven that David Wilcock deceptively twisted historical records, the perpetrators of the Global Collateral Accounts Gold scam switched the source of gold to Soekarno Heritage Treasure.

57,000 tonnes of gold were shipped to UBS, Switzerland after President Soekarno and President JFK allegedly signed the 1963 Green Hilton Agreement on Nov 12-16, 1963 in Switzerland. Historical records also proved that both presidents were never in Switzerland at that time, to sign the fake agreement.

Again when proven that all documents provided by Neil Keenan in his 11-22-2011 lawsuit and subsequent Cease & Desist orders, were forgeries and that the gold could not have come from Indonesia as Soekarno was badly in need of funds or gold to foot his war expenses against Holland in Indonesia's War of Independence, Keenan then switched the source of gold to Chairman Mao Tse Tung in around 1965.

Apparently, the fictional story told of an agreement signed between Suharto & Chairman Mao, to fund the Miao dynasty and communist movement in Indonesia. All told, Chairman Mao sent 17 ships laden with gold.

Now this could not be right as well. Suharto staged the 1965 military coup against Soekarno with the assistance of the US to stop the advance of communism in South East Asia, from spreading into Indonesia. Suharto & communism is like fire and water. The 2 does not mix. Period!

Chairman Mao was nearly toppled in the early 1960's due to the many failures of the communist collective communal farming, industrialization and political policies. China suffered its greatest famine in modern history from 1958-1961.

There was famine everywhere. Chairman Mao was in desperate need of money, just like Soekarno. He started the Cultural Revolution to invigorate the failing Chinese economy. China was never poorer in its entire 3,000 years of history.

Would Chairman Mao, fighting for his own survival sent out 17 ships of gold when millions of Chinese were starving to death. This was also the period when Mainland Chinese sent out appeals to millions of Overseas Chinese for help. Indonesian Chinese were the biggest contributors in the millions of dollars sent back to China to help relatives and fund much needed educational, subsistence farming and health projects.

They can change the fictional Global Collateral Accounts Gold story but not the personal history of these common folks.  

So Drake & Co, have to do the twist again. This time, to a more remote past. One that hopefully cannot be debunked. Now, Drake claims the majority of the gold in the Global Collateral Accounts are  gold from King Solomon's mine.

In this own words, historical records are not available to debunk the new version of the Global Collateral Accounts Gold story. If you still cannot believe that Drake & Co frequently shift the goal posts or gold posts, when debunked or when his lies or predictions passed their shelf lives, then refer back to his June 21st 2012 deadline of "THINGS WOULD START HAPPENING".  

BS blast from the past:

Lady Dragon says Cobra says or she says: “No human knows the exact deadline date, but things are happening.” Wow! No deadline extends Drake’s story for at least another year, eh, laddies?

To start, Drake back peddles and claims he never said things would start happening after June 21st; it was Cobra who did…is there dissent going on between Drake and Lady Dragon’s alter? Yet, Drake was told by yet another connection to the Pentagon that “crazy things” will start happening in two weeks.

Two weeks…he keeps pushing things: 30 days, soon, two weeks, the 21st. How long can he keep this b.s. up and how long will the fooled continue to be fooled?

Maybe it was Drake’s letter to the Pentagon that opened the eyes of all those generals: “Gee, we better do what Drake says, gentlemen, because Drake’s E.T. buddies will kick our butts if we don’t.” After all, according to Lady Dragon, the letter twice landed on the O-Clone’s desk, and millions in every country read it and, like the Cabal, trembled in fear.

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