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Another short-circuit Cabal connection gone viraly out-of-control.

- GrandeLander (Jan 7, 2015).

This is one good reason why crooks and con-artists like Neil Keenan cannot afford to go on trial in an open court. Anything can happen. Too many loose ends (lies) can really tangle up in a big mess and have unintended consequences.
Freemalaysiatoday: DAP elder statesman Lim Kit Siang asked:It is curious and must be the first case of a Home Minister of any country writing a letter to the FBI to vouch for the integrity of a person detained by the FBI allegedly for being a gambling kingpin.

Zahid: liar-liar pants on fire
Surprisingly, UMNO sister organization, Perkasa has come forward to grill the Home Minister claiming that it has received barrage of questions from the people, who were concerned that the letter may or may not have elements of graft or abuse of power.
Condemning Zahid’s bizarre diplomatic gesture to bring Phua back to Malaysia, they questioned whether Zahid was beholden to the gambling kingpin for past favours. 
"If it is true, then Perkasa believes this is the worst kind of treachery that will ruin the integrity and good name of Malaysia as both corruption and abuse of power is the worst kind of crime. Wow, that is surely a strong worded statement coming from an extremist organization like Perkasa, and one wonders whether they have turned into a new leaf? 
The NGO also questioned whether Zahid consulted the Attorney-General before issuing the letter, or is the A-G even aware of it? Did he forward the letter to the Inspector-General of Police before submitting it to the FBI?

Why would a respectable and honorable Home Minister in Malaysia, butt into the US court affairs in
Las Vegas to defend a known crook? What made the Home Minister think his powerful influence extends all the way to US?

In the simple-minded third world authoritarian mentality "one shady deal deserves another". Traditionally, the Home Ministry in Malaysia, owe many favors to the underworld. Apparently, the FBI & US government owe Malaysia a lot too. It is unprecedented to have the POTUS meeting the Malaysian PM in so many rounds of golf rendezvous. What the hell were they discussing before each major disaster?
MAS SAGA, NO, IT IS NOT OVER YET - November 28, 2012
Malaysia Today, 27 August 2010 (READ MORE HERE)
The police and AG Chambers colluded to cover up the fraud in MAS. On 20th May 2009, Shahari Sulaiman, the Managing Director of MASKargo, lodged a report with the MACC alleging, amongst others, that when Tajuddin Ramli took over MAS it had more than RM600 million in cash reserves and when he left seven years later the national airline company had accumulated losses of more than RM8 billion. He also gives details of Tajuddin’s various fraudulent dealings plus he raises allegations of collusion between the Malaysian police (PDRM) and the AG Chambers.
So when the father and son crooked team was caught in Las Vegas, the simple solution was to ask the all-powerful Malaysian Home Minister to issue a letter, to support their prompt release & return to the "Crooks' Haven" in Malaysia. Sounds similar to the Malaysian Diplomat Escape from NZ to safe Malaysia after raping an NZ citizen?

911 could not be successfully covered up without the collusion of the President, State Secretary, Defense Secretary, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA and many other state agencies. Similarly, MH370, MH17, MH198 & lately AA QZ8501 could not be covered up without the cooperation of the Malaysian Home Ministry. So was the US covertly connected to the unprecedented 3 Malaysian airline crashes in a row within a year?

Apparently so. A private and confidential letter to vouch for the integrity of the gambling kingpin, would nicely do the trick. A standard underworld operating procedure that is routinely practiced even in the US and Europe. Notice too, how a con man like Keenan and Drake could carry on their "scamming of the masses" with impunity for years. How Shell, Exxon and BP could silently murder and destroy the environment with impunity too.

So how did this Cabal-connection get short-circuited?

One small leak for humanity, one giant mess to break the Cabal's back.

The masses are finally waking up. All it takes is for one small leak to the press, to break wide open the dark Cabal Connection.

Any surprise why we wrote 2014/08/31 Neil Keenan's dark Cabal connection? What better way to hide than in plain sight?  Look at all disasters occurring on predetermined satanic dates, adjacent to the Zionist Evil Axes of Destruction (ZEAD). The Cabal is desperate. They need to trigger global chaos of epic proportion (WWIII-Armageddon) to reset their global trillions of derivatives and plundering crimes against Humanity before their house of cards come tumbling down.

If Drake's buzz words of global reset, wait-club, do nothing - everything is taken care of, bank holiday and Keenan's Global Collateral Accounts and "trillions of fake black gold", sound familiar, it is. These two WMDz (Zionist Whores of Mass Deception/Distraction) were invented to precisely keep the masses "Calm Before the Cull" while the Cabal fanatically stoke the fires to start Hell-on-Earth.

If the global financial system slowly evolves away from the Cabal-controlled Ponzi Boom&Bust schemes, to an independent Free-&-Fair system, thousands of Cabal-corrupted officials, bankers, WMDz - Disinfo Agents would all go to jail as the Cabal's back slowly breaks. There would be less economic disruptions and faster turn-around to normalcy and global prosperity.

What would Keenan's opening of the Global Collateral Accounts and release of trillions of gold bring? Nothing. Keenan is offering the classic "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" carrot. The Cabal would still remain in control. What difference would it make to have the Dragon Family control the global financial system instead of the Rothschild-controlled FED? None.

One dragon family is as evil as the other mafia family. It is just a change from 1 bloodline to another. If you pay attention to details, Drake and Keenan offered nothing new and nothing better than the existing Rothschild-controlled systems.

Your choice to make and the time is NOW. Spread the message. See how effective it is. One small step for us, one giant Challenge to the Cabal's dominance.   

Look at all the shallow HAARP related quakes and the severe droughts in NSW, Australia in a week.

The HAARP connection with the Pike River mine mysterious disaster, NSW Heat Waves & the killer quakes in NZ South Islands

How they created the droughts at San Joaquin to trigger the M6.1 quake at NAPA

The M6.1 quake at NAPA was in the planning for years. The droughts and intentional drain on the dams at San Joaquin were to lighten the crust and increase the stress to breaking point at San Francisco itself.

The Cabal has been successful in using their HAARP-type technology to make it almost mathematically impossible for rain to fall in California. Thus San Joaquin valley into an extreme drought. This prevents food from being grown, which in turn can create mass starvation and the breakdown of a major city. In this post you can see the nice, straight-lined energetic wall they are creating that completely blocks any storm cells from getting in and raining. This has become very, very painfully obvious and profoundly unnatural. Why would ALL of California be singled out so that it never, ever frickin’ rains?

Additionally, the quake we just had in San Francisco was a deliberate one. Again, the benevolent, very likely intervened and distributed the stress in a way that was not planned. Their tech is far more advanced than the Cabal usually assumes it to be. The Cabal’s hope undoubtedly was that it would have been far bigger and more destructive than the 6.0 that we just saw.

Anwar Ibrahim Blog: 2015/01/01 Accused gambling kingpin assisting Malaysia on National Security?Paul Phua Wei-seng, the former Macau junket operator facing illegal bookmaking charges in Las Vegas, is assisting the Malaysian government in matters of national security and is not a member of Hong Kong’s 14k triad society, a Malaysian cabinet minister has told US authorities.
“Mr Phua is neither a member nor is he associated with the ‘14k Triad’, Malaysia’s Minister of Home Affairs Ahmad Zahid Hamidi wrote in a letter to Mark Giuliano, deputy director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
“Mr Phua has, on numerous occassions [sic], assisted the Government of Malaysia on projects affecting our national security and accordingly we continue to call upon him to assist us from time to time and as such we are eager for him to return to Malaysia,” Hamidi wrote in the letter dated December 18.
The letter, marked “private & confidential”, was submitted to the United States District Court in Las Vegas on Monday by Phua’s defence team. Phua’s lawyers have consistently refuted the allegation that Phua has ties with Hong Kong’s organised crime groups since his arrest in July.
In his letter, the minister did not elaborate on what matters of national security Phua assisted the Southeast Asian nation. His office could not be reached for immediate comment on Tuesday.
Phua, 50, and his son stand accused of running an illegal gambling operation from suites at the Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas during the soccer world cup earlier this year.
An online message found on his computer during a police raid suggested that bets of the alleged operation reached a “grand total” of HK$2.7 billion, according to court documents. US federal prosecutors alleged the group made a profit of US$13 million in June and July on soccer bets.


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  2. The power of the people:

    In the letter, Zahid claimed that Phua Phua did not belong to the 14K triad and was assisting Malaysia on matters concerning "national security", and was "eager" for his return to Malaysia.
    The document was submitted as evidence in a US court case involving alleged gambling kingpin Paul Phua Wei Seng.
    However, Zahid's letter was withdrawn from a Nevada District Court after Putrajaya objected to it being used for Phua's defence.
    Zahid reportedly claimed that his Dec 18, 2014, letter to the FBI was "to confirm" that 14K did not exist in Malaysia and Phua is not a member of the criminal organisation.
    The opposition has demanded answers on this matter from Zahid and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
    PKR plans to file a police report against the minister and veteran lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who is acting for Phua in Malaysia.

    Full article:
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  3. Now that the secret letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is exposed, Home Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has only one option: to resign from his cabinet position.
    If he continues to cling to his position, it will be at the expense of his party and the Prime Minister who appointed him as a cabinet minister.
    It is interesting that even former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad remain very silent about Zahid’s letter in defence of a suspected gambling kingpin.
    The letter that he sent to the FBI is tantamount to political interference by an external party into the investigation conducted by the federal agency of another sovereign nation, something which even the Royal Malaysian Police or the Malaysian Government would never ever welcome.
    It is clearly an abuse of the powers vested on him, as the Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs. Zahid’s letter which was written without even referring to the RMP, leaving the Inspector General of Police red-faced when queried by the press, also shows the sheer abuse of his power as a cabinet minister.
    It also suggests that, if the police case involving Paul Phua were a local case, he may have the tendency to order the police to stop all investigations, an offence which sent former prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim to jail for six years.
    One commentator had put it succinctly: “Isn’t this an abuse of power by Zahid? Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced to six years in prison for abuse of power. Will the same fate befall the home minister?”

    Full article:
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