Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deciphering the Davinci Code of BP’s Well Deception

There have been consistent rumors since the disaster broke out that BP had drilled two wells. Figure 135-1 shows 2 different well heads placed side by side. Lately we have also seen the corrosive effects of the “potent mixture” that is pouring out not only from the broken wells but also through the crevices in the seafloor. Naturally the vessels working the longest would suffer the most corrosion. See the many you-tube video postings on the “rumors” of hull corrosion. The difference in the “age” of the two wells is most telling if you examine in close up view the yellow marker band. Test your observation and investigative skills on the number of differences between these two well heads.

Naturally 2 well heads means 2 well locations which also mean at least 2 wells were drilled, right? However, it might be difficult for some to grasp this obvious logic.  See figure 135-2 on the official email reply from BP Press office in UK.

“There was only ever one well drilled on the MC252 lease”….. BP Press Office, London

 In case there are doubts the “newer and less corroded” well head at well B location is real, figure 135-3 gives the full details of the well location complete with the signature deceptive movement of the well head. If these videos are fakes or video of other well heads in other parts of the world (not from the Macondo Lease itself as asserted by BP) then the many people who recorded and posted these videos independently on the you-tube, must have been robotically controlled and synchronized within seconds to come out with amazingly identical adulteration.

Just as in genetic decoding in DNA analyses, all mutations leave a pattern of coding errors; a distinct departure from any random errors. We have seen the “flying ROVs”, “time-travel drilling rigs” and many wonderful “time-space magic” technology introduced by BP and company.  But can you actually transport a well-head embedded in the seabed through 557ft in less than 16 seconds? We must ask BP to reveal this important technology. If the world is going to be destroyed by all these senseless mass destructive activities, we may need to transport the White House to a safer location. Or we may need to transport ourselves out of this world to another planet. So BP please help, in the name of HUMANITY!
01-Aug-10..….Well A Inspection,
03-Sep-10...……..BOP Recovery,
02-Nov-10.Well Head Inspection,
26-Oct-10……Well A Inspection,
29-Oct-10……Well A Inspection,


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  2. Original post by Mariyam
    Have you thought about sending your exhibits to the regulatory agency with a cover letter that includes a cc: to a couple of investigative journalists?
    Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:02 PM PST

    Attached is one sample letter by one hardworking concern citizen of Louisiana, StealthyKat at ATS. She had given her permission for other readers to use her sample letter, modified or in total, to send to the respective papers, senators, congressmen, parliamentarians, NGOs etc in their respective regions. You are also free to use any of the materials published here for the purposes of educating and spreading the truth about this mega disaster. If you need more data, information or clarifications you can email me directly at

    posted on 12-11-2010 @ 07:32 AM this post

    HERE is a letter I just sent to Governor Bobby Jindal....Anyone who wants to copy and paste it and send it to him, feel free to do that if you don't feel like writing your own letter. I want him to be flooded by emails about this so it will get his attention! Here is where to email him

    Dear Mr. Jindal,
    As I am sure you are aware, despite BP claiming the well is shut down, there are still operations ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico. There are methane and oil seeps from the sea floor, as well as rigs moving in and out of the area. Even the "memorial" they put on the well had methane bubbles pouring out of the floor right next to it. There have also been numerous eruptions from the sea floor, which have left huge craters. There are literally hundreds of videos by people who watch the feeds to prove all of this.. Now BP has turned off the live feed once again. We are not safe, and as long as they are in our gulf, we should have access to these feeds. Since they were ordered by law to provide live feeds to the public, can they not be forced to turn them back on or face consequences? I hope that you will take action on this, as it is extremely's the only way for us to know what is going on, as the media does not even mention this anymore. Our children's health, and our state's future depends on it. We cannot trust BP, they have shown this time and time again. Thank You in advance, I really hope you can get the ball rolling on this and get them to do what they have been ordered to do.....turn the feeds back on immediately.
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  4. Rupert Tiger says:
    November 12, 2010 at 9:38 pm
    You might be right; you probably are, but what can I do about it, what can you do about it? Even if everybody in the world knew about it, it doesn’t make any difference.

  5. BK Lim says:
    November 13, 2010 at 6:09 am
    Tiger, the crimes of mass destruction can only operate under the cloak of secrecy. The fact that a mega disaster like this can happen only means that the stringent check and balance controls that were in place to prevent the disaster from happening, had been corrupted and rendered ineffective.

    If the truth had been known much earlier the disaster could have been averted as the multitude of financial disasters like Enron, Madoff, financial meltdowns and the impending Financial Tsunami coming your way.

    Please, if we continue to close our eyes, the disasters will happen at higher frequency. Make the difference by knowing the truth. Just as Vampires are afraid of light, the criminals behind all these scams operate under the darkness of secrecy. Don’t be the willing victims by willful ignorance.

  6. eth-2299740

    Awesome detective work!!

    Unless it's an optical illusion - well head b appears more space between sea floor and the yellow band, and thinner.

    Slipshod work on their part, but good for us - because proof of at least 2 wells is hard to refute now.

    2!#2 - Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:54 AM PST

  7. Yes Eth. The ground clearance is different for every well.

    It is like setting up the tripod for the Total Station or theodolite. Some surveyors tried to cheat in the past by using the same instrument setting - an impossibility.

    The older well head has 3 colored bands, the 2nd newer one had one 1 yellow. They are tilting at slightly different angles. The the heavy drilling mud mound (built up around the well coming from the annulus) s much higher and undisturbed. It shows that the well had gone deeper and the well was never sealed as claimed by Man of Knowledge.

    There are many more things we can tell from the comparison of the two well heads. We can start a separate forensic forum on this alone.

    2!#2.1 - Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:17 AM PST