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NSW Heat Waves, Christchurch Quakes & Pike Mine Explosion - Kabal's plan to make NZ as their exclusive safe haven

- FASEI et al.

On 24 Nov 2010, we suggested that both the Pike River Mine Disaster (PRMD) and the BP Gulf Oil Disaster (BPGOD) were no accidental mishaps but MIHOP disasters planned and funded by the one and same KZB (Khazarian Zionist Banksters) global organisation.

Part of BPGOD objectives was to depopulate and evacuate the Gulf coast. Why? There are richer (and more economical) oil reserves beneath the old depleted shallow reservoirs near shore and on-shore. But to exploit these vast hidden deeper reservoirs, costly and extensive 3-D seismic exploration are needed to cover every sq. m. KZB's oil companies can't get their hands on those reservoirs secretly and cheaply with a freehand, as they done in all remote, sparsely populated out-posts. Depopulating and getting rid of the aged but wealthy retirees (useless eaters) was also part of the Kabal-bought government's agenda.

NZ's own PRMD has a different objective. After repeated failures to conquer and subjugate the world and install the Rothschild's Global Imperial regime in the nineties (openly declared by Bush Snr in Sept 11, 1990) and in the Decade of Disasters, 2001-2010 (Bush Jnr 2001-2008 , Obama 2009-2012), a slight revision of the grand plan was needed. While they have not abandoned their global imperial quest, they nevertheless came to the realisation that open hostile takeover would be necessary.  That would mean increasing exposure of their secret weapons of mass destruction, technology, covert operations and secret organisation. The KZB and their OMAR (Oil Mafia Agenda21 Running-dogs) can no longer operate covertly and freely with impunity. Their secret and not so secret operations will come under more public scrutiny.  A new home base, away from potential hostile enraged mass mobs would thus be needed.

While their military and subversive operations can still originate from their original home base in the US, the NZ home base would double as their long term safe haven. This switch from a "central-command attacking" strategy to a "remote control attack & self preservation" strategy means the KZB are less confident of a swift or even eventual total victory. NZ as a backup safe haven was planned before the 2010 BPGOD attempt, their last best chance of success. When it failed to blow up as an End-Of-Time WW3 style Armageddon  (as depicted in the movie Knowing 2009), the NZ backup plan kicked in.    

Solid Energy had been bought out. NZ will be the next Palestine. Eventually the whole nation (starting with South Island) will be occupied by the IDF and the NZ will then stand for Neo Zionist-Israel. NZ will have a Gaza strip of their own.  The unmistakable evidence are all there, hidden in plain sight.

Australia is the nearest land mass to New Zealand. How do you stress a tectonic plate margin to breaking points? Same principle as the see-saw. Quakes need time to accumulate stress. NZ has an average of 10-20 M4-5 quakes a year, pre the KZB' grand plan of making NZ as their home base and safe haven.  To create more quakes you need to build up more stresses at the WNC (weaponised natural calamity) target zone. Recent heat wave disasters in southern Australia are the results of deliberate heating using HAARP. Dried land mass is much lighter than a wet land mass. Like the see-saw principle, a lighter land mass at NSW will put more stress at the Canterbury plains (equidistance) at the plate margins.

In 2014 (half year) there were more than 52 quakes above M2.  In the period from 20090101 till present there were more than 1542 quakes within the same study area. However, USGS website would not allow a zoom in chart to display. (USGS complicity in KZB scheme). In the eighties, the maximum number would have been 250. An increase of more than 6 folds.

Eco-friendly geological solutions to HydroBalance Mother Nature back to health
- by BK Lim  10 OCt 2011
The water within the surface has nowhere to go but back into the ocean and the rain cycle repeats itself while the deserts within the continental land mass become drier and drier. Drying continental masses are also much lighter as air replaces water. Water is 781.25 times heavier than air. 1 cubic metre of water at 4 deg Celsius weighs 1000kg or 1 metric ton. Naturally the increase in sea level is less noticeable being accompanied by isostatic adjustments of the lighter continental mass. A 10m sandstone bed over 1sq. km could contain as much as 2 million cu.metres of water. Replacing even 50% of the water content with air would reduce the weight of the same sandstone bed by 998,720 tons for each 1 million cu.metres of water replaced. Any wonder why the world’s larges dam with 39.3 capacity would cause earthquakes, cracks and landslides. The difference in weight (heavier) is a staggering 39.25 million tons. 

If you are wondering why Solid Energy is lying and dragging its feet to recover the bodies of the dead miners, after 4 years, wonder no more.  The Khazarian Zionist Banksters (KZB) elites want to convert and use the rock solid tunnels as their secret hideout fallout shelter in the near future.

A mining disaster that should not have happened

What is the common factor between the BP Deepwater Horizon (DWH) disaster and the Pike Mine Disaster? 
Both companies knowingly drilled into a fault zone with good probabilities of leaking methane gas. The dangers of methane gas had been well-documented and forewarned yet both companies did not exercise extra precautions. On the contrary, instead of beefing up capability (manual expertise and equipment) we saw equipment failing below working specifications. 
In the Pike Mine, there were reports that the faulty pumps for the ventilators were not working to capacity. When a tunnel intersect a known fault (Hawera Fault - 60 m wide zone of fractured rocks) surely the possibility of gas infusion into the tunnel should have been checked out. So why were there no reported inspection checks on the methane gas level? Why was the methane allowed to build up to explosive level? 
Was there any element of willful negligence as in BP disaster?
"In developed countries like the United States and New Zealand we shouldn't be having these kinds of accidents," the New Zealand expert said.

Monk: Solid Energy 'lied' to Pike River families
Friday 22 Aug 2014 10:12a.m.

Yesterday the cash-strapped owners of the mine said there are "potentially fatal risks" that still need
to be examined before attempting to enter the mine. The Government has committed $7.2 million to the effort, which is partially underway, but it requires Solid Energy's approval to continue.
Mr Monk says the families were prepared for the delay, but they're sick of being "lied to".
"What frustrates me is we're surrounded by people – I'm not going to name them – that don't want to do the job, and that's the biggest problem we're facing at the moment," he said on Firstline this morning.
"Why don't they come out and say it so we can actually get our experts in and actually do the job? This is the most frustrating part about the whole thing."
Read more:

 Pike River mine re-entry risk 'minimal'
SARAH-JANE O'CONNOR - Last updated 12:46 22/08/2014
Another delay in the Pike River mine re-entry plan has the Greymouth Mayor calling for Solid Energy to get on with the job.
A series of explosions in the underground coal mine in November 2010 killed 29 miners.
For nearly a year their families have been waiting to find out if a plan to enter the mine's tunnel will go ahead.
The victims' families had thought the matter would go before the Solid Energy board by the end of this month, but Solid Energy said the decision has been delayed while other risks were assessed.
The state-owned company declined to comment on what those risks were or a possible time-frame for making a decision.
Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said that Solid Energy needed to ''accept that the risk of going up that mine 2.3 kilometres is extremely minimal''.
He understood there could be restrictions requiring two exits in a coal mine, but said ''you're not going in a coal mine . . . you're going up to a sealed area which is solid rock with no methane''.
Following the mine disaster, new legislation was brought in that required underground mines to have two exits accessible by foot. 

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