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The Kursk tragedy - the turning point of Kabal's march to the global Imperial throne.

As we have consistently said, the KZB's failure rate to sabotage the world (politically, financially & socially) is as high as 70%. But you don't get to read about those failures because the MSM-presstitutes do a good job censoring news that give hope to the masses. They tend to blow up (sorry we call them blow-jobs) the fear-porn; magnifying the destructive power of their WNC (Weaponised Natural Calamiities) or just blowing their own horns.  Case in point was the reported fatalities caused by Super Typhoon HaiYan. Initial western media figures were more than 10,000. Three times the Philippines' govt estimates. Final counts were just over 5,000.

In reality, the Kabal (short for the Khazarian Zionist Banksters like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc) are getting weaker and weaker with each big fail to crash the global economy, spark off WWIII Armageddon or even to incite hatred between traditional rivals like China-Japan, Ukraine-Russia, real Jews-Palestinians etc. As Ben Fulford had said, these are tired dirty old men who are way off their shelf-life, still hanging on to powers and to life. These evil sinful OMARs (Oil Mafia Agenda21 Running-dogs) like Kissingers, Soros, Bushes, Dick Cheney etc are very afraid to meet their makers.

They had failed miserably, to achieve their sinister goals set by their Kabal masters.  Bush was supposed to have installed the Rothschild Imperial Dynasty by the turn of the millennium. The Kabal's global NWO empire would have been the most brutal and ruthless regime the world would ever see, once the Rothschild rulers no longer need to rule by proxy.

Well, clearly he failed. He was so full of confidence in 1990, Sept 11 when he launched the NWO (New World Order) plan. The hidden sinister agenda was ZOWE (Zionist One World Empire).  Even in their failures, the collateral damage was enormous. Imagine if they had succeeded. Reducing 7 billion to 500 millions would have been their top priority.

Even at their height of power in the last decade of the 20th century, the Zionist Kabal (we spell cabal as Kabal because most of them had Khazar roots) could not achieve total global dominance. With the exception of "rogue states" like Cuba, North Korea and Iran, they controlled 90% of the government, financial and economic sectors of every country. Even Russia and China were at the mercy of their Kabal-corrupted countrymen leaders.

Since the fifties, their OMARs had slowly but surely, infiltrated the upper echelons of every society. Even then they could not achieved their "final solution" of mass-killing billions of planet's ordinary citizens. It is one thing to kill hundreds or even thousands. But to kill past the first million, requires enormous psychopathy and evil ingenuity. They can fool the short-sighted no-moral scientists to come up with the Ebola virus in labs. But to cause a pandemic that kills millions is another ball game altogether. Not a simple task especially with millions of morally-upright activists and insiders (whistle blowers) networking around the globe. It is a case of you can't fool or kill them all.

So while the incitement of global chaos and mass-wealth-transfer Bust&Boom ponzi schemes were continuing on, KZB prioritized on the slow-genocide (bio-warfare, gmo-food supply, water, pharmaceutical, medical, chemtrails etc) techniques and development of MIHOP accidents, disasters and natural calamities; collectively termed as PMDs (planned mega disasters).

We won't go into details but early development examples were 1988 Piper Alpha, 1989 Exxon Valdez, 2000 Kursk and 2001-911. These PMDs became more sophisticated with 2004 Boxing-day Mega Quake- Tsunami (Indian Ocean), 2009 Montara BOS (Blowout-Oil spills), 2010 BPGOD (BP Gulf Oil Disaster) and 2011 Fukushima 311 Triple Whammy.

Remember, all these PMDs had to be planned and executed covertly in public domains. They can't let the cats out of the bags. Otherwise their deception will not work. Remember too, the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction Sadam Hussein was supposed to have?

There were crisis actors, whores of mass deception (wmds) and whores of mass distraction (wmda) back then. Collins Powell was still considered a war-hero and not a whore-zero like now. While it served their purpose, any one suggesting the latter would be crucified instantly, to protect their golden goose. After they had shocked-&-awed and plundered Iraq to ruins, they could not care less if their once golden goose is cooked or whored to death.

But let's get back to Kursk and Putin.

Even with their high failure rate, the KZB would have succeeded eventually. Their "final solution" genocide had been delayed before. WWII was supposed to have swiped off at least 50% of the 2 billions before the start of the global war. The final count was less than 20%. But they have time, money and resources to try until succeed. They are truly persistent.

But the equations changed when Putin was elected (with the help of the Kabal) President of Russia in March 2000. Putin was one cool dude. He was able to keep his cool (real intention of throwing out the Russian oligarchs who had been robbing Russia blind) while rising through the ranks. Never once did the Kabal suspect his true intention. Anyone who outplayed the Kabal would be out of this world in no time at all. (we don't like to use the word "betrayed" since the Kabal have no morals at all and betrayal is their favourite game). Anyone who outplayed the Kabal and survived, is in our books, a hero. Putin not only survived. He turned the tables on them. Without Putin, we would all be dead or slaves by now.

This is how remarkable Putin was. As soon as he had secured the presidency, he told the Kabal (through their proxies anyway) they were no longer welcomed in Russia and they had to play by the rules. No cheating and tilted casino tables. So the Kabal immediately got to work out a scheme to get rid of Putin. While they still controlled the finance, military, government and industries (corrupted KorpoRats, again spelled with a K).

The scheme was simple. They would cause Russia's pride and most advanced submarine (Kursk) during a war demonstration in front of Russia's potential customers like China and India. Like in all false flags-inside jobs, the western presstitutes would give quite stunningly accurate description of the tragedy minus the hidden agenda story line. Which of course doesn't quite make logical sense, unless one chose to gloss over the minor persistent inconsistencies.

You can pick up the one-sided story here.

There will be another article delving in the details and evidence of the plot. Here's a sample quote from wikipedia. Putin was told everything was under control and to continue his holiday in the Black sea. The whole idea was to make Russian people hate Putin for killing 118 Russian crew, show how inept he was in controlling the situation and basically a laughing stock (humiliation) to the rest of the world.
The Russian Navy did not recognize that the vessel had sunk for more than six hours and because the emergency rescue buoy had been intentionally disabled, it took more than 16 hours for them to locate the sunken ship. Over four days they used four different diving bells and submersibles to try to attach to the escape hatch without success. The navy's response was criticized as slow and inept. The government initially misled the public and media about the timing of the accident, stating that communication had been established and that a rescue effort was under way, and refused help from other governments. The Russian Navy offered a variety of reasons for the sub's sinking, including blaming the accident on a collision with a NATO vessel. On the fifth day, the Russians accepted British and Norwegian offers of assistance. Seven days after the submarine went down, Norwegian divers finally opened a hatch to the rescue tube in the ship's ninth compartment, hoping to locate survivors, but found it flooded.

What's less clear is why they acted in this way, refusing offers of international assistance until it was too late to save the men.
One of several military, intelligence and defence department officials interviewed here, military affairs analyst William Hartung, describes the Kursk as Russia's equivalent of September 11, adding: "It seems like Washington and Moscow had some kind of interest in keeping from the rest of us what really happened."

Any leader, weaker than Putin would have crumbled and died. Most Russians (much less the world)
did not know who Putin was. Putin won admiration for surviving this Kabal's MIHOP death trap. He in fact used this "lowest point in Russian history" humiliation, to motivate and to turn Russia around. And the main reason you are not reading this remarkable turn-around success story, is because this inspiring story will turn every country, to rise against the Kabal. Hence, the Kabal-controlled media censorship.

So why didn't the Kabal who still have the upper hand, brutally and openly "kill" of Putin in Aug 2000? Why did they still send Bill Clinton with billions of concession, to pacify Putin, after it was discovered that the Kursk was deliberately sunk by the USS Memphis (details and evidence in the coming articles)? Bill Clinton was a lame duck president after the Lewinsky affair.

The real reason was 911. While the Kabal wanted war and chaos, they also wanted to maximise the profiteering and strategize the global chess game to shorten the road to final victory.

At that time Putin was still a small fart. Russia was still very much under their control. 911 was still their top secret priority. Putin could easily be dealt with, once all the southern former Soviet states (rich in oil) and middle eastern states were directly under their control. On his part, Putin had to put on a huge self-restrain since Russia (post Yeltsin) was at her weakest point. But the Kursk incident, alerted Putin how deviously low the Kabal would hit below the belt. All heroes, at their lowest point would also have the strongest resolve to bounce back.

Today, the Kabal live to regret their decision to allow Putin to live and fight another day. Putin inspired and encouraged his pal, Xi Jinping to purge Kabal-corrupted Chinese officials from the government, state-controlled enterprises and industries. Mass arrests and purging of Kabal infiltrators are still continuing today.  (So what happened to the mass arrest in US?) With the BRICS and their alternatives to Kabal's banking mafia, we finally stand a winning chance against the Kabal Golliath. An end in sight to the Kabal's global monopolies from oil, gold, diamonds, finance, pharmaceuticals, food, energy and everything under the sun?

Today, the Kabal is essentially fighting to stay afloat, not global imperial dreams anymore. Outwardly, they still maintain a facade of strength, control and still calling the cards. But their desperation shows and all their open chess moves no longer coherent nor strategizing as they once were. Their end is near and the turning point was that Kursk tragedy on Aug 12, 2000.

- A tribute to Vladimir Putin and all the heroes of the Kursk tragedy. 

May the 118 crew who perished in that tragedy, finally rest in peace. In the genuine hope that the Kabal be defeated, we take the opportunity to pay homage to all those who have paid the supreme sacrifice. They did not die in vain. The ray of hope is shinning brighter as the evil rays of the Kabal sets in the west.

Though the Kabal might be weakening, they still have the strength to continue the global carnage. Most of the PMDs had been planned years if not decades ahead, cold storaged, revised and clicked to life by the Kabal for no obvious gains, other than to cause harm to others. 3 flash points that may happen in desperation. Induced or nuke detonation or both to cause a giant devastating tsunami.

1. The MAR (mid atlantic ridge) triple junction.

2. The disputed islands of Senkaku flash point.

3. The disputed Spratly islands in the South China Sea.   



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